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Max Robins Thursday August 15, 3013 - Breaking Bad and Duck Dynasty

Aug 15, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) will be with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube.

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So I'm Max Robbins is with us here -- he's he's he's still on the upbeat he's he's really been covering PB industry for. The number of years of actually writing about it he's -- -- just in these last night for the LA times. About the the the on going battle between. Between CBS and Time Warner you know what. But time she'd be CBS pulled off some of their station -- awful some of their own but operated stations off of what Time Warner Cable. Their -- that -- give him a -- money back for their. They're production meanwhile -- -- to CBS just came off the biggest quarter in their history. Their history in their history yes. So there obviously hurting and oh yeah everybody's hurt in the doctor I'm sure the -- Time Warner I was hurting you currently own not in the -- but. I think with this stuff when this happens -- this is going on in or. Los Angeles and Ellis. And what it does -- makes people take good hard look at that they really nailed it on your cable bill in what are the options and people are on the court in the Clinton court. -- was -- report the other day it's tiger Craig -- most respected analysts. On Wall Street you know covering the industry who always that you know. Work but he was in urban legend -- and he's just looked at the numbers from last year it's true. Lot of people -- sane enough or it's too expensive and found farm where it's what we wanna watch. Not the stuff we know it's likely that lines. Say -- think that. Same thing I mean the more competition you have in the marketplace that are we know that that's what it is. People get more tax beaters all sorts of ways to all sorts of great stuff. And it just it's ridiculous. It's cable -- keeps going up up up up well. Right right you know what it is it goes up up up up up I think most people would -- that they want -- let's let that happen. There they're getting it all but they're getting it on the Internet I mean I'm not watching they're still staring at something but they're they're not steering the TV -- -- -- right. Oh yeah how we look at we took a -- here at the park Korea let's say how many people what you really do. But the court your cable or cut -- your Internet idea that people vote. I mean -- That much ridiculed absolutely. No no confidence. You have that's. No doubt about it but none none whatsoever and and in -- is in but there's at least there's at least -- the beast setup there. Is anybody watching it. Not a single modest single song well that's because there we. In gross this month in this. And we're having your right about that or reveal lobster roll or a plea to a run a play. But surely you know too -- TV -- park in bars anymore I mean nobody we. Not sure you don't go to go to sports -- Red Sox are going in Boston people watch equipment. -- I mean it's it's just -- it forces wallpaper and you are you we've. Gotten the point -- -- wanna see what we want us when we once. In the easiest way -- And if whether it's networks. Cable systems satellite providers. -- Verizon and he has some support. In the businesses. -- shows. The sooner that they've realized that the federal that it. Hopefully the lesser Opel -- exactly 18774694322. Politics and calls for a match Robbins here we don't have the it would never rocked our putts today so what. What does -- think of phone calls here Steve your next with how we car and Max -- go ahead Steve. -- -- But. Again you're not are. They. Not much of the dynasty being -- I'm in the minority on this I think they keep Dexter on him. -- roof began in. It's will be with this for one another trying to get one that the -- -- guys to run for congress is that right I hurt me. What it would be the first that -- left from tee to the right political OK okay waves -- revolving door that. I don't know took him. -- that is it is because of -- It's either that everybody on the -- taxes -- -- -- with some kind of out of the early it really has come beard -- come back to a place aren't like -- really are. Let's look at this list late who. I with a that everybody on the team with our pictures up and help my father used this of my policy to the Buick a couple of guys with -- on the but it -- -- what what is this the house of David. -- that you at least have a traveling Jewish human everybody had a beard. Thanks replaced -- the calls the salary you're next with how we aren't Max -- -- -- are. And it. Pretty -- back. Yeah I don't get noisy today music here's some of the guys are coming by world. And -- Now we can be loud and clear. These Kate Snow on and being seen his daughter and company. I don't believe it about double check that I don't think she's I mean on the news. Yeah I know I know you're talking about a -- Okay thank you sir so are we don't know the answer to that 1877469. Worked recruit to Sidney you're next with Howie -- and Max robins -- at Sydney. An actor -- thank you. While I pop record doesn't call. Yeah. Doesn't Obama and -- can't afford Internet and a couple. We felt -- Atlanta radio and you guys and you don't want your areas like and I don't think that we ever. You are and has -- aptly you know happy and that -- I guess here but that's me. I am going to be here on Saturday and I am. Can't afford it but -- rightfully -- -- -- get out of and they get there -- not that he will do it I mean when aren't there. Can't sit in the city if you go by if you come boat to Barnes and over you just tell me your name Sydney argued UAE give -- teacher now that. Are you I was like -- I'll see you want Saturday Sidney thank you wonder -- that the only it's been a lot of people aren't -- city if you call it. I have voice -- like that the voice prints off the machine I can I know who's idiots. Don't even think about it all you -- for monsters up comic -- if