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Lest We Forget

Sep 11, 2013|

Today memorial events unfolded at the site of the former World Trade Center, the White House, the Pentagon and near Shanksville, Pa., on this the 12th anniversary of the attacks by airliners commandeered by Al Qaeda that killed nearly 3,000 people. President Obama place a wreath at the site of the Pentagon attack. Howie wondered have we forgotten what happened on 9/11.

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Ed -- idea what -- what the it in this post Lou -- days it was a talking about why hallway would not say anything about this a fiasco what's going on in Syria. Or did kids being buried and are remembered for one thing. Second thing is I'd like to know what the grand total. Dead Iraqis are from the time that George W. Bush invaded. We read every day about these Sunni Shiite squabbles. While there here towards the -- tend to weigh 210. And it it it becomes frightening. And when that grand total was ever made up by I would be shocked and horrified. To see what their final total. I think it's not gonna start this hour away what Saddam Hussein killed. So yummy and dealing with a lot of bad people on a lot of bad fronts here seems to be the United States try to do the normal thing. And give the Iraqis a chance at democracy and freedom. They don't take it they don't take. I agree -- you I don't see any more dead people in Arlington cemetery. On causes that you aren't possible. -- when you have. People like aside gassing. Civilians that is nobody gonna does not here I -- I give words for the world -- -- less worker. Why don't want the last word -- owners say. We have this one incident there's a great use of challenge. And an endless curiosity. And doubt. That's who caused this poisoning. They still have to get the final rendition. What the chemical make up is I've heard that -- That this -- creates these certain kind of yellow foam and this had white or white vs yellow it's it's it's all a mission march. I I look I like the idea. Think the other Russian idea of putting the the weapons the end. The UN's hand if that's the reality is that's the reality on when you there but I would check out Doctors Without Borders. I give money to them where's -- -- this peaceful group. And I would check out to I would check out what they say is well on add a sign -- -- gas distress or is very interesting we appreciate you coming on fine. I gotta run I got my body my got to run a car -- about my guy. Where we missed that day -- -- Man with robot not to get too he's not my guy but he was Mormon up for it. We gotta get we got to get to the -- he's dead -- I apologize for rolling in the the rest of that and you both both Aznar and O Reilly. Talking a rag time. I'm not really ragtime but I mean you know -- month it's a -- Jermaine. To this situation and oxy. So are you saying that the greater good for the Hollywood left is just to say nothing to say don't wanna damaged their guy. I think there's certainly that that doesn't measure and -- it. To what extent I can tell him. All right now -- -- -- -- he's the first of all our -- you know on reverts to turn pro -- claim. That he's not marked progress. -- you voted for. Well I hear Norman wrote really guard. Are you disappointed. In President Obama. There. On a scale of one to 1010 being the most disappointed. Where are you. -- We're racism thing though -- it -- quote that racism thing I haven't heard it. We'll send you find it at all Bush's fault. 187746943221. -- Michelle -- by the way has plenty of photos of the two million bikers in DC. Actually just -- channel seven was running a shot up the bikers leaving leaving the Boston area looked like it was taken from their helicopters to their rub him out the ignoring it either. I think about what what it why is. Why is McCain on now with Neil Cavuto I hope I hope which I hope Cavuto is gonna ask you about this not. This this this woman -- -- Elizabeth but baggy. Fired -- resume -- will get that just a moment 187746943. 2218774694322. That's stifle free number. About how we car shook it like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon if you would like to listen to a show on the unity almost go to our website which is how we car. Dot com how we cart dot com click on life audio streaming. Also what how we cart dot com you couldn't go to war arise daily Internet poll question the daily Internet poll question is sponsored by power house mortgage local source for Jumbo loans and refinancing. At 807620000. City what's today's poll question what are the results thus far should recent footage of 9/11 attacks more often. Yes we showed 82%. Think it's down play too much in the media. Treason doesn't matter if you want guy. In most of the people listening to to watch us right now can can remember that the fact is that. A certain percentage of people don't remember anything very wrong in the need to be reminded -- it. So why aren't your fellow lefties out there and Hollywood saying anything stressed. Well. Maybe and they feel that. The majority is not very very you they don't need not more minority voice to be heard on this this year. I didn't figure because it's a majority issue -- this survey looks like. You me and a lot of other people. Are opposed to an all of -- war that's why. We still don't have it that's my personal about it though we get a racist thing down there Fleury of being called racists. It's got to be there somewhere. 