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I'll Put A Spell On You...You White Racist

Aug 7, 2013|

Howie extended his conversation on the voodoo princess who crashed into the Boston Globe truck and then threatened the police with a voodoo curse if they did not let her smoke a cigarette.....and told them they were white racists..

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We have another wacky story. To attend to here today this Haitian. Immigrant. With three EDT cards and Cadillac claiming she's unemployed were arrested for drunk driving. She struck a Boston Globe. Track and a really good job on the on the the guys name and his name is Heatley. Healy was taken to mass general hospital where he was being treated for multiple injuries including fractured ribs fractured vertebrae a bruised kidney and several lacerations. According to his mother his truck. Was allegedly hit by the patients car. On. Let's. Get all these computers early work all that well put it mildly. So we don't have that but what will figure that out later on 1877. One trooper William Cook. Coca since he told her she would not be able to smoke Belgrade called Coco kinki racist told them she was from Haiti. In that she planned to -- do you know. Voodoo. Choose got a boot to. The hate crime to boo -- somebody. -- -- truck was allegedly struck by Belgrade's car on interstate 93 -- around 3:20 AM Monday when the truck hurtled off the roadway and fell 41 forty feet toward him below. When -- -- -- reported. Were approached Belgrade's Cadillac in the breakdown lane on line 93 short distance from the crash she told the ship left the party only consultant to beverages the reports said. When the chance to cope with -- and -- -- the alcohol and impair your driving ability Shearer replied -- no no way. -- that no way. Exactly. Three. EB ET cards were discovered on Belgrade only one of which was hers she could not offer you reasonable explanation. Why she had cards not issue terror. The reasonable explanation why she's a immigrant. And she's a Obama holder. What more reasonable explanation that the need for that. She could not offer reasonable explanation why she had three credit cards to credit cards not issued earth. But called Coke which -- ski a dumb bully for paying for food that she gets three she gets free of charge the reports that. Isn't that nice. Is a bad night. Belgrade gut told -- quick -- her name translated means give life take life -- reports said that Belgrade -- that emphasized a life. She followed that statement by shouting it could change view that she was coming for all you white bleed pretty beliefs. The not guilty plea was entered on Belgrade's behalf Monday in Boston municipal court she is ordered held on 101000 dollars cash wanted barred from driving or consuming alcohol. Yeah right yeah she's going. Like she's gonna -- editing more than ship based and more of the any any of our of the laws of this country right. She was charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle operating under the influence of alcohol. Operating under the influence of alcohol contain -- causing serious bodily injury according to the office of Suffolk district attorney the annual cap on. Sort of words she apparently have a driver's license that's the only shocking thing here. 187746943221877. Foresee an Everett. I put a spell on you. Court records show that she's unemployed but yet here right find on a -- seat. On the Internet that she charges 35 dollars for rod dreads. She charges are 55 dollars to relax or whatever that as she charges. Meet your hair I'm currently relax there's -- -- 25 dollars for -- -- that's. And a 120 dollars for weeks. Sure she's filing goes WW two forms every her 109 nines every every three months. To make sure that she's paying her fair share because you know immigrants wanna come to this country down days they -- They wanna pay their fair share they don't wanna -- leeches on the community even though she had three EBT cards. And a Cadillac. 1877469. Holder is gonna declined to prosecute. Well first of all first of all Marcia Coakley will have that declined to prosecute. That'll be the first that'll be the first when -- and I -- I -- will be the first one she's the district attorney of Middlesex County she will declined to prosecute. Marcia -- will declined to prosecute Eric Holder declined to prosecute. One 877 did they let her keep the other two we beat the cards -- there that is that is an answer question we do not know the answer the map. You think the IRS will allow will be on this case I would hope so -- be on this case of where you were -- when night. But of course we're not from -- he. We don't have the same rights as as Haitian immigrants though. Haitian immigrants with three beat the cards on their person Mike your next with how we cargo have Mike. -- I'm a creepy ass white for a -- creepy ass cracker that's get a great -- I would add that about Patrick already -- -- right now at -- Allen hit lots of -- are often. No problem but originated -- incorporated. Let's -- -- it you know. -- but if you had to guess Michael would you say she voted for the last election. The same person that I -- operated. The same person who for whom Obama folder name. Exactly. There and probably haven't I bought bullets at all right a lot of I'm pretty rock got them back -- -- -- did -- -- out -- And they say not all but there's an ATM machine over in the corner. I wanna get some cash. -- -- -- -- by now is a great. Is a great well. People -- -- liberal. They have brought out the window and only under -- anything stop. -- -- they don't care debate I mean do you think they kick it