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Football Season Is Cancelled Due To A Racial Slur Painted On A Players Home.

Nov 19, 2013|

Should the whole football team be punished for someone’s actions? Should the team’s season be cancelled? Kuhner doesn't think so because they don't know who did it.

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Our three of the quandary for Jeff Horner Boston bulldozer yeah. Cleaning up and vote liberal bull. Very important. Very sensitive topic. But my friends we need to address -- yeah and we need to address it now before this thing gets out of control. Let me start with two local story which is getting a lot of attention you've been hearing and -- our newscasts throughout the morning. And we're gonna go to national because this thing is not just a local story it also has huge national implications. Recently. At London -- high school these schools blue knights football team Heidi player a member of the team. His name is -- Phillips not Isaak Phillips from what I've read is the only black player on the team and in particular. -- Phillips his father -- is half black and his mother is white. A couple recently. There was graffiti painted over Isaak Phyllis I think Phillips -- house. With the end work it was full of racist graffiti which piano work. And then people let alone and -- high school rightly were very upset very distraught. The coach was upset the school superintendent was upset the principal was upset parents were upset. And I can certainly understand why it's unacceptable you don't use the and work. Especially against a black player it's optional totally unacceptable. And so now the high school however has taken a very dramatic action. Rather than doing a 40 investigation. And trying to find out which of the players were guilty of this incident is they suspect. It came from one of their own teammates. Probably is some part of a hazing. Incident. They have essentially punished everybody on the team. And they have punished everybody on the team might forfeiting canceling the last two games of their football season. So now all of the players. Are being blamed for the actions of a few. So. Let's say you're the quarterback -- the linebacker to defensive linemen -- the wide receiver whatever well you can play the last two games of the season. Because of the actions of XY and Z. You can't play the the last two games of the season because of the actions of XY and Z and your rundown every position. Why should the whole team. We need to suffer. For the actions of a few. If I was on that team. And I didn't spray the N word. And I didn't paint the N word. And I had nothing to do with this hateful incident. Why should -- be punished for it. And they say well because people don't wanna speak out and wanna force people to speak out I may not even know who was involved or -- just may be -- -- And I have no proof. So I don't wanna talk. -- somebody that I have no conclusive proof was behind it so another words they're punishing the actions of the entire team. -- they're punishing an entire team for the actions of if you forgive me so the actions of a few -- into the entire team essentially now having their season canceled. OK that's number one. But now this. Is a deeper point. And this is now what we have to talk about and we have to talk about it honestly. Because it's about time that we stop being politically correct about race relations in this country. With all due respect. And I said before and I'll say it again. As a professor of American history. As somebody who in fact -- master's thesis was on the antebellum south. On the slave Reese on the slave holding south I know the history of the -- worked. I know what it was intended. I know how despicable it is you wanna know what it was attended. It was intended to literally utterly dehumanize. And the great an entire race of people. To basically say and I kept you know the and word I have to be careful but if you spell it out. Insect. Animal. You're only fit for one thing and that's to work in the cotton fields and pick cotton. Urine and that's the origin of the word. It's the most dehumanizing. Word you can possibly use that's why was deliberately used by the slave holders. Against their -- sleeps. It's an utterly despicable worked. But why is it now becoming so acceptable to use the N word. How come these students are being -- to use the word when and now we have to go to national scandals. Now we have to go to the national implications of the use of the -- worked. Because now we're the last couple of days this country has been embroiled are Talking Heads have been embroiled in a heated debate about the use of -- work. And it began with fists. There was a basketball player RD place for the Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball his name is Matt -- And so he recently sent a tweet. Twitter on his Twitter account. Which included the -- work. And basically there was an incident in a game that he was involved in with his other players he defended his players I believe he got kicked out of the game anyway there was some kind of a scuffle. He went to protect its players and then he got very his teammates and -- got very upset. And so he went and he said this a re tweet -- -- this on Twitter quote. I