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Rescued or Sunk?

Sep 10, 2013|

Guest host Col. David Hunt wondered has the Russian proposal to defuse the American confrontation with Syria by placing Syrian chemical weapons under international inspection made a tenuous situation even more volatile for President Obama who was struggling to convince both the public and the United States Congress for the need to respond militarily to yet another Middle Eastern country.

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Why else. We were away. If you British whilst. Another breaking news there was scheduled at 4 o'clock in the past. To have a -- UN Security Council meeting and vote on. Syria. And no we just can't. So. Not not so the police -- right now we're sure. That Gary's going to fly to Geneva. To meet with the Russian foreign minister it's -- Get the timeline issues to a -- the Syrian -- Assad. And you you you get at least that it would days and -- more to boost up around the -- Hide that he would do. -- -- Keri meets with Russians. And that and -- -- put on a piece of paper that said among other things. Among other things. That Syria's chemical weapons were really OK because they're balancing it's a balancing weapon -- And in order to do this. Collection of destroying chemical weapons mr. The US and its allies have to agree never to attacks. See that's gonna pull its gonna hold up so the president -- states is gonna still give a speech at 9 PM. Knowing he hasn't got the senate which Democrats control has got like marquis are jumping ship. Andy hasn't it doesn't doesn't have done -- voters. Ed Ed is we'll get destroyed in the house in the house resentment because right now the count like 25 out of 500 plus which -- Well excuse me. Pardon me breathing in here completely yelling advocate up about something. The poll question. Is sponsored by -- house mortgage local source of Jumbo loans and refinancing. At 80762. 0000. What is people question the results. You can take the poll question and how -- -- dot com and today it is who has the more powerful world leader is that Russian president Vladimir Putin. Or is US president Barack Obama -- -- 92%. And that it wasn't as much I disagree and argue with built at least mostly talking points. On this issue in Syria we got loads of wire in the past the Russians and not not to be trusted. So everything has bigger fight this and negotiated exit which which. Gives us on what time. It's got to be looked. Because again to be consistent I don't think we should have -- -- I think we should get involved in the middle of this war in Syria at all. Then that's great but up okay he. Steve drama -- public art -- Steve. First colonel thank you very much he's -- restore column -- -- Very nice to be able to speak with someone and getting answers from someone's clothes -- knows something about what's going not -- -- I might thing to do is. Is Putin and the Russians had a much more to lose -- sharing. If the chemical weapons are found their way into the hands of the jihadist. Because Russia and -- Russia is under attack by the church unions can't constantly. I'd like they're not just listen to what you think about. Okay thanks Steve. Everything that the question try to do and six point seven goes can you stop -- is not what -- -- stop. What parts that make up and abused ideologue on the radio what's gonna happen. And -- I get deeper Reynolds says to -- to -- sorry. I digress. The Russian and out wanting to do. What to do with weapons has to do -- up ports in Syria. Which are valuable to Russia. And that did their -- a satellite. Nations. That supported Russians -- Job decades. -- They get a void there. Error systems that they putting him -- control system weapons systems eccentric -- being destroyed by American cruise missiles. That they will. Or they can delaying and delaying. The strike on helps a -- It's because as it levels of my two reasons why -- -- About is spoiled brat that in mean OK look but I just build our Wright wrong a lot aegis that was. Undisclosed. And -- national figure. Out what he says matters and I think what he said last night is wrong. We cannot we cannot. All -- nation where I don't believe radical in a big -- don't agree with the politics with a couple of years invoked. -- military standpoint. There's a lot of job issues I get. There's also very good stuff good in this country -- great things. And will help anybody in the world anybody in the world. If they have a disaster first one and last one -- US led by US military. Executed tsunami anywhere earthquakes what buildings collapsing -- real once called pork and really want to show. And not a decline we -- not a weak nation. We just because you do agree disagree with a policy doesn't mean the nation's airport disk is it's over -- stories it's gone away no. Actually not dawned on a date on -- cargo had gone. Yeah I have to get the last guy just said it's -- DS only has some insight into this because that. Amid I'm assuming and I think you have -- to actually to be out he had don't have like -- this in this thing have you ever seen. Such a bumbling bunch of us would would come -- did it -- that I'm I'm watching. Watching people play -- game of the budget three year old Blaine bishop. After that the Democrats would you would ET say. That the Republican. Runup to the election was a clown car number that goes comments at -- o'clock. This is a clunker car. -- that this is the worst national security team ever seen led by rice. As I read Dana Milbank piece of John Kerry drug carries leading leading this. -- have. Because. I