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Col Hunt On CBS Finaly Understanding Benghazi

Oct 28, 2013|

Last night CBS aired an interview with a Benghazi eyewitness who revealed that the Obama Administration left the Ambassador and staff high and dry without protection. We spoke with Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt about this report.

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Sixty minutes sixty minutes of courses longer an idea eight to -- the Democratic Party and business CBS news in general. As of all the news news news networks basically except for fox. But yesterday yes sixty minutes and CBO strike with home for the bin -- coverup in which they engaged. Last year. A year ago CBS news released previously on the year clip from an interview clips for sixty minutes the President Obama did on September 12 the day after the bin -- attack. In which the president clearly suggest that the attack on the US consul was premeditated. -- of course -- against what they were saying at the time he and Hillary Clinton hosting it was caused by this. Stupid YouTube video that nobody had ever seen that was made by a Coptic Christian Egyptian American. But CBS didn't want to undercut the administration narrative them because again in this match. So they withheld that portion of the September 12 interview until October 19. And instead and instead of showing that Obama new rule about what was going on. In Libya and was lying about it CBS and all the other mainstream media decided to attack Romney for saying that. Obama should have known about us. That somehow Obama somehow Blondie was being disloyal even though they they were sitting on. Video proving that Romney was ranked. So that's but -- so now now that it's too late to help Romney and now but now and it's clearer than ever that Obama is. Quite possibly the worst president in US history. It it's CBS has decided to to turn on him to a degree course -- were the words. Obama and it in and Hillary Clinton didn't really key you're going to be way in the story last night. But we wanted to have but -- colonel David Hunt join us tonight to talk about this. Colonel how what did you want to make of these sixty minutes piece last night. Lara Logan is gorgeous she is is that you -- yes. It was a year investigating. This season minutes plaintiff in this three year. Kind of odd unremarkable. For a couple things that -- took a year but. We. This two story that -- did you know. Totally prepared. And we knew about it that's one part of mr. the second part of we refused to help so they haven't been really -- Our administration's State Department Clinton. Without name of any time -- by -- interviewing people first time. Former at they have that operate British soldier who. Writing a book he went public. And talked about what you saw basically saw -- Dead in the hospital million -- but I'd put distance stepping -- that the about one of the -- bastard in Libya. To Stevens would even. More pronounced. Dead at a that he was when he was a crisis committee would be set comedy kind paid in and that panel had warned. I think department helped countless times and had lieutenant colonel onto a tape -- -- because -- forces kind of like Utah. Who went on -- security mission there to 2%. Security. And -- called Betty you know told they control everybody's dot org about there. -- -- -- -- -- black security we also learned I learned when you re emphasize that they want no part of -- guards. -- with. I mean it's staggering to to kind considerate but. And when you have a stretch when you figure that there were were they young black al-Qaeda flags are flying in the neighborhood. Yeah that's very pregnant British soldier. Noticed former soldier noticed as anybody else's and thank -- that Obama way to get al-Qaeda and -- to Austria. Like a local place but they add standard he had. Third gentleman who talked about how. And -- and lieutenant colonel we talk -- -- that it was not a little question about -- they can't look you know attacks. And they didn't think that the actual -- national -- -- so it it was a coordination. Put the Obama administration and went to public including Clinton's. On -- and it just to hopefully lacked any preparation. I did not believe anybody -- as it has to -- hope that the administration lying. Starting with Susan Rice all the way through to the president two weeks later. And lying at the air force base when the bodies were delivered to direct line to the faces of those the the family members. How much so you're maybe you haven't -- it is that what what what it means that. I'm prepared to realize. Our. There and or that we did. Mr. thing could help. Together deputy mission guided them to ambassadors said when he talked to the defense -- they'd be represented an army lieutenant colonel there. Considering how common in the got to know and and and it was compelling. Television today Syrians saying you know we're out here on the way Roddy in the French. Have an expectation to country pinnacle point have devastating lesson learned that it works and make -- we've