love my teammates like family but I'm done standing up for these and it's. All of this blank does is cost me money. So he publicly use the racial slur. Now comedian -- should never be used. I don't care if you're white I don't care for black I don't care if -- brown I don't care for your purple I don't care if you're green I don't care what skin color you war. Knowing the history and pedigree of that worked. It is an absolutely revolting disgusting worked. But you see it everywhere and wrap. You see it everywhere in hip pop culture and more importantly. You now see countless blacks. Who now not only used to work in constant conversation. What they in fact proudly say that they used to work in fact they've embraced the word in fact they've appropriated. The word. So on ESPN. There's ESPN host Michael will bond -- and care for neither Tony Kornheiser a -- stand that -- By the wasted no Tony Kornheiser race to work right beside him in the studio. And ESPN studios in Washington DC when I have my own political talk show the guys an absolute jerk frankly in -- town -- left wing pact but let. That goal. So I don't care for either these guys but Michael will bond who's black by the way Matt Barnes who's black Michael will bond says hey. I don't see what the problem here risks are huge -- work all day every day. And poor white people. To tell us whether we can use the word. Roll it Britain. First first you know people can be of Soviet they want. I like a lot of -- we used in word all day every day in my whole life and Matt Barnes person of color he wants to use it. I got a problem with that publicly. I wouldn't do that but I have no issue with -- okay. We'll get back to that. So now you use the N word every game he. All -- eight. And because Matt Barnes is a person of color he's I -- black or whatever that somehow it's okay for him to publicly used the N word. So what we've been telling America now for the last little 34 decades. Got the one word you don't you loose is the end worked. It is very more up to him in the United States to use the N word and god forbid if a white person uses the N word -- crushed in a malicious way. They're career is essentially destroyed. Destroy. You are finished. It's like branding the scarlet letter on your forehead your done. It's like being a -- back in Salem Massachusetts. -- Don you're over you're ostracized. But now. You're getting black commentator after black commentator after black commentator not -- normal home home if blacks use the N word it's OK to use the N word. Because sure it should our word and weakened the song because we're blocked the color of our skin whether we want to call ourselves and are not enough sucked us. So here is Charles Barkley. Who I was and okay basketball player honestly I don't care much for him as a commentator I think he's a bit of an idiot. But that's OK there's a lot of idiots in this country it's a free country you can be an idiot. But there's that eighty Charles Barkley then going on and now saying check this out. It's now white America trying to control the speech and thoughts on Black America roll it Brittany. I'm a black man. I used in word. I'm going to continue to use to in word with my black friends. With my wife friends. They are my friends. This debate it's going home with the mama -- thing about bullying and racial slurs. Pay parity in our locker room and one -- -- my friends we use racial slurs so this was appropriate to tweak this -- no -- okay that's what I know. I was really -- brand and I'll be honest he should not have made a public. Put this debate to go back to the Paul dean thing -- like world. Black people use it among themselves is in a row records -- what I do -- my black friends is not up to white America to dictate to me. What's appropriate. And inappropriate. Matt Barnes should not have said that publicly. So now it's up to wait him now white America can dictate to him what he can say it was black France. And then he goes on to say hey my body Shaquille O'Neal they call I'm -- he does have a famous basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. So we use the N word with each other all the time. And then -- old shock comes on and he says hey it's in fact it's part of black culture. This part of the bottlenecks. What's the problem roll -- let me. Mr. -- the N word is American word word choke me to -- good point of view -- -- culture. We have a program also to use the word positive you know the way -- user. Your music dimensions. -- among children from a march up from Obama. -- of MB of being able to I gotta say it maybe you don't use a world book. You know this makes loosens all. We care and we have June 14 classification to say anything to each other -- -- say to Joseph the blue this in the Papa Lucent's. Colds or shall now it's in the positive sense. Okay now. There's a couple points that need to be said and my friends now we have to we have to be honest. -- we still have free speech left in this country I know Obama wants to get rid of -- the liberals wanna get rid of it. But for now at least we still have free speech and that's what this show is about it's a free speech zone. If everybody is saying we use the -- worked in the locker in sports among ourselves all the time. And in fact let me tell you what the