couldn't believe it that it appears to me they have no. If you ask them what do you want I don't think they could tell you all the expressed Bremen -- second premises. Reich obviously doesn't want war. That's why they -- it is a proven won this round of chest if you will but he'd obviously doesn't want war because the way. -- from conflict at this country's been making was pushing this right towards war in the Middle East. And I actually think at this point for whatever reason Russia doesn't wanna get into it and in this respect. But I I just can't believe the bumbling don't watching it's it's at its missteps. It makes you wonder lease rates is wondered on what else they screwed up. If you can't beat you looked like this in public over something as serious. As the administration is making it out to be and you slipped back he he set interstate out there and say you were go to war. And then the next day you Mark Kotsay. Now. No no no no we're gonna let us vote and then as you approach the war is. I think I'll listen I'll make a comment about. Who -- weapons. And being given up by the Syrians and the Russians -- get to provide -- and we say okay never my -- we we we won't go to war yet. And the united -- as good of a vote and they go now what we're not. And it says it's okay by the way ahead. Weapons like this because a balancing act and wants everyone to guarantee it will ever bomb Syria -- it's it's this is a clown car. This and it this is not good for anybody magical. And while it's. It's it's they're doing they make in this kind of policy. So public. And the ball only is so lobbyists and there's so many players and we have so little control. Again and again this -- because president has -- in a red -- comment about a war we should not be in the middle. And this of these talk about unintended consequences. Now look at us. Now important. Is looked at for the moment as up as a better and more powerful statesman. Then the president guide states away what noble prize for -- Who voted against the Iraq -- senator. On -- And enter it once and and -- compelled. To intervene in the second toward Syria and now is being stopped to look at any Russian Syria proposal. And listen the United Nations which just -- scheduled and canceled. A security company bottle I guess why the -- and he will cancel the meeting. The Russians the questions asked for a meeting with the united district council you know a big scary council okay. Blatt will ever meet at and Russians at never mind. Yeah. Yeah yeah I'm called the publisher of this book and I'll get laughed off the. It's it's it's ridiculous Linda. Thank you colonel. I'll like get a -- -- I was waiting so long it that I hope it was. It was worth the wait I. You'll feel the same wait -- because I'm calling about an hour. Will that yes we have a bunch of incompetence there it's. Frightening it's frightening. However I'm calling about the Arab spineless wonders there Ed Markey. And I know you had mentioned to a previous callers. -- he had got in because. Gomez wasn't -- Good enough for me and I know you're eating meat conservatives and didn't and Tea Party I was -- system which I -- one but I did vote for Iraq. Don't miss that I'm I'm one that's getting tired of holding my -- -- just once before right diet electable for somebody that I really tragic result however. I'm an activity you that the recent Ed Markey got in -- because Gomez wasn't good enough for us. You have to give it to me that the reason Obama got in here was because Sarah Palin what it was enough for you. I don't mind I went out back Rick and Linda. That but -- -- Melinda but look that was eight years ago -- up the last election to get any credit in last election. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's the most incompetent leader we've had. We had a chance you're right OK I got you right -- don't like at Linda what happened with Romney. How come he couldn't get him elected. Because it was the same thing he think a lot of conservatives are kicked to death it's what's gonna happen if Jeb Bush runs. But where people like myself are just exhausted. From from holding our nose and voting these half hearted. Don't -- it both ways when you blame me for a bomber okay. I'm blaming you for the second term and you say you know you can pretty. I mean this is like you and I voted for Romney a good and I never voted for Obama because I did my homework and I knew what he stood for. And I knew it had nothing to do with Sarah Palin and I knew that McCain would no day at the beach but I still held my nose again and vote for. Forty you want to who is your choice. That we get -- certain -- -- -- usually -- For president. I'm -- head crew. I'm going with -- Come on they get a shot lead to want. All right you don't think -- -- Have a shot either he couldn't he couldn't get past Hillary put it. No we I'm not sure I was couldn't handle Sarah Palin's got a million. Linda I'll graduated open it was good the great and thanks for your call. Issue she got she got good shots and although it's a little easier it's like a pinata you are whacked me around because somebody in the -- -- -- abort -- -- -- I was dumb not to answer. Current harbor that's OK keep calm and keep luncheon. John you know the day went public or -- John I don't. Are you are on good excellent -- question. You know social work -- chemical weapons found in Iraq 2000 prewar. There were one find. There were forty year old pipes -- -- -- there was one find him by eighty rounds yes there would -- war but not the mounds and tons. That we were told. I think is that I knew something