1877469432218774694322. Sorry about the sorry about that's. Enough what a -- that we get the exact quote. All right just wanna tell you about the Syria the Syria researcher. Wall Street Journal op Ed piece was cited by secretary of state John Kerry and Senator John McCain during congressional hearings about the use supports. Has been fired. From the institute for the study of war for lying about having a Ph.D. the group announced all kidding. They'll all eating. The institute for the study of war has wars has learned and confirmed that contrary to representations. Representations of ms. Elizabeth -- bag he does not in fact have a Ph.D. from Georgetown University. She has accordingly been terminated effectively meet effective immediately. All baggy told Politico in an interview by the way she's not a -- she she is not guilty in that in the way. In an interview that she had submitted and defended her dissertation was waiting for Georgetown University to confer herd agree. When he -- -- the confirmed might agree. Could happen any day. Now you know. All baggy said she was in a dual master's and doctorate program at Georgetown. Everything I've looked at his rock solid says Kimberly Kagan who founded the institute for the study of war. Every thread that we have -- upon has been verified through multiple sources except for the thread that said she was a she had a PH day. OK so she had. She is you it was a but the reason this was an important piece was because they said the the -- al-Qaeda was not taking over. The the rebel forces in in Syria. And so of course. So so of course McCain. Because it supports his position of going in and and fighting that help the rebels. He read from the piece last Tuesday to Kerry calling it an important op Ed by doctor. Star Elizabeth or baggy. The next -- Kerry also brought up the piece before house foreign affairs committee. Hearing it described it as a very interesting article and recommended that members read it. Really. And by the way she was also connected to a Syrian rebel advocacy. The Syrian emergency task force of non profit operating as a viable one C three pending IRS approval. So Scioscia was so good so she's a flock for the Syrian rebels. And she's not a PH day and that every threat we -- turned out that perfectly well. 18774694322. Indicated everything you Q can you give me the thing I think it's on YouTube where a we're we're one idea. One of the constituents of McCain challenges him and he at a public meeting about the -- fight and it actually may be a black woman who goes after. If he gets all he gets all bent -- One bet your next with how we cargo ahead. How he to wanted to run -- injury by -- that I have about why we don't -- things like footage from September 11 2001. And that's. -- -- population that voted Obama are young adult words at that point very small kids in weren't really aware what was going on. And you know the liberals have been grooming these young adults to being you know hardcore leftists in the colleges and in public schools in the state. No that's I mean that's is good theory is any I just don't buy that they. I I tell you I think it's more has to do with political they're just worried about offending you know they're they don't want to hear coming back with them at. And saying you know you've done this and you wouldn't do this. You know if if the Irish Republican Army had on this I daresay that they wouldn't be worried about any repercussions from the Irish Republican army's. Yeah I agree with you on that I -- these a lot of young people like my nieces and nephews are so ignorant about history either ignorant about politics and the economy. And you try to talk about what's going on this country and they just come back with these cliched remarks -- -- college student and it UMass Amherst and quite like that big. They don't have a clue. You know and senators might might under the military might have been brought up what did you do -- Rush Limbaugh. And they're -- they're so frustrated that you know there appeared to court so ignorant and I think it's sticky for the ignorant. Why are you just heard you just heard earlier today you know Amherst had the usual run around but they've dated wanna put up a 9/11 flag today because the one -- offend anybody. Yep it's very big picture or want you know. Police officers members of third people who risk their lives about to show up when their homes on fire they're being robbed or something like you know they didn't think contemptuous of the rest of. Exactly don't mind they don't mind defending the military your Christians or anybody who has any kind of religious viewpoint. But and Campbell when it comes to wide god ignoring their own box almighty god that's a hate crime as you well know. Yeah exactly do you think -- do you think your -- nieces and nephews even know what happened on 9/11. Now they don't really you know like what you think. I think it's a big thing they know it's something that you know from some buildings collapsed in New York City -- -- was too bad but it never happened. You look at it do what -- saying it's like abortion if you don't have a look at it and never