sports world is not telling you. Black people in sports refer to whites they say hey my white and hey Mike and pay my -- and so black Susan wood blocks white -- sit with blacks blacks use it with whites. The white choosing even with whites and sports the N word is not prevalent in sports and in locker rooms. And if all of these people are saying mall it's part of our culture at C bonded since the way we talk it's just. It's a friendly way if you put an eight at the end of it it's actually like my brother it's meant that a positive way not a negative way. Well if you're gonna sanction it. If you're gonna excuse it if you're gonna defend it. Then why are you shocked when this kid's house you have the N word sprayed all over the house. That's the culture that your responding. -- the attitudes -- responding. That's new marrow little. Point Newman our number 20. This is they get a wise nation of America. This my friends I'm telling you this this fascism. What did the fascist preaches is very important hole we Germans we can talk about Germans. Jews can talk about Jews. Dislodged and talk about the swaps. But nobody else can talk about anybody else. In other words -- -- race your skin color determines what you say and what you can say what you think and how you think and which you can't think. What ever happened to judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. What ever happened to a word is wrong because it's wrong. Because it's demeaning because it's degrading. Now. Slave holders use that the N word against blacks. You -- -- not -- -- about to Jews. They called him vermin. Do you know what the English said about the Irish. You know all the M word the you know what they say it about slaps. -- peace. Now I've never walked to walked up to wait. A Russian a person of ethnic Russian descent or polish descent or fellow Croatian descent and said -- in my honky what's up hunky. You think -- walk around to each. Other NCAA my fellow Berman OK Berman and how are you firm and what some vermin. You think the let me ask you the Irish you guys -- around and use the M word or the -- hey my you know my am and my. Or Italians the charm walk. You can tell where my fellow walk where you -- ball. This is part of the degradation. Of black culture. Of popular culture. Where now the N word is becoming accepted. And it's about time that we as Americans say I am very sorry. You may think it's appropriate but it's not appropriate. And we are not gonna get a wise our language we are not gonna get a -- our culture. And we're not gonna allow this were to be used. Now if you wanna use it and you insist on using it then you know what it's fair game for anybody else to use it don't ever complained if somebody else uses that worked. What's good for the goose is sauce for the gander. 6172666868. Is the number let me ask all of you this. Should the -- -- high school team. How forfeited their last two games of their season because the N word was spray painted on a black players house number one. And number two. Is it acceptable. For one group of Americans to use the N word. But not acceptable for another group of Americans is it good for blacks or acceptable for blacks but not acceptable for whites. I say no what do you say Boston. 6172666868. Is the number. Your calls next. -- bulldozer on WORK okay you can also text that's -- 68680. Here's a couple attacks this is from 603 again I have to be very careful because. You know these are racial slurs and I were talking about hi Jeff I'm Puerto Rican what about he spells it out but what about -- password. We don't walk around calling each other the S word bingo. That's exactly my point -- why should you to demeaning term. And 617 the word walk for Italians originated when many Italian immigrants arrived in the country. We if out papers WO peak. Yeah I don't see my Italian friends that. Very -- oil -- -- whale oil. I I don't see that. Here's from 603. Jeff -- know if -- black commentator uses it he should be punished the same as a white person. Bingo 603. Rob Europe next thanks for holding welcome. -- good morning but -- not. I just -- I I it will and you know I look at I look I've lived out of our short end up -- -- got along well productive. I was you know one -- -- like it's addictive high school super cracker. -- and -- and you know I I'm pretty much except but it took awhile but I was -- -- I think super cracker. So I you'll be like chips walking around. You know suburban neighborhoods with her mom and dad -- -- -- they need to be calling each other the Edward. You know edit it it actually I had to -- just say god it's it's got bad and I think. Well it's attributed to. You know trying to make gangsta rap that market and in the -- strike it got a and you know disrespect you women calling each other VMware. You know trucks trucks you -- it you know in revenue to -- out and should stop one DNC. You know about how -- Iraq tomorrow they work you know figure -- a neighborhood. You know that was an AK -- -- -- -- -- disrespect the woman employee who worked -- left or right. And it's got to a point where. If you look on FaceBook and you know I'm a friend lose Mike you're a couple buddies can be cute or why that they come. And know what's up and -- -- then I got to the party advocates self control. -- -- -- Rob I'm with you brother. You know what it is it's the getaways nation it's the coarsening. Of our culture. And that's why my friends we gotta -- notice. Because and I mean is this now what we want America to be where everybody's dropping the N word and everybody's telling us it's acceptable. 