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Redskins Are Racists But Blackhawks Are Not Mr. President?

Oct 7, 2013|

This weekend President Obama weighed in on the issue of the name of the Washington Redskins. "If I were the owner of the team and I knew that the name of my team — even if they've had a storied history — was offending a sizable group of people, I'd think about changing it," he said. Howie asked does'nt Chicago have their share of Indian named teams Mr. President.....

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You may hear that you may or may not have heard this side. This is a real tempest in the teapot issue and indeed this is an issue that no one except extreme left wingers care about it being totally manufactured by the left wing media is a rush pointed out today. But of course -- Barack Obama had to get them on the politically correct side of that and that of course is a this is what should why should. About the football team known as the Washington Redskins formally known by the way is the Boston redskins' most people. Don't know that they've moved they moved many many many many moons ago many moons ago. But they were originally the Boston Redskins I -- -- one pill while -- -- yesterday that the first coach of the one of the Boston its guidance. Was a it was a native American himself did not. But anyway here's -- Obama has become men and you know it's a file this one under who asked you. I'm guessing if I were the owner of the change and I knew that there was a name for. My team here and -- held it had a storied history of was -- turning her sizable group of people I think something about change. OK so thank you thanks for thanks for a you're you're wrong. Your contribution to the the debate you're such a great thing and we all know that we wish to change the name for the middle you alliance. That's your favorite college football team right -- Pitt Penn State Mitt told not Nittany all Nepali alliance. All right Cindy what -- far. I'm offended at times -- asked -- question it's not your team it's not your business. A 100% now and nobody cares. Nobody -- -- very hot no I don't understand nobody -- nobody is offended by this except the a handful of sports writers who decided they're gonna get fifteen seconds of fame. It now while Obama who's just you know piling on. She got -- he -- get a fifteen yard penalty for -- unsportsmanlike conduct for budding and where he doesn't worry he has no business going. 187746. Mine has anyone asked the senior senator I was like in the same thing myself that if where does agree any war and -- this. We're word how I like Russia's suggestion name on the rebel fighters. You know. That that would be good because it not only not only would that not only is that the line in the sand for Syria but that's also what the used to say about people. Who were cutting off for refusing to grant mortgages to certain people it's it's much more offensive name it's the Redskins. And Russia all support asking red bone. The red bones but that relief is the -- in the when he was when he was saying and that's that is or rather in some in some. Circles that to rather offensive. Racial racial term. I don't think he knows it -- excuse not only for themselves. 18774694322. How we on the globe today they were getting excited about Liz Warren for president what Alex on that price on -- story overweight here and it's very scary. Very scary the cheese can wait until when he fourteen the makeup line when she wants to run for president. They're saying that the the clip on the on on no Obama was very low Chris can you play it again -- people are complaining. How does say if I were the owner of the change and I knew that's there was a name for. My team here and finish. Hello -- had a storied history of was -- -- her sizable group of people I think I think about changing. Well though again I don't did that well I know asked him lose somebody from the EP. All right. Let's see here. I saw you wanna feel a warm -- this weekend how you look great I would definitely want a trial that little place she recommended where the napkin dispensers were bogged for the winner real guys. That would be the busy -- in Brookline. The busy -- Actually the napkin dispensers came up during the awaiting trial what they they brought in the the Brookline detective who. Who put the bugs that would put on one -- in one of the napkin dispensers where work for excellent me. Used to was set in the morning. How about that how about this discussion about the lawyer on sixty minutes last week -- seek on the guy has elected millions of taxpayer dollars to get. -- -- -- -- What he doesn't take fraudulent but UC fraudulent government benefits for those with no disabilities FYI he also dated porn star lots of good info on this -- available on Google and YouTube as Wallace's. Website -- mr. Social Security dot com. And -- and I noticed that but last night -- I watch a game that was a really fine game that they go on before 5148. The the Broncos beat the beat beat the cowboys. And that's the only way -- watch sixty minutes has it -- that just leads straight into the game just went straight to sixty minutes watched it for a while but not -- model well. Let's see where it's -- -- GA epic gotten so many here early. He got -- is. Texting. Ability back so -- -- anyway. 18774694322187746943. 22 that is the toll free number how we are sure like to join us here this afternoon. Two what are these people wanna part we have a lot of people up there what do they wanna talk about chief -- to a -- Could we have a government so we're gonna have on -- that 330. Steve King the congressman from Iowa. He's going to be up in the Hampshire or grow over the next weekend ultimately add on for some to be there as well. So why am -- we're gonna have him on talking about what the situation is right now in Washington. Obama and the Redskins -- let's put them on let's you know what's what's going -- we cannot talk about that. Yeah okay. Nancy your next with how we cargo ahead Nancy. I am repeat what I said in a car when you said that he like he leads by more trying to prepare. -- -- -- -- now so there's that little Notre -- shouldn't be calling your team a fighting Irish because -- and Irish people do. What about what about the USC trojans right. Mean that's an offense to what that's an offense to condoms and to Turkish people could Troy was where we're at Turkey is now right. -- true I have a question that you probably -- insecure is there any validity and acts that AMBER Alert. Site is now but we shall Obama's. Nutrition web site is still. That's what -- that that's what the wires are reporting. Nancy what do you think of that. I am a plot I am bad here. That is wrong so many ways I can't even I even