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Al Jazeera Vs. The Blaze

Aug 21, 2013|

Al Jazeera America, the latest offshoot of the Middle Eastern media empire, launched Tuesday afternoon while at the same time AT&T decided to drop the station from its cable service citing "contractual disputes." Al Jazeera has filed suit...Howie asked which station would you prefer to watch: Al Jazeera or Glenn Beck's The Blaze network.

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-- just a moment today and I'll soon be I'll also be giving you the the poll question. Quick poll question tonight -- the second day that that Al-Jazeera. America is she is on the year. Seat CVS. Should search for sure -- Al-Jazeera America. And it's got to think that the it's in 48 or 58 million homes and of course as you know if you well -- -- back in the morning. He has he has this this new cable outfit count cable network called the blaze. And he's trying to get -- on in in in various major. Cable systems she's got a all of a smaller ones and some of the big ones including dish TV which is the second biggest. Network which is the second biggest us satellite provider. But that he's having some problems getting in on some of them especially you know places like Comcast. Where we're you know Brian. Brian Roberts last week in the owner of and the CEO of Comcast. Have played eighteen holes with. Obama -- -- employee and then host of a cocktail party form on Martha's Vineyard so what what are the odds of us went back getting on. Getting on Comcast which I believe is the biggest cable provider of all cable slash satellite provider at all. So while. I think CNB -- poll question today but anyway the poll question is sponsored by powerhouse mortgaged the local source for Jumbo loans and refinancing. At 807620000807620000. So -- I think the poll question today should be who which show which network would you prefer to see. On on your cable slash satellite provider. Al-Jazeera. Or the blaze which is Glenn -- Outfit. I prefer. The place. You know but here's the thing. From just sheer entertainment value Al-Jazeera might be really amusing. I don't think so -- and I used to listen when I was a kid sometimes I would listen to radio Moscow. Radio Pete king a radio Toronto radio have on Havana just to see what they had to say end and sometimes it was weird and strange. But mostly not mostly it was just extraordinarily dreadful I don't think it would be I don't think you would be -- good at all. Tonight and I don't know awhile why we're letting yeah you know this is the this basically is the the voice of the enemy I mean when you come right down to among -- buying it and I were so you would you'd rather have Al-Jazeera that the blaze. You sure an entertainment perspective I don't think tenacity I mean I look at the -- website I know it's there. There's nothing really new there at the same stuff that I see on hot air there that I see on fox and -- -- they know it's not. And at the at a blazing network but the stuff by CN Al-Jazeera concede any or tell us. I'm sure -- I'm sure he could find that I don't wonder why I don't want to encourage them I don't want to war. You know again they have a right to be on my -- you know they have their First Amendment right. But I just as just as I would've preferred that Al war itself. What was then known as current TV. To blend back because one back claims and I have no reason to doubt from the -- ever rise ever produced any evidence of the contrary. Going back offered more for current TV than Al-Jazeera that. But Al Gore preferred to take the politically correct route this is how this how sick this country is that. YouTube it's more politically correct to sell to sell your in your rock cable network. To the enemies of the United States of America. But it than it is to -- conservatives. And it's just it it's appalling and you know again I mean to blunt -- Glenn Beck is doing okay -- I read some -- Some story recently that said that he's now worth more money than. Oprah Winfrey. And so he's doing fine and he'll he'll eventually get on all those all those cable channels but. All those cable networks -- but why should. Why should -- be so so hard for him and so easy for for somebody. For a for a company that's obviously going to be. Anti America that's all the risk. 187. From Al-Jazeera is the modern day Tokyo rose. Is it out is that the modern day Tokyo rose of the modern day MSNBC. I mean you know we have MSNBC be really need Al-Jazeera it's like coming home shopping networks the innate right. How many how many Spanish language. Networks -- how many religious networks the -- You know I guess if you like the stuff fifty if -- part of that -- niche that likes Spanish sure religion. Or whatever. Home shopping -- you like having these multiple stations from most people could care less about the -- I don't watch any of them. On the world we can't get on line but there are three votes in this truck for the blaze says to a seventh. I'll like you know I'd open the blaze I am the oil. A more vote