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Who is your pick for Time person of the year

Dec 12, 2013|

Jeff doesn't think The Pope should be the Time person of the year. He picks Edward Snowden.

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Here on WR KEO Jeff -- Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal bull. My friends welcome that's how we're one of the corner reports. Lots to talk about today. Yesterday. Kind of magazine. Finally names it. Person of the year. And I gotta tell you to the shock and surprise of many and I was surprised and as a devout Catholic I was doubly surprised. Time magazine named the person of the year as Pope Francis. As many of the you know Pope Francis has barely been in the paper -- for less than a year. He is creating a sensation in Europe. A sensation in Latin America. A sensation in Africa. He's now given a wide range of interviews to numerous media outlets. And he's now becoming in many ways one of the most popular influential figures in the world. Now remember this is a very important point. A lot of people don't understand. The meaning of the person beast we call man of the year until I was politically incorrect so they call it now person of the year but. The time magazine's person slash man of the year. He's not the person that you think did the most good. Is not the person that you think. Is the nicest person or the best person. It's the person who had the most influence. It is the most influential person so for example. Let's say you're in 1939. Obviously. The person -- -- man of the year would've been in 1939. September 1 Nazi Germany invades Poland. That the west Britain and France decide to defend Poland Poland is overrun it leads to World War II obviously the man of the year. Would most likely be out all Hitler. Or maybe close second. Told -- in Japan because on December 7 1941 UF Pearl Harbor which launches America box -- and that's 1941 but. In 1939 it would have been Hitler in 1941 could have been. Remember tojo because he launched in America into the war. By having the Japanese attack the United States at Pearl Harbor. So it's not best person of the year it's the most influential person of the year the most impact full person of the year. Even if that person. In many ways can be a very bad person or an evil person. So getting back to Pope Francis. Was -- Francis. Objectively. V most influential. Impact full person -- 2013. While I gotta say this. This is a very interest in Pope. I think this Pope has been misunderstood. By a lot of people frankly it's in its. Catholicism in general is misunderstood by a lot of people. Especially in the liberal secular media. This is a man who wants to evangelize the church. He has now openly stating he wants the church to be on the side of the poor. Both those were materially pork and spiritually -- He's made an aggressive outreach effort. And there's aspects of his -- see that I have to be honest with you I think are absolutely thrilling for example. Many of you may not notice. But the Pope has given out his number his cellphone number. And he often will speak with strangers who have written him saying they need guidance they need help soul for example in Italy a couple of months ago. A woman wrote a letter saying that she had been pregnant out of wedlock. And that she was under tremendous pressure from her boyfriend to have an abortion. And that her family was telling her to have an abortion. And she didn't know what to do. And the Pope just are available -- imagine that's like you know hello you might -- name is Francesca is making opera name. You know Francesca picks up the phone getting getting getting to -- hell lol. Hi this is -- Francis I got you -- Value whenever there a couple of minutes to chat. Literally that's what he's been doing. And so he was with her on the phone for about two hours. And he slowly spoke to her. And convince -- -- how of the baby and keep the baby and give the -- the most precious beautiful gift of life. There are very moving scenes and I'm tell I mean I'm staring at a picture right now. I have to say it's almost reminiscent of Jesus do we took care of the lepers. There is a scene of him in Saint Peter's Square. On November 62013. If you could find a scene this this picture is. I mean this is there really just a stunning picture. It is -- Francis. And he's holding a man -- kneeling down in front of him. Who has Nero five -- -- kosice. Which is an -- it's got to be some kind of a skin disease he's got bubble it's little bubbles. All over his face all over his head. I mean god forgive me he looks. Deformed. He looks almost like a modern day leper. And you can just imagine. Then held at this man's life must be every day. Looking the way he does with the bubbles covering his entire face and his tires in his head and most of his body. He's probably -- like a leper he's probably treated like a leper he's probably looked upon by many people around them as some kind of a monster. And there's this incredibly moving. Warm picture of the Pope openly embracing him. And almost taking this man's head into his bosom into his chest and he's caressing his back of his