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Guns For The Military

Sep 18, 2013|

One of President Clinton's first acts in office in 1993 was to disarm U.S. soldiers on military bases. The Army implemented this order in March of that year. Howie asked was this order a deadly mistake and should not guns be allowed back on the bases.

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Okay we're getting more information on who BM guns on mentally beasts of the guns private ownership of guns. On non military bases. It it appears it was in fact Bill Clinton mocked the guy that the Dennis Miller's guests at the day. This is from The Washington Times. Among president for 2009. And it's it's an editorial in Clinton Era military base gun ban. Obviously. The editorial was not heeded. Among president Clinton's first acts upon taking office in 1993 was to disarm our US soldiers on military bases in March 1993. The army imposed regulations forbidding military personnel from carrying their personal firearms and making almost impossible. For commanders to issue basic that the big issue firearms to soldiers in the US for personal protection. For the most part only military police regularly carry firearms on base and their presence is stretched thin due to high demand for MPs in war zones. Because of mr. Clinton terrorists would face more returned fire they attacked the Wal-Mart Texas. The the government faced at Fort Hood. Home of the heavily armed and feared first cap. That's why yes civilian police woman from are off base was the one who's marksmanship marksmanship ended major Nadal Malik that's on Rampage. -- though -- thereof bit now the the moon bats -- some are claiming that day it's not that it's day it's not Clinton but that it right. What do they say -- The new republic is saying. -- the rays play the GOP is blaming Clinton for the gun ban military bases but it was the army themselves who dated march of 93 all -- -- -- that. The army did in response to President Clinton you know meaning he's that commander in chief -- do anything and Adam right. Yes the the the army. The -- all of the military has a commander in chief of the commander in chief is a -- -- -- So you know they can't walk away from this one it's this is Clinton's going. 18774694322. That's the toll free number of the how -- car show. The book is subject is completed its its bullets being set complete its -- set off the right to cut lines for the pictures of senator etc. but. I've guys -- sent -- off the and softly the copy. To the to the publisher and it's which it should be that should be out in -- mid November. And if you like vote to Porter magnet the book is called rat -- It's about the trial and conviction Whitey Bulger. You can go to our website and check out two magnets. And you -- order to send a stamped self addressed business size envelope -- -- the male manager PO box say 12330. Wellesley mass 02482. And shall shall be opposite one one. Envelope per Magnum -- -- -- magnets that Harry Carson how we car show about com how weak or show about club could see the new magnets and please pass by which one you want we got to. One is the cover of book of the other one is a picture of the picture that was on the front page my entire team. 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But south from Portland you couldn't what a whole new show based from my part will be based on the trial and a -- and he will be the masters or -- as usual audience that he wore a new show as well he's the director of security. He'll also be talking more about the the fraud. That goes on people's selling paintings aren't. Aren't real believe someone would do so would -- some street artist from lower Manhattan 5000 box that. Do well whether or van Gogh Rembrandt. In that it turn around and settle it once they get it right. Once they get it dry they sell for seventy million bucks. That's regret that was a great story that was -- seventy million bucks this as Lebanon's. Caller somewhere approach to pull one out. And the the Corcoran art dealers over to his. Cashing a check for seventy -- all right. If you would like it was the show on the Internet you can always go to our web site which is how we car. Dot com or other website view we order the tickets that's how weak or show dot com. Go to how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. Who was the show on Internet. Also what how we cart dot com you can take partner daily Internet poll question the daily Internet poll question is sponsored by. Power house mortgage the local source for Jumbo loans. And refinancing at 1807620000. City what's a poll question one of the results thus far. Where the GOP succeed in key finding a bombing -- I fear not. Add the fearful group you're all together 65%. Alex hasn't changed much anyway you know I mean I'm glad 35% we think that he's gonna do what I hope -- I hope you your right. All right 18774694. -- You know about a violent to get those chapters of your publisher yes there -- -- chapters there she didn't attaching things and that's what you can know anything OK what's what why -- that -- -- that we're attachments it didn't say their attachments and just basically has it has. What what's -- I attached to it essentially as your email correspondence earlier today about duplicate photos. All Weis. Okay sorry about that sorry I apologize. 