that the people the people who wore were we're liberals the people were actually pay taxes even if it's just from their. Mom and pops trust fund that they left the -- think they read The Herald. You'd think listening to talk radio they don't know what's going on. They don't -- -- -- my wife talks to people she's from west originally she tells people about the abusive BBP cards you know what they said or Mike. What isn't he BT cart. That the Al Ali -- that they vote the way the sport but at the keep up by or are all on the right. Yeah exactly know what is Andy you know Chicago is next. But everybody's gonna go away of Detroit you know the kitten that nobody can know what nobody states none of these cities have -- Printing presses on like the federal government so they just gonna eventually they're gonna just topple over there's no doubt about it but it that the question is. What's gonna happen when these people don't get there were EDT cards re loaded at the first of the month where are they got to go they got to just. Are they get a lot of get jobs I kind of doubt it. I don't think I don't think that's there playing. I think their plan is to watch going to the suburbs and and and start spewing even more. That's why people are buying guns because they wanna be ready bill you're next with -- cargo ahead bill. Yes I have a person caller thanks in. -- -- think you should quit a bit. -- The only thing is. The information at electing VG I usually see in the -- worked for the -- state comptroller. Which basically stayed out and you'll see PGA. The other day. -- -- Or what I seen over the years is just a lack of internal controls. Are on the OK. Simple controls like importance. Stop a lot of these abused its okay. In slow partly I was hoping. I hope the biggest steel erection deal. Islam. And I told in my name number and this is so much in touch with the lecture few days. -- What you think YouTube -- stops and abuse. You know as far as -- Beecham's global -- section EB cheaper or was in the early. He's certainly under the weld administration yes. We did it continued to salute cheer and I swear it should. I had worked for them at the time and I'm looking -- the parties that were involved in getting this project -- ground. So. What are Rick Kessler would -- is restrictive ways of being. Shouldn't give -- example. Give me an example how to stop this from going on. Are -- you talked about the cards having a lot of money and. -- stay in activated cart world she reaches a certain limit. All the person will be there. Right and then and then at bell today there would be an ACLU -- ACLU lawyer in in court. In superior court the next day so -- the department of transitional assistance. Right. Well I didn't step across the border stretch is done against one individual. You know any one. Well -- class actions do you know this is this is discrimination against against our clients who tend to be illegal aliens and to and to be up collar. Who tend to be people who haven't worked that generations. I mean why are they being picked on. You know and into play it and some liberal judge appointed by. Abide the ball or by Mike Dukakis is gonna say they yep that's right side you know put the put the spigot back on and and give him give a more more money with -- interest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All have all the work that you wouldn't work that way. You know what you're saying. -- Thanks for the call -- 1877469432. To the other thing is you don't the state does not wanna stop abuse. Mean this is what this this is what the EBT cart program was designed for you know this is what this what Deval Patrick wants to go. It's it's to support people like -- like -- NC -- belt -- hard. You know this is this is one of his voters this is one of Obama's voters. Now she has multiple we -- T cards she is age she's she claims she's unemployed yet she has a pace this year at the age. Showing that she has it has a job is that as some kind of hairdresser. So she's working under the table she's not pay in taxes. You know assault course taxes don't mean anything to her she's she's all in favor of raising -- On on people who were playing by the roles of American citizens. You know you're not supposed to say citizens anymore by the way and in Seattle he spoke to say residents it's just too pejorative. It's Cecil mean spirited talk about citizens. So she's at she's not she baby is analysis and but she's a reds had a and you know she's getting a free ride and she has a kid. No husband apparently she -- there's no mention this police report her husband just has yet. So you can assume that these since she's unmarried. Apparently she's she's gonna give -- getting money for the kid if she's in the if she is and as a citizen that the kid is the anchor baby. It's is this is this is she's that she's the poster child. Four for EBT card abuse she's the poster child for what immigration has become which is just. Letting people into the country racists people would hate but white people who were basically or the taxpayers were mainly white. -- paying. For her life of leisure for her cattle. For -- BT. They she hates she hates the people were supporting -- so what this is what they want. These the kind of people want my country. Bond you're next with now cargo ahead on. Yes. I'm here. -- -- And -- About it would be be. Is it. Read. -- lottery in. Need need. They have they don't welfare uses map adding yet. -- Yeah. Yes it is naked and an aunt because they are and make it didn't -- -- and they get mad. Yeah but they cannot they can still get beer right. They can't get bit they can't. Are you surely keg of beer I think