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Cancellization Blues

Nov 13, 2013|

The Health and Human Services Department said 106,185 people have successfully applied for and chosen private insurance through the Obamacare website. This number is only about 20 percent of the Administration's enrollment target. Howie asked has your insurance been cancelled.

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That sergeant Schultz has now accused the mainstream media being in the satchel. Only gives -- -- and the sexual for the Republicans. -- -- is the is seek re usually. Listen listen to it. Why is -- good people in the media have they fascination. With failure. They will take a number and they won't make the negative story out of it. The mainstream media I believe once Obama care to fail. They look for every negative number they can find they're afraid to do positive story because they're afraid that. Somebody might not watch. The media is just chariots and I'm afraid of that stuff around there. Repeating them over every moment of the many watchers they're making stuff up. Barely making stuff up. This is just newspaper stock. You know. These people -- these people posting on the message boards here in Massachusetts about now. If you have to name's Daniel Pearl last name you can't get on -- you have to say yes sure and partial or later you get cut off -- -- newspaper reporters putting that those faults woods. On the on the website just so they can write about and that's these are all rights. This is it how could this guy say this I mean this that the mainstream media they the their middle name is mix. That Italy right. Asked Thursday would be for the unemployment numbers came out and they they they of that chopped another three quarters million people out of the workplace. Out of the labor force they were saying. The the numbers are gonna look bleak tomorrow but they're really not so bad. Now these these these are people he says are in this actual for the Republicans. Good lord 18774694. Victory to two. And what do we have Mika Mika is amicus union -- the also on you you know while they did the -- Apache bridge. You know there were ode to Billy Joseph as -- throw or soap opera off of the guy or Billy Joseph Rosenthal off the bridge. Mika is now gonna throw yourself off the bridge. Not what we did local officials. Did a horrible job during Katrina and look at the end of the day George W. Bush still appropriately. More than responsibilities. Are part of the the failure I don't know anybody is not taking responsibility well for the White House is trying to not take responsibility here now they're just. Pointing out that everyone's making it difficult it's not just their own botched rollout which they take responsibility for the real -- every step of the way every step of the way. The Republicans have tried to undermine this from top to bottom. And do many things they probably were part of the problem. Let's get that in response to that. That's absolutely true which makes it even more important to make us is an excellent work. That's right how good though -- want that to have so up. There are concerned that if you wait six months that the party that's been trying to undermine this every step of the way we'll we'll dig their fingernails backhand I think that and they have said they have a deadline and it will work and -- fifty Hudson I'm going to from myself off I mean it just happened with. To -- now. But she's gonna throw yourself off the Tallahassee bridge. He and into the Muddy Waters off that achieved grew huge. Splash. 18774694322. Let's Carney on play them paying your plans with the bills and we'll go we'll take your calls -- -- go ahead. This is this is -- -- this should not Jake I'm getting like harness all well it. Addressing the legislation are you can -- by the president. Their planned use them. -- -- practice in front of -- games. Democratic sponsors. Because if he does he. The wrong approach to solve the problem of those who got transition -- But I would tell you is that the Upton bill allows insurers to sell 2013 plants in 2014. To any. It does not just continued when he thirteen plans and when he fourteenth for people -- -- -- plans. It's the problem that I just describing creates all sorts of problems for insurers who are trying to sell plans that meet the basic standards. And you know and it allows those insurers who would sell this when he thirteen plants that either. Charge you double or. Put caps on. Benefits or discharge any number of things that make doesn't know what's charges. -- the only insufficient when it comes to basic. Coverage and and basically sell them to any takers and obviously it's that coverage is substandard they would at least potentially be able to under sell those plans and and undermine. The basic premise of the Affordable Care Act which is to provide. Basic benefits. Affordable for affordable quality health insurance program. He would be the case for the senate I don't wanna I don't have the details on now I would -- that broadly speaking. That applies to the -- legislation broadly speaking that we do not see that as fixing a problem we see that is throwing media. In a baby out with the outlook. What. You know what baby this is rose Mary's baby they're talking about it's it let's let's. Let's get rid of this baby. Let's leave this may be you don't want somebody's doorstep halfway across the world. But -- so now the now the the Obama clear plan is the baby. It and what does it what does he sing they can sell -- the policies that cost twice as much have you heard anybody say go on the on the TV or read in the newspapers about all the people are being -- You know what that the problem is with this new Obama care policy wants me it doesn't cost them off its costs half when I was in before. No that's not the problem the problem is cost twice as much. The problem is that the hope -- is a lot higher the problem is that did that trouble has gone up usually thousands of dollars. What is this guy -- talking about I don't know which could be scarred -- is not here the -- party at the white house with a party that's let's Whitey Bulger's lawyer who's talking about that this. This validating the day the sham trial. 