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Mens Health New England, November 23rd

Nov 25, 2013|

Men’s Health New England is a weekly radio show dedicated to giving you the straight talk on Men’s Health. Hosted by Dr. Stephen Scionti, the Director of the Scionti Prostate Center of Boston, Dr. Scionti is globally recognized for his work in advanced prostate cancer diagnostics and minimally invasive prostate cancer therapy. From cardiac care to prostate issues, from sexual health to prevention and wellness, host Dr. Stephen Scionti will be discussing the topics on everyone’s mind, but what everyone’s afraid to talk about – their health!

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Welcome demand is -- knowing when I'm your host doctor Stephen OCR IT director of the C on the prostate Centre of Boston at mass bay urology in Massachusetts. Join us every weekend at this time for the most advanced and up to -- discussion pop topics and most important a men's health. Join us every week as we discussed topics like prostate cancer or prostate disease. Sexual health. Lifestyle and diet weight management. Heart health and hormonal health. Every week we'll interview national experts in the men's health and empower you with up to date. Scientific progress of information that you can use to improve your overall health. Achieve weight loss lower your risk for heart disease maximize your sexual performance. And of course deal with prostate problems. Down today show. My guest is doctor Lars Bowman he's a director of the senate -- medical institute in Boston. And under -- is gonna talk to us about advanced the valuation and really a transformational. Health process. -- so this is going to be a fascinating showed I want everyone to stay tuned we'll bring doctor Bowman back in just a moment. Please submit your questions that you have from they showed -- wrko.com. Slash men's health. Remember to learn more about my specialty which is prostate cancer prostate disease goes to. DRC. On DSC IO NTI dot com or call our offices that message may urology a division -- Greater Boston urology. At 617. 696. 1826. That's 617696. 1826. State children we're right back with doctor Lars Bo and -- talked about transformational health. With the senate get -- Boston medical institute director doctor Lars Bowman will be right back. Welcome back this is doctor Stephens county founder and director of VC jockey -- and prostate senator. And today in my special guest is doctor -- Bowman he's director -- -- Boston. It today we're gonna talk about. Topic that I think is you're really in a lot this is really transformational experience restored -- health and in the past we've had doctor Bowman on we've spoken about the the approach that he takes. In in terms of really achieving an optimal health. On a previous shall we talked about in your -- that is mail male testosterone. Deficiency and how that was important to his overall health. But today duck Obama's gonna talk about. A patient -- recently is gone through. They're complete -- program. And I think it's gonna wish springboard for us to talk about how one really achieves. Sort of this optimal and and when I think some people think it's elusive. I'm an optimal health experience so Doug Bowman a welcome to mens -- New England. Thanks Steve I really appreciate the opportunity beyond your show and we were talking last time I was here maybe a month ago or so about Andrew upon us. And the question you know is -- retailers that not is this something that -- men are really experiencing as a result of internal changes hormone decline. Sure we know about. In -- menopause that's common. But man still have a question. Are they experiencing it could this be is this that change in their body that they need help from a doctor -- I'm and is is the treatment going to be effective a lot of guys wonder. This is really gonna work can mean if I do something like this is a program. Of age measurements which includes a complete evaluation and hormone replacement as part of lifestyle change. Is that really gonna work for me and I want to share with his Steve a real patient experience one of my patients was kind enough. And thoughtful enough to submit his own his own experiences and that's summarized. On my website senators in Boston testimonials. There's a menu bar at the top of patient go to that website. And they will see you will read what on this patient. And his initials are MR. I'm and he works in finance his first name is mark and you'll read his real experiences of how did you decide how did he know that this was the right thing to do. Right so you know this is I think powerful you know I read through this and -- -- isn't that just really really struck by. This gentleman's experiential let's talk about that side you know in in it let's start let's get right into the solaris. Sure absolutely and and I just wanna emphasize. How unusual it is you know us guys we don't talk now guys don't talk about what they go through now. And -- -- do they do we really don't share power feeling on the inside and what's frustrating send our body feels the aches the pains to slow down. I even -- you know the follow up on on our work performance. But mark is very open