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Chump Line Friday Decmber 20, 2013 - Prayer For Harry Reid

Dec 20, 2013|

Our favorite chump line message today was a response to Harry Reid being hospitalized. Our caller asked everyone to pray for Harry Reid - just kidding!

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The trouble -- has brought to you by. A plant -- insurance. Home. Auto business in light the Polanski insurance shops so you save it plants he dot com. Not only alienate grenades that so Robertson please don't let their food packets are being kind of locally. Is a Cosmo Kramer runs on show now this didn't get some mud has it been resurrect the another show I seen him -- as a means not I'll watch and see that much TV. Very interesting senator Reid and -- hospital. What -- don't like -- after he signed up Obama care of us who took him out. Get me out of this hospital room I wanna go back to Everett's. I hate the room service here. It's gone Republican here come Republicans. Does. It is going to Obama. Broad -- them and pretended. Because -- government can. They could vote. God what that would be scary for obamacare was coming tonight -- is Cosmo Kramer is on Christie. -- the body was I think they thought it was on some show. A short -- It's Christy Alley is on is is on some show -- when Kristi L Kirstie Alley Kirstie Alley. And birdie yet she's she's she's had a she has some feud going with somebody else I mean. Cindy I have a rental lot about a I saw I saw a headline and I just you know what that it and kept turning the pages. And it. Can do it definitely we've at least get. And. They told me on WG AM this morning when I was appearing there just do what pushed the appearances in southern Maine. But that the colonel had said that he might join me at. At nonesuch in that effort with some books. By the way -- BI also why I also found out what the colonel wasn't telling us the other night about his. His his us. Negotiations with former governor -- -- yet that the Millie the -- lows in the Portland. Governor -- -- but she asked him if he thought he could get a yeah if he could get that permission for former President Clinton to play at the -- golf course. And the colonels and colonels and colonels say yes. That's not gonna help them only with our audience I don't think now the know like -- -- sure how true are from from the -- and Mike -- said. This may have been the last time the colonel ever appears on the show since I've told you this. But AI I put Monroe you know I was they knew I was it was one of those deals you know meaning. I'm inspector de Carlo we can't he as he well -- being an officer of the court you can't -- way a federal officer right you can refuse to answer which can't lie. And I asked him point blank what what have been -- and EE he caught. We in the healthcare -- the hot ship off the expense of purchasing a qualified health plan would have caused him or her to experience period. Deprivation of -- Shelter clothing or other necessities. On the other necessities. Like most of my paycheck. As as you well know that clause is only to be written in for. Members of the Democrat party's core constituencies. Not people who haven't worked and five generations. And illegal aliens. It looks like it's not that walk like it's not and it quacks like get back. It's certainly must be almost all -- And think -- wait till their over on the blaze literally opened over to the blaze either way it -- that would be so classic if all a sudden the blaze becomes like a major major cable knit network that's how much money do they bring into beanie that's the question. It's going to be. -- They they get the number they've had the number one album they've that number one album they sing yeah it's. I didn't Ida I've never seen it I don't I don't know I've never seen that dynasty and don't try to watch police Bentley spent like I don't know. Millions tens of millions of dollars putting that Lady Gaga album out and it's sold in the dozens and it just was totally Porsche. By -- my. Epstein is saying -- that's your -- I wonder what their contract is because you know I mean what can -- Harkin Amy go. And and makes them have to they have to to -- -- me you know and it's like Heidi -- tried to leave. Bravo before she went to lifetime and it took that her tier two or three years to get out of it so I mean it may take them one now. I'm I'm still I'm still on the seventh year of a bit for tonight I'm trying to crime of wanting to not work for bodily orifice I -- witty Abbas says his crests are very aware of what you know your contracts are. Obama. Get a new outfit and equipment well under Obama yeah I think I'll take awhile poke holes this. I would do what I'd much prefer a lump of coal to obamacare well it's kind of like let -- meet -- K you can have a for Christmas I mean that's kind of. -- and -- attempting to tell people you can't