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Liberals freaking out over Obamacare.

Oct 16, 2013|

Don’t you wish someone would have told them what was going to happen?

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Three Jeff corner Boston bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number. My friends. Obama care is collapsing. Now. Even some on the left. Are now realizing what we have been saying for the last three and a -- here it's. That this law is an absolute. Disaster. It is -- train -- It is it is one of the worst pieces of legislation. Ever passed in American history this is not Jeff corner saying that's. This is not to Rush Limbaugh saying this this is not how we cars saying that's this is not that dead -- saying this. Now even many liberals and leftists even far leftists. Are now saying. I ya -- -- what were we thinking. And check out this story. This is a a story I believe it's from the blades. As the realities of Obama care continue to sink him. More and more people are getting letters from their health insurance providers telling them that their plans -- longer comply. With federal requirements under obamacare. So they say we just brought to this story of trick shot Titus and his family. Facing significant increases in the cost of their health care plans so for many family stern now getting letters from their health insurance providers. Saying their premiums instead of going back home several thousand dollars a year are in fact gonna go up thousands and thousands of dollars. So. All of you know about the daily coax. -- it's a far left wing web site. They huge Obama's supporters fanatical Obama supporters. Will now a community blogger. On the web site has now and they blog. Complaining that both he and his wife. Are facing check this out a nearly 100%. Increased and their monthly premiums. He claims he is canceling his insurance and refuses to pay any blanking panel. The bloggers you name is Turkish -- church caps. A British and the Daily Kos. Is my national review. -- my freedom works. -- want to WRKO's. Website this is Daily -- you don't get more pro Obama more left wing in the daily post here's what is blogger writes quote. My wife and I just got our updates from Kaiser. Telling us what our 2014. Rates will be. Her monthly has been a 168. Dollars this year mine a 150 it was a their premiums. We have a high deductible. We are generally healthy people who don't go to the doctor often I barely ever go. The insurance is in case of a major catastrophe catastrophic insurance. Now here's the kicker. Well now because of obamacare. My wife's rate is going to 302. Dollars per month. And mind he's jumping to 284. Dollars a month. So his wife is going from 168 a month. Just 302 dollars a month and here's a rate is going from 150 a month to 284. Dollars a month. He goes on to -- I am canceling insurance for us and I am not paying any blanking panel. What the hell kind of reform is this. That's my point but that's what I was trying to tell all of you liberal stuff. You're really get a whole list CI know what all of you thought you thought we were gonna get almost. You thought that somehow the magic commanded dear leader -- anointed one the messiah. Was gonna actually -- thirty million people to the healthcare rolls. And lower everybody's health insurance costs. In other words she was gonna defy the laws of reality and economics. And now we kept telling you for three and a half years you're gonna pay for through the most. Your health care costs are gonna go through the roof. You haven't read the law. I'll I'll I'll even make another prediction content I guarantee you this. I am now making an open challenge to the president of the United States. I bet. He didn't even read his -- ball. I bet -- If he did not read it 2300. Pages in obamacare I'll back him anything he wants. In fact they'll tell you liked. If I'm wrong -- If he can if he proves the need if you read the law in other words he most specific aspects -- tales of the law. I will quit my job on WRKO but if he didn't read the law. Which she should've read because that's his signature health care law I'll make him a deal. If you're if you read the law all quit my job but if you didn't read the law you quit your drop. I bitch you anything this guy didn't even read his own law. She doesn't even know what's in his only walk. So here is what we have. Tens of millions of Americans are now stunned that there health care premiums are going up thousands of dollars. You can't keep your doctor that was a -- You can't keep your health insurance plan that was a lot. Now we're finding out that millions of Americans are being kicked in to part time work. Their hours are being slashed. This thing is destroying the economic growth it's destroying drugs it's destroying health benefits. It's actually forcing people to lose like this guy just left wing blogger is now not gonna have any health insurance. He says for can't -- it. I don't know what I was think think. I can't -- this. I