and he's he's written this in his testimony on. And -- The first thing that he says is that them. You know from the beginning of and he really didn't know now what he should do. I'm but what he did know is that at the age of fifty that was and that is by the way age fifty a lot of guys look at that as. And is a moment in life where you gotta make a decision you know hurry in all of the rest your life if you want to stay the way that you are. Or do you really need to fix the changes that are starting to. Wear you down and so mark in his statement. He says that. I'm at the age of fifty he decided that he was gonna give himself a personal present. And that is a gift of life in hell. He didn't really need to know where it was gonna lead. But he knew that that time was right he really had to do it now fourteen months later after he did the whole experience actually he's been a patient Mars. Four a year and a half. But come. At the end of it all he knew that he had made the right decision. You know he does tell us what he was facing and and I know that you read that part about his. High blood pressure the medications he was on for blood pressure and cholesterol that he wanted to get off. Yes so what what really what was behind this what do you think really was driving mark to look for something different what motivated him. I'll tell you the number one reason. The number one reason it -- man -- woman. But principally the number one reason that drives a man into my office to pick up the phone and call me and discuss those. It is energy and productivity. It is not about. Sex that is not about. You know you're on your body -- sure those things are important and for mark here he says he was squeezing into his size 36 pants. And he was really horrified it is self image which was I'm just deteriorating. But it's energy and it's your ability to produce. You know at the workplace to chase after jobs -- on the income -- and that's the number one reason that people call me everything else's. Well let's just say it's secondary. Why I think what happens is sometimes. You know especially after. You know running for 20/20 five years in the work world a lot of us get into Iraq. Where you know we get the same routine -- out of bed at 5:30 in the morning cup of coffee getting the traffic jam. You know drive drive into the drive into work whether it's an office job whatever one does and then it the end of the day you know. Face the whole traffic -- come home exhausted. And we did that day after day after day you don't ever really paid attention to sort of help. And then I think an awakening comes right -- say you know now it's time to think about something different is that what you see that a lot. I absolutely -- and I'm fortunate to be dealing with them exceptional people you know people who have achieved a lot professionally. Achieved a lot with their careers their business. And mark is isn't is typical of that. He says that he was never one to accept mediocrity or defeat. On video is achieved his goals but he realized that he was released doc. And and -- he built up the courage to make a change seek help. And really start on something that would be life changing and -- like I said. He didn't know what he was gonna get out of it he just knew that he had to find -- solution. He and I connected on the telephone. He decided that -- fans -- Boston. Was the right place this was the right comprehensive. Total program that he was looking for. Tom and any any and that -- that he was in that tired noticed the lack of energy and he even describes. Symptoms which I'm sure a lot of people listen to this telephone call or this radio call. I'm sure that they're gonna recognize exactly what he was describing. I don't. You you read it. -- he does so again he says that just just walking up the spirit the stairway in his house he's coming out of breath going up but you know. He is -- -- level talent home he says he wanted more life more -- more energy. And you know and I think. -- it struck me wanna teach is -- or offend example for his family as well that that struck me is is something they've done a lot of times people think about. I hear this a lot. I had a salon then I'm. They a -- father a husband I really -- -- he's not there for his kids now when he comes home from from work or on the weekends. He doesn't have the energy to keep up with them to play games with them to play sports with them. I had to go and do activities. And he's more and more on the sidelines. -- but he also wants to be an example of unhealthy choices. I'm and the best way to do that is of course not to take action for yourself and and trimmed down lose weight -- get active. I get out there and and do activities that you haven't done in years and years but you're gonna get so much more unlikely needed and that's what mark's experience plus. Well you know I'm sure mark has a family doctor you know he's im sure he's been seen as telling actress physicals every year. So you know how does the senate can actually help the valuation compared to what he is getting. It would his regular rock annual doctor visits. It's very different you know the on -- on doctor's visit is a limited examination. On typically check the blood