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Would you let your son cage fight?

Nov 5, 2013|

MMA fighting is among young boys. Also, bullying in the NFL? What would you do if you were bullied? Listeners share stories.

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Us citizens -- American. We have to stand up against the growing violence. And degradation and our. And we have to now say enough is enough. We're talking now about you know be the murder of that Denver's high school teacher call mean -- by a fourteen year old allegedly Philip Chisholm. Which has people across this state and frankly across the country scratching their heads. Fourteen. We have high school in terms receiving here in the build. The same each. I mean I'm looking how to mimic imagine them killing and also -- Britain -- point four. Paid sick. -- imaginable. Exe says weeks. Well I gotta tell you. This one is gonna knock you off your seat. You know the popularity of MM a mixed martial arts basically its cage fighting. And it's to me it's almost like human cockfighting. It's I mean and if you've seen it but it's -- grown men in the ring in a cage. And their punching each other kicking each other strangling each other. Blood everywhere broken nose as I saw one fight were guy's year just almost came off as it was tipped a gimmick someone's gonna get killed when these days. But now. The fastest growing sport in America. Is cage fighting. For kids. Kids. And what I mean kids I don't mean or thirteen 1415. Affection -- don't teenagers you -- -- call kids I mean 567. Feature Waltz. Apparently now according to a story in the Daily Mail. The United States now has an estimated three million kids now involved. In cage frank. And I'm looking at some of these pictures that come with the story and I can't I can't watch them. I was telling mr. -- -- -- -- did you see these pictures before during the break and he said -- you're looking at 67 year old kids. Crying. Summer being strangled. Some of them have their noses smashed. Their I mean -- one kid has a Mohawk. And he's got a shattered nose and he's crying for his mother. Now apparently I did not I was not aware of this talk about live and learn. This sport is taking off among children like wildfire. Apparently a lot of parents love it. They're comparing it to martial arts they're comparing it to boxing or other sports where they say it encourages self disciplined. Fair play exercise such -- It would work out all you I don't have a karate -- whatever exactly what ever happened the karate. What ever happened signal football without helmet and pads. Or you know call me crazy whatever happened to stick ball. And only a play with the kids outside they throw a ball you hit the ball would respect. You'll run around some bases everybody has a good time and nobody walks away -- I would what I would have broken -- were broken jaw. Or concussion or god knows what else. This is what parents are now doing what their kids. And it has gotten so bad. There are now tournaments. -- official state tournaments. We're these kids playing. So for example there's that one -- recently there was that 2013 California they're called. -- ration so California state bank -- championships you've division. So they -- part 56 year old that's in one division 78 year old stats and another division. Apparently there's one kid. His name is Christopher air. Apparently he's such a ferocious fighter his -- -- seven. Apparently he sold ferocious the way he takes out his opponents. They're now calling and he's got a nickname the arm collect. Because I guess he's up he's able to break kids his arms in submissions. So they're calling him the -- correct our collector all that's going to be our real contributing member of society in about all ten years all I can just see him. -- he's got a he's got nuclear physicist written all over him. Arkansas is going to be a heart surgeon I can say about it. This is billion. A lot of these kids are gonna end up with gang bangers. We're teaching our kids. Forget bullying. We're teaching our kids to destroy and mangle other kids. We're raising our kids to going to fighting tournaments. Where basically. Almost anything boasts on champ kick come stomp on strangle him beat them. Just win baby at all costs we're turning kids into strategists. And so I'm telling you right now my friends. If we don't stop this frankly I'd bandits. I'm I'm I'm telling you I would benefits. This -- -- utterly barbaric. And to the parents. -- if you encourage your kids to do this you're sick. We really your -- want -- want to -- to alliance. Went to trumpet awards and -- -- does against the -- it's like the old spartans used to do as a several thousand years ago. 6172666868. Is the number. Let me ask all of you this. What do you make of cage fighting among