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Should Harvard Bomb Hoax Suspect Eldo Kim do jail time?

Dec 18, 2013|

Feds are considering "alternatives to detention" in the case of the Harvard sophomore charged with a finals-week bomb threat hoax that cleared four school buildings and had the campus crawling with cops on Monday. Eldo Kim, 20, was set free today on $100,000 bail and ordered to stay away from Harvard, stay off drugs and alcohol and surrender his passport after his hearing in U.S. District Court in Boston.

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And we're gonna talk this hour about. Elbow elbow -- You know there's a lot about what that guy said to that you know. Ted Kennedy at least hired somebody to take the form he wasn't he wasn't the Spanish -- he wasn't -- responsible. Enough. He wasn't as irresponsible as this kid. That -- that's that's saying a lot -- he just he just went out paid good money got hired help somebody who can go after. Application of the name of the guy who took the museum form -- you still lives around your biblical around your baby's dead now. But that he hired this -- to -- Spanish museum and he got caught in bed and had to go into the into the army. He dropped you know that was that was and they would Cold War -- they still have a draft. And the he went into the army and you know we've -- over his brother was the senator Ernest. It was one of the richest guys in America former ambassador to -- James he you know he couldn't get he couldn't become an officer. Because that was considered. Or role seen. To achieve -- he was he was a sergeant in the year in the US army. In. And now now this guy this guy elbow him he's you know this huge talker he's got any rights for the white heat. Just reading it here now this this is from The Herald that I. Heads are considering quote alternatives. To detention. Alternatives. To detention. After what the -- virtually. Give it to be considering alternatives to detention. In the case of the Harvard -- Charged with a finals we bomb threat hoax that cleared for school buildings and the campus crawling with cops on Monday. Elbow Kim was set free this afternoon on a 100000 dollars bail. In order to stay away from Harvard. Stay off drugs and alcohol. I don't smoke but but according -- but -- -- and does that didn't we eat. -- -- this diva is is not really. Did NSA get the human. Who came up with a game. You know get this team is really medicinal I don't know if you been like following medical research -- but. It actually didn't me close out of mere want it be it could continental army at fort union chiefs. The -- to pocket OPEC a -- -- some of his right it that's what this is all about. Mean -- you people could -- -- we want about how all of there's a problem. What problem pot. Again -- returning and its. -- every day. Speed bump at the Joker stoned every day. Joker was it was a mid level. Hot the scales he had a gun. This government. It's time. You'll be easily could keep wearing the -- Seems and it's over and over again. Are you. I didn't come here to be made sport out you know I've been enjoyed could just be that I that I -- a lot of research. -- on this subject you know this isn't -- I have firsthand experience and. And -- -- we. He may have -- you. -- -- one hit. Man but he battled and yes we. I'm sure that's the -- -- fields and doesn't do drugs as we. Kim made a brief first appearance earlier this afternoon wearing -- high school tennis teacher Harvard sweat pants and say yes your honor. When federal magistrate Judith -- and asked if he understood his rights. He returns to court at 3:30 PM this afternoon where prosecute this read from Harold and Kim's privately hired warriors. -- has yet exactly -- -- -- they or is it one shot. Here's white Whitey Bulger made fifty million bucks in the racquets and he had a publicly yet public defender. It's got this guy this guy has this I just you know he's just a Harvard sophomore he's got private lawyers. How come he's not fatter. -- the big bad usually doesn't kick in till later or want to get around thirty years so that you've been you start keep them away -- -- -- is -- -- on -- sister here Massachusetts following does okay let's -- Yet he was told he must stay with his sister or uncle Massachusetts. The parties are discussing alternatives to detention. Again why why are -- discussing alternatives to detention. The guy issued a terrorist -- you know I mean. I understand you know sentencing guidelines and all that stuff and he would probably not gonna give him any time and but but I've been camping make him Paige is a little bit of us -- -- give them let you know give him tackle make him tickle tickle me -- -- Let's see here tour -- for this is what this and other thing he's he's an American citizen. However two representatives from the South Korean consul general's office attended the hearing saying they learned about the case to media reports. -- Joon Kim I think half the people when that country named count. Special console system in the office said FBI agents told him him. Which charge yesterday in connection with the Monday morning -- is an American citizen. In court it was stated that Kim has dual citizenship. Authorities say Kim. 8:40 AM Monday to get out of the 9 AM final exam and Emerson hall. One of the