1877469432218774694322. All of this new sub standard term when referring to policies people want it. I exactly. If you don't if I want something. You may think it's sub standard I mean you know you you may not like McDonald's. But how do you call McDonald's sub standard of the of millions of people wanna go there every day who who -- -- -- you know it's okay if the I mean it's a free country in terms of view and called something in sub standard. But you can't stop people from buying something because you considerate sub standard. Who have been held you know better than the big got the people who were actually buying the product whether it's a big Mac -- radio. Or or health insurance policy who. Who who who made you god. One. 877469432218774694322. Two to one house says could be obamacare baby -- the only baby the devils don't want to -- -- very good. 18774694322. On our cars. 1877. -- 694322. Yesterday it would give aways from -- Ticket to the seventh game of the World Series and Marion -- whenever radio listeners that should trade for. Trade the tickets for three three dozen mrs. Murphy's doughnuts from what it's south. She brought -- today home -- rates. In the given way I'd be of more weight throughout the building. No I was afraid -- when the ball wasn't my general Ross and it was just -- my idea my fear. Well I want to score one of them there but the thank you thank you Marian for bringing them in your your tickets are on the way I hope that you. Paul the UPS guy wants them to be getting this tickets in time for the game yeah I think so -- yeah. Whenever they -- it'll be in time for the seventh game. So today not only we get the donuts for mrs. Murphy's but but the ever so humble -- city Andrea sent us over another bunch of pies. Home god see and we don't need this stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sweet potato. -- that sweet potatoes when that and creamy custard with hormone free low fat milk cage free organic eggs butter sugar sugar butter sugar and spices can only pot. It gave their warm if I I suggest you arm I gave that to you -- That had approximately five million calories and at the Connolly. A crunching re like a jelly -- from mr. -- didn't have enough this morning I had a chocolate it's that's that's my favorite. Risk the crunching Graham cracker fill Busch crossed with Sweden were caught a -- started with tiny. Chocolate chips covered in whip cream and crush the spot she knows. -- And here's why it took unthinkable and don't. Party -- -- for us. That's what Kelly that's that's in the bottom of the body should -- left over -- -- The mail room manager was so I forgot to buy apple crisp we left their last week after the book signing grateful large gatherings. Or smaller gatherings of people have large appetites. Locally grown at a apples -- with cinnamon and sugar covered -- a crunchy topping mate but brown -- votes and butter great wouldn't served warm from the oven. With rum raisin ice cream grade when served warm from the -- whipped any kind ice cream or no ice cream at all. Okay please let people know they do not take orders all for products are frozen solid the freezers -- GM pact they really are we saw about about last week and we were any wall poll just come minutes stocked up this is -- -- Walpole ever so humble applies they do not ship. Too expensive to ship -- packed in dry ice -- open Monday through Friday eight to six Saturday the three closed Sundays. A destination at like a pilgrimage type of but you just yet but gold could go to -- ever so humble -- dot com or whatever it is on the website and you can see they do sell various stores in the area not not that far away from Walpole but. Like for instance there's a couple places and see Andy's hometown -- one week and get numbers there's a place in what they need more right again. But shouldn't get but they're great Iraq. You asked them before about endeavor purse ago and no lawyer who is on nine PBS I guess. Yeah I -- -- ID OK this is that this is a warrior that apparently yeah. She's she's the Obama voter and she she -- believe what your leaders on her. Beginning sometime in October. Actually had just gotten rate in all four line curry and my premiums had gone to tune in 87 month. The deductible of 2700. Dollars was still the same. The out of pocket maximum expenses of 3200. Was still the same. But my premiums had just gone up you know little -- and a couple weeks later I got another letter from -- first telling me that that policy. Did not qualify. Under the Affordable Care Act and that by next October at the time my renewal. That policy was going to be canceled I nearly fell off the change. Because for years all I had heard from President Obama. If you like your policy you can keep your policy is warrior your doctor if you can keep your doctors and excellent. Coverage with the plan now. That's what -- I have hospitalization. And doctors' care and labs and blood tests. Physical apparently an ambulance operates stations I mean everything is included in this plan that I feel that I definitely. It is -- PPO which I really wanted to be -- And I'm perfectly satisfied with the -- You just go away once I received this letter from care first I was completely shocked I could not figure out what was happening. And then I started the process of trying to find out what they -- available policies where. What I -- standing Brian's lap or not the pun and apple in the bronze level. There's a PPO HSA policy. That between the higher premiums. And being much higher maximum out of pocket costs. Will cost me probably. More than fine. Thousand dollars a year or more than when I'm already paying us NH LB all been a total sticker shock. I had some health issues this year and I've had to reduce some of my workload. It's a real hardship right now my husband is 67 years old I'm 58. We are desperately trying to save for retirement. As I said we are both. Self employed so we don't have a pension from some company and 5000. Dollars more a year is not pocket change. You know what's really going to affect us and now what makes no difference that we tried to cut back on other expenses because it's all going to be absorbed. By the new health care policy. -- you know. If she had voted for Romney or even McCain is this terrible he was I would have some sympathy but. You know I'm reminded of Oscar -- expression it would it would take -- from a couple of mean she. She thought she was getting something for nothing she believed this guy. How -- you about three. And she's guy I shouldn't say you know I'm laughing. But you know what the reality is I acute I have a -- I don't how how they have -- before she brought this on herself. And how we car.