kids. Would you have your child participate in cage fighting against other kids. And if we -- if -- rearing kids as savages. We're gonna have Manny more Philip chairs m.s and many more Colleen rich surged the com. 6172666868. Is the number John Europe next thanks for holding welcome. They're mourning her call -- I'm Harry huge. Very well thank you Nike clothes with -- point there are a lot of and common sense great aren't -- the light. You know what kind of parent but these -- quality that -- I mean I think that is the fact that the state of California. You know where all felt if you put a little bit outburst -- -- -- disrespect he sir. Protect the -- that the public help -- -- you can hear the kuril. -- -- record setter or unsealed and let out another six year old web that are broken. -- And the well being hit are well definitely whether there are living in rural area but what are hurt if he. Can't get the public and -- -- we've beaten the crap out of their girlfriend or his cool but you know while rob. It actually self. One -- up -- in the not for you can buy every thought every caught our rock. You're all out not yet but -- -- all but backed out. This is Rome. You know coliseum in Rome. This is this is ancient Rome all over again. 6172666868. Is the number. And then I'm reading some of these people who were defending -- but check this out okay here's one guy. Who. -- a real proponent of this. And he's talking about how one kid is just like just destroying another kid that he's basically choking another boy the boy was almost choked to death. And sold he's asked by some of these journalists. Well how could you support kids MMS. And especially the parents and it's what this guy says -- the parents their mega competitive. They love their kids 100%. And they just want them to win. Are all but you know what I never looked at this -- Ashton I want should go -- that kid out gouge his eyes out and steal his lunch money okay. Because Portugal when asked and I want to be 100% competitive a bunch all the way -- data. 6172666868. As the number. Eric Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Yeah. Yeah or perhaps overreacting. -- You meet first or not I don't I have a thirteen year old girl I would be quarter and shot like I had signed. I wouldn't I don't understand how they -- get away with it is not breaks and I'm a -- some -- Don't our -- of -- worked in a factory and we why would you let them just not already out. I -- I mean look. Yeah I mean Eric Massa thing so you can play dodge ball in school. Because that's somehow -- dangerous for the kids we have to protect them from bullies because god forbid they should be bullied at the stand up for themselves. But but it's okay because to satisfy your blood lust if it's done in a competitive arena and -- cage to go out there and basically strangle and kill another -- Break his arm break his -- smashes -- it's not some -- that's okay. I mean this is this is what I mean the perversity of the times that we live -- Kevin Europe next thanks for holding welcome. They're going to have an idea of the system and Goran so subject here there's no extra but I don't look up to the side of this stuff. There's now a class of athletes that they make are you play as -- what -- entertaining assists which is great. The since. 6172666. -- sixty it is the number -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Thank you get more at first I don't know I -- I completely I'm. Believe such I think that -- median polishing a little bit say that rental or eight years and keep contrary years. I terror wrestling well and I twelve result. Today I have a twelve year old Sandra brown belt they're mixed martial arts. If you go to any bill we shall call to injury these kids are sparing. Oh contact let alone can people contact. Like seem specials. So -- really have a hard time believing you're okay. I'll tell you what northern and that's why I don't know attempt a normal mama I'm not talking to really look I'll tell you what because this is such a shocking story I didn't believe it. Until I saw with my own wants to go to the daily email. It's it's in today's paper. Daily email on line. Just look it up it's a British seem to find out what's happening in America -- you have to read a British newspaper now look at the pictures. The pictures do not -- You've got a kid with a smashing almost crying asking for his mother. -- Daily Mail dot UK whatever it is you've got another kid being choked. Being choked in a chokehold you've got another one who's known for ripping kids his arms -- I mean. I'm look I've never seen such shocking despicable pictures in my life and I'm I'm a seasoned journalist. These are American kids. This is what we're doing to -- kids. What's next. Thrown to the. Come back to the corner report Jeff corner Boston bulldozers cleaning up -- liberal bulls. 