they get I think it's easier to get beer up there than it is here I think I think up by big down here you gotta go to the ATM and get some cash to get the beer. I think in New Hampshire you could just go up to visit to the one of the big. Big box stores and it just usury BD card to get beer and cigarettes. You can't. I every story to win whether it throughout the world market everything they are not allowed just -- Beers. -- I didn't. That's that's not the way it was a year -- so dog gone it may -- they've changed it since then but you know. It's it is you know there's some parts of but New Hampshire where it a law. Where it's easier to wise it it's it it's more designed to create that democratic majorities in Massachusetts laws. Just like you guys have saved they registration up there. You know. I mean this woman could go up that -- bad C a bowel guard to -- to New Hampshire register to vote on the same day and cancel out your vote. For a for somebody named -- don't know. Yeah I bet they get ousted this year I think cracked yeah -- know Ron Howard again by any of it. Not yeah and I want to gubernatorial Dick Gordon not putting an idea I. A rep after Barack. Thanks for the call by. What year is the caddie. See the look in the year. I observe the black Cadillac. With heavy crash damage. Doesn't say what your account why is -- just -- what color it is. This is the narrative report which should we should have a whole report. No it doesn't say what you're the Cadillac is it's just just says that's why so why we should again we should know that. 187746943. 2218774694322. A woman and probably bought for candy bars and got 200 dollars cash on or right you beat the -- is BS. That's from New Hampshire. By the -- slavery is alive and well in the United States and we are now the slaves. One. How we don't forget the crazy check for the kid that's from Paul the UPS guy area I've no doubt or I have I I have few doubts. I have I I would think that probably if -- if the kid doesn't have idea and he BT if the kid doesn't ever crazy check already he's probably. Being groomed to get crazy Jack. The crazy check of courses SSI. Now the F and the SS a new do you get beat you get the crazy check until your until the kid turns eighteen. And usually at that point the vacationer. Dominican or whoever it is former foreign land. Well a drop a new -- So the cheek and she can keep getting the the -- is and and again the crazy Jack. Well will they be. Given to the new -- 187746943221877. Don is wrong BET can be used in the New Hampshire ride AT out. Four times 7814 times arrested Perot you wide deported price twice and now back -- working at another. Convenience store and let the police know let's see what happened it's a 2006. Cadillac that's what somebody excess. I don't know it's not on the police report her now now so wanting it's -- 2007. Cadillac that crash -- the globe truck was just an -- anecdote to anecdote. Richard you're -- -- -- -- was told that the kid who was in the truck believed it was -- Richard you're next with how we cargo ahead Richard. How are. Lawrence you're -- -- pathetic you liquid worked and so -- -- attention that you thank you. And I'm from -- so mobile originally 48 years from now residing entry it's insecure and and I connections smoke 10 yeah. And quality a quick story to -- to actually in this is concerned the food stamp program. And it's against somebody attacks seen mostly. -- -- -- -- -- talking about emerald city woke up this full speed content in her when. Gaming studio cash -- did you funerals were food. And of course stadium in in this it's quite -- is does that tax money at work. No you're right I mean very it's away it it's being used as a sort of us scrap scrapped. Rather than cash you know they use the BT cards they they trade they they used a barter system and that they get money from you Richard. For proper Harrell. Right. And never and that -- myself on -- -- of course beat him at work in the and I in my old fashioned it will go forward. And will -- you know him that uninstall okay in the ointment you don't attract so Mexico. -- let's go without food stamp program. Right and -- and in the meantime the the Max is the the underclass Mexicans are moving up here to what the United States and millions of them are living off of the United States taxpayers. Oh it's what we've beyond myself -- and six year old -- -- open when they'll. In the actual Bible vote here at all from select a book via but I'm. I thought that your -- I EL YE -- in many ways he is you know could you crawl was run away from -- You know there's nowhere to run to from this guy you can't he can't run away. Thanks for the call Richard 18774694322187746943. 22. Etsy -- scrolling through the Somerset Wal-Mart at around ten at night all the zombies are route with apps sleeping kids and though. And I assure you they are buying plenty of beer I know I believe that though. 187 said that The Herald apparently says history it's a 2006. DT yes according to a questioning the three -- cards is just the taxpayers thinking their Smart. Yeah I mean I wonder how many -- -- -- -- how many EB the court she really that sure -- -- -- caught with three beat the cards immediately she really. 