Glenn Glenn Beck radio -- I mean I wouldn't I like listen to on the radio I wouldn't spend a lot of time watching Monty date. I didn't I didn't really Carroll -- much for when he was on fox TV. But the -- OK I was surprised when he was canceled but you know I would rather have went back to -- Al-Jazeera just the that's made from them again I'm not saying you know you don't burn down the studios or anything like that denied them their first amendment rights I'm just saying I think. That you know if you have a chance to. Orion network it's gonna pay at the same amount of money to -- the carriages they call it. Wouldn't you should take an American network. A pro American network improve on rather than in the anti American network and put -- on. All right. 18774694322. If I have the pay for -- I'd prefer the blaze of course this may explain why I don't have cable and get everything off the web. I stream Al-Jazeera when there's an event in the Middle East their coverage is more worrying. How we having Al-Jazeera across our Arab airwaves would be like having Tokyo rose with a primetime show during world war well. I you know -- yeah it's I don't think it's quite as bad as Tokyo rose or war lord saw. Well what happened the -- off when when the US won the war. -- a British subject. He was -- Okay. Ezra Pound may Dudley the up Paul what. Kind of kind of a mentally unhinged. Paul what made some and made some propaganda broadcast for a -- Mussolini he almost was -- PJ won't what do ouster wodehouse the great comic writer in Britain but I would really jeeves. He made a few broadcast for a Nazi Germany was totally apolitical he didn't even know what he was the one I don't think he was just a comic writer. He never went back to England you know. They basically Winston Churchill told them we don't want you -- when our guys when I got X security could it would don't think you worry. Were complicit you know what we're doing what we -- watch in the country anymore so he had that he would do was go to the Americans for the rest of his life in America an X-Files. And I don't what happened at Tokyo rose because there were a lot of Tokyo rose -- apparently the they they had a bunch other -- they had they have. I don't know what -- they may have hang in one or two but I don't think they hang all of them. All right 187746943221877469. 917. All networks but I cancel cable read a book especially a book by Howie Carr. Here here. Here here -- have some food there. We got -- a great spread today. Role in the ever got a -- to read from from budget narrows this is it -- -- in elementary where. It's fantastic they have they have outdone themselves today. This is the this is the most amazing spread. Still bad so many people have been fired over the last week you know this could have been their last this could have been a last meal here. -- about a good good good good final final while meal. -- roses in Quincy gets -- he's best kept secrets and they've got all sorts of stuff they brought in the chocolate cake that is so huge. I did I just a key at the picture I can't imagine -- we were -- it would feed all the candidates for mayor of Boston. Well most of them anyway anyway we'll talk about. 18774694322. How we money talks can we say paid off. How we how can you say terrorist get first amendment rights what are your site. I see these guys are not exactly they they may be terrorist sympathizers but I don't think they I don't think Al-Jazeera themselves are terrorists so. They do have first amendment rights they have but they have a right to buy. The current TV for a -- from Al war Al -- -- and his partners have the right to self. Solitude -- discount because they want to -- That they'd rather have that rather have a pro sure -- pro Taliban or al-Qaeda propaganda over the airwaves. Rather than rather than pro American enough pro. Pro Christian pro Tea Party propaganda from from the blaze. Judge and jury mark -- know of Jamal was eatery dropped by the studio to visit us here on how -- car show today. I highly suggest visiting Jamal -- eatery for authentic Italian cuisine you'll discover quince he's best kept secrets. They're located at twelve Blanchard road near Quincy center. Call 61777315100. That's 61777315100. Or visit Janeiro rose -- dot com. They brought us today -- chicken marsala with stuffed ravioli east to Sicilian meat lover's pizza that's where I'm going for. -- Marguerite out pork cut lets any large chocolate WORK okay. In the at the cake is really good really good. 18774694322. And by the way thanks to Calhoun yesterday for bringing in their spread as they always -- one Tuesday afternoon. The the Kowloon is it is is Boston Chinese cuisines best kept secrets on route one north and so August. And that's your variety and have a hankering for great Chinese food go to cal one number one north and we thank him for their spread as well. 187746943. 