18774694322. Barack Obama has never been accused of possessing the most refined sense of appropriate especially when it comes to what normal people regardless tragedies so there's that word again this is from the investor's business daily by Andrew Malcolm. -- When four Americans were murdered by terrorists and been Ghazi Obama appeared after a good night's sleep bemoaned the loss vowed to deliver a killer to the justice to justice to the killer still unfulfilled and will offer fund raisers. In Las Vegas hey they're still -- anyway in there was big campaign money waiting. When 133. Foot. Yeah -- look forward. -- now. Of tsunami want our role ten miles inland to kill. 161000 in Japan two years ago Obama expressed his sorrow that went golfing. Women get bad weather canceled his trip to the funeral Poland's president. Obama paid his respects by golf and as the Gulf Coast economy struggled back from the nation's worst environmental disaster ever Obama urged all Americans to vacation there than he took his family to the New England coast. Sort should not be that surprising that is heavily armed swat team. Coast teams comb the Washington navy yard Monday for at least one deranged killer. Obama took the occasion to proceed with one of his harshest partisan speeches in months. Aides maintain it never crossed Obama's mind to cancel the political speeches gesture to a violent deaths of dozen federal employees across town -- In their about the -- grieving families and co workers. It's not like coming weeks of budget and debt limit arguments won't lack for Obama opportunities to out of the same repetitive talking points with his fading rhetorical skills. Although it finally did -- to someone in the White House to cancel Monday evening's Latin music festivities. Last week to Clinton acted strangely -- they need in the one about the the weird Saturday afternoon speech. Allegedly Tuesday the Tuesday afternoon of that was marked the fifth anniversary of the nation's financial crisis not something more -- celebrated. Do you remember fondly those glorious days when the nation's entire financial system teetered on the break and it was all Bush's fault. If they were losing like 500 points today on the -- -- in and day out although come to think of gas prices in the unemployment rate a whole lot better back then and they are now after nearly five years of Obama fixes. Those poor people props standing behind Obama's throughout -- 3800 words including familiar bogus claims such as our deficits are going fat down faster than anytime since before I was born. It's always about him hesitant. Here's another way to put it during both my first four years in office I created the nation's first four trillion dollar annual deficits ballooning the national debt to nearly seventeen trillion. And now these -- annual deficits aren't quite that big anymore. Senator senator 18774694322187746. You know it was just he couldn't he couldn't expect that TV networks to stick with that I mean because I was watching again I was just I. The -- I was just editing at home. You know the the chapters. And I and I and I had the TV watching to see what was happening and why you. Why why is he talking about this wire why the networks broadcasting that's why they should be out on the street I mean I know that -- You know there's a lot of crazy misinformation that certainly was the off on Monday. But but you know there if they say that two other people around -- mean you you have to YE. You don't even even if you have -- outs. Personally I mean you -- your interest that you eat. What are saying is they made a programming wasn't an ideological decision that -- programming position. David your next with Howie -- go ahead David. -- They had a sampling are working out military. I I don't know what that a spiritual policy was we allowed -- speech outcome I would compare it. Operation should have gone to edit cheapening your company's armory was shooting a look at our -- -- order or you. Allow Sharia or. Official military policy that the bellies down. Net debt are important only open dates to -- -- -- -- now so secure being skeptical to begin. So I don't know what now give. I don't know any soldiers or ever allow like just area weapon. Would they have that might they have had a go in their locker or somewhere like that. From what I remember we wanna watch -- -- and better. You could all keep it out yeah our record there were locked source art. So you had to register you had to register it. Basically. Especially right -- right well. Got so much registered as you all so they knew what was source it would -- -- someone else. Right right are so okay so you don't think they wanted done any good anyway that much but it but bullets maybe someone could run out and gotten it out of the barracks rights are out of it. To try to accept the good things -- -- the discussed delicate balance or really certainly. Place or that the. I was thinking about -- about Fort -- not so much Washington navy yard. To all part of right but did you know the thing is I mean a lot of those guys who were shot there were civilians