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Rand Paul responds to Chris Christie

Jul 30, 2013|

Rand Paul finally takes the gloves off.

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This strain of libertarians and that's going to both parties right now. And in making big headlines. I think he's a very dangerous to. And as the governor now over. Lost the second most people on 9/11 behind the state in your ice crystals in those at least John. I love all these esoteric debates that people are getting in -- -- Paul -- didn't want to listen you can name any number of people approving gives him he's one of them. I mean these esoteric intellectual debates. I want them to come to new Jersey -- across from the widows and orphans. To have that conversation. Welcome back to the corner report Jeff -- -- -- -- -- -- These opening shots of the twining sixteen Republican presidential primary have basically been fired. Chris Christie who seen as a frontrunner. He and Rand Paul Marco Rubio is another one. Basically if you were three major front runners Chris Christie now clearly feeling that Rand Paul is going to be is number one opponent. Is now attacking Rand Paul. For being esoteric. He has called him dangerous. A wild eyed libertarian. Walk. Because she is concerned about the national security agencies. Spying scandal. Where it's been revealed. That our government. Has been collecting trillions and trillions of phone records. Monitoring the phone calls of millions of Americans. Reading people's emails. Looking at what they're looking out on the Internet trolling what they look at the Internet. And now they've even asked for people's pass colts. To move their Twitter account to their FaceBook account to their Yahoo! account to. You name it to their. To their email accounts. And sol Rand Paul. Rightly in my view. Has said this is the growth of the Big Brother are surveillance state this is the beginning of a police state. Our government is now spying on its own citizens. And so instead of just stapling Islamic. And being governor of New Jersey. And trying to lose some weight and hitting Weight Watchers. Chris Christie is now gone after Rand Paul well last night Rand Paul was on Sean Hannity show on fox. And finally I think listening to my advice for rice said -- you can't take this thing lying down anymore. You've got to come out swinging because -- swift boating you. He came out and finally took the fight to Chris Christie roll it. Cook -- it I think is not very Smart guy he may have heard -- tell you that the Republican parties on life support in the northeast. Republicans are in danger of becoming an endangered species. Is not real Smart for Republicans to be attacking Republicans. But I would remind him that I think what's dangerous and our country is to forget that we have a bill of rights. To forget about privacy. To give up on all of our liberty to -- -- gonna catch terrorism you have to live in a police state. And it's really I think kind of sad and cheap. That he would use that cloak on 9/11 not eleven victims and say oh I'm the only one who cares about these victims. Hogwash if he cared about protecting this country maybe you wouldn't be in this gimme gimme gimme gimme all the money you have in Washington or don't have. And he'd be a little more fiscally responsive. And know that the way we defend our country. Do what we have enough money for national defense. Is not being frugal and not by saying gimme gimme gimme all the time. I mean I gotta tell you he. I thought he cut him up pretty good he's referring obviously to Chris Christie getting -- sixty billion dollar massive aid project. And then he just I mean. I mean most of it was pork barrel spending. Most of it was hurricane sandy for rebuilding hurricane sending much of it was pork barrel spending. Much of it had nothing to do with rebuilding huge -- the parts of New Jersey devastated by hurricane sandy so here you have a supposedly conservative governor. Who is bilking the taxpayers of the United States. Who pose he's up to Obama. Who does one have photo op with him after another where he keeps praising Obama basically calling himself and Obama Republican. And now goes after the only real conservative libertarian left in this country. -- at least among the political class. And I'll tell you what's going on here. The establishment. Republican ruling class is afraid of Rand Paul. Credit thinking just ratcheted up does the battle among libertarians and no New Jersey governor. Well let me go I think specifically what he was referring to gauge your criticism of the NSA now I support the Patriot Act. And data mining. But the Patriot Act Jim sensenbrenner wrote that no it did not include what happened with the NSA so there is a distinction is they're not. We are exactly right and we thought the American revolution. Over the fact that we didn't want a warning to apply to millions of people. The Fourth Amendment says -- to be as specific person a plays and yet to name the items I think you have to go to a judge in -- have to say there's probable cause and here's the thing I'm all for getting terrorists I'm all for its power -- judge. Absolutely say yes get the records. But -- for spying on terrorists on top for