22 OK people wanna talk a little bit about the about Al-Jazeera as opposed to as as opposed to was. Glenn -- getting his his network on he's he's gonna get is -- work on but it's it's it's just made it's so amazingly difficult. And I think that a lot of these leaves little work. Cable companies you know which I don't know what percentage of the actual number of cable homes they represented. But there are and there are a lot of them are saying you know we're not we're just -- gonna take this -- -- week we signed up for a -- left wing moon -- Drivel when we would we accepted current TV. Now we're giving now we're getting Arab terrorist. I get -- and -- we're just not the way it's a it's a breach of contract and -- market take it. And those who oppose those groups that are going with with -- back. 18774694322. Ross your next with how we cargo had -- And how we just gotta give us great insight into the president don't know enough about the used to watch Al-Jazeera together when he was a kid about how we learned all things have been good signals. You didn't is that true. Normally make it an up front but. You know what it though the thing is it's believable I was gonna be -- yes I would believe that. -- -- -- you know Howard when you really think about it can you see Roosevelt letting big. Yeah. But Tokyo rose or Berlin Betty on every night on on on our TV. Lord paused the guy in from Berlin. -- ha ha yeah I know -- I heard that does I heard yesterday is what Glenn Beck show they said that. Back in those days. There was a station in Cincinnati WLW it's still there. But in those days it had a million watts can you believe that a million watts. That's how many ID to fight a million watts -- again until I get in the navy rushed. No but so it so what. What FDR said his return to turn it down. Until the war's over to 100000 watched as we don't we don't wanna broadcasting in to why Germany too we don't want people here and -- what Barack. What are more commercial the radio stations are going. But that's things have changed since then get out. We're now we have but now we have to listen to what Al-Jazeera. What thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. Let's see Robert you're next with how we cargo had Robert. All right. Up this morning to find. But I got -- -- -- -- -- -- call contest like solar water off the subject in it about. The key is taken off. You know about it but crop. I did my. Contract it'll -- We're right up and yeah. It's -- excess storm. Look at you about the Saturday are not our -- cable and -- drop chemistry. I'm not gonna pay for these G hot. No way. That's good that's what they said that. They just said okay let's about what they're OS thing but. Okay. Well Papelbon -- -- city to babble about what you want I don't want Al-Jazeera in my house about I don't want they want any of them. Now I don't blame -- I don't blame did and you know the thing is it's not like they're gonna charge a lot compared to say ESP and but you yeah you're right it's it's the principle of -- thing you don't wanna pay any money to -- Nothing. By the way fuel for quite some of law. -- jewels. It also the last -- you know old guy who has been bedridden. Kyra I know where I know he is he worked ya know we as -- okay. Outside -- real battle up on it and I also throughout our -- -- it over the right. Yeah I think I think yeah I am a mature around. How much what dishes doing but issues dish has and Glenn -- autumn on the show on the auto I don't know they're caring Al-Jazeera were knocked off. Thanks for thanks for the call I believe that the current have had. At the climate it was sold to two lead to the Arabs. It had 48 million council's 48 million. Now that's that's that's all that's a lot obviously but it's still less than the the bigger cable. Networks like ESPN. CNN fox you know they have upwards of seventy million homes and I'm gonna guess that the year that that Al-Jazeera dementieva homes. Pretty rapidly. Before times go 11877469432218774694322. Sort of someone says 603 tickets were streaming TV from Europe but you can get this drew rack. Remember how we Al-Jazeera always played Osama bin Laden's videos are we supposed to believe they found these videos on the doorstep in the morning. Apparently too they Al-Jazeera never -- turn most tapes over to the allies during the height of the the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. They were right they were looking too wide to get these videos to to go over with a fine tooth comb. Rather than have to rely on you know second third fourth generation. Videotape. But this is this the way they go because they they need the they've they're always going to be a sympathetic to the to the to the home country can to a homeland to the motherland as they used to say in the World War II movies William your next with how we cargo at William. They're afternoon there that are -- that made the switch to ditch network from -- DirecTV just based on looking edit or perspective of having an alternative. To the mainstream and what's on their. Today because there is no alternative other than what's being what we're being on inculcated we're. Right now you have done Ike -- actually -- four months ago my two year term