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Terrorism Or Work Place Violence

Sep 16, 2013|

The death toll is at 13 people after the murderous rampage at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. this morning. Police report one shooter was killed at the scene and they are looking for another suspected man. Guest host Jeff Kuhner asked was this terrorism or workplace violence.

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However tragically sadly. We have now been engulfed. By another mass shooting. According now to media reports and what to newsroom mine mine mine. Editors and reporters at The Washington Times with the boys are telling me is as follows. At about. 8:42. This morning. I -- Washington. May -- York. Which is one of the biggest naval command areas in the country it right there is where they build. And maintain. And by many of the ships and submarines for the US navy. I was in Washington for many years before I came up to Boston I know that area very well I've driven by it many times it's on L and M street. It's a huge complex. It is heavily guarded. It's it's like an armed camp however it has an Achilles heel. The problem with it with it is it's got many entrances you can come in and come out from many different areas. While at the Washington navy yard which is a a a top notch security. Installation. -- began to come out reports that there were shootings in the cafeteria on the first floor. Initially it was believed that it was one gunman. Now it has been confirmed that there are at least two gunman it looks like the third gunman that they thought coordinating in this attack. A white male who was identified as a suspect or person of interest is no longer a suspect or person of interest. What we've heard from eyewitness accounts is as follows. On the fourth floor. At about past 83840. Ish. Looking down on the first floor cafeteria. Eight gunmen with pay rightful. Began shooting at people in the cafeteria. One woman said she hurt. Paul Paul Paul. There was a pause and then pop pop pop -- seven shots. Immediately. Pandemonium broke out. There were people shot in the head people shot in the legs people shot in the shoulder. And then a few minutes later other eyewitnesses said they saw a another gunman on the third floor. And he had a handgun. Without saying anything dressed in military foot peaks he just began looking at people and he began shooting. Immediately. DC was then shut down. Flights were grounded at right -- Reagan national airport nearby schools were closed the nearby Department of Transportation was also shut down. The Washington navy yard went into walking down. Swat teams descended upon the Washington navy yard helicopters began to fly overhead. There was police everywhere. Security was bolstered at Capitol Hill and at the White House. Throughout the day it began to appear initially there was only two or three people -- It is gone up to five people dead then seven people dead. Now the latest that we're hearing from media reports is at least twelve dead five wounded it. And I suspect that this number is going to go up as the day progresses. The primary shooter who has been killed. Is now been identified as a 34 year old Texas man. He was a former employee at the Washington navy yard. And he was a civilian contractor. Who from what we're reading now on assume -- paper's reporting The Washington Times stole or possessed some other military officials ID. Which enables him to enter the premises. He had some other person's military ID and that's how we got into the Washington navy yard into the complex. So the initial reports are two shooters. They're looking for a second suspect we still on the loose. They identifying him as a black male between the ages of 4250s. About 4050 ish gray sideburns. There is an intense manhunt under way to capture this individual. And BC news and I wanna be very careful about this because there's been reports that have been. I corrected throughout today but according to NBC news. They now our reporting that the shooters named the dead shorter. Is Aaron Alexis. Former civilian contractor himself he's 34 years old they say he's from Texas. And he is now confirmed dead. The identities of the other blackmail that there are looking for has not been confirmed police are still looking for that individual. There is at least twelve dead. Many are still being dragged into George. Washington hospital as well as to the medical hospital. This is very close to where the Washington Nationals play. It's also about half a mile away from Capitol Hill were congress'. In other words this was a shooting. At the heart of our nation's capital. And what is remarkable. Is as we insure another mass shooting and now from at least preliminary evidence and still preliminary. It may it seems to me that it's not terrorism related although we can't rule that out and even Homeland Security is said they will not rule that out. It seems because he's a former employee. Because he's a former civilian contractor. It appears it's most likely. Workplace related although we're still not sure about that. What is incredible. He says this was going on. As you have the police chief. Saying this CD is under assault the CD is under siege. There are dead body -- lying everywhere blood everywhere people wounded everywhere. They thought -- shooter still on the loose we now we know it's one but then we thought to shoulders on the looks. What is the president doing. What's that dear leader doing. I kid you not he was delivering a speech that was scheduled before hand. On the economy on the fifth year anniversary. Of the financial crisis the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. And