was found but it wasn't sure. It there was that there was up they were old but there was a book I have forty pounds they -- years old at -- the desert but we never flown. The tons. That we went to war. Is that that's that's what that's that. Accurate history. You know you walk when you mean I know it's my reason to bring -- or be in big got a. Is to say that that is the lands I'm looking at why we should not go to Syria. And many others are because of the lack of trust whether Republican or Democrat. When you when the country's citizens. When leadership says to the head and goes please believe us when -- go to war because we say these guys decide. That's what. Not blaming bush. Saying that the -- that we couldn't find -- to W identity to this what moment we have not found in Iraq. -- but talk a resolution all the talk of his wish it was not true what we -- albeit. Being godsey was was upset up in the that we didn't prepare port. And the president's state did not have the guts to go help people that were done in. And along with twenty other embassies -- tactic that day 21. And now the same ministers says it's okay we -- go to war against -- know who has -- the Russians that that that. Thank you get the United Nations the middle but only for a minute and it just gets. We can't wait -- -- amateur this may be the least watched presidential speech in history on the uninsured people who watches. I'm not Miller I'll I'll I'll tune in later and somebody tell me what which had -- where we're where we're gonna do. To a waiting I got you wait until this thing happens thank you next. Lee you're on the dateline probably -- Ridley. I don't and I do. -- And the mind just to deter -- -- he can Twitter I had -- I don't culture of this slump but. -- our president has gone from Curtis what they need to know culture voted 24. That's pretty damn good. And that we had pretty damn good. It that that to retreat to a talk about the children to our economy watching you on -- -- can pretty up there you go. You know pontificating toward -- serious justice just. Mother. It's -- -- it it's it it's a farce. Yet at any any speaking for a guy that Nobel Prize for peace vote against the act wars under. And all of a sudden these to -- these same columns are gonna tell us we we got to go to -- and let's let's go to Russia sit here. -- -- the united made since you can't make it. I I don't believe. Anybody any war and ice Saturday. Let me ask you that and how old -- ultimately. How -- -- When does that start the did you stopped -- It's stopped believing. First -- lifelong Republican -- stopped for the Wear and George Bush circuit -- to. We're very. You know -- a majority of Republicans in the house some majority in the senate it and a year a true majority Supreme Court I thought OK last week have the pieces. Look which that we can start finally rolling back this fifty years -- if you are there alphabet soup and what happened. Yeah they're -- up our spending that Democrats so you know I don't believe. -- -- I mean UA EU is it fair to say that. That's the by the end of this second bush term you have enough or it was at the beginning. Well of course. Wait we're weak George W -- yeah 43. Yeah. But toward the end of the second and says Irvine and -- As Vietnam did it for me it was just too many people -- remember. Would be at the amount of -- -- Lee thank you call and and you points. -- is an eagle but the vast majority of the of the country who answered orient triple questions I agree with -- Agree that we don't. We we haven't seen except for me YouTube video. Any evidence. Ever since. If you got -- At least for the Iraq War we saw revenues was wrong to -- -- but given the Bush Administration poured out here we will we got. This administration's gotten not deal not think. If they did we be seeing -- any. You're on a day month well we guard -- -- Yeah yeah actually right does the leadership at all yet you know revising of band of Brothers. Who are the kicked out of -- You think -- of course -- a break and be the captain. Damages -- just before they I would -- optimize. Its captains would into the command and -- -- -- -- gonna get is still yet there was an. And you say they could be technical mushy guys with. This has the same way. You know it will -- the -- that I drove -- red line many didn't a lot of red line. And now it's his idea of they get Russia involved as he kept me. You've got it he you have when you lose I'd -- when you got your previous spokesman spokesman MSNBC. -- telling the world that this is not pretty. I mean you've lost and that's that's what's happened only do you get this is it it's. I don't know what I have no idea I can without power. The president got it was -- taped it doesn't because it's so confusing. There's so many angles to this -- so many. Long this is not wrong you know it's a congress' there was there on the spot they -- agree with me. And it's almost all right that we get over -- kind of -- Reagan get him the president -- power back. Well -- political will -- -- I think -- -- -- -- -- guys would see the -- president like that in history as far as I'm concerned. And make about that is the point is that I think O Reilly. Didn't what the same rights of the country. Well that was my problem might be weakened and but it's this -- been so wrong and everything it does -- policy way. If that doesn't mean the nation's gone. That's my iPod with it. When we get as the -- we will get somebody in the next time late great -- but I kinda. We have to. Agree hey thank you call it -- point. We shall we we break it -- go. In orbit so. They'll