head with his left hand. So. His compassion. His love for the week. His -- for the poorest among us. Clearly. Is resonating. With tens of millions of people all over the world. It has galvanized Catholics. Not so much here in the United States but frankly Catholics and Latin America Catholics in Europe Catholics and Africa. And more than -- It is is simply city and is humility. He has shunned the regalia he shunned the car he doesn't live in the palace he lives in a very simple apartment surrounded by priests. He has an iron cross at a maid of common medal not a gold -- he wears around his chest. Everything that he's giving off everything that he symbolizing. Is that of a very simple man who was on the side of the week the unfortunate and -- And can mean. The reason why -- Francis is resonating with so many people around the world. Is because I believe the people around the world are crying out for leadership. There is a moral crisis affecting not just the west but much of the world. Where we have leaders were utterly corrupt. Who have turned their backs on their own people. We have in and alienated. Self satisfied. Disconnect it you leaked both here in the United States a ruling elite. But even internationally. The European Union the International Monetary Fund the World Bank. Look at dictator after dictator whether it be Putin in Russia or to Chinese Communists. Or look at Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe or I could just mean. The Castro Brothers -- the ones that the dear leader loves to shake their hands up. Who don't care about their own people don't speak for the people have turned their back on the people in fact pull them in nothing but contempt. And here you have a man who champions the ordinary person. Who champions the little man and especially the weakest among us. To me that's been the nature of his appeal. Now the question then is this. Why. Why would kind magazine. A secular liberal rag. That has been that. Clearing war on religion war on christianity and in particular has a particularly virulent hatred of the Catholic Church. This is a magazine that's never said anything good about the Catholic Church or -- religion or christianity going back decades. Why of all of the candidates out there. And it's an old. -- disagree immensely influential. Vladimir Putin's agree or disagree and frankly I find it repulsive. But hugely influential. Take Boston. What happened with the Boston bombing -- Take Ted crouse agree or disagree look at that speech that he did in the senate which do you -- obamacare. I could go on and on and on about examples around the world of people. Who have had tremendous influence. Over world events. And yet they picked out this -- Why. And I believe my friends the reason why they did it and they are wrong. But they believe and they're trying to portray him. As the Obama of the Catholic Church. They believe. That they have a liberal in the people -- They believed that they have somebody. -- taking some of his comments about social justice. Taking some of his comments about criticizing growing inequality in the world. Criticizing the excesses of capitalism. The excesses of the wealthy and the rich. They believe that they have a socialist. In the Vatican. Furthermore they believe they have somebody who is slowly but surely gonna -- abandoned the culture war against abortion. And -- march. They think deep down he's a closet social liberal. That in the end he will place socialism. Above his catholicism. And I think this is the reason why they decided to pick him. Because they think now they have their man in the Vatican now they don't know what they're talking about. The Pope has been very clear he will never change his position on abortion frankly he can't. Tradition scripture. The teachings of the church forbid him. Same thing on gay marriage. Even his encyclical has been really misunderstood. What the Pope is essentially saying is all people out there. Two of those were much is given much is expected. And you should behave as saintly and charitable in your personal life as you possibly can't. He's not talking about some radical takeover of property or massive redistribution of wealth. But anyway let that go. The reason why time magazine picked them it's obvious. They think they have a secular liberal. A European socialist or in this case they're Latin American socialist. In the Vatican. And so they wanna give him as much aid and comfort as possible. Now. As a devout Catholic. I actually disagree with -- choice. I do not believe the Pope now you may disagree with me I do not believe the Pope is the person of the year in the sense of the most influential person of the year. To me it comes down to two candidates and you can make a very strong case for both. Number one is Vladimir Putin. Why. Putin has now in many ways reversed the Cold War. He has now made Russia are resurgent on the great on the on the international scene. He always the one who stopped our own president. From his disastrous drive to lead us into world war three in Syria. Had we gone into Syria my France. You would have seen Russia get involved you would've seen Hamas get involved you