looked back because it's so -- in the background and hate. You know I I watched that on TV what might want my -- was eleven at the time I kept them -- for -- -- debate but she's you know what's gonna happen in my country are going straight away that something horrible going on right no help be -- pilot pilot in the country. Even if you have a heart attack would have done that I knew that with the terrorist attack. -- You have to you know when you see it yeah you don't even if -- ten years old you were born at the -- -- you'd you'd think to yourself. What would what would it be like for me I I was just going to work trying to make a living and all of a sudden. I have I have to face the reality that I'm gonna die I'm either gonna be burned to death. Or I'm gonna leap. To my death. From thousands of feet in the year -- mean that really gives you a different perspective on things I mean that's that's you know that's where the picture is worth a thousand words. Yeah if you remember right after it happened people in this country were going to church they were you know putting flags up they realized what was at stake. Briefly you know I mean that that you need immediately tried to certain of its first immediate platelets start to panic quickly tried to covered up and I remember the liberal talking about how this will be different different from Vietnam were gonna back our soldiers. But of course once they got power they begin to take away a lot of the programs that support our military might -- -- -- the military and he thought they lost a lot of things that. Support them and of course our -- our military in a forward operating bases in Afghanistan are probably -- he's getting. Garbage well you know the -- to get market in -- they're there's special that the you know. Right now are getting and they get on the getting cable TV down there to -- they can watch Arab TV I think they are -- -- together they're putting. I wonder -- BI I wonder if that that the satellite dishes have to what about towards Mecca to like everybody when they pray that -- and the toilets have to be. Also -- not not just the not just the buildings but the -- have to be seeded have to be placed on a separate way right away from Mac write something like that. It's just an extra insanity what that what's going on down there they've all put people on. On an average of 2030 pounds you know they they never got -- before and to Aaliyah were captured by the by great Satan the infidels. Yeah we immediately how much more for -- and we do for our military it's ridiculous -- more than we. And that's how the liberal third in their back into contempt for the military they're not out there. You know -- interfaces like they were in the seventy. You know they are instead they're doing it in the backhanded way to little sneaky way it is basically a when Obama -- interest he got a twelve affecting productive for aircraft carrier from eleven. Well you gotta happen I mean we're not pitched it to eight. -- there stiff the area anyway. Now exactly thanks for the call -- and thank your son for his service 187746943221877469. 4322. Let's roll Todd Beamer at 9/11 01 god bless those passengers on on on flight 93. Let's roll that is a great that is a great line there should be more than they should I mean that that that phrase. Should be everywhere on on -- Let's roll. Cindy -- -- but did you find them McCain thing not to go and it is okay did -- do you find the McCain thing that would be great I I just heard bits and pieces of it. Up Patrice your next with how we cargo ahead Patrice. -- how I only establishing two things that. -- one never forget should be on every once again I don't need to see that they can't remember it and should confide in online and either take a look. Gonna make him until angry at the terrorists and that government would accept comment government media complex Coca and her parents. That coming up front in the battle a little understood that an out of I can't really do anything every day about these folks it just makes me fell. Nobody trees nobody's asking you know see it every day or anything like that it's just that some -- -- some days you want a lot you know we -- -- I do what I do like big -- I don't about a building today I I don't think you know why I don't think reminder hurts them. It people who do the manner that would let the people don't. -- -- how in Atlanta college doesn't remember 9/11 I was too young to remember they remember the question how did he. Happening now. Mean it's not it's government in the summer tenure nobody looking up wanna avoid blown up by these awful to have you read. I'll never forget but it's still happening that's what they could sell ads and stick and -- -- I know but it but again I mean who did this thing the media we have -- media where Rolling Stone picks up any you know -- -- -- -- -- yesterday I was in the airport and I was looking through the magazine section there was actually a Rolling -- a special issue with a group The Beatles 100 greatest songs. I -- you know don't be a fun thing to kind of you know browse through on the brought flight back but I said. Rolling Sloan know like hey I can't do it I just can't I can't reward them by you know given them a few bucks. I have to be careful in what can I do remember that day and I wish. I