he comes in and says -- you know we may have another mass shooting Woolsey they're patriots patriots have been -- back my heart goes out of the victims. And then -- Without even missing a beat. He starts that he starts criticizing the Republicans. He's blaming Boehner. He's blaming Republicans for stalling his economic agenda he's of all people blaming bush for the financial crisis. And saying that's still the reason that's haunting his administration and why he still hasn't been able to fix the economy he's blaming bush. So he's blaming bush he's blaming Boehner he's going after the Republicans. This man is playing politics. When several miles away from where he's delivering his speech there were still too shorter is on the loose. And dead people and wounded people and blood spewing everywhere. -- -- DC's police chief says we have a manhunt underway. And this guy is standing there are blaming Republicans about the financial crisis. I'm looking at this. I am Scottish. -- without words. I don't know what to say. I'm looking at this I'm like even now. With. Washington DC on the fact dole locked down. With another mass shooting with at least twelve people dead my god it's a bloodbath. And you can't take the timeout from bashing Republicans and partisanship and politics. And taking cheap shots that your opponents. Ladies and gentlemen. There's something seriously wrong with this guy in the White House. This is sick. The elevator doesn't go to the talk. And then on top of this I couldn't make this up if I want to. You're gonna say Jeff Jeff Jan have come on now you gotta be making this up -- this is. This is -- here trying to inject some comic relief I swear -- I was the bodies are not even cold yet as there are still hauling amount of all hospitals. What do you think First Lady Marxist -- does. What is it won't show what is she doing she goes out and tweaks. Doctors going to be a kid you not in celebration of a -- Panic heritage month which began on Sunday I had no idea is was Hispanic heritage heritage month or that it began on Sunday but let that go. Apparently now we all have to celebrate Hispanic heritage month. Even as they're bodies in Capitol Hill there's bodies all over this so our bodies in Washington DC the nation's capital. There's going to be -- concert tonight at the white Cox. With Gloria ask the fund you you gotta see this this I mean I'm looking at this and I'm thinking you gotta be kidding. You gotta be kidding -- And no according to Marxist -- now she announces that there's going to be a Latin music festival. At the White House. And there's going to be a lot of musicians they are they still got a party the party you're in chief the party never ends -- -- party you're in chief. It's gonna be Gloria asked the fund. Were male signposts. Legal bounds -- -- Mario Solis and other top Latin lotions. Are going to be joining the obamas are kids not to -- the latest installment of the PBS series. In performance -- the White House in honor of Hispanic heritage month. And so she says quote. They're gonna be enjoined the beats and melodies of Latin music that there are so irresistible that even President Obama will quote. Shake his -- saying quote unquote on Monday night. This guy. Is going to be dancing. Booking doing the Cha Cha. There marine day. -- dead body -- couple miles away from the White House. In a mass shooting. And she's openly -- shell and show is openly tweeting that's. -- only one. That finds this unbelievably offensive and disgusting. You wanna talk about a man who was radically disconnected from reality you wanna talk about a man. Who couldn't give it to him about his own fellow citizens I'd never seen anything like this. He's like our collegial. And then and vendors to show you. Already now already and you knew what was coming you knew it was coming. -- we still don't know how many how many dead already now it's coming out now from the liberal media already. They're looking for a Tea Party angle. They are looking to blame conservatives. They're looking to blame quote he backers quote unquote on all the right wing was behind us already now gun control. Gun control he's already the -- there's already talking about potential Duncan already all right another mass shooting all it's like -- now. All it's it's like Aurora Colorado. We have to start now right away. It's kind -- they're gonna go after the Second Amendment. They're gonna go after gun rights. They're gonna go after people who lawfully owned guns. And before you know what get ready for this my friends after he's done blogging in the White House and doing the -- -- -- OK after he's done blaming Boehner and bush. For the economic mess that he still hasn't been able to solve in five years after resigned blaming everybody but himself. What is he gonna do now. He's gonna come out and give a speech the next couple days mark my words. And say you know what it's time to revisit gun control. Anyway it's all the first time after and you pound. But you know what now we got to revisit gun control. We have to I want I'm calling on congress and the American people can now pass sensible common sense gun legislation you -- your first. That's what's gonna happen and the next couple base. Never let a good crisis go to waste. So here you have it. At least twelve dead. And the body count keeps rising. The president gives a speech. And -- this is going on with the manhunt going on -- shooters on the loose he's blaming Republicans for the economic mess. He's going to be partying at the White House tonight doing a Cha Cha and hammering today. And -- before and at the bodies aren't even cold yet and they're already blaming. The Second Amendment -- they're already now