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Chump Line Friday October 11, 2013 - Hail To The Chief

Oct 11, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was the remark that if fake indian Sen. Elizabeth Warren ran for and won the oval office we could play Hail To The Chief and mean it.

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The chaplain has brought -- today by a veto of -- water visit next generation seniors dot com to learn more about north bridge company's newest memory care community. In southern Maine a -- of stroke water. You've really got to look at that Obama survey about that -- People Magazine field. At the bottom because it's based -- a 1040 guys likely Obama for you to. Yes. Well only I know that I know go from West Hartford has an Obama phone because he's told me I asked -- lost army Coleman. -- we already have a third party in the country. The Communist Party. They used to be the Communist Party but again it was it it it was. Absorbed by the Democratic Party or shall I say it absorbs the Democratic Party in the may decide to keep the Democrat name. There's no way it always parties have him. Changed. But they were there is no war Democrat party basically they're. In the Democrat party is the Democrat party in name only it's actually a socialist. Bordering on Communist Party. The Republican Party I'm not sure what it what it stands for. That crack -- these days. -- -- -- -- They atomic colonel. I don't know the and I can fiddle like the fact that he voted for Obama. Generally I don't think -- either you know some people I didn't even tell of this but there were texting and in this -- I can't believe a guy who voted for Obama it works for fox is trying to defend fox against charges of being too liberal and they will make fun of whose face. I think that well he could teach yourself like Kevin -- now he won't make -- -- I can go doubt that a north didn't know what has happened to me. 'cause nobody knows who you -- Kevin because there's a big fat guy in criminal kicked -- behind. -- -- I know that out and let me report. You can see that city. -- public. Aren't giving him cry and all -- -- as. It is worried apple like there in the country. By the way speaking of terrorists the now Fox News picked up on that story from Orlando by torture by yesterday about the dry run that the terrorists apparently made from New York to -- Lambeau. And I there's there's another. Part of the story our last stop the story. Is that on the flight back they had eight women. Come on the plane dressed head to toe with the Berkus and there all their faces and everything covered. And of course you can't really do much with them because that would be -- that that would be discrimination try to you know we will win and we don't know that there were I don't know that that I think they were probably trying to figure out what's what works best just the the standard Mohamed ought to that type of -- deal you know box cutters and running around the clock that are just bring in in these women or men in the Berkus and god only knows what they've gotten -- those Berkus. Usually when they start to do when these dry runs it's not long before they do war we do an attack. -- you're wrong you're not going to be there on Columbus Day. It is now called it -- early days. It's on its feet. Who calls the discovery day. And that I have that one either. And over at Brown University no longer celebrates. Columbus that it would it's just. You know because how racist can be mean just because -- white guy arrives on the continent that means it's discovered when a bottle on guys that are. -- bottle and Elizabeth Warren's people there. You know she went on the West Coast of what this leads they were there. She's -- he had come and stand. No one has ever this proven that she's in and each 132. Indian. Indians -- -- -- Our -- -- that there is that there really -- -- the truth it's that type -- ability. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I decide to resign decided to work Columbus there was -- take off next Friday. They often times fall getting ready for publication you're merely people. There will be a nice day here there will be nobody here actually there's nobody here anymore anyway. Witness -- comprised like this actually works. But it does but like this of only 14 as many people working yours there were two years ago -- -- when the economy's -- McCain about the -- museum -- open. And shut down -- Seven I want my sister woke up in the middle of the night turned on WRKO here's bill from West Hartford on coast to coast. He has a tough if the public getting back to sleep after his adventures with the hookers in downtown Hartford. I can't wait for Grammy Awards to become president and -- he has an advocate it is it's only proper. The band will play -- for the. The tale of the cheap and at Arrowhead Stadium. How is Aaron I would say I repeat how long of the analog allow. The chiefs. To have that name and how long they allow them to have Arrowhead Stadium how come they're getting a pass and about the army you know I'm you know I I know I know that there were. You know out of flyover country but they are undefeated this year you know I mean you'd think that -- -- Get some kind of pressure to change them army -- -- forts. You know it helicopters like the Apache I mean that's that's definitely racist. It Agassi you know you're absolutely right about that. -- Is that our mobile or anybody away anybody what he's doing -- -- right. Guys -- out of my own column. -- in the that I broke out of my call. White white did that. -- -- what I could have pulled us over your. I'm glad they're reading my column but I'm kind of surprised to see it turn up on the line embargo doesn't get voiced confidence that. Let them right now. Fired oh. Million dollars. And let -- that happened. -- have been relegated. The city -- they if they wanna watch. They they they celebrate diversity you know they they want -- while. The -- you know. The they hate you the what was like added that at that unitarian minister from Cambridge said talk about -- -- combination -- -- -- -- minister Cambridge that small with a small yeah I was -- -- yes reference. The reverend small. Why you wouldn't let me Ku klux Klansman. Or an anti semite on to the boredom. From channel to. But actually you're living this -- -- So he had this -- small has free speech. To call a philanthropist. A Ku klux Klansman basically you're an anti semite. Don't fully up to post doesn't have the right. To have his own opinion. On. The reverend small to religion. Which is not humanitarianism by the way it's global warming virtues climate change and in the spirit of diversity reference smallest withholding his donations to -- now. Yeah that's what they said about me that's probably be fired. Disabilities it is everybody withhold your contributions from channel to go -- cars fires. Those with low and that that was celebrating adverse. It is true what kind of like -- solid -- its -- well. Second never mind. Yeah that's right there's no idea that not the the the armed forces -- -- -- -- now apparently. Until further notice but the golf courses do remain open. Apparently tulips and -- her radio yesterday that they have apria that all legal ports now its largest. -- school hours -- local forces the Pentagon via the of these homes around the world. 240. You mean we hope you'll excuse me we. An edited play golf but the government the government's not -- could not -- to -- 240 golf courses but one department meant in the global warming to run on most couples. Hillary Clinton but maybe it. Cited people find out Obama error in Iowa. Expense play what the involvement period so you have probably brought -- people on the -- that that. -- -- -- But is a little boy is Ohio right. And is -- Hopefully. But it but right now did they currently have zero -- -- -- -- So it continues at this pace in Hawaii when they finish up -- zero while boys and Asia -- it is. -- a product probably. Aren't cut and don't get everything aren't people puppet and don't back. And it and I -- now. But it would shut down. That's is the via the so called shut down. Is a kind of falling apart here there rather they're having a tough time we've been keeping up the pretense of shut down -- and the white mountains not working out too well either. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling haven't tired you -- OK that's it for the jump like today the trump like is the recorded -- mail message service about how we are sure you call leave a message of India -- the day -- -- including weekends that troubling number you're likely to messages. 6177793469617779346. And we -- airmen player message. At this time. Each weekday. The -- line is brought to today by a beat out a stroke water visit next generation seniors dot com to learn more about north bridge company's newest. Memory care communities in southern Maine beat out. A -- war. I can't wait for Graham who want to become president candidate he has an advocate for and it is it's only proper. The band will play it hailed the the can. You shout.