all -- but. You know it could have at least for -- -- it was all about I don't know which is worse which is what damaging both shot sixty minute or what I wish there was a port to which is. He would -- the forces were in here is how far away they were and what kind of help I don't think I'm sorry I was also an unbelievable bravery. Hope the guys to CIA an -- who fought a mile down the street brought people back. Two of them or active duty what was dealt with a few teams that got that signature is cross in the navy cross -- mechanized battle. -- you get so that -- that county jail so. Yeah I think the ball equally damning colonel I think there but you know. The how but the fact though at CBS had this. Video. Where where Barack Obama is saying that he that it it that it was a premeditated attack and they sit on it. M and let and let Obama did take round house punches at the Romney for raising the question. And CNN lying about it Lansing injustice in this misrepresent. Pop up on I think that that almost expected now CVS. And NBC. And that. It's almost expected that they're gonna cover that they're gonna cover up. That that they're not gonna use. Explosive. Video that they have it they that they rather protect the. -- much this year I got into Asia and I don't know why would support we can be surprised that. We would talk about it for years that now much of -- overtake anybody that -- your control -- about the sixty minutes piece. Just added more fuel to that fire -- -- should demand some kind of sort of accountability -- what you get fired. By Hollywood studios -- back a year later to look at the look at some of the embassy. -- -- what they owed me a copy. Stevenson's. Daily schedule. Do we mean that the forensic on this from the FBI we get here for three weeks on and on it's it's it's criminal that what -- what we did this. And waited and in that time nobody can do. The lack of reaction we have -- that cannot -- America to go and try to help these guys under fire and it -- -- unbelievable previously sent the CIA guys who -- came down a mild on the road in my back and -- a -- again. I'm Rebecca I think it. -- and -- -- tools someone wants to know was this -- -- is this not a gun running operation. Yeah yeah yeah yeah we were -- yeah that's. I don't like to get into -- doing it we will organizing oblivion -- to get to Turkey and Syria for the rebels. -- into Syria for the rebels who are with al-Qaeda. What was Qaeda attacking us when we were trying to get weapons to them were bit didn't they know the -- was trying to get weapons to their -- To their comrades in in Syria. I think all of -- I think they'd be about it and I think it was a -- support al-Qaeda. To have to take out an embassy until about. Mean it was it was to me like -- you know what. What I mean now I think about it this makes it even more insane I mean we're trying to get my mole could mole could -- guns. So that we can package -- mop and then send him to al-Qaeda in in Syria. In the end it with well we're trying to do this in same favor. For al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda then attacks of that tax the guys who more poorer putting these it guns together for their for the al-Qaeda elements in Syria. He had been told the big hole you're right it's all the big hole in the theory that that these Democrats have been trying to use the White House that this is some fringe elements of the right. Who is trying to make a big deal of up to sixty minute -- on the -- fringe element of the white and it was very active very straightforward. Very bad. To see -- here at C and the look into senior advocate initial security expert. Talk about that we -- would -- that Colin was coming here isn't writing. In particular al-Qaeda -- and and we get nothing we have -- -- guards and up at a Libyan. Tribe that was gonna react to the security guys that have been coming. They didn't aren't armed guards and -- It on you what so what are you added we are huge trade and -- Which which you can't adequately ran away. How big how you do this story though a kernel with no mention of Susan Rice. Hillary Clinton. And Barack Obama. Even David Petraeus. I think I think that's part -- eight. -- -- -- -- A -- like he -- you know it's like your you know you is it's like you've got this 800 pound gorilla in the room you know you're you're you're due to me you know your. You're conducting a forensic. Examination of all of the rest of the room where -- with the corner of the guerrillas and you're not pock chipped. Part yes deputy New York I put that I think. Don't worry -- not enough people have put that in the context you have. I think I just Cuba which should let that says this is that the backdrop that the presidential election. In which is what people were going after Romney. For daring to question. It was the bigger by by within twenty -- -- horse that was a bigger aspect of the story than the four Americans being killed as good about bird flu because the administration refused to help. Right yeah I agree. But what it. Ronald Ronald being I think Romney had to apologize