it. The capital. Of these vacation land state won -- seventh seventh where six mine where three to two Marty your next with how we aren't Max robbed or have Marty. I don't and not -- workbook to a. -- -- He's bright enough yet to break it up mount Marty called back. Let's not and I don't get louder here but you're you're the one break and appear to be your next with how we card Max -- go ahead Steve. Hey Howard. Grassroots radio show in the country. Thank you very. Mac what have you. What are they weren't able to others start to charge your per minute basis all the technology -- -- dvds there. Dedicated and charge stuff but overall -- you know can have a lot lineup why don't they just yards but the fact is that -- on the you know. I think that's terrific idea that it -- Reached the right price -- It's ago when it could be like you know your water bill -- -- Greater legal right now on I don't watch currently any TV I mean -- -- I I watch what I told news Max and watch TV when there's football program. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're nothing but this is even this is even better that he's we don't talk about how hard he's talking about actually getting charged that the second thought I would. That would that would come my cable -- down to about ten bucks a bond that I love that I. I love that I think. They could do -- -- -- -- with technology yes there absolutely. And that's what it would kill it would kill absolutely and I don't think you could support the financial model what you have to pay for it to break it down. That's what they say through but I'll park. Which is -- really become that you network shows on like that it's somehow they would support system. I don't believe I don't believe that it is it's got to be that -- -- a good -- Univision I'm sorry that's -- that's rather that's not a good reason -- -- -- -- -- system out of I don't know do we -- QBC -- what I don't know what I don't quite awake here it doesn't support the system well why don't support this I don't I don't -- support commitment. Because I'm I'm getting ripped off -- it. Let let let the viewers the -- right that's right that's right let's go with our votes. Thanks thanks for the pilots are really good suggestions -- but every but all of them. Earlier next with how we car and Max Roberts court federal. I Allie I'd act -- I'll take my ball. Do you do there -- indicate whether or not that's the the ways that are going to be picked up my -- gap at all. Well I'll tell you. You know the yesterday. Yesterday -- Obama played our eighteen holes of golf with Brian Roberts who owns Comcast. In the they had better together are also does that give you any indication of whether the going to be picking up Glenn -- network -- not with. If you -- the -- would you say the chances are far greater western that they were a couple of days ago. Well I think they're allowed third party got a Big Apple has been you know they can stop the money I'm making. Much on MSNBC. It's it well they are actually there are making money on an MSNBC and MSNBC's make a lot money -- Comcast is gonna put if they think people are gonna watch the plays that they're gonna watch Olympics that would help would and it it people star quality that say they want it. They'll put it on it's it's it's it's it's all it's all about the that -- Have you seen the latest on MSNBC they yet this -- -- speed -- got the type of back that -- right. He he was the day you he he took care of -- I -- knew who was like -- You he got shot I hit a robbery -- wasn't quite. All clear is -- what his own lawyers that he wasn't quite all there. And so we just started subscribing to all -- right wing magazines he would give them to -- B pop. And you know also now so now -- MSNBC is trying to say that speed and ends in the Southern Poverty Law Center are trying Tripoli right wing magazine it's. For what this I think what this guy bit yeah. Talk about a stretch with the a real stretch you know IE I don't I don't think the you know the -- -- -- -- in the in the -- real walk out have a lot common. Press your next OK here's during Mikey got Mike that might get -- -- errors of Marty well I got this connect to put a month with a guy on that disconnect that. I value their life. Ultimately it'll act. Good thing I got I got requested. Finally big -- and mark is out with a smile on fifth and now that no -- had to fight. What is an increasingly go. The people look foolish enough to -- opposite of think there's too many people -- -- what's that I mother is governor governor they also make it often that erroneously attributed to PT Barnum there's the sucker born every minute. At any time any one particular it's gonna let -- -- and I believe they come up with the spinoff this series all the remember like when when the world poker shows now right remember with their all the -- pawnshops goes yeah I mean Mike Mike what you wanna save up. It might hit it and so on an. -- I used to -- You usually like I watch those shows for about fifteen minutes -- though I feel. I feel my brain cells body you know what I have today at the turn it off again -- can't take it anymore. You know and that's children. -- Thanks for the call Mike will get our ballots coming back to the radio. Well you know not just our -- returning. I didn't know it I thought he hit I thought he'd be trillions but he I guess you know. You go through pretty fast -- your -- with when you're having young boy meets with the young wife and I don't know I don't know but it's government backed. All of those stories you know we shot two of them millions burden of it desert. 