afford it while giving it given as a Christmas present don't get a president give obamacare really. -- pajama boy is increasing but you know toward Norris town boy. She wears forty pajamas. I think I think he's a little creepy yet I think. Tim Murray was the it was a prototype for pajama boy. Five billion dollars this thing on the news -- in the war that. That what -- happen at optical it was still alive. Martha Coakley appreciates that change thank -- Yeah they via. They had this guy worker before he was one of the big shots at the that he retirement board which is almost -- you know little -- -- dodging place. So we quits and goes out the new York and sets up his own hedge fund and he comes back about nine months later axis of get a deal for -- And the given 25 million dollars and now what appears it was a Ponzi scheme. You know they they used to always say well you know we're not gonna give up any information about that he retirement board because. It's it's it's not a public. It's not a public entity that T employees give all the money to it but of course that's all. But they give about a word of it and the rest of it comes right out of our pocket higher gas tax that's what's paying for that 25 million hits on. Isn't that wonderful. Good work the only the only the the only thing that might make us feel will batters he also took a couple of place a couple pension funds in Louisiana through. How -- -- it -- -- that they did that we have now. I know what's next. -- something what -- Now -- on cable channels he could probably put up for me. In the region but can we run could still be aired because they're grandfathered. But it doesn't doesn't that tell you something about the sincerity of AMD's commitment. 21 22 was holed some. And on homophobic speech when they the horse they are running right now. 88. Marathon of -- dynasties -- for the holiday season. Because. They know that everybody is going to be is going to be drifting home as as the days get closer to Christmas. So they gonna have a marathon of -- biased -- at well this do well at the same time. They've suspended the guy who's who's thus far of most of. That but I do it and keep everything. In his putter. -- -- I think a lot of our listeners are praying. Am I gonna say what they're praying for is that happened -- Harry Reid. It's you. I think she did look bad once upon a time. I think she's so I think -- I would say hot is this going a little too too far maybe. May be Luke warm. How are you there is the one year anniversary. Of Joseph Lieberman being content Monday Night Football. And Tuscaloosa -- is and then I want. I think it's more than one year -- -- -- like in five years or something. -- is that. I don't care if the father of the signed the ounces smuggling. I couldn't care less about the -- struggling. Athens 2004. That's more like ten years in ten years ago. The whole thing is if you're if you're a jets -- that's -- the attitude yeah that worthy of the most famous jets player of alzheimer's mystery fan. I couldn't care best of the team is struggling. The team is always struggling. If you. It's both these guys develop content signed up Obama is just for the music community that is. Mean there was a condition of being commuted. But in other -- signed up about. Like -- said last night I don't I don't mind that they that they commute the sentence nineteen years for a possession and to distribute crack cocaine seems like about it enough time. Maybe you -- you'll have. Even but don't don't tell me then you didn't always wise place. He would cut -- American Indian our application in now you know -- But a lot. I -- it. And who is to say that I am on an American and you know. Why have -- why is now well on that does mean anything he does it. Everybody in my -- my nuclear -- except for me has bull black hair and blue wise I have brown hair. -- -- -- So I could be Indian my mother I came from the this the swamp lion area down there on the North Carolina South Carolina jail or. She model can be no but that there were a lot of Indians down there earned there there was like in her marriage down there. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling haven't tired you shout. -- take them back there wasn't so much in marriage with a Islam message nation going you know I -- not. -- -- it doesn't -- -- that doesn't mean I couldn't ended up with some special blog that when it got me and Harvard. OK that's it for the jump like today the -- -- is the recorded voicemail message service of we are sure you call leave a message in the hour of the day or night. We may -- a player message at this time each week that the -- -- sponsored by Polanski insurance. 21 of the number is by the -- 6177793469. The plans insurance home auto business and life the plant ski insurance shops so -- save. At the plant ski dot com. That and I do it in comparing these in your prayers. That. It shelled.