6172666868. Is the number do you think using the and word is acceptable. Is it only acceptable for blacks and not acceptable for whites and what about that -- football team. Should they have canceled the last two games of the season because of the actions of a few or maybe even the actions of a rival team member. Your calls next. Bulldozer here on WRKO. -- attacks are pouring in at 68680. This is from 978. Jeff this is another example of -- as some punishing the entire school in the team for the actions of a few. No personal responsibility necessary. This is all bombers America. -- my friend. 978. Jeff blacks use the N word as a way of continuing racism. For as long as there is racism they will always have an excuse for under achievement. And I got to tell you this is -- a couple of other texts. 978. I have a friend who was polish if I ever called MA the slur for polls I would get my rear end kicked. I'm with -- now this is the one I really liked 978 the -- good tax but this is the one that I think hits the nail on the head. Jeff they use the N word to continue to victimize nation viewpoint. Notice the Irish Italians Jews etc. Don't use the language of old even though they were victims at some point in our country bingo. Do you mean look I work with a lot of Irish friends here. I'm a lot of Irish friends a lot of Irish colleagues Brittany is arch cook's C is harsh. Gerry Callahan is Irish a lot of the produce or Italian. Hamas walking around saying hey you MK. UW. Hey I don't she Jews walk are saying hey -- -- the K word AM IK how are you my K. So why is it only acceptable for blacks. And not only that I have to say this. You don't think these white slave holders are laughing in their graves. They must be seen myself. In name that we used against them. To swore them to smear them to libel them. They're now using themselves on each other. And they say this is part of their culture. So in fact they've appropriated. Our racism. And taken it up to define themselves. And they make one final point before I go to the phone lots. Just his house to be said. Charles Barkley. Is so stupid. Shaquille O'Neal is social -- -- that ESPN host Michael will bond is so stupid. They don't even realize. That they are appropriating in using the word. Invented by a white slave holders to. And even worse than that. Norris they should know the difference. Pick Ben Carson. Conservative. Successful. A child surgeon. Take Bill -- a Democrat. Successful comedian both professionally very successful. Both have risen genuinely on their merits. Now if you were to put Bill Cosby and Ben Carson the same room. And do you honestly think they would walk up to each other into a -- and fair on the go on my and. They wouldn't even talk like. They wouldn't even think like it. He know why. Because they have the brains. Forgive me they have the decency. Very big -- T. I was blacks. As human being Luke's -- American it's. To see -- what I wanna use that kind of insulting. Vital. Disgusting word. Invented by slave holders. Upon a fellow citizens upon a fellow black man. 617266686. Eight is the number. Dave Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Hello Dave. Did we lose it. They were you want. -- -- opinion and it. But what you're on the air my friend. Yes -- per -- or Bluetooth so they argued quite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well hey they just a little number. I had worked Paula is there a -- Why are actually there are correct parts there's gold. -- Like a consultant aren't. To reaction it's usually it's a court. Should score. Being cracked I would part of guess it is not. Straight but. Just not sure. ROJ. I'd -- -- -- some airplane actually hurt. What date. Isn't. Actual order of age talk call -- And there's still a lot of speculation out there. Now -- what I am hearing is this I mean I hear you there's been candlelight vigils. Apparently the kid is now so I think Phillips is so traumatized. He may not go back to school always thinking of going to a different school district I hear that Governor Deval Patrick meaning he has now weighed in. -- he said it's an absolutely disgusting event that the word was used which I agree with you should never use the word. But now basically they're saying the people of London murder -- racists. That you have nothing but a bunch of white supremacists and woman burned. Who loves to use the N word. Dave what I'm hearing is this could this have been done. By a rival team. For a member of a rival team to basically knock out the -- and -- nights and basically forced him to cancel the last two games of the season. -- We have a -- at the direction -- -- -- harsh. Let's say person -- both the character at all our budget senate corporate the opener. Or salt. Let's back -- Team. -- also strike. I think about it but can't coordinate. It's it's basically it's -- -- -- -- a horse but I think yeah. -- I gotta tell you if Obama still weighs in on this. Then you you're gonna have another -- could be another