18774694322. Let's see here how we are with the the Wal-Mart in Springfield today and I looked around I wonder how much of the money. Being spent here is actually earned by the people spending it. Springfield Wal-Mart very little as you already know 41 victory. Let's see here at your next with how we cargo ahead -- Well I don't. There ultimatum when they try to put limits on what they can do -- you can see BP's you know you get all the -- -- logistically it -- -- majestically can't do. I have a flexible spending work that I put your finger at all of my money it's under -- -- money anonymous the government. And I can't by the end. They regulate -- what I can go if I submitted go 40100 dollars -- got to see them they'll freeze my account again it's a 100% my money. This morning that these people use them none of it -- the thing to do whatever they want. It makes me sick it really that -- -- oil every. It's it's it's likely it's like the payrolls. A state city payroll is on line anybody in the anybody in the world could see how much you're making if you're if you have -- idea of a job working for the state of the city. But if you're on welfare in your living off the people who work for a living. You have privacy rights and nobody can nobody can not find out how much are getting. In late -- early asylum. Exactly thanks for the call ahead. 18774694322. On our car. Then. 1877469432218774694322. 97 a well yes we normal people out here get infuriated listening to all the BP the BT AEB -- horror stories we're all how we goes to show was outrage lack of business to -- like it's a big joke. It's not. What. You're you don't think. You don't think I am I'm outraged by this you only gotten bull bully. I'm Imus -- -- as everybody else -- -- one of the I you don't want to pat myself on the back but one of the people started this whole thing go you know I'm the one got the first the first. Ax because that's what I was formerly a Brighton bar owner. About how he was being approached by a the department of transitional assistance to take EDT cards and his bar. That's one of the things we got this whole thing going. I'm the one who got the the Boston Police report -- -- -- -- district to Roxbury about the -- when the work calling his room later his girlfriend and saying bring down the beat the Carter got a get bailed out discount to convict an error when the I've done I've done my share at the you'll look at no you don't. It's just sit here and and just go O why always me. Mean I'm gonna try to have have by some fun with that it but it's not I understand now how irritating this is believed me. 18774694322. As five awaits -- sometimes the only thing left to do was laugh. Let's see. Please reminding listeners who vote Democrat they have no legitimacy and being outraged at these abuses they are they are complicit co conspirators. Of the corrupt system. That enables -- exactly. 18774694322187. How we want to find -- help find a solution to this problem rather -- -- and laugh at the port that the solution is to get Republicans and conservative Democrats with a -- there aren't very many laps short basically Republicans. You've got to get conservatives in the legislature. Or willing to do something about this and an economic and restaurant on the national level you've got to get congressman in the air who were gonna stop anymore. Immigration into this country because that's what's that's what really the problem is you have people like this sub variants yeah. Ballot -- moving into the country and you know she she thinks that everything is free of America. 18774694322187746943. 22. Let's -- Explain to me why the EBP cardholders are allowed to have a balance in their accounts like -- published in a balance of 25 to fifty dollars of there's more than that the money should be taken back. But once that money is returned where's it going I assume not -- to me is -- where you assume that correctly. They they they told that if they if they have more than 5000 dollars in their. Ballots. Balances they won't they will receive a card call from the department of transitional assistance -- gave the department terrorist assistant. And that they will be -- good store talking to. 1877469432. To -- your next without cargo at Randy. Alley -- Or part call it and let we've been listening to your previous say. I you'd just keep doing what you do and it wasn't for you put out the word body BP's. Most people wouldn't even know the problem is most the people need they'll listen to show that they did indeed have a better understanding what. In the one on in this world but. What I'm calling about is you know the sad thing I see is you can come appeared -- and ID 8 o'clock and by 4 o'clock you can be out of here with a EDT carton. And no welfare money and Allison -- -- everything you need. And we got elderly people appeared. Are -- proud that they need these cars. You know and it's like back in the days I mean in the early seventies -- morale welfare my mom and dad had a total government. Warehouse and -- US government and to. -- ugly and you know -- in order and it worked humiliating to go to -- It was like yeah. Why it was supposed to be -- it was supposed to be the. Yet and that's the whole thing if you're supposed to go wanted to because without that you will die of starvation. And wait what you're supposed to do it is supposed to be sold this peaceful thing you're gonna do. Take whatever job comes along they keep you from happening go to this point because it's horrible -- is not. Right. Now are now you're always -- you're at a place where a foreigner. Who wasn't even born here who's not even working who's driving a Cadillac. Can laugh at the state police who were resting -- -- calling them fools. Pull up paying for their own vote. Right and we we have a problem that we made its so so non. Oh what we're trying to make them happy and appease these people that are there bilking the system. And it was so we we don't we don't put any -- in the in the program if you do something wrong there's no penalty. And ask for what happens is as we sit there and and we