wish -- didn't know which it never happened and it was an awful day and I wish we could wipe them all -- the face of the earth that day but you know we can't in this world unfortunately. I don't like you know I I I I I don't want -- DNA. I think you'd ever be possible outlook for the thing and I'm I'm not any kind of live bullets -- -- how was that I -- these people this can. Thanks a lot thank you want thanks thanks Patrice I appreciate it 187. By the way thank you to walk hard the -- that organic rate spread frost today. They brought in Leo optional role portion of -- -- on the porch that collapsed were I had that's from the October fest menu. All natural antibiotic free pork breaded Krispy homemade gravy mashed potatoes and braised red cabbage you can also get killed bossa. And beer battered fish and chips that's great. Don't we we have they brought us some autumn. Apple salad organic greens with -- concepts cranberries goat cheese. Turkey stuffing egg roll fantastic perfect item for Plymouth you know. These home the first Thanksgiving. And finally. Finally Grammy Awards favorite dessert Indian putting a heart and cattle specialty he winning -- choice every time. She even knows -- Indian putting is being from Oklahoma. -- -- -- -- You know -- not put -- down -- she's from Oklahoma put -- about issues of faith in the but they don't they don't have to -- -- -- putting out an Oklahoma I ticket so basically and New England thing yeah I think it is so like frozen putting our experience. One which I don't like nearly as much as I like Indian putting. 1877. Up -- doesn't have a clue what -- putting it you can you can put you can give -- some speech from a some a battery -- and say here's some Indian putting which it's no man I'm gonna put this in my next chair Kia cookbook. 18774694322. H wait twenty years the government will not officially recognized 9/11 like we don't formally acknowledge Pearl Harbor anymore. I I think guy I think a Pearl Harbor every every December 7 I think every is everybody who walked. Who's in America and who knows anything about our US history -- about Pearl Harbor on on December 7 the day which will live in infamy. Never forgot forget -- I'm afraid -- party forgotten that I met at the risk of appearing in tolerant we have made ourselves at least as vulnerable as we were on 910. 2001. Especially if I must say I mostly about yesterday going thirty airport line there was even a big line I was just think it. This is like -- you you know going through your take off our shoes and there was there was one there who was on the plane and you just look around -- -- -- engaging in racial profile. You could look around the Cleveland Hopkins airport. You knew there weren't any terrorist in the okay. But yet we were all taking off our shoes who's taking off for Arab at all. Taking the taking her computers out of our bags. All pretending that you know anyone could bomb the anyone -- Obama playing you know yes indeed. It's like this. Ma wish to what political correctness. You know kind of like the you know on for college campus you go to now and I must admit every year here every. School campus now all these all these different -- you know trash cans for newspapers trash cans for cardboard trash cans or bottles. Trash cans for regular trash it's it's like it it's it's mostly this is our religion you know political correctness and a worship worship recycling and or worship but you know that adversity that he -- in Tokyo the even though you wanna know that anyone is not going to be guilty. Sergeant Murphy your next with how we -- -- 00. How reality young man when I got to hold its. I apologized to the -- I'm back I've just back in the -- I've been not been tied up I have I'm very sorry. OK so all right and nobody could call today and I'll say on this anniversary. The people that have served in the all the -- and military we we know. That people appreciate I mean people have -- appreciate what we've done -- and you know. We have extensive history and we're not weak and the thing that I've seen in my. I guess is my fourth -- at UMass Boston just going there at some point in my education which I so appreciate. That. It's its weakness has ordered it on our laps which is taken over the party which is taken over this statement that you know we've we've come to know and love and -- But I mean that the thing that makes them the most angry about which didn't -- Iowa and in fact that we will never forget. In the fact that the people that encompass the military and our supporters and things like that are also the one who. Although we don't have a Republican Party so much anymore we were conservative will never change and guess what we've got it done. So it's not like Pete you're gonna arrive to -- -- Kennedy's. Third World Middle East wherever hell hole. And and -- that's because. Sergeant wanna do -- call yourself what you war Europe bitter clinger. -- are always. So well hi and so most of us. Yeah and on this day I'll say in closing. That I don't really need to see these images because what you said before. We don't have a problem remembering not forgetting it's it's the people that will never make the effort is it you. Remember in respect or manner or anything like that but that's fine get through it look at -- this. This shot -- in the Oval