George Zimmermann this could be. Where you have. Reverend Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson the Congressional Black Caucus. You could have the race arsonist descending upon John and Burke. And yeah and things are -- now Dave all hell may break close pretty soon and if if they don't get things under control down there. -- -- -- -- -- It is that it. Like separate. -- right. Support but -- Reporters. Soon. You know supporters -- supporters. They get the circuit a little below -- but it sort of like. Think actually not a -- -- not it's not like outside getting assault. In that situation. Mine now I hear you -- take care my friend. Care 6172666868. -- like a war zone down there now. You got an army of reporters you've got cops everywhere you are protests there is a -- all the race arsonist get involved. Cool cool cool it's going to be a big big day for reverend Al big payday for Jesse Jackson I could just see all of them now. Coming out of -- I could see Obama now. If I had a son he would look like guys that Phillips. On my mother's side but it doesn't matter he could be my son. I mean this is there if you are pouring gasoline on the racial fires and we don't even know who didn't. This may have been done by a rival team or member of a rival team or just one guy on a team. We don't know. And now everybody's waiting and they canceled the season passions are running high. And meanwhile on a national level think about this okay German berg is now in the spotlight. The teams had to cancel two games. But nationally you've got Charles Barkley you've got all these ESPN commentators you brought Shaquille O'Neal come I'm -- -- hammered all the time what's the problem. What's what's so I don't understand who we confuse the N word what's the problem. Wayne Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Just sit there and -- this suggestion -- held. Eloquently and -- accurately every conceivable angle of this but I I see it. There's the Obama care of the First Amendment I did I can't wait to have him come up. And have a root beer summit and say you know deliberate police acted stupidly by not -- for whatever what if this was the best friends. Because the word was spelled dot GE. GA. I think from what I saw on TV -- -- it was just different joking around I think. It's do you know what that the pop Grammy winning -- rap song was by Jaycee disappeared you know what that was. In Paris now I mean kids they don't think anything of it and to call this hate speech to me. This is just it's much ado about nothing -- kind of. Thank you for that call winked -- you touched on something else. JEZ. That rap or rap producer. The N word that he uses in his lyrics. Each song after song after song and this is the guy the president is hanging out with him in beyoncé. This is his big buddy that he goes golfing with them invites and the Martha's Vineyard invites and the -- voting after golf voting and party after party in the White House. Now here. I -- and god is my witness. You know what went in to meet would make would legitimize would validate the Obama presidency you know home against them on every issue. But you know what could be really one redeeming moment -- say OK we suffered like crazy. He wrecked the country but you know what we crossed one rubicon. Is if this president. Came out. And didn't do their race baiting like he did with -- one -- and George Zimmerman but actually came out and said this. You know I'm hearing a lot of nonsense about the -- -- being used. It's unacceptable. I don't care for the black I don't care -- -- -- I don't care for its purple I don't care for the brown I don't care what the color your skin as. It's absolutely unacceptable. -- higher this worked. Period. Into the dust bin of history. And I'm gonna start by setting an example I'm not gonna was so she ate. With. Racial smut peddlers like Jay-Z and wannabe gang bangers like Jay-Z. Instead what does he do. He basically envelops himself. With the hip hop community -- rap community where the N word is celebrated his glorified. Is this Obama's America now. The complete -- nation of our culture. 6172666868. Is the number pool. Unless you're an all or almost all white football team in -- and Burke then off ball then you gonna target on your back. Your calls thank you 6172666868. Is the number John you're up next thanks for holding welcome. -- -- -- Come on you're on my friend yeah I was look like. This is just a bunch of ball as far as I'm concerned you know opinion it is I was I could be back in the 70s60s. Moved to South Boston Irish guy. Called all kind of names dealt -- it. And just went about my life I didn't let little things like that bothered me I didn't make it a social big deal. You know my friends knew about it I kept it to myself and I went on and this is what's happening rap music. It encouraging. These kids. To act like criminal system and that's what it boils down -- And while -- said John look I grew up. English speaking French province and to back we were the minority. I can't tell you how many times I was beaten up by French kids and and I fought -- but they. I mean they they think they busted my nose they used to beat me because they called me a bloke. Because I spoke English. So -- you don't see me crying you don't see