on on Monday there were retired military. Right I mean and retired military is you know they're more likely be carry the beach you know to have a -- the -- mom mom military replied not that. Sure -- Greg the military are there are happier on the navy yard -- archer yeah what are. And god I don't know Eric -- a special act probably should -- year or two so what was -- -- It was Clinton generated and I'm just I'm just I'm not sure when that -- thing took effect in and they just going to be out short quick policy I'm not sure. Yeah thanks for the call David 1877469432218774694322. Apparently they were were some of the of the the survivors families we're trying to get the money that that Nadal law. Saab has has. Collect that. Is cents a since CEO went on a shooting Rampage. He's he had 300000. Dollars that actually obviously can't spend these in the break. But he. But I didn't read what she series CB can you should be given give me a story on what charities. This guy gave the money to. I wonder if it was like the get a committee on. American. Islamic relations here -- so it is at a charity. You know I don't think he gave it to the Red Cross that would be -- that'd be like call. With the Salvation Army. 18774694322. Susan your next -- -- we cargo at Susan. Hi Howie -- doing. I just get a couple of items chat room. Talk about. And the business side of beyond stab back -- little personal experience they had -- -- the constitution went the other day. To that. I'm not. Plot. I will be boycotting. But I am I will not patronize. Which I which I don't anyways very much and I'll tell all my friends about that's going on if they haven't heard. Well I'm not going to be handing your biggest that they just suggesting you know quote you know -- gone there yeah that's that's that's. And you know the thing as soon I I know you're probably like me you're already boycotting Starbucks -- wanna pay five box for a -- coffee right. Actually help with this it's just like down the street isn't that going which isn't far away yes it and didn't think in terms the profit to man. He may decrease in conservative areas that they might stay the same or even increase on the moon bats because they probably never once get before initiative and that's. All four. -- a lot of people at Starbucks strike me as zombies you know like you know these two zombie movies they used to say they're acted to living people -- did they just like -- they just they they just walked in the you know that wherever the there within a mile of a Starbucks they just -- while there are automatically. Yes but yeah cruise control right yes yes. Yes so on the other day I was around. Iron -- I had go to hospital itself. I lieutenant Sharon row with this young Mexican transplant from California. And the first words out of her mouth -- -- I hope -- by the time to get out I'll be covered by -- help. And and the constitution as we got into a little politics. After awhile which is just the constitution ought to be updated because. It was written by a bunch of old white racists. I told turner I loved my constitution. And without it sure wouldn't have been able to say which sent in the first place. And around -- we agreed to disagree because firfer. She -- wanna live under -- under the laws written by old white racists I mean nobody's keeping her in this country are they. Now and it is now there's a -- it started to do her over her own people who -- yes I guess there -- white racists. Now war aren't they got the big giveaway Jeffrey everything starting with started with free health care in her case. Awful absolutely don't show -- assumptions and surely. I'll definitely bright specs and I just wanted to bring most. Mostly that's a nice that's that's nice Susan that's very nice to hear that you know -- where assimilating our immigrants so well I'm sure she was in the country legally through -- Thanks for the call Susan 18774694322187. In home. We hate to give back the words of Merle Haggard but if you don't love it leave it hawks. Mike your next with Howie -- go ahead Mike. Always first time caller I loved her so thank thank you might call thanks for call and yeah there's gonna under Starbucks -- surely you know I had a license to carry concealed are the past it's been years in Nigeria or wherever I go straight go to a government -- -- of course. And I can't see this as a little bit of an overreaction. Because you know they're they're stand saying that this. They oppose openly carrying fire. And I don't know how many states. You've been openly carry a firearm and -- -- -- -- there's a few but there are many it was certainly can't match -- The -- New Hampshire. He -- -- -- -- but you know it is it is that a big inconvenience. To conceal your fire. And then you know nobody nobody cares. CE -- here's the thing might Mike it's it's more the tying me. Of what he did you know Munich Germany get this head this has nothing. To do rule with a lawful carrying of a of a web. Right I mean is this what happened. And and yet so it's suddenly after after doing the right thing a month or two ago the guy you the state puts his tail between his legs Sid -- you know -- runs away from Miami kind of -- back criticism. You know. Great but I I I personally