pressure. I'll listen to the heart and lungs some basic blood tests on May -- spend that ten or fifteen minutes than in in the doctor's office. I'm and then the ending of the day. Com or end the inning of that time examination. I'm being told. Everything looks all right and let's see you again in a year or or maybe you know lose a few pounds and you know watch your diet but that's -- the extent of it right well sure that's that's usually as as. As you put your clothes on in the doctor's -- and out of the out of the Rome he's gonna tell you going and I get mail by the way it was a few pounds right shore at surely haven't we all heard that here. But that and that and that and and in that it is no wonder that that doesn't happen very often right is that you know a lot of times I think people need them. A road map a plan. Well let me anal examination doesn't give you that and it doesn't on -- The information which you need to know and so in in mark's own words. And he described having the most comprehensive health refute that he's ever had in his lifetime and that is what the sentence and experience is about. The purpose of it is. To get the the information that is needed not to glorify it with unnecessary at. But there's a fitness test there's body scanning for body composition fat muscle and bone density. Their blood tests which are going to uncover the endocrine system that is the hormone balance. Inflammation inside of the body vitamin levels. We do test for brain health and heart health how we do test for atherosclerosis. All of this information is absolutely the understanding at the age of the violation. Functionally performance wise what level you that are you performing. Ten out of ten that is ideal optimal the way you should be or you performing. That's something lower than that and I had person people who tell me. Russia feel like I'm on six and a half -- it and I feel like Emma wore for an attempt which is really significant. I'm just not where I need to be and I know that I'm not getting stronger as the years go by but I'm actually slipping. We know what impresses me is that you know we learned you know back many many years on medical school. That the most fundamental thing we do is doctors is we we we make it we do an assessment. We make a diagnosis. And then based on that we prescribe some sort of plan of action. And that what impresses me here is that the assessment the measurement phase. That you described as part of this senate -- a valuation. Is just incredibly complete and it goes way beyond. What the -- the annual you know physical exam with the family doctor -- Steve I'm actually gonna stop you there for a second. If you think back to medical school. What we knew we're talk first of all was to listen to the patient because the patient oftentimes we'll tell us exactly what the problem meant. And so often. In this in this what we all experience you go into the doctor's office. There -- there's hardly even listening he's looking at the paperwork he's looking at the numbers and he says that everything is normal but he's not listening to the patient. Who's saying I don't feel. The way I wanna feel I don't feel right I don't feel good. And that's what's missing and I I truly do enjoy that I mean I will spend. A good hour hour and a half just sitting and talking with with my patient. Before we even get to the numbers the data every in this generated in the elite health valuation at at the sentence -- evaluation today. I want to know how does this person lives his life. When I get up in the morning what does he have for breakfast how much pressure -- under during the day how is -- sleeping in -- power his relationships. Because this is really really important as we are aging and as we are trying to change. How -- how we feel how we function. And get toward -- well and so that's that's quite impossible in the normal model worry you know we have a fifteen minute doctor -- I think. -- know right -- that can't be done that modern medicine is such that you know UN. If you said the doctors look into the chart look now on its computer and you know a couple of comments you feel a couple of forms out he is if you blood tests and on your way out the door oh by the way lose a few pounds in the back -- -- next year. And that really is sort of a sad statement that where we are into our traditional medical model. -- that's true and down unfortunately. Health care today is limited by what the insurance company is willing to. You know pay for what they're willing to accept as part of the evaluation. And what the standards of medical -- are my patients are paying out of pocket they are choosing. But this is what they want this is what they need they've asked their doctor most likely. He can you help me I think this is going on I think I have a deficiency or or -- I need some help on this. But the answer is everything is normal for or for the patient comes to me they made a decision that their health is worth worth. Actually. I'm reaching into the pocket and campaign. Paying for the services that are gonna answer the question. We know in last week's show we we talked about to the relation between health and well. It was really clear we talked about don't Lars