did -- or they wouldn't ask you he should apologize. For attacking the president at a time of war. In it and CNN. Candy crawling. -- about during that -- and a third presidential debate. Actually wasn't wasn't the second one when they do it right yeah I was there it was a one word admit had done very well the time before he was doing well -- that one. And then she suddenly started lying about the what -- -- Obama had said and it threw -- off his off his game and he never really got back on it that night. Right and I think gambit. Would not prepared -- got the group that we all of like. While he didn't want us I think he was prepared -- so I think I think the you know again his his a -- site consultants these people who make millions upon millions of dollars often. They have they gave him bad advice not to come out swinging. Yeah I agree it was so obvious what happened and so you've got I think -- admitted. That politics can be used I think the next election there was some damage. And hit that many. We work we were told we were prepared we lied about the attack outside of them that we wouldn't help. We witness said we decided we would help -- update mercker. If we did any forces toppled. And and I relied -- that people start benefit expense possible. That's just awful and it and it and it's I think again I think it's gonna. Britain and then we went so far to cover it up as to as to estimate. TV spots with the secretary of state in the president. End spending 75000. Dollars to run them in Pakistan saying we apologized for this this this is. This event this this videotape that nobody had ever seen and have absolutely nothing to do with the attack. Without a color that's that's up and convoluted cover up. It is and I think the man who made the film is still in jail. Yeah I he has he has. That's a double that at -- you know he'd never come. I think he -- I don't like I passed a bad check or something colonel and he's been in jail for a year or. -- -- -- -- I'm just saying that in tablet enough. That and again and again. -- is being -- op in people like getting. Away with saying that at some fringe element of the right who want to -- and gotten a big deal is going to do. And his lack of preparation lack of lack of response and then lying. About part wanted to to the extent that just does so well that you just talked about and it under the backdrop of the presidential election. But is that it's a good movie -- -- articulated -- -- getting -- comparable. No one ever get secure held accountable for the for pretty thing in this administration you know lowest lowest -- has been held accountable either -- No one's gonna help the Capital One's going to be held accountable for this obamacare thing you know the rectifier some believes. Let's say you're -- -- No you can't buy you practically -- get the company well there's no way she gets our course. And no wind and betrayed no one's going to be. No one as and no one will be uncomfortable having -- I think I get I think particularly that can do it up to more parts to it because it that there is no question the secret to and I describing. Is absolutely accurate. And and you've got a that they stamp on the films. -- so what the president said was right that was like to state that all of a -- for over two weeks. And -- -- it is clear from even sixteen minute that it was. We knew this is gonna and we as a secretary of state in the White House. It's sixteen minutes describe why they decided to why -- why they decided to suppress the news he element of they're interviewed the Dayton now they just didn't. Not even mention. You're right it was just assume that the of course they would try to protect a Democrat Bob moon -- president right. Did exactly what it was they would they would after. And quite knew they had -- -- investigation. That went there and they get they get a couple of people couple things that were of interest of where we collect color of the story. If put -- -- And some meat on it anymore. But. That the overall concept out. Feel decrease of war and failed to take -- -- an unarmed guards. Who. Did not did not send any help. Do we get guys come in from Tripoli who got stuck at the airport. Who do that nobody nobody comes in from time to come and help to have a lot of -- for about two weeks and then we've got to diminish it. I blaming people we've talked about it Israel lately you have. Yet ten and foil hats that wing nuts etc. Turkey Utica public calls to colonel. Leaked your next with how we -- colonel David Hunt going Hadley. For adults are up I'd like to ask a question of -- these latest. Resignations of but -- generals and admirals. I don't I just -- through information I understand. Bunch -- movement you know maybe it -- accountable I don't know if it meant that we didn't fit in. To. Two senior operate -- -- through the great relief. For sexual misconduct that we want to -- actually -- to -- one hurt. That command climate I don't know anybody you know everything I ever discovered -- What about that what what one probably one of them will resign because he was using counterfeit