6172666868. Is the number. Welcome -- our two of the corner report. A lot of York's sending me texts about the MMA story for those of you than just -- and according now to a story in the Daily Mail and it seems to be confirmed by multiple other media reports. The fastest growing sport for kids in the United States is cage fighting but they called mixed martial arts. For five year old six year old is seven year old eight year old. Now it's one thing for adults to do it it's a very different thing for kids to do and in fact there are even state tournaments. There are divisions. Parents are now encouraging their kids to basically join up. So we -- kid can go and basically break someone and -- or strangle -- shall come or veto market come marsh bomb bomb. And the bats away now of the -- opinion discipline and and and an exercise. And this is a very good way for you for your kid to get you'll lose some weight goal strangle and then beat another on another kid. -- his face and that's a nice way now for our kids to basically I get get some exercise and get some discipline. That's that's what they're proponents are sank. You wanna know what this turns into. This turns into a lot of the gang bangers and a lot of the thugs. That we see in our society today. And many of you were telling me just Jan Jan. Weren't shoot just a couple weeks ago complaining about the -- certification of America. Weren't shoot just like couple weeks ago sank so many boys are being turned into says she's so many men are being turned emphasis sees. They're banning dodge ball. Now this is as it is as it has this -- -- all overreaction towards bullying. But that you know you're there you are saying kids need to learn to defend themselves and on the other end you're criticizing cage fighting yes. Kids should be able to stand up for themselves kid should be able to defend themselves that's part of life you're always gonna confront -- weeks. But there's also a line where you cross into sadism. And this is frankly -- This is barbaric. This is not defending yourself against the schoolyard bully. This is about putting your kid in a ring against somebody else and basically sank pound the living -- Get a cup stomp on choke -- strangle and beat up media -- submission. And to stand there and see these kids and I'm looking at these pictures crying. And -- and and the referee saying you wanna stop and crying for their mother crying for their father. There's 67 years old. -- what's next wanna give them baseball boats. We wanna -- sorts when he might smile out and I fight. I mean we're not talking about the -- suffocation of America. We're talking about the barber right -- nation of America. But this is what they do in parts of Africa. This is what they do in parts of the uncivilized Third World. This is what they used to do when ancient Rome. 678 year old kid -- the coliseum and who emerges a life. I mean this is this is not what is civilized society does. We're not talking about football which is a great sport you're fighting your protection. We're not even talking about martial arts. Where your learning to defend yourself. We're talking about put two kids in a ring in emblematic. Until one basically -- uncle. To me that's -- So there's no contradiction here -- noticed the inability to use common sense. This is what's happening so on the one hand I want to think about this our soldiers. Can't defend themselves in war. Our kids are being suspended for playing dodge ball. We have this utterly ridiculous obsession with bullying. That now its economic and national fraud -- national obsession. But on the other hand are you or know my kids are gonna be future -- star. -- is gonna make millions of dollars as an adult cage fighter put him in the -- So now you have a seven year old -- -- you gotta see this kid. This seven year old. We now apparently so vicious so ferocious. He's -- at his name is Christopher -- they've now nicknamed him the arm collector 'cause he's ripping off the arms he's ripping off the arms of people that he and 83 fights within the rank. Yeah a break and I'll break some lags well that's a great lesson to teach the kids on a model citizens. 