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Dan Flynn In The Red Zone

Oct 9, 2013|

Columnist Dan Flynn joined us to discuss his new book on the NFL and his article on a PBS documentary which sensationalizes the NFL study on player injuries and concussions.

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This is sometimes seem like there's a war on their reporting that. You like to do. Whether it's driving a car celebrating Christmas that are eating cheese burger. Having -- You know the the the the the moon bats Europe to -- out -- -- anything anything that the the we'll see that beneath what's the average of anything that most Americans like to do the moon bats want to port and into. Five owning firearms another. They they they don't want anybody to enjoy themselves other than themselves of course and the reason that the enjoyment they get. Is -- telling you you can't do. Now today's lesson is going to be. Something that. We all. And that's football. Right it's one of the last it's one of the last ways that Americans actually. Ball on together it's it's. The Super Bowl may be the last event where all America takes part. That that by watching it it really seriously it's it's it all you know wondered million people or 150 million people watch it. Anyway with us now is at the end -- and he's got the he's got a new book out. And he's he's been -- before the end but he's written other books and -- he is the author of the world football. Saving America's game and again they're going after football the -- there was a big. There was a big. So called documentary last night on the PBS league of deny. Yeah it really put the BS and in PBS is the way I -- that I would put it but what would you open up that line might call it -- go ahead of me what went Q. What you opened up with a picture of Mike Webster is dead body. Act you know faces of death stab you know that they are not going for the head they're going for the heart. And all that it -- Webster former player for the Pittsburgh Steelers are dishonest picture in Sports Illustrated this week while there I hope it was added in a Steelers uniform at Tesla has this this was just incredibly. Unpleasant in -- course we hear so much about CTE. We hear about this that give us what that Jesse to ease chronic traumatic encephalopathy it's his degenerative brain disease that to John MacKey in junior say -- a lot of other. The football greats have have come down -- And that is from this this document -- you get the idea that this is settled science that everyone. It's outlaw gas not afraid and that's what to throw it up again David Coke. Settled science that means that means politically correct -- and there hasn't even -- randomized study done in points on CTE and can't export this is -- consensus statement from the international conference on concussion export these are the best brain scientists and sports. They say cause and effect relationship has not been -- net demonstrated between CT in concussions or exposure. To contact sports these groups studying CT they don't even have the same definition of what it is. They the -- they go after brains of players that they book you know the party believed to have been brain damage they have a selection bias there. There's all sorts of issues going on with without the CT groups but you wouldn't notice any of this from last that PBS dot rape is not until 72 minutes into it did they have a critical voice. 72 minutes into what it was worth and -- world it was -- it was two hours long it. And that's before silence spoke up and sets up and criticizing. The theme which is this giant conspiracy theory that the NFL knew something about CT eat that science does -- claim to know about it now. It just absolutely ridiculous. Well how how what is is that they don't like football you're right I mean yeah digital this is just part of this is just one facet of the campaign debate -- just last month the oldest prep school in the country Lawrenceville. Track -- are the oldest football league in the country. At Lawrenceville prep in New Jersey was put out of business by the headmistress there. Because it was deemed too dangerous and of course you know what happened in -- where it was a powder puff football game between girls that was gonna go on before the Thanksgiving game. In the principle they said. In a flag football game is too dangerous and they -- -- this. This is at eight got a real hysteria feel to it similar to other media driven hysteria is going back taking a killer bees when I -- -- -- right -- the Y two K -- -- and now the killer bees have been succeeded Mike. -- -- -- So -- It isn't the point is that football is safer than it's ever bet you know when you work in the long time ago. -- in 1968. When there were bombings going on this country assassinations Vietnam was blowing up there with 36 players who got killed by football -- Last year they were two players who got killed by -- football and it's an important discussion used to be about players getting killed on the field and players are getting killed about -- congress -- -- bridge from football from football again area and a broken leg when I executed two sites I've. I pay mine good man -- -- so I'm all right hello to this woman from below last night indication set up the documentary. That she's she's starting to believe that may be every person who's ever played football. Has CT east apparently as a nation of a brain out zombies walking out there trying to get a handicap. Accurate from my -- -- I -- now. Yeah it's. Nothing else seems to get me one it's so. But it but -- -- they they they don't like it means to get we come back another another aspect of this is is is the the war on the Washington it's it's definitely saw that you know is to blame for that as the Boston Red Sox because -- course that go to Washington Redskins were originally the Boston brings. They moved over to Fenway Park in the OK so you had -- you have braves Red Sox and so than they needed to read. Indian that's right city switch from being the Boston Braves one year when these when they switched over Fenway Park they became the boss in the Redskins because they they want to glom onto the Red Sox -- -- -- in baseball was more popular football we're gonna go after the Harvard Crimson. The fighting Irish should let us know at at at the the vikings yeah but it -- Rush Limbaugh predicted earlier this week you know Goodell has the press conference yesterday and and four -- the first five questions are about the -- about the Redskins. Yeah it you know it it it's absolutely amazing I think a lot of people are not interest in football as a sport their interest in -- sort as a social logical phenomenon. And let's face it in all this controversy. About football when you talk about the Redskins or you talking about the the lawsuit. The NFL is approaching ten billion dollars in revenue I mean they are a -- bigoted GDP is bigger than some countries. All that's not hurting the NFL. It's hurting you football you football was down 6% of its player population last year high school football down for the first time about twenty -- If you. You know if you have a couple more years of youth football -- 6% as player population. You know -- haven't you football left because these there's a lot of parents out there that think signing their care for football means signing them up for brain damaged 'cause of this lawsuit now. What it will add that you don't know that I'm sorry to give back to this so that the Indian thing but I what are the chiefs get a pass on. I think Kansas City you know it -- when it where it is -- that didn't name the name of the of the stadium is. Arrowhead Stadium. How how are you might get a. Total past what you're Rick Reilly idiot I dad at Sports Illustrated and green article on this recently because of all these columnists and elements in the Washington bright house call on the Washington team and Riley said you -- call BS -- -- is called the Redskins because. I've gone out and I talked and it Americans their native American teens. Teens and reservations call skins. Seem to be offended by it. Right exactly I mean in this ad and they had the one guy one that I saw a picture of that in the -- one there was a picture one guy was being escorted out he -- -- a lot of get a piece of paper like that's. That was that was the demonstration but it's not. -- on the national -- -- like there's this like there's this groundswell of support against football. -- -- and of course it's the same thing -- the president weighing in on this Redskins matter and then earlier this year he waited and said if I had a son. I don't think I'd have to think long and hard before I allow him to it to play football and that's sort of lends itself to this this war in football midsouth got on the. He had he says he's an avid fan of the Chicago Bears -- -- if I have read the press conference what's it. Yeah -- Mr. President who the quarterback. Carrier for the Chicago Bears just. We -- when I got that right now I don't I her -- how. How with the Chicago Bears brave -- that we get this why did you but but you don't get the corner after all the sports I mean look at the there was some heist it was the sums public school recently that. The BM. A ball. Spy saga yesterday in a Drudge Report not allowing them to to play with balls out in the -- the playground. Impetus -- people banning -- gonna seek a banning dodge ball did get a mirror ball dodge ball I I think what this you know how about a half. -- -- You know apple and apple looks like a ball doesn't let me and I -- we're trying to get couples into the -- it's happy meals I'm confuse. I think football is kind of a rugged. You know aggressive game and we live in a very anti septic passive aggressive culture and so naturally there's gonna be a culture clash there we have. One out of every twenty kids in this country is obese -- one out of every five -- thirty years ago was when on a very twenty. So were breathing disorder a nation of fat zones. -- big football usually the only instance play that's so there's a slur constructive role in getting these facts shows off the couch into some cleats