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Chump Line Tuesday December 3, 2013 - Amazon C4

Dec 3, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a check list for purchasing c4 on Amazon and sending it by drone to Howie's house.

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-- line is sponsored by complain its key insurance home. Auto business and life appoint its key insurance drops so huge you say that the plants -- dot com. If you let it -- -- in Tokyo pool. As one promising captain Sidney. Barack Obama. Good guys and that would be bad bad. Usually parents neither flu Y two. Yes who who who would. I would hear all the way I think President Obama would make up perfect life partner. Is it is this appears is planning to -- remain in the country's gonna claim that he was gonna. You can't you can't cancel a show -- deport him because he -- he would face persecution back him in England because of his. His unnatural world. -- -- wounds -- the long for that matter. Enjoy how -- radio patterns they -- and callers and as a reward the statement in his body builder plan. At least they usually send us a fine dinner planned and a sign up winning the we know what's going on. But I'm getting hungry. One week ago John -- -- and if you run away from home yet. Jed we know PEP's runaway year you know remember the global -- -- but they had them on their island Marshall Islands. And the durable jumped into the water. It was obviously suicide attempt to escape can diary again. I'm sure very expensive box and it's like you if it's like his boat and you -- And his Momo Jones and his troops. -- -- -- -- -- These are -- they continue to worry about immigrants one -- itself before. Do content and or -- and order advocate -- out. And three. -- neighbors know what 88 cabinet bubble and everything. I don't think I don't think the NYC for him I -- Amazon sells just about everything in the world but. I thought see for worse pretty much -- -- from re Roche for -- restrict that the government usage. But of course they got it from one of their corrupt FBI agents that it and 2500 and said boys I got a surprise for them here in the basement. Got some C four plastic explosives. And that's why he says and what a great way to -- room that we car. What girl Erica my Hillary see where oh where can achieve -- and all -- like Caron -- He had caused by portability to. It. -- like that the new word the new phrase for her today grand mall moment here. That's really nicely and I think diversity in the port -- you know whether white here up in a -- wearing along routes. And doing some netting and all moment here like -- Moses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they have those security you know they've been rushing to get this thing up so. They've had the kind of few quarters one which is the security. So I guess it's even easier to act than it was originally fought to. But it you know who's -- most people can't still can't get on so kind of a moot point -- right now. Only out and it might need to think outside of the notes spot. Throws can be used to count these -- milk bottle put out about it through for the next you know delivery. Bad. Seven anyone thinks sandy that Kerry got a French Poodle. There -- -- -- fabulous dogs French adults it would seem appropriate forum -- you know we we -- -- he does speak French we know that and he. He can he looks somewhat like approval. With -- is here. But that it sounds. In the age. That's right that's a dog whistle forest. -- you forget it. I was so I'm gonna stand in that night live in. -- the anyway. In no no one nobody who signed the petition. To stop the automatic gas tax increases is invited to the ribbon cutting on the -- nine million dollar. Renovations. And in the corner office. Don't think that we accurate. I went from it or what does -- -- right to -- Democrats dramatic but what. Drones. -- got a shelter dog from Brussels well I don't believe that. Please come on heat shield their -- -- apology didn't get apology either okay. Where whales and the bases no hope. The trains that crow blue. I have been examples of which. And it works fine. The news -- all the time but no no that apple -- ago but no no but I had to. From inside the space to -- help the kind of old Obama care. Bad apple insurance do you miss me yet. Be good teacher. You know have my own. -- at the paperwork. That was particularly. I bought it I want it to have so I wanted to have some sort of of the tune in now. And with the dad bought -- -- -- was when I was walk around the mall open the Palm Beach Gardens mall more upon beach. And I noticed that the only people using flip phones were all about eighty years old I had to be the youngest person using a flip form form by about twenty years. And that's what got you to get -- and I phone -- while I was the only about a I was thinking about it before but you know was one of those -- I did notice that it did seem to be. It did seem to be a rather a dramatic statement that that you were making as to your age if you were using a flip phone. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired U. OK that's it for the choke point through the chaplain is the recorded voice mail message service about when art show. You call leave messages -- any power that they -- -- including weekends trampling number it like believes that two messages. 6177793469617779346. And we may or may not play your message. At this time each weekday that your point is sponsored by plant -- insurance home auto business and life of plants insurance shops. So you say that the plants -- dot com. Later a couple of things you need to worry about -- one that it felt before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And three. And they -- no one didn't intent and that problem whatever. You shelter.