6172666868. Is the number. Would you allow your child. To get involved in cage fighting. Brittany said -- you Britney really. Britney said it may -- she would allow her kid to get involved in cage fighting wow okay. And deal I think this sport should be banned for kids when your adult that's something else but for this young I think it -- like human cockfighting. Sharon Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I -- -- -- -- and I have a couple of points make but first what his cock fighting and got fighting paralegal. I'm the fact that we have children fighting in the name an hour I don't get it back employed don't wanna make it a bit they have little boy it in the -- with a broken -- -- deeper -- mother -- he believed it wanna be ignorance are afraid. -- the parent maybe questioned him and let. You know I I obviously with the obtained. It would get out looking for right. On that may be some of these -- but putting -- little -- in the ratings. I'm particularly if they're crying for their mother one there and actually if they know what they're getting into -- and make -- into the rang. I mean Sharon 67 years old I don't think they really know what they're getting into regarding anything. I mean -- six and seven. And their -- and they think it's cool cause they're watching it on TV with their parents and they think cool I'm gonna be a future MMA star. Who. I'm gonna be his vicious cage fighter. And then they realize and don't want somebody smashes you wanna know is it hurts when -- -- breaks it hurts. Now. I just want to -- I gotta tell you from the pictures that I'm seeing. This by the ways across racial points. It's black it's white it's I'm seeing Hispanics I'm seeing Asian kids. Com it's just it's it's it's frightening. Our kids with mohawks they think it's cool I gotta tell you something else there's not a scene of violence but. It's at one of these champ championships and in San Bernardino in California. May send the already nicknamed the beast Bramlet. Keys how can I put -- keys. Flexing his muscles. Like he's an adult MMA star worries flashing off his big chest and his his six pack -- Like he's almost trying to act like an adult cage fighter. And he's got a Mohawk on him. They're already grooming this kid to be an adult MMA star. And he's only seven. I mean he's gonna get its teeth destroy he's gonna get his mouth he's his face destroyed his nose destroyed there could be permanent damage to this kid. I don't know what the parents are thinking. And if this is the obsession that we have which sports. This is the obsession that we have with pain. This is the obsession that we have with celebrity. This is the obsession that we have with money. And were rearing her kids into sub agents. And you wanna know why Chicago is a hell hole. You -- and why there's so much teen violence and gang violence you wanna know why there's so many Philip she isms in the world that are not killing a 24 year old pitchers. My god -- covering her kids. What do you think this kid that's now posing this this the beast at seven. Who all we know how to do now is smash somebody's face and what do you think is gonna happen to this -- when he becomes a monster at fourteen. Where is not just a little biker he now becomes a big biker who can grab some box cutters and followed his teacher into Iran because she gave him -- low grade in math. What -- the parents thinking. 6172666868. Is the number DJ Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Bad. How are you my friend very well. I agree and disagree on this subjects. Armed you got to look at it this extremes to every sport and there's bad teachers kind of like McCarty hit split -- yeah argue person B I -- that teacher. Okay like that it forces to be more violent and everything else in between. -- -- I -- the ticket so try to the -- -- didn't. You know spirited children to be over top got -- they always wanted to -- in. High school as well. I have -- -- mixed martial arts. We choose the many forms and discipline. In this alternate yup more tight you actually auction. Which is. Basically what you got -- jujitsu you got Wesley knew that fox singing beats you know so all wrapped up they want. So -- -- say it is it's just grossed what do you do to get two or Brazilian Egypt which is two totally different things. You're now considered an -- site. So all. You know it's it's a very complicated thing MM hatred like if you -- arm. They have -- a specialized into an although some one. As well as. -- liberty they train adults we train -- know they went to classes such and it's Connecticut teacher and you get a good com. You know to Paris you don't try to push the -- last sardonic very disciplined. Did you guys no question about it look I'll be honest if you wanna in rural -- in karate. I want enrollment martial arts site I think it's wonderful I think you're right I think it teaches discipline. I think it's a great way to learn how to defend yourself I think it teaches self reliance personal responsibility. Did there's Khamese wonderful aspects. And furthermore DJ look I'm a big boxing fan. I talked to my favorite sport I don't talk about it very often as a bit of a neat sport. I love boxing I'm a boxing fanatic. I'm almost a student I mean I just read up on boxing all the time I think boxing is a great sport but we're not talking about BC BJ look. I did some boxing when I was young nothing major went to the -- but