because it gives advantage is to brains and brawn. And yet here we are this country acting as -- the primary health concern with kids is brains and not -- you know. I think football or basketball or any sport wouldn't you know -- the last thing we should be doing is telling kids they shouldn't be plane's -- 1877469432218774694322. Of you wanna talk to DM four and the title of his new book is the war on football saving America's game. Is is it is anybody get rich off this thing I mean -- we know our war became a you know we even before he made his a hundred million dollars or whatever it wants from selling and selling current TV Al-Jazeera. -- made a hundred million bucks off global warming. Has anyone made have made a fortune on it. I'll definitely take -- partake of Harvard Harvard got a hundred million dollar pledge from the players' association earlier this year to study players and to give the met medical care that kind of thing. And lastly it's quick story last year the national institute occupational safety health data store did a survey of -- a study. On every NFL player who played from 1959 to 1988 in the -- found. What they found shot to the players have outlived your peers and society they have. Depressed rates of lung cancer of also tickets is a heart disease even kill themselves at lower levels than people deciding. And yet when Harvard got this grant they came out in repeated this urban -- That players die young they die in their fifties they doubt that's a lie and that's one of the things expose and in the war on what the. You're nobody if if somebody's eyes you know a football player -- everybody looked like baseball any kind of aptly if they die they're going to be in the paper right right because everybody knows who they don't. So they're going to be so -- See him in the old -- but that got me there I -- -- -- -- eight. When I talked to that that Nash at the scientists the federal scientist's that conducted the study they said the exact same thing that everyone you know that's the reason why we get this inflated sense. That football players are killing themselves and elevated rates because every time it happens it doesn't go away but we know that waitresses kill themselves. I did I looked at all of that that that the mass suicides in baseball and football over the last 25 years. Baseball actually had a higher rate of suicides but I don't think anyone's making a connection between a suicide squeezes in and suicide is -- just -- -- To whack to make that connection but they make it with foot. 18 -- up you wanna talk about this Paul you're next with Howie -- in the end when the author of the war on football saving America's game go ahead. This. I'll call on the all Americans Sanctuary City this trouble I work -- cousin Timmy I'll outstanding. He would have probably fall off the -- -- they were better and I was this has happened and sophomore year. All these -- that liberals who want it emasculated meant. This scandal was that this market team. So -- some. Yeah it's bad and and of course it's all coming up because it wasn't -- all plays and hockey place it was disputed Welch greenish speaking Spanish. I'll watch now with those guys like I don't think but the ports in the may have been espionage descent but they spoke English all -- well. Lol so the -- people language of but the thing is now since a soccer team is on the feel one of the better teams in the state not the best team. That's when the liberal -- the double steal that it is a movement in the country to emasculated men shall any type angle like myself. The lions who does like to be -- or the guys. Why don't I don't miss it's about time we are and step up and put the moon bats and it backed up to like the -- in the a. 088 take everything else away I I you know just leave us football I just thought of another pro this is a news this is a new story and hoping the high 888 a well known football player who lost his memory apparently you've you've been following this would -- bush compelling with Johnny Carson. I did follow that yak and -- card joining Carson every every bush in the -- boss them. Bonds now. Bush and his lawyer. Where -- has written a new block a tell all book and he says that they went over to war. Did you joining thought that his ex second wife was screwing us somebody so they went to the secret apartment she had. And they found all these pictures of Frank Gifford. And so we said it's free so she screwing Frank Gifford so somebody asked Kathie Lee Giffords should that that your how's that frank screw war. Johnny Carson's second wife. And she said I asked him and he said he can't remember yeah. No I. -- -- -- -- In a -- Gifford got that did the biggest hit it minister in NFL history on Frank Gifford in 1960 sales in just a quick story to illustrate. That they did know you know that that they were very credential but concussions back and we got hit by chuck bad -- He can't take it out and Yankee Stadium on a stretcher they wouldn't let him play the rest of the season your state two and a half weeks in a hospital he sat out the next