spying on every American. And so people like the governor who are I guess flippant about privacy flippant about the Fourth Amendment and flippant about the bill -- -- They do an injustice to our soldiers are soldiers relaying their life on the line. For the bill of rights some breakfast and up for the bill of rights organization at all cost we don't care about liberty. Then I think it's really a mistake and we've gone too far. Bingo. I mean bingo. The NSA spying scandal. Is an assault on the bill of rights. It's an assault on the Fourth Amendment it's an assault on the constitution. It's an assault on all of the founding principles and liberties that made this country the greatest country in the history of the world it is the mother of all samples. Because we are erecting a soft police staked. With the complicity of Obama Democrats. And establishment bush Republicans. That's what's going on. It is the ruling class. Now trying to cement its control over America annual Rand Paul is he is now the champion of the country clocks. Of middle America of the peasants. Who still love the founding principles of this country who still cherish the constitution. Know if I was Rand Paul. This is what I would say to Chris Chris I would try it right back on him. You know what mr. governor stop with -- cheap demagoguery. And hiding behind the victims of 9/11 to justify the unjustifiable. I want you to go to the victims of nine elevenths did their families and say you know what. Now you're being spied on by the NSA. I want you to tell -- to their face that because they lost loved ones on nine elevenths now Verifone records have to be tapped into. Now very emails have to be tapped into now which you do on the Internet becomes public information. The government needs to know which are doing cough up your passwords. Were blaming you here now a suspect. Because of what happened on 9/11. This. Is exactly what set the heart of the NSA surveillance state this is what's so immoral about it. Nineteen Islamic fundamentalists. Killed 3000 Americans. And rather than going after radical islamists. Rather than going after extreme Muslim individuals. They've made every American -- suspect. They are secretly interpreting. The Patriot Act to mean something that even the authors of the Patriot Act -- it did not intend to do. The Patriot Act does allow them to look at some records but it still supposed to be individualized. It's not supposed to be millions of Americans. With one Warren's. That is not the Fourth Amendment. Contended it's also not even with the Patriot Act intended to -- let's go to the. It's just an excuse to spy on Americans. To get more power for the elites in Washington not put this is all about. And Rand Paul is dead right on this we former revolution over this. The British were coming in how style style style house post. Searching she's saying look king invading people's privacy that's why they call the colonists set enough is enough. Now what's the difference except now there -- doing it electronically. Who gave who made Chris Christie got. -- I'm sorry I missed something that we corny Don King. Easy now he amended the earlier -- not a -- king looks. Where they can throw away our our constitutional rights right out the window because they say so. 6172666868. Is the number. They're Republican. Establishment is lashing out at Rand Paul. John McCain Lindsey Graham. Chris Christie. They're all going after Rand Paul do you side with Christie or like -- do you side with Rand Paul. And who would you vote for in a Republican primary right now. Would you. Would you vote for Chris Christie or would you vote for Rand Paul and tomorrow. 7:20. In the morning. We will have Rand Paul on for an exclusive one on one newsmaker interview you don't want to miss it your calls now. And I think what's dangerous and our country is to forget that we have a bill of rights to forget about privacy. Did give up on all of our liberty to say -- we're gonna catch terrorism but -- to live in a police state and it's really I think kind of savage chief. He reviews the cloak of 9/11 9/11 victims and say oh why I'm the only one who cares about these victims. Welcome back into the corner reports 617. 2666868. Here. Chris Christie. Is now in a war of words with Rand Paul who used sideways. Chris the Koran. And if there was a rip. Chris Christie or Rand Paul -- Europe first welcome. And I do and yet. Yet certainly I would never vote for Chris CIA get a look at just go back to his keynote speech he talked about itself for about forty minutes. -- -- You know if you look at the Department of Homeland Security. It's if it's it's a unique experience in itself if you check out its history where it was intended for something that really snowballed into. 1098 billion dollar budget. Little a lot of which they use what providing ammunition. If you go back to 9/11. Ask Chris Christie we think about Jamie Gorelick. She's the one that did a thumbs down -- when they had to thwart terrorists. The department of the damage Abby -- about defense and found these four guys knew what they would do want to know try to do what they're doing and taking the F. Air flight lessons now learning how to live with that -- She decided just like that if she ends