don't feel threatened by a and it's send them that was said -- any statements that the network made because. I'm still there they don't hear much fire wolf I don't go to Starbucks anyway I don't think many equality bill from what I just. And now doesn't it doesn't really. And it it really shouldn't you know it's. A lot of people -- really seek it out about it thanks for the call. You know I had this solution that it would now -- we're talking about stores Starbucks -- reminds me of the old the old joke you know -- The horse in the coming animal the horse walks into the bar. Uses all of a martini. And the bartender brings of Maria martini units as well be LB seventeen dollars. Reports plays and in the bartender brings Americans changes says he would get many purses in this bar. Morse says at these prices you know I can get many at all. That's sort of my feelings about Starbucks you know. Paul your next with how we cargo -- Paul. -- -- -- -- Was not what I was gonna say yeah concealed carry permit. It's three huge stretch and you can't go into federal state building is cool but if you walked into a business as. Maybe had to sign up there it's. I know firearms there firearm pre you know. All you've done. It is. Trust. Yeah you're not violated your restrictions. It's up to visitor. The call our reports that -- and trust. You've you've committed no crime. You don't fire -- on the business I don't think I wanna sign like that no guns allowed in here. Well again I think I wouldn't would you be set yourself -- -- -- not so much program for a mass murderer -- for somebody wanted to rob the place. But it's not then in your restriction that's that you cannot walk into a business are learning and the other. Which are concealed carry. And in the second thing Ali yeah. When do we start calling the military military in the east because the armed services of Amman. If you know that's a good point all I'm gonna try to remember that if they know I don't think militaries of PC word but. You're you're right they are the armed services yeah -- try to do that for the rest of the day the armed services thanks for thanks for pointing that out. 1877469432. To plan your next with how we cargo have brand. -- -- -- -- Good I just -- which you know -- Barnum -- moved to Portland. Kind of opposite from me at all and we're gonna see you -- to report excellent excellent. The reason I'm calling a bunch of us fellows get together every morning and had breakfast. And we're talking about being politically correct and they were talking about the Washington Redskins where that. Whether real. Didn't match I wanna change -- name. Right point Brighton yeah you know -- now 888 sports writer in the United States can get fifth not fifteen minute with fifteen seconds of fame. By saying. I -- not gonna refer to the Washington Redskins anymore that it goes across the wire you know -- know it's big you know but it's like it's it's not it's not the usual fifteen minutes but. All these people are are now wise you know joining that jumping on the band the go ahead. I get a great name pro -- what's gonna calm the Washington red lines. But at a -- there and you know what -- -- you'd have to say there might -- the ups they're they're the one of the slowest teams in the league the Washington red lines. It's like the red -- here. They had stability and I have strand. And -- men's event you know man of the words that. Where and when we talked about that people so that was sitting around just had to laugh about it too I just -- they give you a buzz on. Alitalia there's not many places in -- named squaw anymore there. That's another that's another row -- word that has bitten the dust. As the as the EC posse has moved through this the the the 57 states is Barack would say I'll see you want and I'll see you won the October the fourth and fresh outlook for the senior okay. Thanks for a -- for coming out 18 sevenths he's the he's talking about the night of crime it's at going ending in Scarborough just south of Portland. And that starts at 8 o'clock and if you wanna order tickets are going fast go to. How weak or show dot com a week or show dot com -- your next what we cargo -- Julie. -- -- couple -- couple were trying to do the Braintree. And I hear you talk about Starbucks. -- how -- the day yesterday and I'm not a regular regular but I do like going there. Let me tell you that I no longer there just because of the whole stance to take in which -- bobbled it needs a good I think myself. What. Are the bigger the problem here. This might not too much confidence that they can actually need to sort of announcement. And really rude customers and I'm thinking well I don't know but. I think most most Starbucks customer you -- not not all obviously don't know you've got to move battered Galveston to show not but it but you look around you look around when you go -- at the next time Juli if you go in there again I mean you know who's in there. Exactly right I do you right. Yeah I -- all the pony tail Olson. -- and the dizzying and gross. Greg -- little beards. You know. It everybody's got a -- law. You know like like who gives a bleak what you would come. Exactly it you know in Pakistan political months ago I you know went