me complaining. You know how many times I was called forgive me a honky because my parents came from Eastern Europe -- they like the Korean -- though there honky -- -- the accordion. And because it once in awhile we have a party in the backyard or whatever and you play the -- limits in eastern European tradition. Many Slavic slobs do with the polls do what the Russians do the croatians DeWitt Serbs do it and figure called honky. -- -- I mean it's not nice to say but I survived. I'm not the psychologically emotionally damaged. So my point is either the word is unacceptable. For the what is acceptable. Take your pick. But you can't stand there and use it as a weapon when you wanna use it as a weapon. But then so I don't -- -- all if you -- degrade ourselves that's OK look I'm sorry my friends. It's time and they get -- station of this country. He degradation of our culture and to say once and for all. The N word should be very bulletin. Welcome back to the corner reports -- -- Boston's bulldozer power for 906. Here on WRKO. Let's stay on this topic for another segment and it's a very important topic for. As many of you know there is. Huge raging debate both nationally and here locally. On the use of the and work. And in particular. -- -- high school. Has now for faded the last two games of their football season after an ugly incident in which a student's home that have Isaak Phillips. Was defaced with racist graffiti a lot of it using the -- work. And so the superintendent. And the school committee decided to essentially cancel the last two games of the season forfeit the season. Because they don't know who perpetrated the act they don't know if there was one too many members of the blue knights football team. It could even have been frankly members of arrival team they don't know who was behind us. But they're trying to punish the entire team to eventually coerce or force somebody on the team. To admit what happened and who did it. And many people are saying like myself. Why punish the entire team for the actions of a few number one. Number two. We don't even know it was somebody on the team who did it nobody knows -- goodness. And three. If you now have all of these national commentators -- our Vienna word is always use in sports locker rooms it's used in everyday life black's use it with blacks. Blacks use it with whites white -- it would blacks whites use it with whites it's not the end work. It's just as just another word it's just another -- As just another. Word firfer brother to another synonym for brother let's set. So if you're encouraging the use of the N word why then suddenly are you shocked at its use on someone's house. 6172666868. Is the number. Should the N word. Be essentially relegated into the dustbin of history. Or do you agree with the likes of Charles Barkley and others follow blacks can use it whites can't use it. And is it wrong to punish an entire community and entire school's team. For the actions of a few hits now badly divided Lindbergh. The school now is bombarded with reporters you have cops everywhere you've got protesters. They're pouring racial fire certain racial gasoline on the fires my friends. This is now badly dividing the town of Lindbergh what do you say 6172666868. Here are the latest news clips the -- package roll it Brittany. Why wouldn't tired as Isaac over the rest of the season. The fellow who Edinburgh football players have been stopping by the support thirteen year old Isaac Phillips -- minutes after finding out the superintendent forfeited the rest of their season I would personally like really want to have split last game but. Honestly why -- it means -- more to me then being missing a game until. At the same time. State police crime lab technicians gathered evidence here it was just last week that some once great heated racially explicit words. On the side of the eighth grade football players home. His parents say it followed two other incidents were -- was targeted by unknown players on the team the school canceled a playoff game but still no one came forward. So now even more drastic measures an early end to their season that's what happens to have. And in order for them to realize that is not acceptable. And the boys are seriously -- playing someone will -- And see who did that not everyone in town of Greeks. You have one -- two screw balls. Dad did this alleged crime and -- punishing the entire school basically that's what's going on that's not right. I think in his family who never thought they'd be targets of racial harassment. DC until he got it done instead blaming whom ever was behind to this hate. Ted if you don't cancel my game. He sent a message that they hear a dog and they -- believe. That last person was the father of Isaak Phillips. Now look and you don't spray paint the kids' house with the end word it's utterly despicable. But imagine if you're on that team I was on that team I had nothing to do with this I did not think -- you know this was going on I even know who did it. So why should my season be ruined so we got to punish the entire team to what send a message. While you guard Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal and Michael will on and it goes on and on sang -- all be on the word it's perfectly acceptable -- -- we used every day we lose all the time. People can be a Soviet they want. I like a lot of people used in word all day every day in my whole life and Matt Barnes person of color he wants to use it I got no problem with publicly. I wouldn't do that but I have no issue with -- okay. We'll get back of that. 6172666868. Is the number Tom you're up next thanks for holding welcome. I get kids. Hey don't let that according girl. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom your -- we lost to your phone. Jam Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I Jeff listen they might be jumping the gun. Couple years ago that is a town of fifteen miles not about Boston and basically it. Black student had the word go over blocked it was written in the boys -- grown. The family was threatening to sue in the newspapers for a couple of weeks. Local police did a great -- they didn't investigation. And right now and I process. Fingerprint. Or they found out it was the student himself who did it. Now the Stanley threatens a school system if you devote. A child that this. We're gonna assume you succeed they couldn't win either way. Jim let me ask you this if you were the parents of that boy what would you do. -- would be in serious trouble obviously. And I wouldn't be stolen that school department. Thank you project called Jim 6172666868. Is the number I mean look. If Mike let's just say in my Ashton -- US is fast forward I don't know what 1233 and a half so fast for 1213 years. And he was on the acting on the one and Burke. I say after re behind this. Did you know about the us. I sit down young man I want you to tell me the truth. And you better not be lying to me because I'm gonna find out. And believe me when I find out it's gonna be infinitely worse for you and if you tell me now so did you play a role in this. Did you know who played a role in the S. Where the parents. This thing could be flushed out very very quickly. Now this is a very real possibility. What if it's somebody who's not on the team. What -- -- again I want repeat myself what if it's a member of another team. So you've got to go or what job were a couple of racist sir who knows what -- it's a prank or cardinals watched some sick prank. And all of a sudden now -- -- the whole team is being racist. The whole school is being racist in many ways the whole community is being racist. 6172666868. Is the number this is how things get out of control. Steve Europe next thanks for holding welcome. OK I don't I'm used. Tanks. So I wouldn't look at it -- it -- and I just you know I feel that. Look at that a lot of these guys. -- these days they they don't understand the whole race and the dollar. Wanna -- state where I feel like I look at JP on the news radio federal partners but he he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Steve record hardly hear you but. Look I wanna be like a broken record. But to me there is something extremely perverse and frankly sickening. About the president of the United States. Who's one of his best friends. Who he openly admits and JC admits they text each other and call each other all the time. Who's made an entire living millions and millions of dollars. Producing songs and singing songs. To how they're inundated with DN worked. Now I don't know how you can tell me with one on the one hand here. The first black president of the United States and how this is a great historic achievement for America and then on the other hand turned a blind eye in fact tacitly condoned the use of the -- work. I mean to I'm sorry. But if no one else has the guts to say I'm gonna say it. As a black man have you know self respect. Have you no sense of dignity. Are you so stupid and so uneducated. Do you -- all the history and legacy of that word. You honestly think any self respecting -- any self respecting member of the Jewish community -- chronicle each other vermin. Do -- the Nazis called them or use the K word. Here I -- before he only Irish guys work on this floor I've never heard him once say hey my Miami what's happening I -- Quote this act. And not only do you do. But again after being -- for thirty years never say the word never -- the word never say the word now you're lecturing us that it's okay. Because you guys are making millions of dollars off of -- you think it's cool. My friends -- enough is enough. This -- from 978. -- twenty year old said he few years ago there was a beating on YouTube of an Asian by a white kids and they called the Asian -- and worked. I know it's being used by everybody now. Why choosing even on whites. Issues become like part of Alexa com. It's almost beginning to lose its. An original -- malicious racial intent. It's almost like -- -- it's almost like assumption for brother and my brother was sobbing and my brother. Was rubbing my brother. That's what's going on. This is from 603 Jeff if someone robbed a jewelry store. -- nobody be able to buy arraigned Mel then why punish a team when they don't even know who did it it could have been the opposing team Bengals. They don't get to play and their Thanksgiving game or any thing. I know -- takes a -- here you're right the -- not just punishing that team you're punishing the other team it's well they get a win. But -- means you wanna win by default. Now -- here