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BS comment of the day: Rachel Jeantel wants to be an attorney?

Jul 24, 2013|

Kuhner runs through a series of clips, and we pick which one is the most unbelievable.

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Welcome back -- the corner report this is Jeff Warner possibly bulldozer 617666868. You can practice -- -- For those if you want whether you can always we us but you know report. -- It's about time again. Yes -- good. Members of corner country and get to vote. On what you think is the biggest BS statement of the day six days of saving the effects. We've got four and I mean for. A superb. Candidates for you. I would not want to be in your shoes today I really wouldn't -- are you gonna pick on this one. Candidate. -- marrow or not. CNN. Who apparently think. That Kate Middleton. Accomplish something unheard of before. She gave birth to a poll eighty. -- -- choice Kate Middleton turns out of the absolutely impeccable I mean once again she doesn't perfect saying I mean although this a constitutional change that we cannot have a go. As fast forward to being demonic nonetheless she doesn't condition of the finger and she gives us a prince chickens -- -- -- -- at the queen. Will be thrilled she didn't -- in -- in Iraq much as they would have said they would have been fine with -- go first point they really did want to point. She's she's perfect she did it she somehow chose this sex she did that she's she sank Kate. She chose a boy Gilbert -- she can actually pick the sex of the baby based. And she chose a boy to be first in nine in the Tammy the first scared the French born. So -- -- to eight in 27 day you too bad boy we still don't know the name. Will be the next thing. I -- England. Of the United Kingdom. She's perfect. I mean. Hey guys am I missing something my and my mother gave birth to meet cook sees mom gave birth spam. Women give birth to boys all over the world every day. -- this thing is -- Merkel. Text -- letter -- To 68680. If you think that's the biggest BS of the day. And then. There's a winner's wife whom I am at the cool -- Aberdeen. Who is still standing by a firm man role it. -- But I do very strongly believe that and -- plus. Our parents. We discussed all of us. So what I want to say this. But here's the winner -- I hit it's it's gotten into profitable for both self respect how are you guys yeah I taxable letter BE. This 608680. If you think that's the big is BS statement of the day. And then if there is the Churchill of our time. Then there's the Reagan slash George Washington. Abraham Lincoln of our time. A man of uncompromising. Unflinching principal. I mean I'm talking the orange man himself. -- -- -- John Boehner the bonehead. -- who's now become a leader on immigration reform roll it cooks and nobody spent more time trying to fix a broken immigration system arrived yet. I talked about it today after election I've talked about a hundred times since yet. And and flooded some may disagree about how all. We're going about fixing a broken immigration system it's been a -- it. It's been a big gold mine yet. -- by concede that. But I you've been you've been on this issue John for for years you've been at Biden -- -- -- him. My god everybody knows where you stand on this issue you're so principal. Everybody knows raised -- that's my gut it's just incredible you've sacrificed so much political capital you've you've crucified yourself for the country. Up because of immigration. -- -- -- See this X 8680 if you think that's the big is BS of the day now. You're on the road police. Please. Drive to the side of the road or grab your steering wheel very tight I don't want you go -- so hard you're gonna get into an accident because there's one. You're not gonna believe this one. Trail -- marking the late -- -- Martin's girlfriend. Rachel Gentile the only one that can't read their -- coercive basically of functionally illiterate. She's now made a decision. On her future career roll it cooks. Past year I have that your life has been a whirlwind of -- not yet completed high school pitcher he wanted to do that that you can't go to college correct. It would. What do you -- major. They're all part of important. Oh. -- that they can adopt a Chinese becoming a carry. You another round. Should this case right he is definitely an inspiration. We have. -- your attorney. No -- wanna. Sell water. It's -- -- wanna -- some members of Syria you know save my clients like yeah. He'd be interested in on. That oxides and existence -- dignitaries at that stuff so you know. -- This is old school. -- enemies of the streets and I was saying. -- me I'm new school love sex and I didn't Mike -- and building my kind of I didn't judge I object your honor. Let's -- or you don't say despite aspect over here try to be all of figures show is over because he thinks you know saying you -- like this didn't. And stuff and he's been fighting in this -- and stuff Dassault school yeah. What -- needs from you right now this could feel that you don't sane and can -- Internet. These outfits Jessica. Happy now until -- and the defense rests both phone and I'm not. -- the letter it heat. This X 86 it still has the artillery our children that's the -- -- -- -- is the -- You'll understand the questions but it doesn't matter -- -- doesn't matter. -- she's gonna become a lawyer guarantee. -- ran a reality TV star as well guaranteed. Text the letter. 26086800. Or -- Can you imagine and the column iron -- is our in house. Public solicit work for the text the letter are just a quick recap CNN. I always look there are -- QB how his lawyer. You -- my client you about the that a man. And how we globe reads Obama and how we don't wanna be a big -- -- you know saying. You -- how we long enough. Look how you look at now how. I guess even you know say like my ancestor a he looked left and he's wide aspect is giving them more beyoncé lady black you know what he's don't want -- -- freedom back. Hey don't say it. -- of justice for the black how BM up after the name. From the seventh and taste -- This is. Not done enough yet to come -- -- look at how business isn't. Hey I'm -- How would be biting stuff you know has -- a presence that you can really what is what's the problem. Yeah. Let people go OK it probably hasn't screen -- Monday TV free lunch and let him go just as for how we. -- just describe how you'll just pistol -- I've picked me. It says let's look it's -- that's next week. Very quick recap CNN. Kate Middleton accomplished a miracle something that's unheard of before she actually trolls that they give birth to a boy she did it. She picked that she gets is like a boy in a Manger she gave birth to a boy -- the letter 868680. Weiner his wife who might have a being stands by her man she loves them she forgives them she believes in them. Tax the letter B 686 elite. John Boehner AKA bonehead. He's always been a very principled -- leader on immigration reform unflinching. Unflinching. That's the letter C. To 68680. -- underage children tell. Just this for how we. All. I'll that they can about a Brady become an attorney. Not all the hall would make her judge -- -- won't -- all of all right -- all make her attorney general so it's accident that's a future MSNBC legal analyst. Rachel John Pelz says she's decided on our future she's she's gonna be a lawyer. Going to be an attorney. She going to be an attorney tax the letter B to 68680. Know just this. No peace. And SA. Coming up next. This story's gonna knock your socks off you do -- four request for your request Freedom of Information Act request. You're gonna hear their answer next coming up at noon Rush Limbaugh. Six city --