straight. How how about the fact that the on oil and all that did all the areas where you couldn't -- the best views are of the mount Rushmore in South Dakota. They put up the orange cones in the national park Rangers are telling people. Not to slow down or stopped because they can't get into the if they can't get into the park to see it now also but they can't see it from Rhode. But they're telling our Chris they're telling them not to stop because they. We know that art -- I don't understand only that. I understand that. It's way way yeah. I know. Obviously it's if this is ridiculous this is totally totally ridiculous that -- that they're doing this and it's just going. You know -- just trying to what they're just trying to make they're trying to irritates you know they're trying to punish the American people. Did you ever think that you whatever government that would try to -- about not criminals are Ross subversive or anything like that. But just people trying to go about their daily lives you know people people go to the people go to its mount Rushmore. They take it trapped these big big drive a couple of thousand miles to go see mount Rushmore in the in the portraits of the president. And they have park Rangers out there. Telling them to move on. It's it's it's just so. Unthinkable in the old yeah you know win in the old America. -- from Chelsea says while open main did you help Barney Frank -- harvest is our harvest his marijuana plants that he doesn't know yet as I didn't see. She scouts. Didn't. Barney didn't -- Barney doesn't burning lips and gone what he's put about what twenty. When he minutes thirty minutes away for ma. From Scarborough heated but he didn't come you didn't -- he and he and that dude did not come up -- landing for our great performance. 1877469432. To Russia your next with power cargo ahead -- You know -- -- if Kelly on the MTA was a native American what we have to change the name of the Red Line to a known name lines. You know. See it what does she what about birds I mean what about. But cardinals or falcons I mean that was supposed the foul that we -- the falcons like to be named after Atlanta maybe they'd rather be named after something else. Why can't a New Orleans Saints called a saint I thought we had -- separation of church and say and state run. God. I don't know -- we don't get do well truthfully it's. Right he's at. Exactly I don't you know I say good for Dan Snyder and -- you know I I would like to know the ID you know there's these they did these reports that some of these and owners some of the other owners who would -- a former named by the way. Are going to try to watch strong arm him tomorrow what the owners meeting in Washington in two was in this beginning to change the name of the team. How does that I wanna know who these people are the wanted what the wanted to change the name of the pain. The military how -- they gonna pay for the content to have a name change. Mean how much you eat much it's not like that the but it's gonna go away the name Redskins will be like Brooklyn Dodgers there hasn't been a Brooklyn Dodgers for what 55 years. -- anywhere in New York Brooklyn. Now -- new body Berkeley you can buy a full uniform of the Brooklyn Dodgers in hope. But not from -- this is not that that the name is not gonna go away. Hey Howie I know how long it took from my parents generation Vista operating system were brought from braves and it came to the Braves. All I know exactly exactly. I know it's yeah initialed the ball and made very -- I think that I think the Redskins Abbas the Redskins left Boston and around 1940 thereabouts. Yeah and Obama defined sizable group cool fourth beside cool is this -- usable group of people who were offended by the name Redskins. This about the Celtics. You know. I mean what little lap or caught -- thing around and around that midget -- looks like he's not a midget but he could he looks like he's amid -- supposed to be a leprechaun. He's wearing one of these stereotypical. Irish -- nineteenth century hats he weren you know some kind of weird how that. It's a very very insulting to -- to members of my truck is global it's. You know I mean -- one -- they changed into the celtics'. How about when they change the name of the bullets to the wizards bullets were PC in the wizards ones I guess I guess they never heard of the grand wizard. That's from two won't mind I know exactly the grand wizard. The Washington Wizards what does that what does that mean the Washington Wizards. Like the Utah Jazz. You know. Alejandro your next with how we cargo ahead Alejandro. And I don't -- -- it in my car. You know I don't graduated from actually a state school and all of it is liberal -- why can't change that in the current Blackberry thing out. There ridiculous that we have a liberal arts school and everything. You know we have a president who can't basically keep it -- got -- -- -- -- if for no reason. And -- -- you ought to be president and go back on turek and partly out but I think. I mean we have a lot more issues going not an early in all the guys aren't temper -- inside of a lot -- because he only -- -- -- you know what I. I have a little up it was a year and a half but not the same exact thing he wants the U and I are. -- kind of a little bit ridiculous that you know we have people in politics who. Basically have not elected -- drop down to work -- -- I think up or you were from politics to be a politician should actually have to -- a regular day job you know people. I would love to see I would love to see him have to work regular job you'll -- it would really of helped his. It's not as his performance yeah -- understand it he what I understand what it's like there's a stupid call that's -- read it today in the in the New York Times about how well. Rich people don't look at poor people the same way they don't reap from the same -- -- economics plays to be. Based at the take a load of garbage every day -- my job as lunch dishwasher down to demean garbage dump the appellate work that. And I didn't wanna talk to any on any of the gas at the hotel while I was there when -- I don't want to pay me any attention. You know how they just slow me down one of the deal with this stinky garbage you know. What I. I don't understand these I don't understand these the these people these moon bats these people with trust fund you know the guys -- for the New York Times or Barack Obama the -- Patrick guys have been hand and everything and in the in light meat. Just it that they think they can learn to -- people home and and don't. Don't screw up things they like whether it's did the nickname of football team whether it's their healthcare. Thanks for the call on 18774694322. Will be back with representative Steve King from Iowa now car.