complain about it because we know what's wrong but somebody. Is pushing this and -- a local community BP cart go do this and you could have this and there are actually teaching these people. How to build this system. And this system has no safeguards and it just stop it from happening and as a result. We wind up footing the bill and the part that to me of the illegal aliens. And -- you know they're -- the word illegal means he's not legal. It's it's illegal rob a bank. And. Read us read us or read a story yesterday about there having demonstrations in Chicago we want illegal aliens to be added to the transplant -- So in other words they want illegal aliens to be put ahead of Americans to get transplants. To be kept alive so they can continue collecting welfare I think I read -- keep an American alive so we can keep working. Now rather than have some illegal alien come in -- and and just rabbit kidney so we can so we can enjoy the fruits of by his. His last set to his he is in the once. Barack for another fifty or sixty years thanks for the call. For breezy out your next with how we cargo at the breezy -- They always -- -- caller thank you -- job. First so ourselves by saying among immigrant myself I've been here for thirteen years now and in this beautiful country. And it is just so old set is so frustrating to hear the stories that there are going on. It's frustrating not being -- at thirteen years I started working at sixteen years old I want to school and now an impairment in the military. Dance is just allowed just one they had an immigrant and I listened to your to your show every day. It is slow -- it's frustrating just to hear discordant note that once you you able to talk about -- -- the global thousands of stores would -- -- -- bright and this is it is going to be it's doubtful. That would -- -- it. It's gonna happen. I now. I don't yeah you know it's IA EU there's going to be a time when. When the added that the government printing presses are going to be. Silenced or or to get a print so much money that the money's not going to be worth any thing. And the the IE BT cards are gonna be worth anything and you know I don't know what's gonna happen with these people 'cause there's a huge percentage of people that that don't work that haven't worked for generations. That have no plans to work. I mean what do they get it though. What are they gonna -- they're not gonna get jobs I'll tell you that. I know what they're not they're not gonna get jobs in the divorce problem as I have ever sit up here they contribute -- -- never taking opinions from anybody. For the government. Like Patrick -- that -- 28 years old. I have a family so kids -- like we work hard we go to other two -- -- -- -- -- we we are not what ever every big budget. Because both were working harder for people watch reward that it's not our bodies don't work is that you like it's -- you. It's frustrating it's just I mean at an immigrant just so your help people are -- over to this country. To reach all the system to which -- the system period. Thanks for the call Fabricio. I was at town hall yesterday in a woman getting assistance was quizzing the clerk about where she could get subsidized housing the woman weighed 400 plus. -- One 8774694322. That's nice that we remind them that there's five K they forgot about I'll -- if we took it without telling them they would notice. And -- 18774694322187746943. 22 don't forget the win with a don't forget they're called undocumented voters. This woman had -- license apparently she so you know again -- you know were perhaps Sean O'Connell is right and when she says that they had a they they don't have to be citizens to get -- to get licenses but. You know if they got a license they can vote how do you think this woman voted for -- because one is -- room -- Republican. Kind of doubt it Maria your next what -- cargo ahead Maria. -- how -- how you goods. Not. Instant she got her license suspended. -- What -- she keep getting him out I don't understand that at all. She's she's a foreign army that no one is gonna do it in this state no one is gonna do what he's going about somebody who's from a country like -- you know it's in Arabic it's considered a hate crime to try to wide to try to walk forced them to Obey the laws. And art fair and I remember hearing about tactics saying. You know oh. When I was young I would go out there on the debate forever and what I what I find my parents got divorced and I remember that was -- And I you know -- Now -- -- and then when I -- not allowed out any that we water out there up top. -- -- allowed on how mortal we aren't part. About. Or shall we -- a lot well why are up. Yeah I've talked to people who didn't who couldn't have a radio in the forties who were told they were -- -- the with a -- finished listening to the radio might that they -- downstairs. The people down below because of the welfare woman came in the next morning and saw that the at a radio we've been there they were buying yet. You know while at the rate of fifty cent a week that was considered being over the limit and they would lose all their welfare. -- Accept that keeps you on Ricky yeah. Why do you amp amp that would -- -- and the child. Why right why are you talking about making everything you know worry and not letting that embarrassment that -- Because of -- the front back is the fact is that the ball is not embarrassed by taking welfare. He would -- these people -- his his soul mates you know these these are his constituents the welfare recipients. You know the people who've gotten a free ride. Whether it's the Harvard or two or to the Cadillac dealership. I'm now we car.