they come now here come the left wing -- bouts. Hey cool -- CEO all an eight page boy you're really Smart boy can't spell on. Do you really think you're smarter than Charles Barkley yes. He may be and blank coal but then so are you he's just way smarter really Juan. Very intelligent very educated 781 -- very educated man try to spell my last name correctly. Before even try to engage in a debate with me all let me guess I Boettcher one of the guys that uses the -- -- -- -- like using the end where you think it's war. Carol Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Yes good orange. I just learned that saying stay in roadside parks. To mother -- McCain. Are waiting for -- -- to -- segregation. And have saying you know equal rights but I everywhere and be inequality. They -- That we went from -- be in the averages. They deploy satellite America. Aren't keeping each of the press biracial president. That we need not to take steps back towards desegregation. Would stop those vocabulary. Link out. Very well said. This is actually a major step backward. Now watch all of you to think about this your Rosa Parks. Thank you have this drink it separate water fountains. You can't vote. You're basically told you can get an education. You're denied almost every career opportunity. And in your face almost every day -- and word is thrown and you buy these white racist supremacists. And you finally make a stand we say I'm not going go to the back of the bus. And if you were to sit beside her on that day on that bus and say Rosa I don't know how to -- in this. But after everything you're gonna do. And after everything blocks are gonna struggle and fight for to get freedom in this country to get full civil rights. You see that word you're using -- every day the N word. They're gonna be using it. And in fact your fellow blacks are going to be using it on each other I think it's fun and cool. What do you think she would say. Now let me also say one final think because this also needs to be said. If the people of London -- are such racists. If America -- racist country. Let me ask every liberal moon about this question I know what's (%expletive) and you don't like fox but this is an indisputable fact. America. Is the only white majority nation. In the history of the world. That elected a black man as its leader. Let me repeat that. America. Is the only white majority nation. In the history of the world. That elected a black man as president. And you're telling me were the racists. 617. To a 66. 6868. It. Go back to the corner report here's a very good tax from 603 in Texas at 6868. Mr. corner please call me -- I'm 22 years old I'm listening to your show this morning and I hear you mentioning racial slurs having been used. Against the Irish Jews polish -- that are. And I don't know what they are. But I know very well what -- and word is I learned about the and word in school why not the other ones being goal. Because the view that the slurs used against the Jews and the Italians and the Irish and the polls and frankly against a lot of white rural Americans. It's. Pats pats pats pats it's okay. It's just paying -- that's not a big deal. But when it comes to the N word. No. The N word. Mend some people can't say if some people can say is sometimes is about a book -- sometimes it's not their bulletin. It depends what the thought police told us. My friends enough is enough. She it -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning GF threat for the fans that he really you really think you're smarter than that stage of basketball. Child's luckily this time I -- two point RK definitely got a but anyway. What what is happening it's PC run amok. You do. You give. Yeah if you need to have power. By your reaction to what the of the persons says if somebody try to insult to you look at it and go and watch. This not ala so in effect what you're doing by by making it this specific words sole trials so to speak. Big giving power to people they really don't want to -- its its. It's crazy is the greatest they have seen and it's and divisive to create. Discord among the racist at all that there's an incident it's. Fed by these people but gain money through use in the race cut it's it's a shame we have to go through this. Brilliant -- your -- it's an absolute scam and you what else it is it's not just a deliberate attempt to divide the races it's something else. It's an -- to the ruling clocks. Having the power to determine. When a word is offensive and one word is not offensive in other words when they can destroy you. And when they can't destroy you. And they determined during the orbiters during the speech police there that fought the -- No I don't like Katie fewer and your Richie and -- -- bowl. And your wife and we think curable he and you referred to Jonathan Martin as my half and we're gonna destroy you now. It is few wore a black player like that Barnes guy from the Los Angeles Clippers and you used the -- amendments OK he hit. If we decide who gets destroyed and doesn't get. Destroy. -- the real scam here. They control the words. To control people's minds to control their thoughts. And that's how you control -- people. And that's why we should and political correctness once and for all. 6172666868. Is the number coming up next.