I was 141516. We're talking about 567. Year old kids -- -- -- learning cry your martial arts I'm -- -- putting him in a ring and they're there they're killing each other. Oh absolutely they disagree with that -- completely like I have some that story. Like I wanna get him to change sports and -- in the team aspect of flight starts and then made at least try to -- works maybe eighty contacts while late Friday or jujitsu all like I soccer which we. -- my brother and myself that it ended how episode -- discipline lasted so normal so thanks you very good at you don't need -- agents. You know what the purpose -- -- short key -- knock -- sentence and you have one adults you know you can. You -- They're really excelled at it and like my brother night. Oh -- -- -- -- how to defend yourself are -- are so many benefits in fact we've been how are Neeson roll a little bit and now was it -- we always ju ago. Could I just said look you're you're getting older now when you're gonna get picked on -- a lot of bullies and mean to be able to defend yourself. So look a lot of these sports are very mobile and very virtuous. But this to me it's -- barbarism it's pure sadism. It's ancient Rome. If you will I'm telling you -- he noticed dog fighting is illegal. To a dog's going out -- cock fighting is illegal. But 056 year old should come out of that mold problem. Are you Tony is this normal it's not normal to me. 6172666868. Is the number call me crazy. Welcome back into the corner record 61 so. 666868. Is the number. Now. What do you get. When you have these kids cage fighting. What kind of people you would do to get the Phillips shows them to get but you also get this. Here is a story. That I'm talking has rocked the sports world now. I don't really care about the sport suspect what I care about is the cultural bullying aspect of this story. Bullying now. It's become such a problem allegedly from our liberal elites that it's now gone even from the schools regarding our children. Two professional 300 pound I kid you not 300 pound football players. Here is what has happened very quickly. The Miami Dolphins have an offensive lineman his name is Richard in cut needle. He's a white offensive lineman he's about thirty years of age he's basically been kicked off almost every team he's been -- And he's a fog and he's a -- And in fact he was actually voted the most dirty -- player in the NFL now why does this matter. He was recently suspended by the NFL on Monday. Because she allegedly bullied. A former teammate that he is. Eight who is black African American and a race issue is gonna come into this which is why I'm mentioning their race Jonathan Martin. Jonathan Maarten was a rookie first year player. And he got numerous text messages. Numerous voicemails over many months from this thug Richie and -- neo. Where he was threatened to. Where his family was threatened. Where in the N word was used. And soul the Jonathan -- Apparently I kid -- not broke under the emotional strain of being bullied by his fellow teammate. Now Jonathan Martin by the way is also an an offensive lineman. So Richard and -- -- is over 300 pounds solid muscle mostly solid muscle. Jonathan Martin is over 300 pounds mostly solid muscle. But. Apparently. He was forced into paying free 151000. Dollar trip out of his own money. To help finance -- in called -- was the trip to Las Vegas last summer. Even though Jonathan Martin didn't even a -- And apparently many of the Miami Dolphins players have been doing this -- veterans on the team have been. Foreseeing were pressuring all the rookies because their rookies so they put him through this phasing. Whereby they had to pay for 30000 dollar meals. That the rookies have to pick up the -- well apparently. Jonathan Maarten was forced into paying a 151000 dollar trip. For Richie Encarta -- on some other Miami Dolphins to go and they can party in Las Vegas. And the evidence is now come out. The fact according to the Miami Herald according to ESPN according to multiple media reports. There's that are Richie and caught me dole essentially harassed. Intimidated. Threatened and bullied this rookie Jonathan Martin's. For months. And the -- the NFL has now received. Some of the voicemails and text messages and the tweets. That were sent from in -- needle to Jonathan mark. Let me read just a couple of them they're very graphic so I've got to be very careful to not wanna get myself in trouble. And I don't wanna offend many of you but just you get the sense of this. -- needle come -- in April 2013. In a voicemail. Blank you you're still a rookie I'll kill you. Another in the in the same voice mail. I'm going to slap your blanked -- I'm going to slap your real mother across the face and he's laughing after he says it. There's some other stuff he basically calls and a half and