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To the resuce, it's Super Z. Zimmerman saves a family

Jul 23, 2013|

Just days after his not guilty verdict, Zimmerman pulls a family out of an SUV that has flipped over.

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Welcome to the -- report this is Jeff -- Boston's bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number you can taxes at six days six -- And for those that you want to where you can tweet us at the coroner report. KUNHNER. -- have -- Yes it's a ball you. Kate Middleton has finally delivered. -- they named yet they haven't named yet no but out popped up today eBay. And everybody in England I mean honestly I mean I've never. I mean flags wave being people jubilant people want to think it -- picture of the a look at and thousands and thousands I'm watching TV screens right now. There's the queen bears battle puffed up wind bag still -- tuition nine -- hundreds still kicking -- minding your hundred. I I get it in England that there are excited about it. I don't I don't hold it against them might just find it strange that there's such a fascination here about it. I mean I thought we got rid of that institution a couple hundred years ago Clark's. I thought that was settled here. Witted they did a dead. I mean it's not even like as the next in line talk about hitting the jackpot -- he has this -- Well let me I mean. You've got to me we have children born it's a welfare family. This Kagan at these four decade. I mean you know you -- serve us all around you. I mean seriously you -- you're often up Paulus. Netted a month's hot super. I mean come on Kate Middleton in serious -- smoking. Think she's gonna -- if you're yanking my chain. Is wrong with. I can tell. You the truth English women in general just don't do -- forming they'll look anorexic to me. I'm just telling you right now but anyway but let that go. I mean -- I'm looking. I mean. It's third in line. Everyone's saying maybe my 27 me this kid is gonna be the next king and the king of England may be 27. 27 me. And everybody's getting all excited about this you would think this is that a landing on the moon. The waiter talking about the so you would think it'd be oh victory day in Europe the way these people are celebrating anyway. Finally I just not -- -- have to name the baby. And then that's it we can all get back toward normal lives. And that's I just I'm praying please please name it by the end of that day and I don't have to see any more pictures of the of those. A decrepit royals. That -- degenerate calmly. I just can't stand looking at him on the TV screen honestly go have a sexual affair but did you guys are good for. My friends a lot to talk about in until they show. But co chief for July are curtsy for some reason is very down about the news cycle today you don't seem too excited about the -- this is not a thing. Talk about. I'm we've got a stack of stories here but cooks for whatever reason is not very enthusiastic. Well what does that mean as the middle of July -- a -- -- army and this is in our solid congresses in session. It's not as if there is you know it's it's the dog days of summer -- I mean it's not as if it's you know yet dropped popping there isn't a major war or anything but there's a lot of stuff going on. Here's George -- back in the news. Now as many of you know he's been hiding. Since he was acquitted in the shooting of trader -- market. Now I could make this up if I want to thank what is his. Zimmerman who really all that's missing is okay what is beyond this now. On Thursday. -- Ford Explorer suvs and -- literally overturned. On a highway in Sanford Florida. I'm I'm I'm not making this up I'm telling you. Guess who's there on the scene. Datsyuk gets out of this card -- after the all -- -- and George -- they're similar -- busy man so various things. What is first stage kit and a fire extinguisher in a struggle carries a virtually -- And a fire extinguisher and a truck left that ball he runs out what does fire extinguisher to say why man. Expressing what the fire extinguisher yeah. And he helped pull the family out and he rescues them. Hi this is unbelievable. So he -- Can someone now. Also he's one of two men who ran to the aid of Dana and mark girls soul and their two children. And he pulled them out of the overturned vehicle. Before there was an explosion or anything and so they weren't hurt they emerged uninjured he waited for the sheriff's office the share of game. And apparently he spoke to the sheriff he did not witness what happened when he was driving and he saw that. The the the SUV overturned and he went right away to their eight. And I was just mentioning this the -- -- you're walking into the studio earlier this morning I should -- -- let me ask you. If -- this guy. And the last time you've got out of your car and you had this confrontation -- -- -- surely. Do you take a look at this car -- to what would you do -- I would just keep right on driving and I would even call hopefully just keep right on driving. And I said -- I'm telling you I would be driving. And that I in all what are we get out of my truck now. God forbid somebody dies and Mack truck it's my fault your honor. Not -- -- and not give up during this one on me now not all I need this like Daniel -- America. We brought it there. I have simple question for the jurors hear -- -- Why did George Zimmerman follow this SUV and his truck in the first looked at and why did he get out of this truck and one cigarette. Went out. This -- white Hispanic and that story play CNN has just Hispanic and half. It's amazing legislation mentioned that -- aliens and now all of a sudden. It's incredible. And -- I -- just caught apparently even a little bit more -- Now he's no longer white Hispanic now now he's being identified by ABC news and CNN -- Hispanic. It's it's a miracle. It's unbelievable. He's now gone from white Hispanic now he's an Hispanic. It's unbelievable. And notice this is the one I've been looking to try to confirm I can't find it anywhere if any of you know about this please call the show I'd love to hear from you. I'm trying to find the race. Of the people -- rescue. Dean. Mark bursts all I assume they're -- I just by the name. But I'm not I couldn't I couldn't say a 100% Zimmerman and his wife split and -- yeah exactly exactly so. But just imagine wouldn't -- be poetic justice if there were blocked. Because suddenly now McCain betrayed bond market. Cool. Cool we kept a black man black man black teenager black teenager now on this one. -- as well as -- where their race of the -- I don't know what the recent victims of these people in the struck at could have been meet 35 years ago he. I mean so had he not gotten out of the car. Really had he not gotten out of the car. Who knows what would have happened to a so when he's a good samaritan patrolling his neighborhood. All he's a bad guy. Now because a bottle fight you. Now