looking to push for gun control. And just a show you. How utterly incompetent. The government media complexes. To show you how little understanding they have what's going on in this country. You remember major Nadal Hasan. The Fort Hood shooter. The at a Muslim extremist who gunned down the thirteen of his colleagues. The the guy with -- the army psychologist with a guy that had the card that said mujahideen. And nobody thought anything of it. On CNN. There is an anchor on CNN. Who. Is asking her producer she's going on asking her producer. Has this ever happened before I don't believe this is ever happened before. The gunman does that create that kind of Havoc. -- US military facility. Yes. Have you ever heard of it happening before Brian. I'm sorry Carol admits that question could you -- no I I was just saying that this is that one usual because this is such a. Heavily secured military facility I work in Washington for many years I never heard of such a thing happening. Well we haven't either in this area Carol this is the first time we've we've seen something like this that at least in many many years now of course you remember the the Fort Hood shooting in 2009. Moon. Man and. The Fort Hood shooting I mean this. Now you know why the American people don't trust them the so called mainstream elite media are -- that's stupid. You can't even remember what happened three or four years ago this Carol Costello whatever name this is this how dare she. Is like Brian -- producer Brian Todd Brian brown and you know I used to live NBC I worked in DC almighty god. The brain and has this ever happened before praying. Brian I can't believe this is ever happened before while actually. Carol not a lot of -- of this but there was little thing called Fort Hood. You know I got came and there -- guns shouting out Allahu Akbar. Any heat gun thirteen service members remember the -- are said it was workplace violence you remember that Daryl wasn't. All -- terrorism there are no coal nothing to see there. Now the question that we have to ask ourselves is this. Why this rash. Of shootings. What's going on in our country what is so fundamentally wrong with our country. That you have Virginia Tech you have to shooting in Aurora Colorado. You have to shooting in new town. If you have. Now this mass occurs this Rampage. Is -- guns. We've had gone since the American revolution. In fact there were stricter gun control laws now than ever before in American history. So if gun control was the answer we would be seeing less of these incidents and -- more of them. And you may say well -- the technology's changed you have BAR fifteen you have all these other weapons. Don't we had very sophisticated guns even 1520 years ago. And you weren't seeing it's it's almost now massacre a week or -- to market and massacre month it's becoming a massacre month. So why is it massacre a month. What's changed. My friends. We have to be honest with ourselves. It's nothing to do what the First Amendment. Nothing to do with bonds. Hits our culture. When you I mean nobody wants to talk about this but when you remove god from the culture. When you remove god from the schools when you remove god from society. Where's the morality. Where's the idea of right and wrong. Where's the respect for human life. When you have a culture. That's sold desensitize -- people. To the value of human life. Where you have video games left to right and center movies generating from Hollywood where if you're not killing a hundred people a film somehow it's fun entertaining. Where you. Have time. The. -- hedonistic barbaric culture. That glorifies violence. Where you have people today. Who are essentially. -- reared without a conscience really without a sense of right or wrong this is what you gonna get. The left keeps saying the problem more guns the problem or not guns. The problem is not -- it's. A problem is the culture. And don't even take my word for it -- look at other places around the world look at Western Europe. There's a lot of why not once telling you that the murder rates in England have skyrocketed. All you have that clown that puffed up British went back piers Morgan. And we had a gun control -- And a violent shootings by guns is gone down net it's been a big success in angular and we have -- quit I mean it. God bless the queen. Yes. Gun violence has gone down but the murder rate shot up. They're just killing each other not with the guns. They're killing each other with -- they're killing each other with with machetes -- killing each other with my -- or take the incident recently in London where that radical Islamist with a machete. With that with a cleaver cleaver -- a butcher's knife. How the police officer to death right in the streets of London nobody did anything everybody just looked. They were people -- which -- finished at grocery shopping they want why would the grocery shopping. It couldn't be bothered to look up I got to go home and dinner. Don't even I don't wanna -- who cares he's -- what do I care what my problem move on. East London was scorched 67 years with a Muslim one -- -- East London they torched it. In France in the suburbs. Are dropping like Florence. So violence has gone up. They're not killing each other with a gun small in France in an in Paris in in in the suburbs it's it's Molotov cocktails. They throw Molotov cocktails at carts are -- -- Did and their burning -- loading carts. Told that's the weapon of choice is Molotov cocktails. What's wrong with our culture. This is the question that we should be asking. Not whether -- how you can restrict people from getting access to -- Because 99%. Of Americans who own guns are decent law abiding people who own