the racial term piece of you know what. And this went on for several months. Apparently Jonathan Martin couldn't take this kind of pressure. He announced they leave about since it just somebody everybody knew something was up because he just out of the blue said. I'm leaving. I'm walking away. Is this internal matter but I can no longer take it I have to ago. He quickly got leaked to the media that he was the victim of a bullying campaign by this Guy Ritchie and -- -- And now the NFL is investigating the Miami Dolphins are investigating. Everybody is now weighing in promise this is like gripped the entire sports world. You would think I. This is almost like -- or not this is almost like the sports world Watergate. It issued this call it in -- -- -- And I'm looking at this. And I have to be I mean I'm staring at this and I'm listening to all these trucks may first. For getting themselves all hot and bothered wetting their pants over this story. And they're going on all this is unacceptable. And this is racist. And this is a sign of a bullying culture in the NFL. And we have to ruled out bullying and it's not just in the schools. And I'm standing there and I'm saying to myself this is a 300 pound name. This is a 300 pound man who can probably bench press 50550. Pounds. He's a tank. Jonathan Martin's final the other guy is very big as well. You mean you let this guy intimidate chill. Frankly if -- if he threatened mean my family. -- -- -- You call me up on my phone. And say you're gonna kill me and you're threatening my family hopefully we'll just corner we do I'm not 300 pounds. I am no -- near as -- as this guy as this is this this and rookie was now left the leak or. I would say you know what I go to the Miami Dolphins. And I say look I wanna keep this internal I don't wanna get violent but this guy's been making calls he's been tweeting he's been texting. And either you guys take care of -- will. I'm giving you one more week. And if they don't take care grip and I Thomas and you threatening my family again I'm telling -- take a baseball bat. -- or break your legs don't you ever come near me and my family don't get lost. Welcome back to the corner reports 6172666868. Is the number. Huge alleged scandals opposes gamble and golfing now the sports world. -- We just need to give me I mean that the size of this guy. An offensive linemen are rookies. In fact he played against the New England Patriots just a couple weeks ago and then he announced that he was taking a leave of absence that he was and it came out that he was being bullied. By another offensive lineman. The alleged victim is black he is six foot 5300. And. Twelve pounds. I mean the guy's a monster I'm looking out on the guy's huge he's -- is solid muscle. Jonathan -- he is Stanford educated he is the son of two lawyers who attended Harvard University. The alleged perpetrators is thirty years of age -- another huge -- he's a monster and as well a beast. Our Richard in -- -- who is wiped. According now to multiple media reports. Richard in -- -- -- had been taunting. Bullying harassing Jonathan Martin. For at least about a year. Numerous tweets numerous messages. Numerous voicemails. Where he called a -- half and he went on to just basically say I'll kill you I'll kill your -- lane. Apparently he was bullied and intimidated into paying for 151000 dollar trip. For Richard -- -- and some of the other veteran Miami Dolphins players although Martin didn't attend. So basically the rookies were getting picked on and he in particular was getting picked gone. -- -- has now been suspended indefinitely. The alleged bullying. The alleged victim. Is now taken I'll leave about -- not even return to the NFL. What is now being reported. Is that apparently his parents are getting ready for a mother lawsuits. They wanna shoot the Miami Dolphins. For not controlling the locker room and preparing eight or crap having a an environment for a professional environment free of bully think. They wanna shoot the NFL. For allowing this culture of intimidation to go on -- for not protecting their son so this is now what is coming down the pike. And. Almost unanimously. All of these Sports Radio guy XP. Sports TV hopes all of them unanimously by the way heavily liberal. TC is outrageous. Piece is unacceptable. The NFL has to look into which hole I'm listening on this when I'm driving into work this morning that's all these talks clippers are talking about it. This is a culture of bullying it's now left -- schools and it's now gone and the professional football and we need to protect the players more. We need to stand there and prepared the more we need to get rid of this this is a cancer on the NFL. And I'm saying to myself in my living in the Twilight Zone. It sure has this country lost all common sense. This is a