would have seen Hezbollah get involved you would have seen -- -- get involved. It would have been world war three and the -- stop it was not Barack Obama. It was Vladimir Putin forgive it for good or for ill. Putin. In many ways was the most influential man of 2013. But let me tell you why would have voted for and and I wanna open up the phone lines. The most important story of 2013. My friends and this may surprise you. Was not obamacare. However disastrous and destructive it once and it's. It was the revelation. -- here in the United States. The leader of the free world the cradle of democracy everywhere. We have corrected behind the scenes. A soft police states. In national surveillance states. Whereby. Our government begun under bush and accelerated under the dear leader has empowered the NSA. To spy. Upon tens of millions of Americans to read our emails. To troll through our phone logs to listen in to -- conversations. My friends we have turned this country. Into applause -- police state. This is something the Stasi would do this is something that can stop all would do. And who is the mandate expose that. Who is the man that revealed -- what the United States is doing. But England Australia. So called other great democracies of the west how we have abandoned. Our commitment to freedom and liberty. In the name of the so called war on terrorism how we have abandoned liberty. For security and we're gonna end up getting neither as Benjamin Franklin prophetic we predicted. And sold to meet the person of the year should have been Edward she don't. Agree or disagree. She was the most influential man in my view. Now let me throw it open to you who do you think should have been named time's person of the year. Do you agree with the decision. About Pope Francis if so why if so why not and if you were on that panel. Who would you have voted for for person of the year 6172666868. Is the number. 622 here on WRKO. Jeff -- Boston's bulldozer all of your calls. 666868. This is Boston's talk station AM six. WRKO. 625 here on WRKO. Jeff -- Boston's bulldozer. Time magazine has named Paul Francis. Person of the year I agree disagree. And who would you have named time's person of the year. Frankly if I had a vote it would be -- -- 6172666868. What do you say Boston. Charlie Europe first thanks for holding welcome. More than -- -- I agree with you. We're ever explode and you know -- Can I had to go through this what my talents would they would truly Nazi Germany in world war through. What what Hitler did all these people he was the -- the main guy science science. -- kind of funny he left the bush we continue with Obama I am just -- gets even worse. But to me that means the great story of 2013. Our civil liberties were destroyed. We created a soft police state this is what's been revealed. And now by the way just to show you how the media is trying to marginalize -- Snowden. Barbara Walters. Wanted to discuss at snow and you know shares are most famous people of the year you know that wrap up -- -- as an annual show wrapping up the year. And her producers refused to have her interview had -- or even discussed at note. What are they so afraid enough. That the American people will really find out what their own government is doing to them. 6172666868. Is the number Kevin Europe next thanks for holding welcome. You not to know log digestible those commands. You -- dead on fascinating the that does psychology. All your analytical thinking. It brilliant. Plate and of course. It's noted that the papers around the world from the socialist and a wave of outrage did ask. If you're looking held that chance well it's true that many. I -- waged the president of Brazil -- we can host. To attend and come on her personal state visit to the big seats that -- told -- and that essentially the deal ideal lead up. Has gone. All of whom were -- -- each side he'd go with wedeman is okay instead provincial OK these are brand and how. I explained around the world you know I'd try to locate just the odd person that sends to our allies of speak. Complements what is happening in one point took a -- OK go. This is emerged recently on capitalism. I -- not quite understand but what he has done we have that -- can -- should then be in school -- to. 71 banks of the Vatican have been recently repealed he actually lifted. -- -- -- All of immunity. So which you have done wrong within the Vatican bank. You were no longer subject to being the -- old and it's. Faith. -- that you're going to be persecuted. Okay have prosecuted just like oh okay anyone else. Thank you for that call Kevin but you're in trouble. If they're shenanigans going on those Vatican bank's the Pope is basically said guys you break the law or not. You're not gonna get anymore shield -- -- -- -- more Eric cover protection from us you're gonna go to prison. 6172666868. Is the number. Who would you consider to be the person of the year in your view. You agree with the decision of -- Francis. Or would it be somebody else. -- -- Sarah Palin. Miley Cyrus. Vladimir Putin. -- -- the corner man would have voted for -- Snowden. Who would you have voted 46172666868. Is the number. 