buildings reference that his message. Yet he couldn't find some wanted to take the test or. Is that is that is that tradition -- at Harvard University. -- investigators say he used a disposable. Anonymous email address. On the -- quite accurate you know and if it were synonymous. He would have been in custody this afternoon and right. -- he used it disposable what he thought was an anonymous email address the service that man. Quickly determined that Kim had access those services through the schools wireless network. These are regular Brady act you know. Lex -- With hair that romance. A Harvard spokesman said today per the statement today we don't have anything more to say regarding mr. Kim. Mr. Kim. Again I don't I don't. I -- he's not -- -- big jail time and you probably demanded that the money more mandatory sentencing guidelines by the way in in the federal courts they're rub their their doing their suggested guidelines but judges have some discretion. I know that they've been -- to put the guy jail for a long time but. -- and I understand too but that the UMass Dartmouth students who. Tried to dispose of the incriminating evidence against the Joker. That they weren't all -- no -- much more serious crime but. They had that they would just they weren't offered any day -- Were they. Mostly didn't kill anybody. He just looks that we just don't put like. Like this guy. If they -- don't want they spent a long time. In the they spend a couple of months three months four months in the in in ma. Somewhere Middleton and -- Plymouth somewhere like that happen. Yes this is the difference between herald and the -- handling this. To like homeless do we call this last night. You have -- what you were gonna believe it you wouldn't believe anything else they have a picture but global which read from The Herald story. The the globe has a picture of him crying into her -- He's crying your headline. Attorneys. Says Harvard student quote. Remorseful -- shattered. -- -- don't have a ball. What about the people who were tied tied up we're trying to get around Cambridge you know your -- -- got. -- what we're trying to make an oxygen tank delivery. It couldn't get to that you couldn't get to the end the place because every effort that was blockade it. He's remorseful. And push the after the bomb scare. Global -- At least two additional appearance. -- Let's see here. Kim's lawyer Ian Gold -- after the brief court hearing that -- regretted. What he had them. What -- already used to say. Though though the crime if you can't do that time but here we have access. -- Does anyone wanna. Now but let's just looks looks that. Pick some and where it would take some guesses here and no wife and your wife and yet don't know yet but without the iphone's. What press notebook stress. What. Twinkies doughnut that was a good guys. Bush another good guess between these are all excellent guest tonight -- that column coming on what. Pleas from OK next for anyone else. Getting close are getting closer are abused as a child off. There emotional distress. They need -- if those initials are also used for Iraq -- dysfunction. He's not using either the EP excuses now. Anyone else. Okay here it is here it is. He's very remorseful. She -- -- in gold said calling his client at a young men who was dealing with his studies. And still -- Still outgoing like Joseph made but this month with the three year anniversary. Of his father's death. Well home. Angry well people don't hear you know you'll lose your father. Three years later. You feel compelled. To make a -- -- it it happens to so many people doesn't it you lost your dad I've lost a parent so far neither one of this well the buyer. But you know I never -- well I never a bit when it what my father was all right. He's struggling. With that three month anniversary of his father's that could -- would be reached for comment but press. Where you really dig jealousy we're trying to while Joseph Jones name -- to see what he thinks of this kind of the case. I couldn't care less about the team struggling. US magistrate judge Judith Stein told him during the hearing. It's real important that you comply with your conditions of release. -- treating him in other words like he was a complete -- which of course she wasn't she's a student at Harvard University. Oh. She also lost ordered him to establish a permanent resident -- into where he -- turn over his passport and not possess firearms and destructive devices among other things. Prosecutors said they were initially concerned that Kim has dual South America South Korean American citizenship but later learned that he had renounced his Korean citizenship when he became an American citizen. And he was released over -- 100000 dollars unsecured bonds under the terms of his on assigned by his sister and his uncle but did not have to put up any money. Thanks for explaining -- unsecured means to a slow. She gave him a timeout. That magistrates he -- very bad way. Elbow. We're gonna give you a timeout. See a good boy. Good boy okay wanna hear more about this -- Gold said Kim's father was a professor -- university in South Korea. The female also lived for a time Washington State we're Kim graduated from the canyon high school in the Monica my goal TO school district in June 2012. He was selected as in the national merit I felt like it was it was also a member of the school kindness and the big heaps. -- we know anything else hear anything else about it. That's he's been there and that's okay he he was also the answer by the way can you explain what this harbor breakers as. With the Harvard breakers are. -- answers. Maybe maybe. It was also a member appear you say like to watch terrible cult films in the especially you think we drug watching watching gladiator movies starring Steve Steve -- she did not. Not just it then it's not the real stuff here you don't need to be fit it. 18774694322. And it didn't take long did it mean when it last night that this was it was gonna happen but it just it's just. It's so predictable but they they always have an excuse. 