can't pay 300 my wife -- -- 302 dollars a month I can't they -- four dollars a month so what I'm gonna end up I'm canceling insurance and I'm not paying any penalty. So in fact you're gonna see people lose their health insurance because of its okay and he then concludes by saying this. I never felt too good about how this was costs -- really all and allow you guys don't like the way it was -- not all the bribery. The Louisiana purchase the Nebraska kickbacks buying votes on the floor of the senate on now all of a sudden you have a conscience -- but let that go. And what it entailed but I figured it's if it saved Americans money I could go along with it this is what the blogger writes the left wing blogger. I don't know what they're thinking now this appears in my experience. True not to be our reform for the people. Do you think genius. This was never about you. This was never about the people. This was about Obama having control over your life and the lives of all Americans by controlling their health care. That's what this was always about it was a bulk power and control. It was never about giving people good health care. So. You have all of this evidence. But hold on. Curious Paul Krug man from the New York -- say he is the dean of liberal columnists. He's like their Bible. He's like their Saint Paul. Dates he that's what he is they they read him in the New York Times all these lives due to get their marching orders or is this phony economist. Who never had to me anyway did this guy to me is forget. This got to understand the basics of economics one -- one but let that go. So to now defend the indefensible. Paul Krug man is now desperately looking I kid you not. To find one person one. Who has managed to successfully sign up on the obamacare. Exchange web sites in all the ones that give collapsing. They keep melting down all the time. And finally he describes he's had quote an astounding obamacare success. Throw a seriously a brick up the confetti bring up the event. He did it he actually found one person he complaints. That's successfully in a roll on these computer on these web sites into obamacare here's what he writes quote. This morning. I talked to someone who successfully signed up for obamacare. With great typical. But she did succeed in the end. Since New Jersey is one of the states that defaulted to a federal run exchange this shows that people are starting to trickle through. I know one example. All and she was a very happy with the low cost obviously goes on to right. They messed up the programming big time do you think genius but let that -- which is kind of a shock real. But this will get fixed and Republicans believing that they're going to be able to run against the program a year from now. Are going to do about as well as they did in believing that they could use a shut down to defund the program now. So Krug man is now basically celebrating. He wants us to basically. Break out the confetti. He wants us -- to basically have a big parade in downtown New York in downtown Boston the Boston commons. Because he managed to find one person. Who enrolled in Obama won now. Is there remain to that person now. So that person remains -- -- Why would that person remain unnamed. I mean there's not a crime to sign up for obamacare you think -- be a source of pride I got like -- health insurance. I signed up I did it I navigated the computer system the software and I managed to actually sign up. He can even offer the -- I bet you dollars to donuts. He made that person. He can't even find one. But militia say he found one just for the sake of argument. This is your big success. -- 313. Million Americans. You've managed to find -- one person. Who actually successfully in a role on the web site they get obamacare that's it that's your big success. How many hundreds of billions of dollars were spent to set up the obamacare web sites. And you're saying older starting to trickle throw my own don't even trickling -- one personal crawled through. Even if that person exists. Now. Here's another story. This is the stuff you couldn't make this stuff up. So the left is now desperate. Gay don't know what to what do we know I don't know what little I don't know what to do what we -- here does this thing is collapsing it's an absolute disaster. It looks like these Republicans and conservatives these crazy right wingers like Jeff corner and never completely right. This thing is just MS from it is the so. The San Francisco chronicle they have a blogger her name is Kathleen -- And so she writes his blog where now she shares her own vision of an Obama socialist utopia. And so in -- world as in the Obama is there are givers and takers you have to givers that tax givers costs. And of course the -- curse the welfare deadbeats we're gonna benefit from obamacare. And Scioscia says look. You know there are several easy steps how to become a -- Industry overall blood sport that's obamacare not check this this is the left -- advice now. On how to get Obama care