630 here on WORK no more -- calls let's take it that Angela. Seven here on WRKO. You can also Texas got 68680. Jeff Horner Boston bulldozer. Who do you think. Should have been time's person of the year do you agree with their decision it was -- France's I don't. I would have had Ed Snowden V person of the year we're getting a lot of text on this. This is of people are saying Miley Cyrus. Others are saying Al Gore. Keith Olbermann Chris Matthews tray Von -- George Zimmerman Marten this year. Tim Nelson Mandela I would throw that out there as well as a possible candidate. What are you say Boston 6172666868. Is the number Bruce Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I'm -- -- -- Broussard and I'd -- sorry. The question should have been the most important. -- like to play out but doses than. This is that a topic -- The -- addressing capitalism. For a week -- not all been being discussed -- rush it was really an issue is talking about it too deep or you're really saying. I bet in the industry -- look we're just not talk about that she's talking about a little tension result. Well to American history we shouldn't do. Our. You translation of domestic crap I wrote I think this is deliberate -- and on the part of well. All automatic seat any I registered depression sure it simply opt. We were approach as a patrol the message you -- it. Our bench coach -- much reporter for the all the sharks. Have to American Joseph were you actually are. Yeah storm editorial people who potentially -- into this and try to coop but whole idea just brush aside. And I don't I don't loose movement would have been the most important. You are not -- Demi honest I think look at time magazine is a liberal magazine it has an agenda. And there's no question about it in my mind now we can disagree obviously I'm just giving you my opinion. To me there's no question in my mind by far and away. The most influential remember it's not good or not -- good person it's good about it. Who had the most impact. Clearly was had -- Those revelations. To meet are gonna change. What we know about our government. What has been going on behind the scenes really since nine elevenths how the war on terror was hijacked. By people in government both Republicans and Democrats both bush and especially Obama because has gotten much worse under the dear leader. And turned it into a war on Americans. And we now have a soft police state. We now have a government that tramples on our privacy tramples on our civil liberties tramples on our basic freedoms. Not look. If I can't read my emails and peace. If I can't have conversations and I don't know whether it's being listened to we're not. By some NSA analyst you tell me how is that different than leaving and I've been living in east Germany. How is that different than living in the Soviet Union under Nazi Germany it isn't. Now that to mean. How this that first all be honest with you wanna see how corrupt our society has become how this did not lead to the impeachment of the president on this soloist and stunning. Stunning. And every single other politician out there that knew about this and hit from the American people. So this was he story of 2013 I know what's obamacare it's our health that's important. But when you start creating a soft police take my friends. You've now destroyed our democracy. Now getting quickly to Pope because everywhere they're trying to turn the Pope in 21 anti capitalist. This is -- time magazine picked him. -- cherry picking some of -- claim some of his quotes some of his statements. And they're trying to turn him into the Obama of the Catholic Church. He never says raise taxes through the roof. He never says take from the rich and give to the pork what is he saying my friends think about it -- much. That the world is being swept by consumerism. That we are worshipping the buying a phenom X the requiring a thinks. And as the Pope as the vicar of Christ on earth. That's what he's their four. He -- Malone your focus should be on spiritual things on guard on Jesus on family on loving one's neighbor. Dutch were true happiness comes to do not fall all the worship of false banks. You're worshipping man men don't warship -- and you know what he sounds like -- mean. It's Charles Dickens. And it's Christmas time. Ebenezer Scrooge. Who's visited by the ghosts of Christmas past. And the ghosts of Christmas past look at Ebenezer Scrooge was a wealthy man and say yes but look how you don't care for the poor. Look how you don't care for your own relatives and family members look -- you don't care for your own employees. You worship money. And by worshipping money you're forgetting the important things in life. This wasn't Karl Marx. This wasn't a dear leader. This is Charles Dickens. That's all the Pope was saying but no -- would they wanna do is they want a coop the Pope an appropriate him as one of their own. And if so -- 61 but that's why they picked him. Because they wanna say you see we've got we've got Obama not only in the White House we've got a white Obama and Hispanic Obama. Does the Pope is from Argentina we've got to -- bombing in the Vatican. That was the only reason why they