six foot 5312. Pound monster. Somebody calls your house and threatens to kill you. And you don't do anything about it. What I'm telling you right now I get death threats all the time. If a person that I knew was calling my house some leaving voice mails threatening to kill me and my family look our general manager. Davis are you one who came in Phil Phil Zachary. Made a very good point he said listen. You're an employee of WRKO. When you leave the station you're still an employee of WRKO. So you. You conduct yourself accordingly. OK I agree. I would comment. Clock management and say look I got some guy who's harassing me intimidating -- going after me. On Twitter on FaceBook a fellow employees called my house hears the voice -- now I want to take terrorists. Only give you one chance to rectify this -- don't rectify it would take care myself -- my I'm. Now if the Miami Dolphins and wanna do anything I'll tell you my next message to Richard and -- don't I don't care how big -- You've threatened me in my family again and I'm telling you my take a baseball back to your needs. Period and a story. Full stop. That this guy would allow himself to be intimidated. By another guy. Six foot 5312. -- This is what I'm talking about why I'm single was suffocation of America. You don't think there were bullies another football teams going back 1020304050. Years -- think they're bullies when I play high school on our team. You don't think they were bullies when I went to school. Big kids big guys -- left to beat up on people you know how you treat a bully get punched in the mouth. You'll let them all there are consequences that's life. Already. What's the solution. Coddle him. And then get a lawsuit. Run to mommy and daddy rallying rallying to win. And now sue sure everybody -- Pope should the Miami Dolphins -- the NFL social social. And there's another point. That I'm sorry my friends I don't wanna turn this racial but it's always being rammed down our throats and some -- cut enough and somebody has to speak the truth. Now these trucks and efforts are going on and you're gonna say simply this thing up now bigger and bigger but he called him the half and words. I guess he's biracial half and worked. He used the N word. Hope that's unacceptable. He uses the N word all it crippled him -- emotionally damaged him. He can't he can't way he can function yet believe it's all my goggles words they hurt so much. Really. -- times I was called honky when I was young. Because of my Slavic descent. Because I was an Anglo French speaking combat economic times I was called the bloke. Do much racism my encountered in my life. Did you -- me whining about it. That's number one number two and this has to -- said. Because I'm so sick and tired of the political correctness that is killing this country and I'm seeing it especially in sports it's killing its polluting our culture. The N word is used now all the time. I don't wanna hear anymore from these liberals. Or African Americans complaining to me about piano work because I have been -- waging a crusade against the N word for ten years now. In a rap and hip Paul. In music where -- end this -- and -- and end this and I'm the one that's saying you have any idea the origins of that word. And you obviously used by slave masters -- slaves. You know how denigrating and demeaning and degrading that -- this. But -- you guys love to use that word and the house cooks. You go to a professional sports game. Basketball. The N word is one left front and center. Teammates among each other -- and cost him the ball and -- and do this and the N word is flying in the locker room left -- right and center. So I'm tired of this race garbage. I'm part of them trying to blow everything up into white on black and somehow we if you say your name that somehow you've crippled somebody for life. You haven't. It's just a slur. And it's being used all the time. So don't give media and word anymore. We've crossed that rule book on a long time ago if you guys don't speak out against hip and pop if you want to speak out against rap if you want to speak out about how problem began wordage used. -- black players with other black players in basketball in baseball in football. And you know -- shut up. I'm -- your garbage. That's all I've been hearing from you people now now all of a sudden you think this is again that's another -- monarch -- Now all the drug staffers are up Mark Teahen word all my dog but. 6172666868. Is the number let me ask all of you this. Should Richard -- neo. Be banned from the league suspended indefinitely for bullying. Do you think we have a problem with bullying in our culture. Or do you think this is -- I believe the -- sophistication of America. Where were no longer we're teaching people what this six foot found three to 312 pound a professional