poker chips in the casino. -- I don't think I don't think someone really bad guy he's right. And the -- a couple of I was Forestar probably and so they've been packet back that it is contact at all they'd be doing all the talk about I don't know of any. Any of resigned. At all well I don't have been fired for no reason. Yeah so I mean that's -- that's going around on talk radio that the you know that he's trying to -- he's trying to clear the decks of all the the you know the non not Obama. Believers. In the military try to promote everybody but the you don't -- -- Now you've -- report. The damage argument on the first English for the military. -- it's it's it's that's a whole other subject to television radio that is standard that people have been fired. Had that is that again it was a gambler. And outcomes and sexual misconduct have been there to help. -- ACLU can defend somebody who's bring -- them I mean how how stupid yet to be he's gonna give it. It report and a modern casino. Right she's -- -- counterfeit chips. I was gonna chemical. And there. Somebody once as Mitt even apologized to placate the mom of one of the seals who publicly criticized Romney the one time Mitt talk -- Mean yeah I met him it. It was like after after a 24 hours it was more like me Mitt was the guy who was responsible for that Barack Obama I mean even by modern. The media standards it was it wasn't in an amazing feat that they that they may admit into the development after this the complete disaster by the Obama administration. How weak I don't know how many days we did is -- writers of the show up and -- -- you keep it where it was pretty extensive and fox has -- on -- year. Com capita average in and out of sixty initial testing at all yeah but but I. So I don't -- instead I'll. So left reacts to this. This piece because it did you know it it it'll -- there have been no wiggle room with two minutes. And what those and what the people on campus that. You know thank colonel think our guys the security he about to -- British security act. That we -- we we do we writing. Get a cable and in the cable world. It didn't look to. Them to go to the second highest ranking American in the Libya has you know we we told them what we've got to help protect -- -- given to us. The only guy says that we told what was gonna happen to DoubleTree but people happen. In writing. Nothing. Yeah. I just thought I mean I think you'll only be Hillary's on this open at this point what does it matter that what you said something like that. -- -- -- -- -- I think sixty minute show it to matter and on armed guard to what what I'm still trying to figure out why you have got a guard but not a weapon. And then in a conflict in the. I don't know I mean you understood why Barney Barney Fife only have one bullet and has gone right. And I had to keep it in his pocket but that's left me you know left me a team that may -- a little different than -- -- as we as we all know. Let's see 978 says that was ripped by the left for being -- too soon but now it's crickets now. Exactly 18774694322. Tom you're next with Howie Carr and colonel David Hunt go ahead Tom. But -- impose. I I just want ask the question of it all colonel and we have a show it's always good to hear you but. Air they understand Niedermayer are the Democrats we don't necessarily -- not just. A well. Yeah and I'd -- probably be Mohammed -- you're dumb habit but my question. -- thought that it has. -- -- I would question that the and then there's -- you want to bring that up too liberal. He got the quite the -- which as you know which backed into the corner on these things they always say. Well both sides do it that they're -- -- drop out of everything did you guys only remember a little longer than mine. I dropped out there whether Republican ministry here our administration. Anybody Republican I'm leadership all the hours about anything close to this and got. -- -- -- -- -- What would I I would say you know how about -- a bombing of the Ericsson in Lebanon on bay in in that but in that case but in that case Ronald Reagan came out and said it was his fault he's scheme on said the next day it was his fault there was no cover. At the neat memory chip the -- up here yes every element to an end that they were response would work by the -- we -- captain going towards Iran. And collusion frustrated by the turnaround. I mean that we we knew they had a lot to that -- the top again that's a good -- market but the different -- Do do -- -- credit limit to what we lost 269. Whatever the number of. And a bunch of French to -- yeah RB and a bunch of French to. In about a crisis in Lebanon but ended and the day after. Police say corroborated that. We -- well. So why did that sent a doubt that the ballot battle what we got here in view of are carrying a lying. -- And and it's interesting that -- the level of push back. By the news media and the power ministries Nazi war. It works in a -- back and that kind of depth. Because -- don't want it don't want it to happen fox. Or me or you just yeah. You guys got. And I called about it is not