500 miles north -- capsule to. Holy -- you have now -- did very well yeah. I I want my picture taken with -- marvell tech engine that back up again at the -- -- -- was powered car go ahead Chris. Yet this script and Rockland not -- the I want the big fan of the show the killing last the last two seasons. And then AMC turned it and that he standards torture porn you know over the up to it it. Not that that every other cable certainly become. My prayers are they're gonna be -- beat him four and what's the point at which. It's gonna get to a point where you hit it is too much of this not that they can just stick to a story. That's a really good question I mean I believe there is going to be a seasoned war and when they'll stop is when people stop watching. And it is unfortunate that they're it is a lot of terrific television out there but there is a lot that's -- it is and is -- over the. Does Joseph McPherson visas. Because they didn't co opt -- line and from the very beginning the first couple episodes I tried it in you have to by the third episode. I can't even describe him on my kids were favored go to the bar at 10 o'clock at night out of -- hey general it's just it's nothing but. I guess I just want to do you thought about it I think. Okay okay thanks a lot 187746943221877. Where six mine -- three to two. The only reason I put the stuff on Macs is because it works you know I mean if it didn't work -- -- work he's been changed but that changed the bond. Right they would Italian and if it throws or grab a few words. They pulled off too expensive to produce some people don't watch don't be surprised. Right and -- the pop you want to go to war you're distancing yourself for your. You horse making yourself singular right yeah yeah but let's get to where it's gone and it's unfortunate because AMC does a lot of real quality television as well in the armed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also the network commitment. A couple of options well. Thanks Paula -- next with how we -- Max -- -- -- all. And that is closely -- the keep your mind when I woke up some -- -- Hilton naked and while I was gone. I don't know what. Well I hope to turn off your TV that's how critical. It. I don't watch it at night -- Thanks for the call call 1877. Where six mine were three to two trees and went to choose he's but. But it's -- -- Michael -- here working for a month now. Still at your next with how we -- Max robins or had said. I'm back I'm a big -- -- up -- print it and everything bad bothering him yeah. Reading and as a premier. I huge huge on the biggest ever the show's future in people are gonna miss it when it goes away six more episodes. What do you think one of the comfort and bring it back. How we I think that back up the truck. As much as you and I know. Don't quit them before -- tweet you -- right the creators in the KS the breaking bad that they basically. So it's run its course and I qualities that appeared in the and and they're done they're done I'm sure -- see the ethnic people around they would they would grant back at that point. All right thanks for the calls the it will take a break so we can take some more calls we come back out of how we are. 1877. -- 694322. Drudge Report Mac's -- dynasty premiere shatters cable record with eleven point eight million viewers. They don't bet against the fear it's been open against the beards out. 11 element that very few network shows get that anymore do it very few that's though that that's network numbers especially its August. Mean yeah that total TV viewership is down this time. Mean we all know that we're you know we're places like the park forever the beat us. Steven your next with how we guard Max -- score at Steven. Exactly. One corner but -- -- yards on the other night below are from probable. I don't believe -- the -- Dexia and stewardesses on a point our yacht. What is the democratic go below decks below that was Barack. Just like they're out there have stated I don't know hurt us. Well you know we we talk about this a lot at. We call these shows -- reality shows -- Real housewives or any of that stuff for sainthood and it didn't cost exactly I mean much of -- these things are really scripted that scripted in such. I didn't know where they're going their beard. They're going after people they know combinations of people where there's going to be conflict where there's going to be drama they set up situations. Almost as much as they -- with a scripted television showed. That they're gonna give you some sizzle early strike. Thanks for the call Stephen -- -- that they should call reality shows that I mean. Yeah it's or in an effort -- call unscripted. But -- -- and scripted this closeness to call a script that show or something like that. The plot -- your next with how we are gore had pot. Hey guys thanks for taking my call Mac we didn't hear your voice. Ops they -- put the question of free though I'm. I read in the paper the other day that opt out of here coming to America what cable companies they're going to be providing yet and when does that start. They're about to watch it's it's unclear how many you know people like. Current TV which hail core was he walked on a million -- hundred newly cleaned up in other words about fifty million reach -- -- it. And that cable systems where current head of contracts. I mean. They're not really obligated to take -- is here so it's still looking. Dropped it right yes sort of smaller ones on some of some of dropped. Al-Jazeera might find that they have to pay the cable -- it's usually the other way around. You yeah. But their watch it and there's been a lot of one. Thanks for the call thought Mike your next with how we guard Max -- go ahead Mike. Our. -- yes. Yes that's that's what why he -- you know lose the strike down the street here where the balloon is it was in the -- -- aren't properly counted the -- the horse -- don't. Yeah I've hey you know I've been looking at this. Seriously and and I I would say. Look at who else is seeing is that your -- if you got bios that they've they've -- your neighborhood. Check it out and see what kind of deal you -- -- with the -- check out and see what one of the satellite providers that. These cable systems are still offering like they got a monopoly. You know. Vote in voting and check out the competition. Max thanks reveal what this here while -- always a pleasure and it's OK so you will be right back here at the Mark Brown.