Office and we'll get through everything it monitors people like you're listening audience like yourself and whatever like me. I I hope so sergeant you know what they were there Conrad Black or uninteresting piece the last couple days and he said that the that this whole Syria thing has has led to such a an implosion of American influence she says it's like France in 1940. Or the Soviet Union in 1990. And I I don't think it's quite that really. I think you know I still think you know we came back after Jimmy Carter we can come back. After that's. Thank sergeant 1877469432218774694322. Five -- how we it's a false sense of security at the airports. Maybe it's a false sense of security. Five -- but you -- I believe me they're like I said it was not a big line yesterday in night in Cleveland to get back. And I'm just looking around and I see a good cross section of Americans. And I know that none of these people are gonna bong. The airlines. You know but none of these people are gonna bomb the airlines the TSA people that are telling them take your shows off make sure your belts off. You can't have anything in your pocket they know -- -- They they know again it's it's it's it's like some kind of it. Believe ceremony this it's it's a religious ceremony there were going to -- firm belief and in. It's in in the adversity that any any of us can be equally guilty of these horrible crimes. Well you know what I know that's not -- early age okay my am I religion is the same as the Israelis. It when it comes to was your whole airport security if if you fit. Profile let's let's keep viewing good let's give you good state okay if you don't fit the profile. Just going on all right. That's what I'd like to celebrate. 18774694322. On how -- car. Dirt on the newscast saying governor Pataki. Former governor Pataki is remembering. That 9/11 and this. Asking India. -- we have any any comments. Recorded from former congressman Carlos danger. Bug is his remark remembrance of 9/11. I guess we got his remembrance last night in his message to our enemies with the when he gave the one finger salute to the the TV crew was he left after finishing what fourth or fifth. Six. In the mayor's race. He by the way in case she didn't see it it's. A global was not their last like four or wrote for for -- for Carlos but guess who was their Sydney Sydney -- But the last one and that he was sending pictures of his private parts to you know she's become again it should become a porno star. And her new employer to get too vivid vivid pictures has. Has invested in some -- them points and she showed off last night at the victory party she walked -- -- announced. It's kind of small gathering the New York time the New York Post that -- time to -- About a dozen pictures up which they posted on the website that makes you -- to -- to war linked to what's in the weather pictures up there. You know I mean this it's part of our and it's part of the current events that that we like to be that we like our audience to be familiar way. My newspaper you know one of the paper work for the New York Post. I'm glad they're out there who else do we count on to get pictures of Sydney or others injured and a Carlos dangers. Ex girlfriend -- Oh. Anyway now we have McCain -- we have McCain we have McCain this McCain last week this is it was a black woman it was a Syrian woman. Who confronted him I guess it is Rosie was doing a town hall meeting enough Phoenix. And and did that she she she didn't tried to while. Tried to describe him must some of the facts on the ground that that he didn't seem very familiar with. Good option -- now is to. Take Saudi Arabia and Iran and force them to stop its support team. But that the two. Sides in Syria and use could do it. You can do it by -- I diplomacy. And negotiation. Not bombs an academic gains we cannot afford. We cannot afford to -- more gig in blood. Jersey speaking I have a cousin with eighteen years old just was killed. Ten days ago. Buying this so called rebels. And al-Qaeda and they're not -- and penny to Syria from all over the world to fight this week. Cannot afford to do that we cannot afford to turn Syria into another Iraq. What kind of -- I -- you. My family's there there's so many good -- and the majority of the Iranian people want to see me. And you need to all they sort of the American people who do not want to go there. Certificate they look like he's an economic -- -- not enough. Not want another engagement in the Middle East we don't want to help I -- to take all of our. We felt like -- what do you like besides the fact or not I am not a fan either. -- He he had the back you know our government going on Auburn. Secular sentiment in a minority over again we are the minority Christians but unfortunately he. -- -- and so many independent -- -- -- as collateral damage it. I think it's not it's not like they might nickname. That -- all women at higher. -- -- -- the reminds you we weren't. We used to be forced to leave me and yet there are natural means. Thank you very much thank you for your passionate plea thank you for your very compelling. And emotional statement. And and spiral if nothing else to say as I don't know what else besides the you have anything else to say. B the media -- he had no response to that. She laid it all out and be in an inning