hey this is how you can do one. People whose 2014. Income will be a little too high. To get subsidized health insurance from covered Californian next year. Should start thinking now about ways to lowering it to increase their odds of getting that valuable tax subsidy. In other words. Don't make too much money. If you're a single person if you make over 45000 dollars a year you're no longer eligible for that obamacare subsidy. So what she's essentially saying his team you've got to become -- Don't work too hard won't make too much money because if you make too much and many. You're not gonna quality qualified for the subsidy anyone qualify for the subsidy to make Obama care affordable when you say. So what you gotta do is make less money. -- do sure income. So this is what the Kaiser Family Foundation another spokesperson sets. If they can adjust their N com they should says Karen -- it's a senior fellow very left wing Kaiser Family Foundation. It's not cheating it's so well. In other words. Mean less money. Beat poor. You see if you're poorer bring you get the subsidy. It's not against the law. Just if we all become pour enough he'll be eligible for obamacare. That's there in other words let's become a banana republic. You become the united states of Argentina so basically don't work too much don't have too much. And their quit your job or ask for a not a race but at the lower your salary. And then you'll get your tax subsidies. I ask you. It's just a recipe for success. I don't think so. 6172666868. Is the number. Obama care. Success. Or failure. Have you tried to enroll what are your experiences mend your calls next. Every time Oscar gold bulls are 6172666868. Is the number. All Europe first thanks for holding and well. I -- -- ball a great attacked here -- and quality to do you actually spoke might last week. I -- thank you put everything -- don't thank you very much what their pressure get -- equipped. Three point. Nobody. I am sure nobody. Knows what CNET 2008 is exactly. Actually -- correct nobody -- 2008 is okay that's what. Second if I was -- parent of the child the best school in what they handle what I poem now. Good about where are we wanna stay on topic here Paul we just wanted to keep it down to obamacare. But no you're right I know the president hasn't -- it. I don't Nancy Pelosi hasn't read it I known Harry Reid hasn't read it I know -- spreading -- hasn't read it I know -- allows and read it. So how can you tell me it's good for us when you don't you ever even read your own law. I mean let me ask all of you would you ever move into White House if you hadn't seen it. And all so why should we accept all they haven't read the bill you're up next welcome. That particular cause -- my pleasure Bill Hall yep do you let a lot of letters and a -- -- except would be a multitude behind and -- you know. You are informed. Authorities. Will know exactly you really don't know what the heck did talk to vote but they can't -- -- -- Now tell you what. I'm gonna hold you to that yet you'd you'd say that you put the this station. I won't quit my job if Obama can husband who you know I would read I would -- try to plan a way to get rid of you okay. Out of the Boston nearly anyway because values spread is that men. Did divisive different. Yeah it I think it's event M bell. You say look at bill. When you don't take your medication. This is what happens. You need to take your medication. And then you know you can pronouncing words properly and you can still live on plan ever okay. But when you don't take your medication and I you know Europe and fantasy land just the problem bill. 61720666868. Is the number Mike Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. They get fired escorted I'm good are you might. I'm glad that made a good thing good news girl and no likely I think -- Medicaid. How I can't I. I think you know venture questioned before the break about failure or success I'm talking right now. It just in my opinion. If you want to look at -- -- straighten things of that nature and understand that our dollars. Are all going to be going up but you are are you all can go look because of course we have to keep it fair. But it didn't just a number on. This is about law. Think about Biggio how to -- a Democrat total obscurity elderly and Honda -- not -- that everybody's pulling that you. Think about Belmont gold and cocoa App Store all your hard work after all mighty hard work. That I I had been -- next to -- who hadn't occurred in history don't. Nothing that security has no in the game is getting the same degree of care is I am sitting in the very next. If you're lucky to get care if it. -- you know that Mike this is a massive redistribution. Of wealth from big givers to the takers. And now everybody's waking up and saying all my -- But Manuel wasn't gonna cost me this much now my friends I'm telling you. When you start losing bloggers at the Daily Kos. If you're Obama and the dams you're in big big big trouble. More of your calls next. -- --