go to date on while we talk or adult. Colonel I wanna be the first one if someone hasn't already called. Who nominated Vladimir Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize. The book that the -- and the poor man gets the prize do you think Sweden you'd think the Swedes are gonna vote in. I -- that the but -- -- Obama go away from them and get it's important. That would not be public after a picture. Now that we. Secure our it's -- of it right now. And we -- trust of course but. These former KGB lieutenant colonel. President for life in Russia. Looks more peaceful. Than the man who won the Nobel Prize appease Iraq. It's the Woodrow Wilson -- of the Soviet Union. Look at Q did you thanks bill. Interest. Bob you're on the date up so rob on the date -- probably -- it. And no you're not just Iran gets underway. At talked at all look at just where you 6061. Said -- Where you rat when he lived rob. Our I -- our owner our shore our daughter Opel worker I was listening you're not. I want it got on on our Bill O'Reilly but I also want to -- offered what job you want it -- that I. -- on the wrong. On the lawn but as far as the -- ball that it is -- about the white -- yet because -- -- It's been I myself but is back from the break we wouldn't a couple of -- well you know. What people he has a body doubles. And where where certain lie and that was why you should not go. Of course and our greatest combat search is -- they are. At least -- -- -- that's what he thought I was due to achieve. Although will were -- stop what you're doing. Many -- understands. I'll made don't take it literally -- ground that the the the the PGA's. There are a lot of schools -- school ranger school special forces went to two months. The Marines got it but all of -- signal when you get in a room. That would you that the the toughest school anywhere is PGA school knowledge of physical it's like two years. What you guys go through it at it's tough congratulations on being one unit that that's you'd talk about tip of the spear PGA's. They rob thank you call and Debbie give would drive down tree which church. By technical. Okay we'll be right back -- -- stay with us. A -- -- probably car. -- Nobody nobody can dance that. It might point a jump up and down from him. 8774694322. Nor can you make love -- Right I mean what. At least minus. 8774694322877. Forced 6943. -- was told -- number to this now we kargil mister Karr back in Boston. Is how we tomorrow. Hot Pete is apt to -- Roberts say. 6177793469. Is -- one or -- it is always. Yeah I would cart dot com. With the show -- things and how we card showed dot com. Like his book like my book his it is rifleman and it's called -- red. And with you product thanks mister eagle -- To be cheap bastard too many thanks for waiting your on the dateline we cargo Redman eight. At the -- -- billing and colonel first second and I thank you. I that the I actually now have a second question at what the breaking news. My first question it was a was -- what about chemical weapons but might. Now I want to ask why did the Russians can't for the UN meeting today like losing track of all stand. Nobody everyone is up the stated reason is. Take a recent. Is that who has -- we. Required. In order to move forward on this -- can control of the weapons from Syria issue. At the US and Al eyes after agreed never to strike Syria that's -- And the second thing he said in the letter was really chemical weapons are OK they're kind of a balancing the thing. First Syria in the Middle East. -- Yeah he actually put in right he put this so. She and then because the US would has not will not agree. No -- allies are allies to never attacking Syria. He holds. The meeting request off the table. Now Kerry. Is on the way to Geneva. To have a meeting witness that the Russian foreign minister. I'd say. Very long have. Did not agree yet. Yes my -- -- events where he finally -- to our law it was it's a classic delaying tactic. The week in my lifetime we -- the Russians play this game a lot. But I sort it was a slow it down but what -- your first question that. -- report that a country in the Middle East is supplying rebel groups this area with chemical weapons. And I can name the country if -- like. Saudi Arabia. I'm wondering if how much credibility it's the. It's a decision -- saudis are a lot are are certainly supply helping supply. With money. Transportation weapons the rebels are they are. Let them but the saudis. Had not been answered -- to the chemical peace. However these rebels could -- have gotten. Chemical weapons from. On the bottom or stole them stolen from the aside government got a lot of the sites left unprotected during this war. Oh wow oh my god. Yeah it's not it's. That which is why this whole issue we need to be circumspect about in -- there wasn't any proof. Now we've got this clown show running around delaying everything. It doesn't look good but that that's the answers thankful -- -- the way thanks to call -- magical uncle waiting. Day you know what Dave hunt for Dolly -- things do we enjoy it. By colonel thank you for your service you think new huge. Mega -- thank you that question. One back through -- Iraq War. -- ever. In it's true that certain during the time of the year that it took to develop the international. Coalition. That there were large convoys heading out of all that being reported through that intelligence sources. Yes they didn't know -- to a large convoy yourself this -- that's okay. -- -- If that every conceivable that although we can't put it now. Bet that we telegraphed to the -- saying that one we're gonna look