was that. Unless one really has the you know the ability to -- while you pursue life your career your job and has the stamina the energy and vigor. It's very hard to be successful ones careers -- a trust relationship there and I think it's it's what I hear you say it's about investing in oneself. It certainly has that's what mark said -- -- made an investment. You know first line he said I -- I'm gonna make an investment give myself the gift of life and health. And it is transformational. I do have some of the in my patients who once they get back to the top of their game once they get up there. They open up new businesses they open up new revenue streams they. They launch a restaurant second or third or whatever it's a real transformation. Well we're gonna take a break here -- are gonna come back -- explore more about this concept that. Aging management restored of healthcare is a transformational. Experience. Debacle has voted to my my guest today from a senate Canucks -- Boston will be right back to doctor Steven -- of men's health blue state to minority get more -- to. This whole concept. Of agent manager restored to health -- stay too. Welcome back this is doctor Steven C county founder and director this year and he prostate center Abbas entering your host of mens health New England. Today I have doctor Lars Bowman. Senate -- to Boston into talking about -- a real patient experience out a patient of doctor Bowman's. Get when they market. Who really is who recorded his his true experiences. Going through. The senate get -- -- program we taught them about his motivation. How we just wasn't feeling well. Didn't have that that energy and vigor restart and missed that and decided to give himself the gift of life and health. And so lives in a week you talked about the in valuation let's get right back in Q. On the the detailed approach the in the in depth approach taken it's an agenda to Boston. Sure. -- -- You know this is a very unusual experience. -- around someone who hasn't had it -- to the idea that you can go to way. For a medical violation and you're going to spend. Over six hours in that process you're gonna bring exercise clothing with -- and put that on and you're going to be tested on exercise equipment. -- find out. What fitness level you have how the how does your heart respond to exercise is it safe to exercise with high intensity -- -- respond to exercise. And what are the limiting factors. Yes we wanna make sure that now our patients don't have any risk. You know heart attack in the blood test will certainly answer that question. To the best of our ability and they are the most advanced I'm blood test for the purpose but we do have affiliate -- who specialize -- that. But I imagine going to the doctor's office and the waiting room is empty. And the whole day is all about you it is about testing you it is about not understanding about -- it is about educating you in constructing a personal plan that's going to cover. Your lifestyle. Healthy nutrition real food choices. I'm from the time you wake up in the morning until you I'm go to bed at night. When you're snacking when you're sitting down with your family or if you're traveling. I'm running through an airport what are the choices that are gonna keep your metabolism running keep your body -- give your body the right fuel and avoid the traps -- the mistakes. Number two. This to understand how to use effective exercise effectively summoning my patients. I'm well Steve you were probably just like me. You know in not in high school and college we -- athletes. You were unsure. In what we -- the number of what we learn you know as athletes and in school is really different than then then what I think we understand today. That's right. And so the patients that I talked to they've tried going back to the gem. They have their their set routine maybe they even have a home -- some equipment that they use. Or they like to exercise out of doors running or. Or jogging or something like that but it. It doesn't work or if they get if they try try to eat better and exercise more they might lose a few pounds. But then you know what happens after that. -- -- Shore and and that's an endless she had made direct pathway and -- really I think an understanding. Of why. These choices she's that you prescribe more important for hard to stay on any program and you know I think so let's talk more about let's talk more in detail about that. That's right. So you put together the best plan on lifestyle and that is healthy nutrition and effective exercise that is reasonable that's going to fit at a time constraints but get a person to other goals but then you really have to under I really have to address. The metabolism underneath. And and how to make changes on that correcting hormone deficiencies and providing micro nutrition and supplements. -- but some -- says. In his testimony on. -- he says that he was schooled. Which means we taught him how to eat how to work out. How do I'm used supplements how to live life -- daily life with less stress improved sleep habits. -- improved hydration cutting out the the John -- course. And he had a tremendous response in fact he listed. How quickly. -- thing started to change in