up whole by the way on the that an investigative committee for the nine elevenths I was never brought out. My whole point is that -- -- -- Homeland Security talk about that that situation we just say eight in -- one Eric Norwood let go like I had good catastrophe or whatever. Wanna take advantage of some time ago look good right. Never that a good crisis go to waste. Right and it's not really -- that it needs to be reviewed as this spending too much money they seem more intent at the tip of protecting those early trying to kill it. Our local real quickly. You get -- gap with the main piers Morgan maybe they should be and cleaver is I notice he didn't talk too much about that incident where an area where the where one of its own citizens they. That's right that's hurting her acting -- by -- -- radical Muslim thanks for that comment. Look. A hundred billion dollars in Homeland Security they get tips about the flash bang and speed bump -- Now the NSA. We're supposed to be protecting us war they did a great job on April 15 at the Boston Marathon bombing or they were on top of that baby. So our civil liberties get violated terrorists continue to attack us and when somebody like Rand Paul says hey whoa whoa whoa whoa. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water suddenly he's the quote dangerous want unquote. Eric you're up next goal. -- -- -- wondering do you consider yourself an Indian independence -- commentator. -- okay what the reason I was just saying that because you made this big deal during the earlier part about I'll. Our Chris Matthews apparently gave Eliot Spitzer some advice and then that would not only like five minutes after that you are not about -- Rand Paul was taking your advice that you gave him about how to go after Christie. I'm just saying commuters being hypocritical here -- and that's the thing you're -- -- for the you know for your -- viewpoint just as much as because Chris Matthews yes. Eric out you're wrong and I'll tell you why don't want ice date anyone that what I mean you wanna hear the excuse are you. Yeah I -- you haven't importantly being hypocritical long. Have you ever -- let me give you my -- mobile look look guys really -- smearing is not gonna work I -- what I say I say publicly. I don't have steak dinners with Rand Paul. I don't go out with Rand Paul. I don't go out drinking with Rand Paul. I don't go out charming it up with Rand Paul I'm not yakking it up with him behind the scenes as Chris Matthews was with Eliot Spitzer. I'm not friends with Rand Paul. Chris Matthews is friends with Eliot Spitzer. And which you don't -- recognizes this you wanna know why -- independent agree or disagree. Chris Matthews worked for Tip O'Neill for decades. Chris Matthews worked on Capitol Hill as a democratic henchmen and enforcer he's a Democrat. Masquerading as a journalist. I am an independent journalist yes I'm a constitutional list yes I'm a conservative. Yes I'm a Christian I'm a traditionalist. Doors are my principles and I lay them out openly. But I don't. I'm not a shill for George Bush I took him on during his entire eight years. I'm not a shill for Karl Rove I'm not a shill for Mitch McConnell I'm not a shill for John Boehner I'm not a shill for anybody. You're -- -- my own mind ball. The what -- show how much shill for Rand Paul I agree with his principles if he deviates from those principles he's gone I'll tell you this. Just between you -- me. If he's banging up prostitutes -- thousand dollars a pop he's gone in my book. I'm not meeting him at some party saying hang around and around you got LA all bodies. And you know you -- resuscitate your career by taking some -- lower positions and then rise back up again I'm done with. Heard about Chris Matthews Japanese because you said it publicly. And your successor at the same thing you day. Man and I only said what he said man up Chris Erik please c'mon let's use some common sense he said what he said privately publicly. He got caught it. You know I'm glad you used my advice and so my point is a simple one the media in Washington it's incestuous relationship. Now all be honest with you many conservatives are guilty of ups -- just liberals. I mean frankly a lot of them on Fox News they're all my friend Marco Rubio yuck yuck yuck yuck. All my friend -- model yuck -- Jack -- Rob Brown yuck yuck yuck yuck. So look if you're gonna have steak dinners -- think about it if you're having steak dinners with a politician. If you're going to their baptism under Christian X if you are drinking with damning getting -- with them at night. How you know -- problem. How are you gonna criticize -- -- gonna hold them accountable. You're not through your but can you go after your buddies in public. Know he's your body your compromise it's a conflict of interest that's why the old city is a sure. The political class is corrupt and the media classes corroborate. Oh Rand Paul I'll say this right now is right on 90% of the issues I don't agree with them on everything. But do we need to cut spending yes. Do we need to rollback the NSA yes. Do we have to pull out from all these crazy imperial wars yes do we need to return our government the constitutional principles yes. Do we need to devolve power to the states yes. So I ask you. Trillion dollar deficits -- the one -- serious about cutting them Rand Paul. Runaway taxes who's serious about cutting them -- Rand Paul. Enforcing the border we share Rand Paul. Ending the NSA Rand Paul getting to the bottom of Ben Ghazi Rand Paul. When he's right he's right. 