guns to protect themselves and their family. Well let me ask all of you this. Because it's a very obvious question. Take what's happening at the Washington maybe arts. Through security everywhere. There's security guards and everywhere. That places armed to the -- Which you know who weren't aren't. The workers. You know who weren't aren't the employees. You know who weren't armed with the exception of the two cops were to go -- two police officers have been wounded with the exception of them. The victims. So. This we they had all the security they want it. But because innocent law abiding people who just went to work that day they were disarmed. And they were the most vulnerable. And they were the ones that were killed. And so. The question I have for you is this. We now have another shooting Rampage. At least twelve dead and the number is climbing. Do we have a -- epidemic in this country. Or do we have any violence epidemic. -- it. In any culture that no longer respects life is there something wrong with our culture. That's leading this in the United States of America to basically have a massacre month. Who do you blame for the shooting. What do you think needs to be done. Six once forgive me I'm thinking in my show 8774694322. Is the number. 8774694322. I wanna hear from you. -- why do you think these massacres are continuing. And is it time we addressed. The real issue behind gun violence your calls next. Welcome back Q and how we car show this is Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. We did distinct honor and privilege of filling in for Boston's talk radio legend the great how we car. And it's now time for our poll question of the day sponsored by powder house mortgage the local source for Jumbo loans and refinancing. At 807620000. And sandy I'm just curious what's the poll question of the day. You take the poll question asked how -- cars dot com and today we have. Do you think the murder of 12 people this morning in Washington DC was a terrorism. The workplace violence. Lou we will would you vote for right now sent right now I think it's workplace violence only 40% agree with me 60% think it's terrorism. I think those numbers may change though as we get more facts of the next couple of hours the fact that it's two people makes me. Question whether it's workplace violence that may be a guy was crazy enough to go along with like a guy who is -- sickened had but. To two people tend to be toward terrorism but style. It's announced that they knew too much about the place that sounds like he was working -- -- the plays and and tends to make me think replaced violence. Now sandy before we got on the air you made a very interesting point to me where you said you know why it. The economy being what it is were basically now almost in a depression. People are desperate for work. It doesn't surprise you that this guy was a former employee civilian contractor. May be lost his job. You lose your job in today's economy and you're on the streets. It's not so easy to just go to another job anymore -- you know at workplace violence does not. Surprises me is sad is that statement is just because economy's so bad people are so desperate. And I think they find it easier fall off a -- and they used to because of the horrible economic environment they find themselves and. The number to call 877469431. Now let me give you all of you the latest update. Fox News has now confirmed the identities of the deceased shooter the gunmen. He is Aaron Alexis 34 years of age she's from Texas. He's some former civilian contractor he used to work at the Washington -- -- They're still looking for his accomplice. A second shooter he there's an intense manhunt going all are going on right now. He's being described as by police as a black male between forty -- fifty years of age. Graying hair gray sideburns both of them were wearing military fatigues although there's no evidence that either of them were US military personnel. Here is a great text from 774. Jeff there was violent movies when I grew up watching Halloween Friday the thirteenth six that are. That culture changed because of the medication people are on. All of these shooters are on some sort of anti depressants. Leaving people without any feelings they're number. Bingo 774. Bingo. It's not just that our culture has become so depraved and so marinated in violence. It's not just because we've taken god out of the schools and gone out of society and nobody is teaching right -- wrong anymore. Coronation of drug -- I mean everybody's. -- some funk. They are on Valium -- prozac. They're on xanax thereon elects a pro there on -- sold their parents some think. Everybody's. Everybody's hooked on some prescription medication. And so you combine bat. Where you're you're basically -- The decision. You're basically is zombie all day combined everything -- seeing on television as a -- it's a video game going there and show people up. What they'll have some fun. I mean this is this this is I think part of the sickness. That's destroying America and I think that's -- were basically not having a massacre month. 