18774694322187746. Line. 43220. OK we got some stuff on the Harvard breakers. Harvard University breaker members pursue all different types of careers. From Tampa cataract surgery doctors to Boston -- -- specialist. What is. -- -- -- -- doctors. At the dead were ophthalmologist. Is this thought that was at the hands were in his hands -- just sing it there that well rounded news. They -- it. Did did anyone get it going on college here but what Kirk -- they just have a thing all of them for. -- 18774694322. Danny you're next with Howie -- go ahead barely. -- -- Are you there. -- yes. Hey you say you have a billion it would -- when channel and in black and hope I'm up. Underneath on the situation. And I -- -- -- people get briefed on then god he didn't hit -- he directly. Lack of that at Lincoln could come out that doesn't want -- -- to its final. That's that's truism that he. He didn't think they they the National Security Council must said we don't want Barack have to read this in the newspaper tomorrow morning like he finds out all the other news. And crew and I we already bomb threats from the building at the at these -- oral. That's right to -- these job. That's right and he was only spoke from the popular Americans can't be slaughtered by the smoking. By the way you won't you'll rightly that the breakers -- break it to think you're right. Harvard breakers or group of students who get together to learn and appreciate several forms of street the -- including breakdance. -- -- -- -- Anyone ever heard I don't know -- like -- boy that's like we knew -- keep the hands while your. Were. -- doing and no experience necessary no experience necessary but their ability to route to roll what blown. It's encouraged me and it's -- let's see. -- just -- -- they appear in dance performances and attend Beach Boys in funk. Dance jams. Funk -- to hit it upon experience GMs is that where they they also read slam poetry. That the that the funk -- scams. 18774694322. City can you be the story from the Carol -- read some of his we'd some of his we'd musings from -- Early today mark your next with how we cargo ahead mark. Yes. Let me it's something. I can't they would stadium rob but we did -- is all the time that I hate school yeah. I'm little idiot -- the word on or write a message saying that the bomb in the school they shut school down. Eight it's it's everybody. They have iron police have Bob come. They bring in dogs they searched the school issue that this would ministry that showed that dumped it a white the same are. And that is what the message out all these secret down and stop this. It's kowtowing to the people. And knocked up and in mining and doing ridiculous things. You know parent who warn you when they can upload them than not they don't put right there on the wallop hopefully I'm not about. This small country. -- bookmarks pulled something. Also could mean that the being held the. Ali Ali wrote some. Even if -- happens it's gonna get blown up anyway. You know are going to be held responsible -- it was blown up. OK I don't know what would do what witness again witness -- DiMarco this thing again this thing was written in broken in. It is not broken English but still the sort of semi pigeon English right. Act quickly. -- it will go off soon yeah or it will spot that's what -- native English speaker would say in these these days. Right that was -- that's what it was I don't know that it is sending it to a college educated first they can figure that -- Okay yeah I found out and now. Because nobody got. This -- Stop that nonsense. OK yeah nobody gets warned went down. Somebody said today it but somebody said today is the there's a great post on The -- message works with the -- -- -- the seventies. And I tried I tried to trick a couple of times you know calling -- a bomb a bomb threat. Everybody says you know the that you don't Dubuque police had to back in the seventies when he set like I planted a bomb and you know where replanted it prove it. -- Again it was a different that was a different way -- And and they love it. What are going and they want. Thanks for the call mark 1877469432218774694322. What you're here for the we'd chronicles and see here. Oh wife's OK I got it I think that gutsy and the guy got -- Harvard student charged in book Mike your next with Howie Carr go ahead Mike. Our real quick I wanted to talk about what -- -- in Lebanese are we were old old old COLT firearms. Are harder engine break down the street due to personal occurred on the right -- -- great inspiring. Op -- I work itself and -- on that. Party