without without DirecTV. I got called -- that are you guys. You all looking at are we getting the -- and it said there were looking at Belmont with art called up but that. You guys are still not offering what it was part of your lineup well. So what's the deal with that I talk to some kind of liberal -- not people being -- what we're not only are we not looking at -- but we're not ever gonna get. The ways and that the -- giving me. William what ever happened to William what ever happened to the customer's always right. And it's. Right is that that's -- -- and it doesn't matter really how much money you're spending it here. If you're you're you're gonna get what somebody wants to give you an and really attack looked at -- you load them are. You're working for -- even though you're paying for the pink or you know that -- make -- that. There's another there's just no alternative they've got a letter networks which are all pretty much the same. They've got the Bloomberg TV the current TV now that -- its feet deep. I -- a little bit that you know -- open minded per I want to see what was going on and it's yeah I guess figure. -- -- and you you know you might want to get entertainment value -- -- -- said you're it's the end you're watching the enemy and if they're people hitting out we. You know debuting at the bit in dark parading out trying to anyways the number of retired veteran myself I've been around the world I've seen what -- to see out there most of any good. And we're losing you know it's not the country all its -- the people that are in charge. That's the problem you know did you know they're they're you know based -- if you don't know what you're doing what you talking about you try to knock somebody younger people. Under the -- have never gone anywhere never done anything it a lot of new nineteenth almost agreed but they're not very Smart will. You can you imagine 1942. It on you -- your drive and in Europe Packard. And and you couldn't -- tune down your radio dial and you can get Nazi radio. You know I mean -- you message I mean it's just too hesitant at Howard got them surrounded by about two or not these right now that is and help think they know everything. But it mature but I'm saying -- -- the you don't hit FDR and and I just if the Democrats Republicans everybody in the country would have been as one saying. We'd do not want to have a a propaganda. Outlook of the other side. Our enemies in our right in our back yards in an hour for an in the front seat of our automobiles it's right. -- given up I would be used words like faith and hope but I think that some people are starting. Smart enough and see what's going on around here. And the fact is that you know what -- you can you can pay to get the always you know dot com but. I mean most people watched TV anyway if you want to actually have an alternative. To mainstream and what thought there. You know do like I do work hard and you don't like they've been caught me in -- happened here that don't need it that they're gonna charge you left. You know. Also sharing -- and they are arrived -- if they are concerned and I mean they they you -- that the other woman may have given you a lot of lot of grief but they are worried about us. Well I I think they are worried about it because the -- they've been perhaps premium bombarding me. I I thought the liberal I'm not -- vote for homosexuals and -- -- fox look like up in the air. Yes it looks like me you know without I -- -- you know I think I -- bombastic and so that's where I was raised. As part of -- and half a percent of the population as a country that actually will serve and you know and it cannot in any of -- combined armed forces you know yeah and that's the problem there are less and less and let's look. And -- booting people out there like they did back in the you know there the mid early to midnight few others did it people. With Clinton thanks for the call William good luck I get rid of them 18774694322. How we can you tell us what providers are carrying Al-Jazeera. I just heard Comcast -- caring about it if true I'll be switching providers ASAP I believe they are. But despite those -- -- I don't know bios does or not I I honestly I have files but I have a lot of most nights I don't -- watch TV and I do I'd rather be on the -- on the the Internet. 187746943220. 50 -- says H you've got a -- and I'm looking forward to their road to their to their sports coverage Saturday night is kick the goat head. And Tuesday is the stone your neighbor. Yeah hot button is this really you know they if they cover the yes soccer games remarkable. You know -- be -- impose tough times are pretty exciting that's when they that's that's when the at least they whip. The women they the they they -- the women who have been found to be outside if if the Taliban comes back this is Taliban that. This win was with Taliban. At halftime of the games salute the Taliban would whipped the women. Who had been found walking in the streets -- accompanied by a man. And then they would put the gays or homosexuals that they have found engaging in. Unnatural act. Action as they used to say and they would they were put them next to waste Stonewall and then they would use bulldozers to bush to Stonewall over them. This is these that these are the people you don't -- this is the other side. The in this in these are the people who support Al-Jazeera you know this way comes down to. 1877469432. To empower -- they got a great lineup over Iraq. So you want to be more shots I've seen. All of the -- block. You know my mother the martyr. It's great gonna be your right. 