8774694322. Myron you have been patiently holding thank you and welcome to about how we our show. It just one. I I want to -- talked about war lord how trapped our own -- he's. I can tell you -- alum what a jury species she bought it. I'm free now all -- back. For a -- but the portrayal but all freeze now get caught what they all bear car. So -- older guys. Got it in. Patrol. I can't -- -- -- -- -- -- should have all -- a military base military. Extra. -- -- -- I -- and amen brother I take Fort Hood. They were like you're like sitting ducks. And so Nadal a song came they had guns all these people getting ready to be deployed. Many of them getting ready to go out to Iraq or Afghanistan he pulls out two guns yells out Allahu Akbar and starts massacring them. And the Obama administration gives out the official report all all all terrorism but terrorism. All poll. It's you know what it was it was a workplace violence the -- just. -- you know what he was a major anyone they get promoted. EU he felt held back a buyer races military. If it's incredible. It's actually -- just actually incredible again I go back to this point. What is the Washington navy yard having common with Aurora Colorado. We -- new count. And with Fort -- -- -- gun free zones. Nobody can come in and we're -- to protect themselves. So yes there's a lot of security yes I've been to the Washington maybe art yes is a lot of security personnel. But all the employees -- to be military or civilian. Cannot -- and unable to defend themselves. Some people were shot point blank. One of the kind of third floor down the hallways literally with a with a handgun just -- boom boom boom boom. Just shooting everybody -- problem. So when -- you know so we know liberals keep saying. All we have to we have done more gun control or gun control if you had gun control to Washington maybe arts. You had gun control and for a for a Colorado you have gun control and -- -- and sandy hook. And but that doesn't stop the killing. So clearly there's something else going on here. And until we face up to America we're gonna see many more of these shootings the -- Tony Europe next thanks for holding welcome. If -- way to begin. You seem to blame everything under the sun whether it be culture blood and medication. I don't I don't blame god -- say it's the absence of god. -- lack of blood. Know the rest of the world where -- the most religious countries in the world so it can't beat religion. We age we -- culture is probably more. In the -- rated -- most of the world yet we have this violence in the only difference is the amount of guns we have true many. Unbelievable unbelievable -- -- let me ask you this let me ask you this. Can you pray in a public school. I don't know I'm a medical school well I mean you should know you'll tell your congress to religious nation. Tell me for -- -- religious nation how come tampering and public school compared to the rest of the world what are you talking about compared to the what. Praying in school in England could not praying in school than it. In France yeah and what's the violence there -- genius. But it's not predicting. Knowledge nothing compared to -- tell me tell me don't cap issue on. You don't have -- shootings tell me let me ask you this or don't but in China needle him all you don't have it in China. -- genius you genius it's a police state where people are getting murdered every day by the government. Did you see their recent video of one guy walked into a school with a knife and chopped up thirteen kids in China. Did you see that ingenious bit thank you is extreme. All it's extremely humid or tell me how many eight. -- they ask you this genius how many millions of people are in the glides in China. It's extremely thin. It's extremely wind -- two million aren't -- country on high and what you want him out on the streets are they genius you want amount on the streets you'll. Only to us. But listen yeah yeah it is changing the. I'm not changing the argument look you're making assertions that can hold up number one look number one. We've taken the ten commandments out of the school the kids don't know right from wrong. Now what are Americans are privately more religious or not that's open for debate the point is in our public culture we've done everything to destroy god everybody can see that but you. Number one. Number two by your definition okay. England is pretty much ban guns. How -- -- gone up or down in the last ten years. -- And. So is the pop so it's not only in a crush -- last. Now all but yes and you know watching you -- -- Australia sees the reason. Why won't have much shelter culture than we do you think we have the you think we have the drug addicts that you can. You think you Australians are popping pills left right and center. They have the highest present their heightened that it broke well marijuana users in the world on so we were told us your solution everybody talked up a little bit but just saying it's drugs like just so that they -- and what drug what are you talking about I'm talking about prescription drugs I'm talking about -- talking about prozac if you're talking about antidepressants genius. Well between arms yes I can believe we probably okay. Yeah. Yeah you're probably smoke a little -- yourself but let me ask this look genius let me ask you that's a good. What which is the city were the highest murder rate in the United States. Which city has the highest murder rate in the United States. Probably Chicago and and I think which city has the strictest gun laws in the United States. Relatively -- it's irrelevant. To his gun licensing I don't -- renovated. Don't seem irrelevant. If you go at stake. You can bike garden ring I didn't they're not buying him the next -- they're buying them in Chicago genius guard show paid by logging on climate. Gun shows they're buying among the streets and alleys in Chicago genius pick up a newspaper. But one final question. Tell me how much of the week do you smoke. You don't let me ask you this -- I have to ask you this do you know even the reason why this guy he had shot the place up. None -- and I'm asking you this do you know the reason why this gentleman. Well you don't know you already willing to blame guns you seek liberalism is a mental disorder more your calls next.