out -- Marathon Monday. And seek. Cascading down her on street. Was was you know it was complete. Would diminish what distract is done and he -- -- apparel people. I think it's all part of it. But he brought on. Yeah but I agree I agree you know -- when -- What one of the things that the -- of the one of the -- FBI agents testified against white less -- any job for us. And he he had a record even before he admits that Connolly doing doing things. When they they wanted to get this guy to testify. Did that one of the flip him his name was Eddie Eddie Biondi the calamity Miami. As to what they the FBI did was they put eight. A fake ball -- -- would say -- suspicious mom under the -- car. And the -- that lady that they call the the local police up on the North Shore. In the the lawyers whereas in the I think this FBI agent Lisa did that ever heard that -- your fellow law enforcement -- professionals. -- get injured rushing to the scene of of where you plant to this fake ball on the -- this guy for no reason other than just that try to flip them. Now though it didn't occur to me on should discuss this is it never occurred to me it was just pray. My my father was the head you know big. I don't know how we deal. Are we we have fetus in the spirit society because. We're gonna put nit wit it that Omar Al -- -- put not only hear about -- unfortunately. Thanks for the call Mike I got -- I got this summer Regis some of the -- in the news that like ratings and when we come back 18774694322. On our car. 7746943221877. Where six mine were three to two. That is the toll free number of the car show what we're doing the drawing Everett after the next break for the for the Jack. Get 100 got to draw obviously is the finalists he's the he has survivor. And -- gunman -- have a chance to pick an outlook to life on on the on the radio here and we will also would do would be like drawing the winner of the the Cancun. -- that's to want to the council Magnum area at Cancun resort. And I would like to thank our sponsors today the fairways. Wilbur country club jaguar acts that are perfect smiles -- -- -- New Hampshire. 187746943220. OK let's hear. When the region some of the stuff here and a play about that with access. As we have we told you last night by Harvard student charged in bomb threats book studies partisan -- It's up to be confused with non partisan on things. Us as they supply or law that Ward's right. As described for the Harvard independent weekly student newspaper on the Ivy League campus. Kim focus on eclectic features. I collect that that's Betsy. That's synonym for marijuana. Of Picasso -- Quote some questionable -- articles included Q what made the campus -- -- Campus power user since you Michael please. This is how we took his picture this that we took the picture the campus pot user. It was a Celtic. Of the costs and hit an interview who with the a campus violinist of the cast so Kim wrote. I am absolutely. As the put up possible. There is dropping passes it when he drew big guard Erica. -- pot Kim wrote. Should know man. It's over 800 joints and warned -- to kill a person did. Like like what no matter what DC Meehan Bob Marley like -- We spoke to we but he -- die -- cancer and -- debris cancer. 187746943221877. So one here wants to know what. How did Kim celebrate his dad's first and secondary anniversary of his death. And. It's it's a it's a Korean tradition the phone and a bomb threat on the anniversary of your parents passing apparently. 1877469432218774694322. We have India calls up here that we have -- -- the ones that don't puncture tomorrow. That seek harbor. Harvard's institute for. Quantitative social science whisk him as a psychology major study partisan ponting was also pursuing a secondary in Japanese. On campus elbow writes for the Harvard international view advances as a member of the Harvard breakers that bring the -- It is free time he enjoys playing pool. I could make a joke about them. The I think we can all figure out what the joke would be. Trying new restaurants. Watching terrible cult films but I get the -- here but the about the the gladiator movies. And just make this up you know. And playing with his Miniature Schnauzer puppy mark your next with -- -- ahead mark set I don't think gladiator movies -- continued -- and this. -- it's called hopes. It's difficult one yet at the did you negotiate grown men -- did you know though. To -- mark your next with -- -- cargo ahead mark. -- out right -- good. I think the first step in what it is chilly in Britain -- it's it's written -- -- you look at it. Cell block pumping his -- I wish you were going to be -- new war this is the course of studies. Unfortunately -- gonna do when he time. But of course quote I -- and -- that he. That's right exactly thanks for the call mark again we can't we will -- what we were all like seat go to prison for you wouldn't just for a little while but he's not he's not. There's just no way -- he's going to be take it. All he should there aren't huge. Karen your next without regard go ahead Caron -- all -- okay. Okay sorry we got to take a break we're gonna have to come back you know in a bit and we're gonna do -- right giveaway here we're gonna try to do our giveaway of the jag that we're gonna do a good way of our Mexican. Vacation. 1877469432. To come Howie --