6172666868. Is the number. Yes. You're kidding. Okay are my France. Last week if you remember. You know we're kidding around a little bit how we and all my -- she makes fun of me Britney makes fun I mean my wife makes running even make fun of my accent. They make fun of the way I talk on and on. So we got attacks I think it was a 339 tax but don't quote me on that. At work a parent said hey my kids make fun if you all the time. Dave loves imitating UN making fun of your you know your corner isms in the words that you use -- -- -- I don't know a non non non mall and they. Yeah I think -- That's sort of stopped. Very bought ten it's for a bit better bought them. So one of the kids the brother Sean -- and he basically was the only imitating me and kind of making funny and I said look. Who taught shoot and make fun of the corner man you so much it was my older sister -- I said really can you give me Christians phone number. So we called Kristen. She didn't answer the phone I think it was or cellphone and as a spoof tries a joke I leave me and I give basically left a message saying. I'm insulted. Is this you've defamed -- mean my lawyer is gonna call your lawyer. And what I said wise if Kristen called back the show. And can do a good imitation of the corner -- I won't take her her brother and her parents. And for some reason -- she got dragged into this can be soft free meal coming to the stockyards. For lunch and dinner on the tournament. Guess who has just called the one and only Chris then Chris then how are you welcome to the corner report. I guess I you do. I am good how are you Crist. I -- now I got askew when you got that call that message from me. Were you shocked were you surprised. Yes I don't know I didn't get that feeling I gonna pick me a couple of days there realize that it employees Mel. It would just benefit Arabic about the. Now did you think I was serious or did you know I was kidding. I'm here I'd be like brother and rock and that's that you hear that you that I added making fun and I -- and I thought of that because. He actually read into it. Well she's the one that started. At nine ball believable so there's -- brother trying to pass the blame off to assist. Now that now you were the older one right. Now if you don't mind me asking Crist think as you seem like very Smart articulate young woman how old are you. I don't want it really why are you if you are you -- college. Yeah I am I taking a year off her right leg and I just finished -- expect me and what are you majoring. I'm I'm gonna be appetite if you need here at -- -- an opening act album need you were able are there could be hit Obama. Let me ask you this -- is you know I got to baptism with my little -- coming up -- a couple weeks I know you're still a freshman. But I'm thinking communion this confirmations. Graduation. This. Could I may be used your services in the future of course all pay you but I need -- -- photographer Chris my wife she's of Italian descent. And you can't get enough pictures and our house especially advocates. Like -- -- Chris then I have to ask you now. Can you let me see an example of the corner isms that you and your brother use apparently making fun of me and my accident. Well at and that -- John about they really followed Sean I didn't. All right it but it on the it shows. Yeah. -- Selig like the jets Jen Jen. But let Doug go -- -- -- -- but let that go. And -- Europe that you're you're paying shine and you took five dollars out of my wallet but let that go. -- now how about you guys use yet. You guys usenet. Rangel no nyet nyet. That -- -- how about you how boat -- a bulletin -- German for forbidden. You have -- bulletin. Kristin you sound like a wonderful young woman listen we will get in touch for dinner. I was only gonna be mean and your family. But -- he's gonna for some reason cooks he needs to join recently very important for proxy to join the official it'll be might -- I kid you not what every you and your family wanna eat it'll be on the corner man. And I think coming to bring my wife and two kids along and to make it like a family affair. Kristin thank you so much and keep listening. Rob -- 61 does those funny to say it was pretty funny I just got -- I mean it's you know only people this of the people make fun I mean now in their homes. Andy some might say Russians in my corner as the other one I use the most we use a lot but anyway keep going. I use you think oh you think you think genius you think. But I find myself using get -- They'll it is inappropriate moments like if -- -- the Dunkin' Donuts and she says did you once skim milk and then I hope you'd think you'd think who do you think I want to ask you -- joining us. I've also noticed you used the. Move. Pool using that more -- but let's pick out of -- -- buddy do we go to a break -- we take another call. Break okay my friends will be back with more of your calls 6172666868. Right but on the corner report coming.