season's all this nonsense about we just discovered the effects of concussions the day before yesterday it doesn't jibe with the history of football I have other stories like that. In the war on football that illustrate that point. Thank you he 857 says joke heard a tone was also a chaperone and that's the mayor of Somerville wants to run for lieutenant governor that's why that story got a good leaving alone. In -- next with how we -- Dan -- go ahead and. They hi guys I wanna -- because. I didn't need it the war on a bar and a couple things I can't wait and I'll click pop ordered I'd go so far away and never kill. But you guys talk about the benefits. And outweigh any -- because. I don't -- I'm -- thirteen year old they're eight tied daring work can't blame him we're working with whammy on the scheme. Keep part of any parent no other sport that he -- teamwork by a there is not -- And yeah he got there at break time he you know you're he did he could -- -- wanna -- is reading -- I'm planning -- because -- -- move their houses. They parent I'm looking back at -- aren't I don't wanna go out there and get hit but every boy should be out there playing -- me -- well. I I couldn't agree more that we you have kids that have a lot of energy there if football didn't exist they would invent it in nowadays when a teacher sees -- -- a lot of energy. They give them -- they give the matter all they shouldn't give up football or basketball or something like that. I -- -- I these kids turn around the black and turned around by. Eight -- to -- to them under the wing and that this is what we need it do it it's amazing what it does from -- and no one ever talked about that that it. Last night that was what shall bloodiest PM something about the spirit of Saint Louis you know the field they BA team. And how well those guys all in the up on drugs I heard -- back. Basketball. Everybody on that team was on was with Marvin Barnes and that the of course just look up. It was that gas at the and gust Girard -- from the University of Virginia from my era in the ACC I mean there -- they were but haven't. But you know and everybody everybody. You know life is fatal ultimately right I mean it you something's gonna kill ya. If you look at a guy like art Donovan you know that's the sort of the Bard of all those football priorities right he -- this summer at 88. Nobody -- People act is all while he's a football player he lived to 88 in the -- the science on football players is that they live for at least in the NFL but they live longer than their peers and society. And everyone from George will to Malcolm Gladwell repeats this ridiculous urban myth that they guy in their fifties it's -- -- it's not true. Cart your next with how we car and Dan Flynn the author of the war on football saving America's game go ahead -- Hey Alec and sure you guys outstanding. They might have a -- that a quick questions for -- I'm. What I live in a small town -- in New Hampshire. And they you know their claim is that it is in the soccer we don't play football here so much some plays on the club team and I'm a coach with the team. Oh my daughter also plays soccer with that -- school. And they are I would say eight injuries and three of them were concussion just some girls soccer team not -- wars -- on the boys' soccer team. Where my son's football team I don't think we've had an injury yet the scene and and -- both seasons soccer and football halfway through disputed. -- and other big Icrc report. Port yes. You know the the -- the the Boston Globe just re released a aren't covered a study from Boston Children's Hospital. And they looked at every injury from a child athlete that came in the air during the first decade of the 21 century did not sport causing the most injuries with soccer. Beyond that they looked at where these injuries on on the body work. The injuries Robert you know. -- and the legs they were on the shoulder they were everywhere but on the head at one point 5% of all the sports injuries were head injuries and only a fraction of those were concussions so. This concussion issue has bent and bent over height. I remember getting played soccer went linemen the -- were were -- -- play in your trip there to put whispered and I was running I was running of the guy kick the ball. What right in the my forehead just -- me on my ass. And I didn't but somehow I just got so now. The that they dirty little secret about concussions in high school sports is that at when you look at it from across meant to women. If you if you look at softball and baseball it's almost double team on a concussions and softball same thing with girls soccer -- soccer same thing with basketball and girls basketball. Know what -- saying hey let's -- -- sports because they get concussions more. But they're saying let's -- Dan football because you'd be more prone to get a concussion in football. In we -- -- that we got a break but thanks for being with us here and again the title of your book the war on football saving America's game which web site. -- files dot com went files dot -- -- car.