18774694322187746943. -- two -- ultimate chocolate cake for margin narrows eatery. Oh my god can mean that chocolate cake that's the size of you know a freaking frisbee in there and giant frisbee up. -- Really that's like that's like it's like a wedding cake like -- -- huge wedding cake. Only god has a great is typical of extra chocolate frosting on top of that -- I appreciate that so. 187746943227. But I take Al-Jazeera any day over MSNBC -- but they're more objective on the comrades. It probably is that pops up get out there really is probably as what I immediately if any if beauty. Example. Is needed of why cables should be ala -- Speaking of music restaurant term and in TV I mean -- you should be able to pick and choose your stations there's no there's no reason for you have to pay. If you if you know if you're a it if you don't want to why -- you have to pay for the enemy propaganda which is what this scum on what's let's face it. And -- and remember their -- their lead lead anchors. Which Soledad O'Brien. Remember Soledad last year with John Sununu senior. You know she was -- -- bit reading him and trying to -- embarrass him and not it and you just really making it hard for him you know because she was a Republican and he worked for Romney. Then choose in all these terrible things that you would never say to. Anybody without the will work for Obama and does so somebody one of the bloggers are one of the TV. Monitors. On the Internet throws up for a freeze frame to a a pig got to -- the -- ran it back because he thought he saw something interesting in the documents she was reading from -- if -- freeze frame that used the screen capture. It was a democratic NBC tie it -- what democratic talking point. That's that's that's what she was that's what she was up -- she was she was hacked during a Republican. Candidate. With Democrat. But Canada Democrat a Republican spokesman -- Democrat talking points that's how. Objected she wants. 1877469432218774694322. Mohammed knows best. My mother of the IED. 18774694322. Stated this is the second day of of M of Al-Jazeera. You don't you know what's also ironic though two I mean I think if you know few more I say we aren't owned current T date. War in this situation you know in the -- you you have a station has made a network has no what no -- worst nobody nobody. But still the fact that it has. All these spots on cable. Out outfits makes it work 500 million dollars a guy. So all of a sudden Al-Jazeera comes to you and says like UB 500000004. And I -- how -- -- -- would be -- would be -- I -- I want I want the money and why obviously wanna cash -- never -- worry and but I don't wanna sell to Al-Jazeera. Now in the case of current TV the owners and led by Al war. They face the same dilemma only their dilemma was they were approached by Glenn back a conservative who wanted to offer them 500 million. It may be a little more. And they worked warned they wanted to cash out but they didn't want to have suffer the social. Its big -- That is indeed what it would've been a social stigma to sell out to watch. Does it could go and back so Witten Al-Jazeera came by and offered him less money they were happy to take less money. They would take five to you know I don't know how worked out by Al world 20% of its so what you say Al Gore took a haircut -- -- patent. 510 million box so we didn't have to sell to what America. Amazing. 1877469432. To have Kimmel will travel. Welcome back Khomeini. Family feud of the death. I need the Miami. Hi Dave your next with how we cargo ahead day of. They are all our best wind. -- -- we can't ever they had everything average Yasser Arafat yet. Was. About it every -- and it's good or bad law that. Condit and the but it -- it's -- -- at all. Hey how you go on Dave what's happened and -- Debt and as patient data from land although I'll hold it Bobby election that should kind of funny how our belt back out there -- -- Do you miss the global warming -- -- -- -- very strong between it -- it will fall. I now -- I know this -- and these are the same people you know they have these these these Al-Jazeera people bought it. These are the same people who are made the movie they finance the movie last year there was a big flop but the box office. About how one about how Lisa evil American oil companies were trying to destroy this pristine little while rural community. By. Gas Dave how they were destroying whole community flash a flash game. You know -- they would -- they want it they they put