his body and he listed on the on the testimonial. -- he lifted in and bullet points are really how his how his body changed. And you might. Well Steve once you just tell us what he listed. We have this is impressive so mark mark says that. You know within a very short period of time he says his transformation. Really started and it continued. So he he says here that -- he became irregularities health club. He started shopping and appropriate department of the grocery store instead of the in a row for all the processed food and junk food and you've heard us talk about this before a lot of Michelle. And then in many probably you know he probably would -- Taylor because now it's close weren't fitting right. It's in now finally you know he start to notice the change in his body. And but is just even more specifically says he had more energy a stronger libido or sex drive he had healthy sleep habits. He was able to eat eat no longer needed cholesterol blood pressure medications. He said he had a positive outlook. -- he got down -- what you know I was impressed a 32 inch waist. Any felt that day you know through the valuation he shows it is you know a circulation arteries were cleaner. And of course he sent some pictures in in certainly his physique. Certainly changed he had that sort of that tailored to -- Cuba a twenty year old again. And then and the beginning emphasizes more energy and stronger libido so I it this this is this is impressive because. You know were all -- you when you reach that you know it sort of middle -- point most of us feel exactly the way mark felt. And undergo a inexperience in which. He know really notes true measurable differences. And in sort of how he feels differences and that's really impressive. So -- how to begin this lets us know what did exactly did he have to do to accomplish these goals. Well Steve that he had command right that's what he had to do. We showed them the evidence because we did the right tests. And we have violated his body we listened to him. And then he had to make a personal commitment that he was going to follow what he now understood. He had to follow that an appliance. On a daily basis and it really starts on day one. I'm starting the very next day I'm he had to change. Everything about his life within a reasonable way this is not. I'm going to -- packaged formula that time you can't possibly live off. Now for the rest your life now this is continuing to -- sit down with the family for meals where to go out to restaurants. Business socializing. Going to the office traveling. Putting on his suit every day in and meeting with clients and he is a professional he works in finance. I'm he has to continue with this job he can't spend 34 hours in the gym every day. But he did have to make a commitment. That he was gonna change his life by doing what the evidence showed. And that is the starting point. Right so your job is his size synergen exposition. Was really to do the in depth assessment. Valuation. And then prescribe for him. -- pathway. Another words are very detailed. Dietary program exercise program. Supplement program. And I'm probably. Without -- probably hormone replacement hormone supplementation program that's correct and with mark decided to accept all that. It's pretty clear that and again he -- able to get those results is like her experience solaris of people -- willing to. Follow the recommendations will they improve their health. They certain -- absolutely certainly well and. And I want to just sort of emphasized the order of this. Because if we just tell someone. -- eat clean her let's use that expression and we just tell someone. Go to the gym and follow our instructions than this is better exercise than what you're doing if we don't put. Any energy bank in them. Then they're very quickly gonna plateau if we don't change your metabolism so the body responds to the choices that making they are going to. Get frustrated. And they're not gonna go to sustain. But by correctly diagnosing. What is that happening internally. Then we can really fuel the body to respond to the right choices that the person is committing to. And it just builds and builds and becomes easier and easier and that's the kind of results that -- was getting. Well this is fascinating now we're gonna take a break here and we come back -- really wanna talk about. You know some of the the measured results that mark got because he shares that with us. And so those numbers we'll talk about -- put the numbers to this and really say what sort of change he was able to make. This is doctor Stephen CRT your host of men's health the went when doctor Lars Bowman is my guest today a senate -- Boston and we're talking about. Our patient mark. Who threw. Aged man you're restored to health -- achieved it truly transformational. Experience. So stay tuned we write back. Welcome back this is doctor Stephenson county founder and director of the CI AB prostate center Boston and your host up. Men's health knowing when Taylor pocketed doctor Lars -- and of senate get -- Boston we're talking about our patient mark who was. Kind of the submitted testimony on line consent agenda to Boston web site. This is really that sure experience of a man who