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Chump Line Thursday November 7, 2013 - C4 License Plate

Nov 7, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a reference to a license plate refusal in NH for Copslie. Whitey was making Howie's license plate with C4.

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The trump Linus brought you today by a veto of Stroud -- visit next generation seniors dot com to learn more about corporate companies. Newest memory care communities in southern Maine veto a stroke water. The wrong. A little -- All -- is exactly that. This little breath as you know. -- -- -- -- You talked about I didn't come here to be made sport. Especially if you're gonna make. Vague. It's insinuations. About me. Give -- good news. And things of that and I mean. Don't mean. I think Clinton. But New Orleans. Please state BA stock could not stand for affordable health -- -- This is for Affordable Care Act. We have all of that. Whenever you know affordable here seem affordable here affordable here. Obama here what's called by its rightful. Obama. And I think that's the I respect and at least get us Alabama yet but I -- I. -- -- somebody said somebody texted me and said and I think you mentioned this -- may have mentioned this before we said that those two moon bats and San Francisco when they're dying on the sidewalk out from about hospital. Then there's no room for them at the end so to speak. There regret will be like Nathan hale they had only one life to give not for their country this in their case but. For their dear leader. Why do you think you know -- your -- And that is. I mean is. A pass along your point that the F the next time I see you. And hopefully wet cold but I expect good and handed it over. -- -- And I had quite. Know what the army. And activity could it. He's meeting this afternoon with the Obama at least at the White House they they wanted to retain their current. No. McCain okay. But I don't know I don't think crews will be invited even to the to the he'd party. The winter solstice of the White House. McCain is meeting with Obama to discuss how to drive another nail in the coffin of the United States of America in this case the so called immigration reform act also known as the thirty million more freeloaders in the country act. Like the played the good grabbed GAAP. Nobody right so great. I never saw that 100 but the bumper sticker don't come I don't come -- knock him if you see this man -- -- -- often remark was wrong every citizen has the constitutional right to travel on the public right of ways. That's what they call vital ways hormle commercial operators who used the right of ways for profit -- being need to be licensed and registered. When it went on internal Axel says it happened. Funny that good as it sounds like an illegal alien but he sees making the same argument that the illegal aliens make. We don't then most think your driver's licenses. Oh by the way I'd be the guy who sends me everything from the North Shore all the illegal alien. Clips from the police blotter. He just sent me a huge new -- that it's just a question of getting through it though I probably won't get through tonight. And though we will have a veritable. Bugle sounds to me tomorrow. -- And throw -- I know it. This is -- so I think there's. The old. I was glad when Yugoslavia came apart because it's meant that the country of Monty negro came back on the map. You know. I don't know if it's Monte negro or Montenegro but I I pronouncing -- negro. So this is David wedding was vacant right. Plays that he was gonna make a low number one about it before. The more likely to pick about what happened basketball. Yeah. And a three digit one I would've been even quicker to pick that one up by the way I lost again this year in the lottery. You know what's a funny thing you know Rachel -- -- the sense that the new registrar of motor vehicle systems since she took over the lottery for me. She's been rung on the up and up implying that I did up. But oddly enough CNB I haven't won once. Since I stopped running it what does that tell you. That much at a gets fixed wanna have that is what helps him. And I don't mean collected either I'm I'm I'm thinking that's the way it should be. Reply I think I enter every year the lottery and I have my -- finally time you want -- when you have second and numbers I know. And we we we need to go back to the good old days in my opinion. Might -- should play his radio show holes. Law. -- Man that's hate speech. -- give me the ACLU on the phone. Coming wanna get my fix that. Won a -- of where it. So I six. I think copy. Yes. The answer is a Big Ten for six free copies and I will throw him. Bull crap man magnets. -- to each book. -- twelve magnets in six -- hands if you buy six Jack wars that subject Warren's. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling haven't tired you -- All right that's it for the that's it from the -- wind today the trump when is the recorded voice mail message service about how -- car show. You can call and leave a message at any hour of the day or night. We may or may not play your message at this time each week in the trunk line number feel like believe such a messages. 61777. Mind. 3469617779346. Mind. The -- line has brought you today by a veto Stroud water. Visit next generation seniors dot com to learn more about -- rich companies -- worst memory care communities in southern Maine. Of vita a -- water. There was this David when he was vacant license plate that he was gonna make a low number one that it could pull off. You shout.