I'm gonna look -- look I think what he did was heroic it was a mobile please don't get me wrong I'm telling you. If I was him I'm just I'm just all of you I'm asking you this. You could you get confronted by a black teenager. He starts pounding your brains he assured him in self defense you go through everything and -- gone through. That hate they hate mail but he's the face of the kkk. You name it proper protests. In the -- bet you're the poster child of racism in the United States of America. Yeah Obama goes after you Eric Holder goals left U of Al Sharpton goes after you Jesse Jackson goes after you. The Congressional Black Caucus goes after you everybody goes after you okay. UCL overturned car on the side of the road what are you gonna say. Pool all are not getting out of my car. I need this like I need a hole -- -- -- I'm just gonna keep on driving. Don't even call because the last time I called the 9/11 dispatcher got me -- whole lot of trouble just keep on driving somebody else will do something. Now what is this going to. Stops. Gets the first aid kit with the fire extinguisher seriously who carries a fire extinguisher and a and a first aid kit but let that go. And many runs out and he rescues. Now let me ask -- you what's going on among -- -- -- -- people aren't I couldn't make this up if I want to. They're now claiming this was quote except. -- conspiracy. A conspiracy by the government. To make George Zimmerman looked in a more positive he heroic noble light. Yeah I am by the by the Zimmerman people. That to go out there for trade George Zimmermann now I somehow this heroic. A man who's rescuing people in Sanford got in Sanford Florida. That the whole thing was staged. Yet but they overturned the SUV had opened smashed up off the highway so George -- can come to their rescue and look good. So let me ask you this. Are these the actions of kkk. Are these the actions of some. Pathological. Vigilante. Who just seems to wanna go out there and blow people away as the -- being portrayed by all of the liberal media. And notice now he's Hispanics he's no longer white now now he's Hispanic it's incredible. And all of a sudden we don't know the race. The racial category of the victims. But the race of the victims are suddenly I'm looking story after I got a stack of them. I don't know I don't know Dana and mark Purcell. I don't know what they're racist. So I'm assuming they must be -- Because they don't seem to wanna make a big deal about race. 6172666868. Is the number what do you make of George Zimmerman. Now having rescued. This family from an overturned suvs. Kevin Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning captain Jeff is that this give me is that this sound like Martin this year -- Holy Moly. What -- and I'm surprised you didn't put withdrew its amendments are put this question which Sean Connery double post happened because anyone Abbas. I mean after eighteen months of going to lucky he did. Fred took we will just concluding that -- check out the review may have left left right -- and adult jets suggest Flores to get out of town. Or should they say get out the -- watch. It is just I mean unbelievable what -- Who left doubted you left out the women of the you don't know will be click end. Every one else has brought into this whole lot of -- -- for should they say. It will Cadillac tax break. This -- at this gentleman did a good gentleman that was modified what happened last Tuesday afternoon don't they came to jump by the what you said -- would have to have a -- -- up. Fifty people on Friday it's a noble cause. Given the right jab and I will open bed to -- ironic BN in the Kubiak. He's gonna now governor wrote up my sleeves and -- these -- because. He has some triple A double major so I wasn't positive -- okay. It's killing me here Africa now let's begin now because she's afraid of giving blood. -- I'm not getting. I do not I seriously you showing you call me to surprise I actually was saying is that. He said Jeff I see the needle and I start shaking and then if I see it for more than thirty seconds I passed out. So -- -- I can't I can give blood I said are you kidding me britney's going to be giving -- I wanna be giving blood everybody's giving blood. Cooks he says model I don't want wanna see in the eagle by CN needle that scares me I wanna paint who might -- up next thanks for holding welcome. -- check your sister was there about this whole situation it apart didn't you all and then. Fanning the flames of racial division widely -- in 2009. And have a beer summit in Rhode -- beach -- -- -- And reverend Al shop there. That Mike because the problem is this according to the liberal media. The grid paper trade -- Zimmerman he's gonna come up dressed in an SS uniform would a Nazi swastika arm and and you're so. -- He's just gonna start shooting the play because he sees blacks he's gonna see Al Sharpton Jesse the president when he sees black people -- Our pilot up boom boom boom he -- sank. So you are you can have them anywhere near the White House he's very dangerous man as you can see that you can see that by the way help these people in the overturned car easy. As fanatic he's crazy. So is in Europe next thanks for holding welcome. It's fun to sit down the first unnoticed IR this a how to and the cart yet it was. Church -- -- MD reported that they were a white capital WH IGG. All you see the Susan they're -- he was helping his own kind. -- all right now. Is he stopped you look. And he said all of their white. Their white I'm gonna go save -- I'll I'll look and then he ran down and save them. You see that's how it works my friends. -- syrup mix thanks for holding welcome. Yes -- -- -- -- -- to recognize civilian heroism from time to time by inviting the individual to Washington and maybe up. Inviting him to stand up and acknowledge accolades it's such as the a State of the Union Address did you think after this display their civilian heroism like George Silverman will be invited by President Obama the Washington for starch. I don't think Soros. Lad I don't I think the next state of the union you're gonna have trim on Martin's parents that's my prediction. Not -- when he fourteen. And all the setting up to 2014 mid terms mark my words he's gonna have -- on Martin's parents in there. Probably with a non Reverend Al Sharpton beside him. Roger Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning thank you. I don't even I don't believe any of it I think you have not got to bear write this screenplay this -- be real. That's not a -- clean up the Roger -- swear you ABC news CNN everybody's reporting means it's all over in Florida papers. Martin Europe Mets thanks for holding welcome. I kept him here at camp Courant CNN it checked it out they don't out of the outlaws like Paul really saw the couple was a white couple. And I was like -- well yeah. Mora about super Z and senator marquee looking for more regulations. Next. 61726.