really went through the advanced evaluation. And now is achieved some real results. It's all really wanna talk about the kind of results you think is a pretty remarkable effect mark sent us a picture. It was before and after. And then when I look at those pictures and it really is is quite remarkable. You know you see someone who really literally looks I probably twenty years younger but he's got that physique that he had is an athlete when he was. Probably in his twenties ended to believe that this is really achievable by by regular people is pretty amazing so odd -- of almost talked about -- What could be achieved by the numbers. I'm well it found in you can you can summarize it if you just look at body fat you know we lost 37 pounds of body fat. At the same time we put on seven pounds of muscle and and looking at the pictures yes he does look muscular. But look at his -- look at their shoulders look at the on the stance that he had he's now a confident strong man his body fat went from. 30% body found initially -- 14% body -- and that's been fourteen -- that's pretty remarkable and this is somebody who was not a couch potato when he started. He was exercising he was active he was trying he just wasn't getting in our response and this is. This is a very very common experience I have patients who've been with personal trainers for one to. Three years or part of -- had health club for ten years and they've been using it they just haven't. You know I'm not talking about somebody who's paying the dues but never going to the gym. I'm talking about. A group of patients who have been going to the gym regularly it just haven't been getting results. And losing body fat at the same time as you're putting on muscle mass is a very unusual experience. Ordinarily because your body is aging and you're not programmed to do that we man lose our muscle mass and women do too. As they age. And this is not a restrictive. Diet plan this is healthy eating. A restricted diet plan. You lose all calories the good the bad everything is cut down in your starving yourself. In you don't put on muscle mass but that's not what we do -- and -- that's not our philosophy we wanna put in good healthy whole foods. And trim the fat but make the muscle mass that's gonna protect your health as you get older now for blood work. Mark clearly has some outstanding results I was impressed with that so that you will only go through this little bit. Well that that is the the first but we're gonna talk about this is a liver enzyme called GGT. TGT there's there's three principal liver enzymes that we look at you GT is the most acute or the fastest responding. And then a LT RA ST but for mark she GT being elevated. -- he was at 244. When he started. And it should be under 95. But he very quickly got down to 25. And to me this reflects that his liver is function better and with obesity. With the excess body fat you probably had fatty liver. And fatty liver is an accumulation of fat in the liver that prevents a liver from doing what it's supposed to do in this blood test the GGT. Being elevated at 244. Clearly showed that his liver was. Not happy. And getting down to 25 in a short period of time. That is a clean healthy. Liver that is able to do what it's supposed to do. Or -- the next one cholesterol is particularly important because an -- and if you saw the news this morning but. -- is say is there's a there's a move and our recommendation about two. Really expand the use of spat in his cholesterol drugs across warm -- population. You know but that's that's a drug this this -- let's talk on its cholesterol this is fascinating so mark was on a stack. And and that was -- one of his concerns when he came for the violation he was on a Staten medication to lower cholesterol and on the Staten medication. In a number of a 190. And the goal is to be under 200. And so the stand was you can say it was doing its job he was at a 190. But he achieved. And number 179. Without any medications at all. In fact he raised the good cholesterol the HDL. From an initial number of 51. Up to 79. So he is proportional cholesterol. Is much higher. Of the good cholesterol. As a portion of that. 179. That he now has without any medications at all you know in America. Unfortunately the average doctor is is some. Is not gonna give the time to. Not consult and educate him on his patience on really I'm healthy nutrition habits that can lower cholesterol lower the bad fats. Without is some medications so. Standard. American medicine is recommending. That well everybody should take a -- I mean it won't -- -- fifteen minute typical officers of the doctor here you write a prescription for a Staten and that's it you're done. But let's use nutrition and exercise let's -- healthy nutrition. And effective exercise. To lower the blood -- lower the cholesterol and let's avoid that trap of medications and that's what markets you. That that's fascinating -- How does how does that testosterone is male hormone. Male hormone was certainly depleted. That was the cause of so many of those. Symptoms that mark was describing. You know the on the lower motivation and the lower energy in the bad self image. Just down. Feeling really rundown and and