football player and there were no longer able to stand up double X. Are we now creating a nation of voices 6172666868. Is the number. Mark you're up next thanks for holding welcome. They just I didn't agree and disagree are you All Saints aren't maybe -- -- -- -- and that's what we're down a little bit. I'll. You aren't you know has been voted one -- -- thirty players LB Paul. It sounds like you have been on the -- government quite sometime this is -- like I -- basically are the kangaroo court levees aren't they can't players. So you stand up at him you're not just in an up and this interrupt or are the guys in the players council -- at eight gigabyte. Gated day salute you mr. Paul -- -- itself but no one's gonna question why could better use than -- lot. -- can't you don't sorted it -- grant from rescue any Warner Graham slash year after its active agent -- -- stop. 200000 dollars -- a 200008. All. He was -- it in great pitching coordinator that's come back I hope we never played another down and don't eat and eat and get away with this stuff for years why. In order a fault the stand up to. So I wish some old parchment based purely what that is yet to take part everybody else will walk for. And more. The -- in China would think -- need -- the -- at the -- because Martin went outside the teen. And all the other black players are on the Miami Dolphins had recorded it -- Art audio you can look it up this I would think I need -- -- culture all in and actually. Absolutely there's a problem in that locker. Now I knew what that's where we -- that team how that he was given away for some try to lots and at no like your parents are all lawyers. Think it's an accent now that's a -- -- trial and it LL. I guarantee you well settled out of court because they don't want it dirty laundry. It didn't hit it a lighted yet so he's got to be -- polite I don't really look at form. Are -- for dissemination -- -- is yet but we also let people get away with chain much the situation like that because no one had the ball the stand up to it. -- -- -- Great call when you know that and that's my point. How come nobody stands up to these beliefs. The more we coddle the more in fact you empower beliefs. Bullying is not you parakeets or is a new phenomenon of bullying from home which quarterback really since the beginning of time has always been -- weeks. In the old days my dad told me somebody punches you you -- right back. You'll take you don't take garbage article can in my language he said -- you want to garbage from anybody. Now you're right the locker room it's a poisonous locker room so. Teach adolescent. Say you know why how come to be up Richie -- and you know what you keep coming your next. That's it and the story. That's that's the way I've let my life I don't take it from anybody. Kate Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I jab at you from a court you do I can't turn -- into that void garrido every morning I'm everywhere thank you thank you so much -- I'm a cute thing I don't know anything about that situation that I really don't follow sports much but I'm quite good -- my seventeen year old high schooler. Go to eight I charted course I won't say which one. And I'll tell you what India. A student body as a student of color that and -- flying around constantly. Constantly. And the other thing I wanted to say is she at her former school attempt darn. I can't wait for years and years and years and not analyst I don't I've tried to deal with that you know and Eric -- -- going to the to these teachers. And the -- -- very human moment Hollywood now mention what captain and speed -- older slam and knocked me into the locker. And that's why you -- that kid never -- -- -- ever got. Good for her. -- good for her dots dots how you deal with the beliefs. Nancy Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Yeah bullying. At our our. That -- be eight or -- standards. -- to call them and know. And it got the call to -- up and stood up to Google. -- -- Horrible page. I don't like about. -- couldn't match she used to be. -- I know I. Behind act and act like. Right out at what point. He. Wow Nancy. Wow I'm impressed. I'm Nancy and I -- listen you know. I -- we thought maybe getting into -- boxing her cage fighting or so I think that I can be your promoter Nancy we can make some money together. Six point 72 a six X 6868. Is the number while Nancy I'm impressed. And frankly you know what I I could use you here on the corner report on mice on my team more. Bullying. People are now saying it's a new phenomenon it's getting out of control it's even affected the NFL. I say it's always been around we -- is going on how to deal with the bullies what do you say Boston have you been the victim of bullying. And how -- -- responded your calls next on the government.