much more over. Compelling. Eloquent ways that night either he or -- -- Obama or Kerry could have ever gotten for their side. Course they don't have the facts on their side. 1877469432218774694322. Yeah why is there a conspiracy of silence regarding Sydney or others at 603 glad someone who's doing the job that you I you know I'm -- to. No one -- shot me up. -- but Carlos danger in Sydney or others I'll tell you that that is my. Pledge to my listening audience. Barbara your next with how we cargo ahead Barbara. My Alley you know I would prefer having a stunt stayed there like she said. -- -- secular government should not what -- the brother put in the action that that's why I like hard to say get that the people went down to ground zero. And look at in that monument. Or whatever they rockaholic -- -- horrific terrorist attack there is no place. Anywhere that monument. It mentions what happened who did it. Who are and should be in and until we -- right we have good knowledge and state who are enemy is and what -- how -- is really about. We can never win. Because -- didn't -- talk about that nobody talks about everybody pitted under that like Obama and that is right that. We're going to have a new history. And you. Are you and you know that it was just. -- understand that's what that's what Governor Patrick said five years ago his first 9/11 -- in office he -- it was a failure of understanding. He sounded like the deputy -- -- him bloke. Mike -- and we're we're surrounded and being governed by complete idiots that don't care about our personal which is their first charge. Our national security and there are. -- crapping all over us. Yeah it Hamas political bent over the border of Mexico and -- United States all the time. We are going to have a terror attack another word here and -- and even know and he has looked radical blocked. And that and that and we're gonna unleash crunch and the associated press and they expunged from our our state document. But we're expunged where expunged from a lot of the coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing last year remember they called speed -- but he just stay at home there. -- stay at home dad. I didn't disgruntled -- whatever they want they -- that Obama back from him he doesn't want anyone that they terrorism. The war that. So it was a camera or the ball and it was Barack who gave us a lecture about that. The ball -- -- block comes on and gives lectures and I don't want anyone jumping to conclusions about who committed this Muslim bombing. You all right we don't know we don't jump to conclusions we know dead at. -- Red -- in the direction of companies doing and to ensure they support. I don't quite a company should have I want somebody get cute and at that -- liable for that. They do not have a government union night people are idiot. At the cutting down I ninety by your mother. Yeah I I know it's is it is ridiculous. I don't blame the TSA people they just want they they want the jobs are doing what to expect that problem but that the job is -- -- -- again it's. It has nothing to do with reality it's just it's just this operation we pay it's like -- It's ridiculous it is the your -- why. Becomes more and more preposterous. -- 18774694322. What was the name of that woman that was pleading to McCain you know wanna share that FaceBook. Wherever -- -- your name is on on marriages as if if you just under Syrian woman McCain I'll come out on YouTube. I need to clear politics and I just Google it'll come up and fifty different place what she's really Smart she's really Smart and she's she she -- way and she's the really impassioned to. If he had hit. He doesn't he had no answer he he his level of understanding of that situation this is not nearly workers is. -- secured -- -- that was read anyone who reads knows and knows what she knows roster you're next with how we cargo at a rest. How we first I have to salute colonel hunt -- have been John McCain's number a lot. You know a lot want to -- -- You know and really he has become. Al Franken of the Republican Party. Are both foreign and not jobs visitors there's no question about that I hope he doesn't run again do the country a big fan about. Now the last stream mediator and our government tries to sanitize who is responsible on 9/11. If the World War -- generation wasn't -- This is what we would hear remembered 9/11. The only good radical Muslim is a debt radical model. And that's what what they did during world wide tool to rally the people. To beat our enemy and and give you can't do with this government is doing in the last stream media and keep the people focused on the enemy. While the again like it's the you know -- made it we made the Nazis in the Japanese into -- in the 22 to mobilize the people. The -- in after after the final after 9/11. All the scraps that had any kind of Muslim. Village imam will re written to make them white supremacist once or not Siebel it's right remember. It was it was totally it was it totally 180 degrees different. But what we didn't we wanted to -- were true you have to mobilize the people when you're in a war and AA you -- mobilize them and not. In terms of propaganda as well as in terms of military and and act economy. And and we didn't do that we did exactly the opposite thanks for the call us a car.