defeated. And we doubled just to -- from value to a healthy normal value. I'm not anything that super physiological that is not. That is not consistent with the centers in the program we're not looking too. Exceed what them what healthy values are. But. When you are getting run down those symptoms often times will will be demonstrated by the tests -- from blood level. Right so in India from you know and again as he routed to specialize in -- again to the next point was really I think very important -- that is PSA blood test. Prostate specific antigen -- one of the markers we used to define prostate cancer risk. Mark says that his value started at one point zero at the beginning. And even even -- throughout this program with testosterone supplementation. It stayed right at one point zero added it's important make the fact that of them the point that. Testosterone. Does not cause prostate cancer is not is is not a bad thing and I think sometimes that. That in the -- press and even some you know some physicians advised men against. Testosterone supplementation but this gave mark the fuel the energy. The metabolism that he needed to pursue the program and it didn't increase and it is risk for prostate disease. You know Steve I'm really glad to hear that from you as a practicing neurologist specialist and prostate cancer and prostate health. Still medical literature over the past ten years. Is restating that over and over again multiple studies. I'm showing that testosterone treatment when it's monitored when it kept at the right levels -- -- screen people appropriately in the beginning. Testosterone treatment is not elevating the risk of prostate cancer and I'm glad to hear you as a your logic specialist. Thing the same thing. Well we're gonna take a break -- -- we come back what we're gonna go right back awareness summarize what -- experience of banning use that. As a catalyst to make you know some recommendation about how men can really improve their health get this transformational. Experience that market mark had this is doctor -- -- and your host of men's health the -- them. It won't be right back with doctor -- volatile state -- gonna take a break. We're to talk more about march experienced welcome back this is doctor Steven CRT founder and director of the CRT prostate Centre of Boston and your host of men's health -- one today my special guest is doctor Lars bone of senate -- Boston. Or talking about one of his patients market. Who went through this incredible experience that we've been talking about today. In the topic today's talk is Asian manager restored to health care as they truly transformational. Experience. And so -- give back the doctor Bowman you know mark had made a tremendous improvement in his health. And you know he feels better he's got the energy we talk about the numbers but what does this mean for his overall health and his health risks. -- Looking at where mark started now you know Steve he had a 30% body fat. -- he had elevated liver function test which indicated fatty liver and that is -- Serious health concern in fact fatty liver is the number one reason for liver transplant in this country today it is surpassed. Alcoholics rose says that as the past hepatitis C. Fatty livers can be of a very. Serious disease. For some people. I'm he had high cholesterol he which does not called to slip that he knew that cholesterol triglycerides. Low HDL. And if so his risk is serious risk was that if he stayed obese. As an aging adult with less energy in them. And probably giving up on exercise because it wasn't working for him as he got more and more tired. Adult onset diabetes you know we have. We have just an epidemic. I'm an avalanche. Our population who is going to be diabetic and that is just. Given in this country we in the government tie in in everything putting out. Is admitting that Americans are going to be diabetic that 30% of our population now is. I'm suffering from diabetes it's gonna go up to 60% of our population. If people don't take actions to mark has escape that and on the other things that he's escaped. Heart attack and stroke risk is significantly decreased because of the good cholesterol because he's lowered his focus from his risk of heart attack and stroke. Is significantly. Decreased. Cancers. I'm dementia. These things have also decreased his work productivity is increased so did the rest of his life has -- impact in his own words. He says his life has changed -- as a renewed vitality and new body. He says that this is the best he has felt since high school and he knows he knows that this is not a one time -- he knows that. He is gonna have to continue that he wants to continue this he loves the way he feels right now so he's committed. To working towards a healthy body. For the years I'm going forward and why not it's working for him. We know this is fascinating because if you look at where. Our health is in the United States today. Or sort of the middle aged Middle -- adult -- you said that they're looking at a future of continued weight gain especially around the middle. We've we've given -- a disease we call that the metabolic syndrome. But other than just being fat. It really and it has significant risks with. Diabetes