picked them. Time magazine couldn't give a damn about the Catholic Church ready Christian -- that. 6172666868. Is the number -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Who I just kept recovering from my surgery or just -- are going well thank you for your kind thoughts from what. Top and -- unless they hear I'm really. Mean one time magazine does not have already used. Shell and -- and basically the only time we hear about -- magazines every year when that's their choice of the person of the year comes out. Might think that well who would -- your choice shore. But I don't think anything else but that's -- -- -- that's their job they work at time magazine that can make your list you can make your extra I don't think they're trying to cooperative. -- here. I mean would they try to cooped -- when they get to have more informed act under John Paul or under Pope John. The -- referred. What what I mean some would debate at the pulpit of the persons and while they try they try to like a -- global agenda that I don't think subject -- think. That they're seeing a situation we're all going to different direction and quite frankly and we -- did you read that but I know I know you're -- Catholic. The thing is that there's a lot of this have to follow through that all was well the biggest religions don't really sort of not much and there's a lot of changes and people coming back into the church it's you that's what I'm hearing on the news story not sink at Portland back in the churches I haven't heard about. You know what on his ideas on Kapalua and -- production. People like Russian people liked it quite frankly you would try to do yeah I think quite honestly I think that that's not want to put more American -- have more influence which. You know what what -- with a it was a people cabbage -- or frankly in what this -- -- for electing that had a big impact on the world. What Eric look you -- a couple of good points number one your right time is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Person of the year -- all they have left you're right obviously they have a right to pick who they want we have a right to disagree it's a free country. And -- but getting to the hope. There's no evidence that people are coming back more of -- church here in America. And they'll let the media keeps saying that there's no hard numbers so it's all anecdotal. Which you're seeing is a wave of popularity for him in Latin America for example when he visited Brazil. So in other parts of the world yes this Pope is extremely popular. But look as for anti capitalism -- honestly the New York Times played up. His last exhortation I mean they ran with it the Washington Post ran with it CNN ran with it. It Newsweek ran with it so the media have been pouncing over his comments. They're the ones it's not me it's not rush I -- -- talked about it till today. That proclaimed it as being anti capitalist. Now he's not he's not anti capitalist. Now so I'm just they're just wrong now rush is rush. It is he's not right he's not infallible on everything I think he misinterpreted his comments but Eric look in the final analysis. I want people to go back to the pews obviously as a conflict. But that's not the big story of 2013. This Pope is not even a year into his people say it takes years to find out the true legacy of Pope. Let's be honest there were many other people who clearly deserve the honor and I mean in terms of influence. Putin's. No question when you overt world war three how the hell is that money influential when you have that he. People would think it Miley Cyrus and Sarah Palin Belichick -- of being like a world wide. You know backtracked saying only. Writer Eric this is very sad but Miley Cyrus more people know about Miley Cyrus to me about it almost any other an individual in the world that's us. That's the cultural -- worried that we live -- So frankly the Pope would even make it on my top five list and jobs can be very I wanna look I love the guy. But I'm just being honest with you most influential of 2013. I don't think so and -- I think the reason is obvious what I read the VV cover story. They go on about all these challenging traditions. All he's probing the rich. Always criticizing the wealthy all he's criticizing capitalism always a daring Paul. So they love him because they see Obama in the Vatican that's what this is all about for them. They've always had a left wing agenda time is never been objective and this is not different. But anyway Eric this and thank you for that call I hope you get better. -- 6172666868. Is the number Mac Europe next thanks for holding welcome. The buying jets cannot get wiggle our Bernanke. As a representative all the central banks. Because historically now we're living in it in India period of money printing. And I would this history this. Trying to let. Money printing will be either driver in history. We ask couple questions to rewrite a trillion dollar deficit. Without when he traffic. We're ready consumerism without while my without Marty protect know what to create edit show without -- predict we've got road after shrank by its very. Our point not imam at my end -- probably know I mean on that one -- that's a bit. May be no I agree maybe no I mean would these guys but -- right. Well you're right look. Yeah yes -- look you -- almost make Denver and Ben Bernanke our guess now other than the new incoming fed chair of the person of the year every year. May be 20102011. That's maybe when I would have made him person of the year that's when they were -- -- still buying now buying bonds and printing money. But I wouldn't have not this year with everything that went on. And Bernanke now Bernanke stepped down you know what Matt that's. He make my top five list. They -- might be old number four number five on the corner man's list 6172666868. Is the number. Here's rush take it away. 656. Here on WRKO. Bill you're up next thanks for holding welcome. I -- good morning Harry Dick and Harry you fail. Get I think they have an interest in perspective on that problem I see I agree with you that I don't think he should have been the vote should have been many here. -- I would Ukraine recently lowered Ukrainian. I had to -- 96. Com and that's why I went there but that -- revolution -- underwear. That's -- -- I mean you went to Ukraine to get your teeth fixed. Yeah record you know so that it here. Well hopefully cheaper there I got you okay sorry but I thought did a little better right now and some -- -- some new hot bed for dentistry or something didn't let that go sorry felt. I don't agree. Not look at so I went there to get Mikey deck and then Mike and he's pretty active -- -- against inappropriate so we went down at a square the day after all the beating Japanese. They were trying to fit a square how to make the -- mystery there. Until we went down and afterwards. I'm a -- my sister in law and the I -- -- -- -- ball. And that you know what rebel leader they would walk and I said no if you at a leader -- -- 60 your threatened economic problems political problems. -- you give them here all. My -- as she says it yet unquestionably we do whatever. We were have to -- if we -- -- could fix the problems. And I'm just going back trying to connect it to what you said earlier that. The world look at earlier. Right now because it seemed like we have no leaders to take charge and fix a problem. We have the entire generation. But that's no problem with social problems. Down. I believe that the reason why. The -- mr. -- To timely time -- Mean the end of the year or person of the year it's very different reason I understand that people think that they're trying to portray and that that liberal. Arts center and become the magazine. Didn't its connection to the Pope that. In a roundabout way they'd be saying that he -- some liberal. Religiously here. But I -- I look at the world it is the ides of faith. And it think you -- -- it seemed like your Christian. And you believe in god and uninteresting. And I'd like you to if you look at and that. The CNET and he -- competent to meet you go crazy. -- awhile ago and I feel very odd that a -- whatever. Resign. Com. A -- I'm a book actually resigned from his office 600 years ago they usually die in office. So -- what are things are filling them up against the bigger bases in what almost like the hand of god is behind this -- Yep they do believe -- but on -- different than if you if you follow. Somebody called prophet is -- out eat he said in 800 years ago from the time that he had a vision that there'd be under 120. From the time it isn't that city and and a 112 volt would be final -- the anti Pope. Or the destruction of Catholic church and Iran and we are now 100 all up and bite you believe. It's a possibility. And it comes straight from the cap -- say something about you property. And a lot of people think that this is the last hole whether or not he's considered off spot that works with -- right. But I would like some of the people listening at least investigated and call me crazy you're not but I believe that there might be true that. Anyway that call film I've heard that theory before. Look I can just tell you this as a student of history. People have been predicting the end of the world for thousands of years. It hasn't happened yet I honestly don't believe he's the last -- I certainly don't believe he's the antichrist. Or fake Pope -- an evil Pope. Look just to bring it full circle. Look at our leaders today objectively. The dear leader. David Cameron in Britain. Be socialist hole on in France. Merkel in Germany. That gangster in Moscow I could run down the whole list. The the our raw honey any wrong. Where the leaders. Where are the leaders. We don't have any leaders. And I think that's the reason why when this Pope speaks. And with his actions and how we embraces the poor and disenfranchised. And the week. This is why I believe the world is galvanizing around him is eerily similar Pope John Paul the second. When the voice listen don't have a voice. That's when they look for spiritual leaders and I think that's the reason why this Pope is so popular but that being said honestly. I was on the board and smolder and to me was clearly the man of the year. 6172666868. Is the number speaking of lack of leadership and lack of leaders. Coming up --