for equipment and overall you've got eight or so months to get. To get rid of them. Because word about what development on the world stage as international debate about that building a coalition. -- that -- -- -- that coalition. Yeah until people are saying only that large convoy leaving the country all of you know whatever you got -- equipment trucks. And we couldn't get any more -- Isn't that. You know. It apart although that's and that's what could -- that's well. You know we didn't do well no and it we gave -- a monster get rid of them and you know one of the resort -- they've pretty long -- -- a lot of country for the eight month that we're going around that. Dave rector at that thank you question you know if -- -- -- brought up it's going to be with won't talk about Iraq okay their work. Hundreds of convoys seen. Leaving. Iraq. In this eight month built hundreds. We we have the ability to track some. We -- twelve what do guys in the end Iraq after we took place. For two years to answer the question you're asking. And we went in the back of Alley when a lot of a lot of other places to look for why did you do you is -- bullish crude if the Bush Administration was has then we'll continue to be until you don't have a -- embarrassed. To the bone by the fact that WMD was there. And so if they if they these convoys which were leaving but not worth had chemical weapons. The Bush Administration Daniel and how would appoint to. I think that we they had the weapons when they used -- people I think in 98 the bombing got rid of a lot of them. And the UN inspectors get rid of the rest of the week there was they -- they had the capability to make them they just what the tons. That we said -- war. People like resent that and I was. That we said they were and that therefore what -- to go to war. That's -- other convoys. Happened having would that say that but it never been proven. By people who wanted to be true. There were chemical weapons WDs almost on those. In those and I know guys of who have been at work or who were there at the war and at the border and it took pictures of the trucks I got it I'm just saying. We don't always inside of it and again and again I keep saying. People want this to be true. Can't prove so for me now they weren't there that you call. And the point of that. Is not to be up that. The Bush Administration that war is to say that that's the context. Under under which or the umbrella our our tents. -- -- -- lens through which many of us are looking at Syria. It's Debian Dayton I go back to Vietnam -- T Gulf of Tonkin resolution. It's. What bring got. Paul who led to a lack of presidential history. That's -- my point it's not you can't just all of a sudden say okay US government now we just. I'm saying that the weapons of mass destruction issue is part of the equation. As to why the president has sold much trouble -- bought what with what the British government. Our closest -- Had voted against going to war for the first time since 78. You think that's what -- we think that about. Him it's about. They what they Dave -- then -- -- us every one of the -- that tell and they said no to this and why. Iraq. Sorry. I blame of that voice of tea that's the reason the British to telling us they did they voted against Joseph -- Dave want volley cargo original. Hey Carol thank you sir -- welcome money. What can I ask mill capital or wrote somewhere that. Captain silver. Or go all out assault all gosh that was his -- So little gain that was big company commander of the guys -- first. The original -- company company commander I got decliners trickled. Do you what how old you. -- knowledge rally in north. Which -- you -- graduate college grad. A graduate very. What did you graduate. C'mon tiger at. Your kids and talk we nature. You worry you're a teenager Joseph I graduated seventy kickbacks out a year. It -- It about colonel hunt 1 point 1 am making got it and it ties in this whole Syrian situation it in and what sort it's our. Former. Hillary Clinton the former secretary of say I don't answer sheet issues that are. She's going to accept -- a war. They gave the. Four given my who'd given the award. It's that that it. -- and who you don't give and -- awards nick in the speech. -- not much Patrick kept up I just think Jeb Bush. Is given this the award. Sure you can't you can't make that up you can't you can't say are you. I -- -- I don't know that by Joseph I'd be -- look I get I get them the -- the ritual ball that Clinton's I get that you don't like us secretary of state but can you imagine. Jeb Bush is gold -- eagle on the stage and gifts to Hillary Clinton and out and NASA say nice things about Hillary Clinton by the way. Com and give roared toward. I have. Come on -- job which assists I think he's saying Jeb Bush ain't ain't gonna be Iran. Oh sure anyways what else -- I didn't mean to cut to court. And I apologize I just want to thank you for your service obviously you're southeast Asia or right. -- -- -- -- -- Did you go. I just just Iraqi part and they were doing Gramm Rudman toward the end of my am. -- What I graduated shall I took the civilian rule which are -- -- -- -- Here -- the New Hampshire what are you millionaire up there what are you all and we do what did you. I don't know and I believed I was living in Vermont. Which it out people's republic Obama. -- what do you do now jail where you are so. All your drug dealer. You're all. Huh. And I Joseph we got to leave it right there because at another any knowledge graduate to a drug dealers do I don't. What they're right actually it was a Dave on how we car.