away. Was thinking aren't they camera went -- Supported something -- another another big political and I can type up uncle Gerry want the look how bad I'm tired of it's a good old gun control is ridiculous. And -- I would be so -- I think I'm sure I'll probably a few months back out at the end of the summer. You've got a young man on and I that you you've probably people calling all the time like this but he said he'll call you about the topic to talk about it he did did you grow up. That was an Ollie don't rise -- lovers from. And when you -- you I don't I don't listen to that your golf and I got the same page milk and people are calling it like it was it's. Use the word now I have to -- honestly I'm trying to you know or more people elect not beat Alberto like I don't -- -- And make the truth -- you are a breath of fresh air and all of that felt hi I'm a social worker -- -- insulin work amongst many Democrats it's very difficult for states. I'm. I went into Yahoo!. Just that in the car. Potentially I was the mayor's debate last week you know I was in the I was in Cleveland at the time with the book publisher and I I listen to the mayor's debate you know from my hope from my hotel room and you know was on the Internet. -- actually myself. Why can't these people talking about it the of the things that I'm interest you know I couldn't believe that they were talking about stuff like bike paths. You know and -- and -- finally consider how validity you know the the counselor from Hyde Park -- -- he kind of kept closer and he finally says. You have to remember there's still people in Boston who. I've cars. You know. Why is why there -- you know why are they treating us this way you know how. I mean I how PC this this does this place have the big thanks to. McCall Julie. 18774694322. Money. A swords to consult will be so far -- in the polls will talk more about it that today that hurled -- they released -- on better radio today. Itself almost 8% so. Maybe. You know I am I would -- I don't think I would vote for and so when anyway but because of things but. At least these at least it was willing to discuss the the dreaded C word. When I wish you just said though. You know. If you have hit its. And some other. Verboten word in Boston pretty -- -- certain segments of the population if you have children. It's kinda hard to take him to school. -- -- would be key -- -- -- 18774694322. Car. 18774694322617. So a bit crispy cream allows open carry. -- -- Beaver state -- and says the only bright spot in the navy yard shooting is that -- and Alexis was dealt with as the mad dog he was. And we save a couple million dollar trial but now he's a dead boy. Of every dead -- good. I was listened to his -- statement today and you know she says he's he's in a place and I thought -- touch was gonna say. Weird no one can harm him but in fact she said the right thing which was he's in a place where he can't harm anybody. Exactly. Exactly. Patrice -- ledger back good luck with the new book nothing says xmas like rat me that's what I thought. PS what do you think about tearing down City Hall I pose a great idea I touch I richer -- facts the other day Patrice and. Marty Walsh -- state rep from Dorchester who's a running in one of the people in the running to get up. Spot in the final election in Boston wants to tear down city hall and solid -- commercial developers managers move peace city offices around throughout the city. As I think used to be the case we have a small city hall of very small city all but they as as time went on the the apartment house which would have it was what was worthy idea parks and rec department globally. -- That was a -- I've worked him a lot of buildings over the course of my career and that's the worst building I ever worked and I did work I was based at City Hall for -- here. In that -- Kevin why it was mayor and is that might mayors. That it would be falling through the empties in the space. You know which that we should be on the seventh floor in the city councils on the fifth -- just run down the stairs were wait for the crappy elevators. And it was like you it was like such a like an elevator shaft that the whole book all the stares -- You know you look down the agency's war after for a was he was just danced and danced the enhanced the -- in every way. The asbestos hang him from the ceilings and in some people whether -- -- the smoked. And that you know weren't some of the smaller offices like Obama doesn't mean we're we're so short there weren't worthy it's -- weren't so -- -- they've died of that asbestos induced cancer that killed us Steve McQueen. Just an awful place I would get the it it it's definitely yeah it's definitely good moved to try to get rid of it. 18774694322. Chick filet mandatory -- mandatory -- that's that's it he's joke and that's pretty that is pretty funny Todd your next with Howie -- go ahead on. Yeah I'd like to clarify what these guys that are older -- -- weapons not vote yes today. I would think before it went but the Lola. Actually work no secret carries in the Arctic waters that law. If you were on duty obviously it wasn't the right party uniforms who a firearm on the big guys who lived on the votes that would -- our. Keep