out a piece of propaganda against wracking because of course fracking is bad for business as I have. Had gone on around here Ali Ahmed -- -- -- -- Western Pennsylvania do the evil people because. They treating all -- equate -- jobs in good shock jock and -- all chipping and that's what's really deep in the are part of -- doorknob that you. Absolutely that's what you know got your former governor Ed Rendell -- he's been replaced now by the Republican governor but he got. He told Andrew Cuomo he said the other guy you know the governor of New York next Horry said -- Cuomo you're not it's this is the best thing that's happened that don't look at the Pennsylvania enough fifty years. You know I would probably still don't like about it is a partner. Anyway how it's a lot more playing in the fact is that up but why -- the owner of the actually act and they didn't Al-Jazeera they got it I mean and out RB I know a lot of conservatives lining up to by the -- Close -- -- and -- boy this stayed patient slow deliberate. Exactly you know what David that's right there at three people three of the better step up and said the exam you're that's a good point I'm glad you brought that up. To -- you ever thought. Three of the three of the bettors on the Boston Globe said they out they outbid John Henry but these three people who while bit of moral conservatives. Yeah and apparently they didn't they get a -- go camping is that you know prince Salzburg that isn't his company. He he's the CEL but I mean he has a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders to get the best pricey -- And he is that totally. Totally didn't care. He got the he took he took that from the PC guy rather than take it from the big money guy which was which was Manchester one of the other run conserve. Two bit on the paper thanks for the call what they've won 8774694322. My mother of the infidels. For. Yeah 18774694322. Dish has it but only on programs packages over 200 channels my bill as a 130 dollars. Yeah and and I don't have -- -- talk about the blaze or about the Al-Jazeera. The man for Mac got. 1877469432218774694322. Marjorie you're next with how we cargo ahead Marjorie. Pay its main impact arrogant. I just was accurate would get it started out that GS was kind of going out. It she -- does she blocked the channel it's not just not -- newspaper it's -- the story about celebrity and has been. They've got into this very big -- Lori due in -- I had a lady broke that thing about. Well -- account -- they get hired her to work forum. They are huge part Yahoo! thing though not -- the other day. Bosses at the boss of the news operation is droll -- would who used to I used to run channel seven here in Boston. He was -- he was a very local TV he was a real good local TV -- They're they're gonna have a they're gonna. And Scott Baker you know he's got he's got great credentials are and yet people don't know what they wife you know. You don't roku device and issued a high speed Internet connection and yeah. Tape -- mod four yeah Holland and and don't -- -- -- and then you're not spending money on cable channel you don't want. And it a lot of stuff but look -- they're above 800 operate out. That's not regular TV but it's there's an awful lot on that you really -- up. There are alternatives that people got to know it ends up ticket at this. -- are radical trouble somewhere else they got a neighbor or country or even help our country at all the crazy stuff. I agree totally under the -- we're willing to put animate. Thanks so thankful all more -- won 87 here's another one of their shows and they're gonna have Medina -- draft day. I dream of G hot that's for navy JA. 18774694322. Kimmel 54 where are you. Feels is also carrying Al-Jazeera not ala -- -- K so I go home that I can get Al-Jazeera. I would just assume you know I'm all I'm the point if I can just keep ESPN to get the -- ESPN the NFL network. Try to keep us like you get the the football and then and the networks just to get pro football and college football that I don't even -- college football actually until. March March Madness. That's all I need that's all I need RT VF plus of course Fox News that's but that's it that's about it I mean I don't mean anything else I don't know. I could I can do without those crappy shows one -- I've read -- I got you don't want that's why idea. The crap -- the crappy black and white movies I like to -- -- sold them cheap on TV I mean I'll bet they're cheaper than that have a cable package if I switched over. Cost me those movies cost me like maybe 2530 cents one in my -- the bulk. You know. 1187. I don't that's only do was watch -- one maybe one night after a finish going over mighty might might notes on the trial in the night right -- that on the trial. 18774694322. Al-Qaeda in the family. A lot twelfth. But go to the bad and the ugly. Star Trek the bomb generation. Dora the exporter. 187746. Months. The king of callable. At 1877469432. -- the infidels of hazard. But. Keeping up with the bin Laden it's the flying. 8774694322. On how we --