too much it would bite. Well Bill O'Reilly show that first week I called the president the secretary of state liar about for a Democrat. I'm a Democrat anyway I did. And don't think that no -- normally if you -- you do that outrageous. And you even a little bit wrong you -- phone call about not. Where it was Valerie Jarrett relentless. Which is a -- of the closest advisor to the president period. -- in the room every decision that she was born in Iran. And I don't think it I'd like. Yet you won't shoot it's if you are battle. So -- lot. -- -- -- Back and get that invite to be you know I don't get you -- imply I'm kind -- -- I'm not -- I didn't think it aptly competence. Probably you would say. But I think a backdrop presidential election this administration lied about it. I think it I think that the reason they didn't go after anybody. Because they do that they expect it we're told there could be additional damage of the people killed collateral damage I think that's why. They didn't try to rescue. Do you imagine opening come out that they were that they were running guns to Syria. Two to al-Qaeda in Syria and then with that somehow they were attacked by al-Qaeda I mean where I mean that we're just what made them look so terrible when -- met there. I know it can catch captain Eric did that story within twenty days of I think. Even at the -- have got to remember -- -- on fox when we get that part of the addition. And it would be it was a one -- and make -- Abbott antics of the ball into Turkey this area. But that time. And we would not yelling about how many al-Qaeda were in it rebel force in -- until a few months later. That became more apparent. -- point. Yeah. So wouldn't look so bad at the time Beth you're next with how we card colonel David Hunt go ahead about. I highly I have a lot of respect it has spoken with in the past but aren't. I am I in I -- button in the military and it's not just a couple of you know these. Top -- that'd be inspired word retired all of a sudden it's a I think they're denying recently including. You know Carter handed general the US army who served. But it had to act -- common 9/11 happened in guiding it and Charlestown west. Into the navy commander and general Ralph baker. And Brian Roberts and you know general major general ray. Third event. We go on and on and and I think it's important to remember when. Obama got into office. The head CIA. What devout Catholic daily communicate with about every single day a very moral man within 38 Obama removed him and stock and you know Leon Panetta. Who never get past as lieutenant during its exceptionally -- two years into the military. But as Bill Clinton's chief of staff who can -- reliable hack. You know and let's spend thirty days after about the people in and they are not let that he made a pretty that he played its part you know I I I really think that. Obama is doing I mean if you look at what Hitler and Holland about what they do they hollowed out okay pop in the military doctor and keep. Oh -- look good gimmick to me just give one example I think Iran carting him. -- that and that sort of backed recycle I -- to -- what we get it analyst. He used he had retired. His change of command was announced. It wasn't a cover up for that got Africa command hagel told. It was a it was headquarters an optional -- they actually sent that the the droves wondered how to get out the -- they actually did. But is that Israel -- -- along kind of -- you know wanted to send forces and he was told not to want needed to have forces until he was never told. The president they did not give the order. -- Just drones -- what is wrong it's that post people were outside the embassy why couldn't the drones have come in the drones mock Alka. You know single cars on highways went camping December drones in the -- They didn't that they controlled we had there that would be used to be helpful helpful amok and try to get that that this is bad enough. With the people that would fire the people have been relieved. There's not that purge. The military we got enough that I know that things have happened you don't have to go to that. This park which is just not true community in which you just described credible fired for cause. And one for example like him. Have what it was a time without you these are without any place like Eddie Rodriguez. But. It's a good bit of apathy and a predator that states and the secretary of state. What widely got it would all the way it did. It appear that that's that's. He get to what you get everybody we start thinking about things like his approach to the facts are are so powerful we don't have been -- OK colonel we we gonna take a break there are some people said the via the Coptic Christian guy that was released last last month. I -- that that they were stood -- it's where it was on the news and -- say the man whose video sparked the deadly riots there's a play I mean it's. In the you know the the mainstream media still logon with the big -- apparently I missed -- story but thanks for bill whether this colonel appreciate it okay bye bye. -- -- --