and course -- a close association with heart disease acceleration heart disease risk and I I've heard an -- fascinating interview the other day with a you know with a with a position talking about the association of the typical high carbohydrate. Hi -- I -- ICB index diet and the risk of dementia. And so in in this is something I think in a future show I really wanna get into it with. Because the diet is really really the -- trick -- so simple we cracked all this but the typical American diet processed foods lots of grains lots of carbohydrates. Produces metabolic syndrome diabetes increased heart risk and now evident actual evidence that. If we've really -- it really predispose is -- it. And people to early dementia problems early cognitive problems and mark is just really tremendous example of using your program. It's a solution for you know really that restorative. Health care which I think really is get back to that point in this man was transformational. I'm absolutely. I I mean I'm -- end suggests something here to our listeners and whether I suggest that there's a few months back we are talking about. Our heart health then and heart disease and you and I Steve. I'm but this term metabolic syndrome it seems come a mystery but it really is. I'm an association of high blood pressure high cholesterol. Central obesity. The elevated that risks. Cancer and and and dimension in the future I'm etc. But the easiest thing to do or listeners is really just take a a tape measure. And measure around the waist. Let's say just about an inch or two about your belly button in if you are measuring greater than 35 inches. Then you most probably have metabolic syndrome in your risk of that they they he person's risk of all of these diseases of aging. Is significantly increased. But it's a fixable problem. And it starts with health and nutrition just like you mentioned it means. Cutting down on the processed foods and on the cards but really understanding. And that's where senate senate sponsor them comes and if you do a proper very thorough evaluation of the aging process and how your body is functioning the metabolism the endocrine system. Then. That is gonna produce the best results but for the person who can't do that. Then at least getting started. With a healthy diet of low place -- Mick index that means low carb low sugar. Healthy diet and increased tough physical activity. Reverse the metabolic syndrome frontier -- and your health is going to be so much better going forward. I will refer people back to mark story. Which he contributed. As a testimonial on the senate senate Boston web site. And I will encourage people to who who really have a strong commitment to their own health a strong concern about. What they're feeling. Energy and and motivation and happiness. Those things that a doctor really should listen to. If a private medical program that -- personal transformations which are looking for. Give me a call attention -- Boston 8572637490. And we can spend some time on the telephone. I'm discussing at this is right for you but down take a look at the website take a look at mark's story take a look at his before and after. -- pictures and you can see his waist Steve you know that 35 inches around the midsection. And what -- he a very quickly achieved when he gun on the -- right approach. Woods is truly truly an amazing result but I think it's a -- why anybody who goes to the program makes a decision to do it to this has been great information Lars. I know we're gonna have you back on and future programs we're gonna dive a lot deeper into this whole topic of age measure restored of healthcare I think it's the secret to really feeling good again but thanks so much for business on men's health New England today. This doctor Stephen CIT a host of men's and elf bowling one and the founder of directed the shanty prostate Centre of Boston. -- -- to learn more about prostate disease and what I'd do go to DR CIT dot com you can always call our offices that are prostate center in Milton 617. 696. 1826. And please submit your questions UW RKO dot com slash man's health I'll answer them on the year. Or by private email back to. State to go back to close out our show and again doctor Bowman thanks for business I'm mens health New England. Time for today thanks for listening and today we talked about. The this engine makes Boston experiencing and we talked about the experience of market a 51 year old German who underwent. Aged men you're restored to health care program at center and into Boston and -- I think he truly. Transformational experience in his life to be -- for everyone out there and get encourage you to call doctor Bowman that senate get into Boston. Find them on the web called the -- any questions about that I'm sure will be happy to speak do you. Stay -- every week immense help -- -- and as we dive into these deep issues. And again to learn more about prostate cancer prod the disease visit our website at it D. -- CIT dot com BR. SC oh and TI dot com. Or our offices. At BC on deep prostate Sarah Boston it 617. 6961826. That's 617. 6961826. Join us again the same time actually tune in again as we dig in a more topics on men's health. Thanks for listening.