beating lots of money they have locked up. In the company commanders say if you had a weapon you have to keep yeah. So you know would still. One in -- security. But you can -- -- weapon out our annual audit. And if you've been up around with -- you don't vote the Rangers or whatever so I think eight me. They did a lot of doubt about the weapons where I mean allowed. That it met when it happened. There have been an -- Oakmont was president. Yeah. Yeah I think I -- -- right and again after if of these these guys a lot of these ball I think most of these people were killed were former armed services right. So they they were -- though there was a good chance at least one or to a home would have been -- and. Oh absolutely if you're not if you were not doing you know let you know if it didn't conflict the -- -- -- today you can certainly ask your your weapon on that no problem but. Most of the company commanded the guy committed super bargain. Well -- -- and probably have weapons that anyway because that it weapon against Arab. -- -- Thanks -- call problem 1877469432218774694322. City. Marcia Coakley was in Pittsfield yesterday 413 says telling us why she wants to be governor what -- morons keep want to keep all the wonderful policies of the midget help. God help us. -- region was such. I'm Regis a story a little bit later wrong about the -- -- camp about this this ongoing disaster that's that grows worse by the day. Now now these now these these drug dealers that are being let out a prisoner that you of course they're being. Like again. And one -- -- it was down over the weekend. And die he said thank god for Randy duke. Thing. And thank god for Deval Patrick for letting and we do Cannes. Perform the for Agile and asks that she did that they have resulted in all these now soon to be hundreds of people maybe not maybe thousands of people being flat out. -- you're next with Howie -- go ahead are part. Yeah you know I would. Well won't look back. Back -- their fifties and sixties and receive a title laws we have on the books in the kind of protection we've got. All these people who was screaming about. You know what I did getting rid of -- constitutional right the same people. Well keep watering down the laws to make it easier for portable commit crimes and get out of jail and I didn't go did you. Right I I I now. I know why this is again like Bieber stay fit me and said you know army. The good news is this guy's dad. Mean can you imagine he would say here he would had every excuse in the book he had post traumatic stress disorder. The you know the need be rowand my. Society role you know. Everybody would have been defaulted this guy just like I'd just like it would -- would be the the -- gift from from Cambridge you know by way of Chechnya. You know XPL flash bang when our work column these days say you know he's gonna can you imagine how much that's gonna cost how much a case is gonna cost. Well I'll tell you something else that that that I heard that that can be -- -- to be another topic you know that ice is what. Has led out about 3000 sex offenders because if they can't come to try to let that -- -- Because of an all the Supreme Court ruling. Is based -- no longer than six months is cooler than usual punishment without a trial and it looked at it let out thousands and thousands of convicted of illegal aliens has -- countries won't take them back will start with him and put a lot of restraint. -- I did it just gets wet and assist says the -- compliment his country. They came from the great society Arthur I mean your -- you sound like you're old enough to remember exactly where came for. Well yeah everybody was let go back with a visit Gerry Williams you know the governor yeah you're you're you know are popular but can you imagine if he was alive today. Well you'd be you'd be going crazy he would even pretend to be a liberal thanks for the call Arthur. -- -- -- 18774694322. 77 forces how we think this country benefit greatly there was as much money and energy put it to mental health services has been in the gun control much from park Carol L one film. I agree I mean this is again this that this guy was crazy to -- about -- and this is about though allowing the not to be on the street types are going to be used and and on PC weren't like not. -- column fruitcake. Rots your next with how we cargo ahead rush hour. How to mentally -- person with a rap sheet today again I it and given -- security clearance and a major military installation. You know pretty pleased that they hiring decision maker is the Obama mobs look abruptly otherwise known as our -- The well yeah your right error I mean I mean you're right that -- excuse me I mean I think that's that's what it's all about I mean you can't discriminate against people anymore just because we have a record right. -- -- -- that they did this may pass somebody ought Massachusetts along those lines it's it's very hard to get it's harder to get Corey records that it ever has been. Right right you know just because somebody is a convicted sex offender you don't you want one -- -- wanna keep him off of a school bus -- c'mon. Well RR chewy. -- perpetuate broad minded person but to celebrate diversity. 187746943. Jews who have.