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Chump Line Thursday July 18th, 2013 -Howie doesn't pay for anything

Jul 18, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's Chump line was in reference to Howie saying he hasn't bought Rolling Stone magazine since 2005 and the caller reminded Howie that he hasn't bought anything since 2005.

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-- -- Themselves. If it's if white people don't come after you for this forward and get different opinions just -- book. Our way. Governor what I'm not telling MacBooks. Giving away my books. You Wyatt tee shirt this afternoon at the parking crap you get a free ball. There is good I know much as you are you surprised at how much you feel like to put any a sales tax on clothing. You haven't done so yet and I don't think we get it through the legislature coming your version of Greenspan isn't. We'll -- you know it's kind of my version but tax free holiday and. Totally different from unfortunate circumstance. They -- happen -- guess you could I have your -- and you'd see on the dire need. I've been suggesting people come down here today and -- the -- I suggest you know. Considering what happened in the last 24 hours -- Perhaps it would be. Better for you just to get the book. -- autographed quite did not personally inscribed on almost went home with a book that is just autograph it's worth more than what the personally -- I don't know what. You know. If the worst does happen like by my listeners to make a few extra bucks. Scoring at home holy bankruptcy. And condolences -- already being politically and bankrupting. -- be joined by Democrat. It's about. I know what what what happened was. The Republican governor. Michigan. Appointed a a trustee to take over the city they've been in the former Enron basketball player. -- the elected mayor but the Republican governor appointed bankruptcy. Boy here to take over the city and run that he Beecher was a black guy so the thinking -- -- we can't they they -- accused of being a political towards them. You know he suddenly he's letting the black I think all the heat on this bankruptcy filing. Notable that the group got to do with. What you'll probably. You'd have no effect that we wouldn't want human. It was good to me about what hope -- that people. I get fit if if if they're hit that puts him some. C four in a box of mrs. Murphy's doughnuts like here in the I would pick them up and I would've been blown dismiss the reasons. -- -- There in Britain and Canada do. It's been. Listen. Bolstered. Number one -- fifth -- -- I believe. In mind. See. That this. Global warming. Well it has been suggested. That mr. vice president that somebody gave him a hot. Shots. -- -- -- Global warming hot shots. Happened across obamacare. Would let people hear what he did it Democrats. -- people speak be allowed to do because it might or. Yes okay. Do it would be it -- the rifle man and walk -- loaded. You know I thought I actually -- -- -- that -- -- -- for my columns today but I didn't like that we're loaded. He's definitely he's definitely a lot. But -- loaded I don't think he's had a break for seventeen years. -- -- I'll speak up quickly to you manure. Yeah I know it's Chappaquiddick day it was. 44 years ago today that. Ted Kennedy went through its famous midnight swim. Most of my children and you killed near. The midnight swim at Kennedy. Not so many people are now what -- remember that they've missed days year. When he drinks have been skiing. Cocktails and got a bad -- you and then he had Mary Joseph went for fifth went to override. Die. -- at the girl died. Went through. And then she. -- equipment to work. But apparently it or we don't forget week. Because you and increasing -- A reason that reason that we are going to be just fine -- of -- liberal report. Everybody else sort of forces the phone -- -- and -- never well now we never will. How it. Included more it was a quite it would mean who committed to crack but how -- people bond. Us. Now. Not yet the city was so it was so boring sport now in the courtroom before he -- on. Well they actually -- the message. If it's any consolation it's that well you're not missing much does that. -- at caves I thought about that somewhat important upside. I'm sorry I think you would have a -- I noticed the quote fairly well let me I think you would have appreciated you. Do you admit that I didn't Adam Berry get -- -- -- I. And presenting. It -- from becoming president thanks very you know but when predicting. Where that is so true. She really did it was a tough way to go through because you know there was that they're awful good in the in the car I mean. It's been it's been speculated that she could live does she may have witnessed one -- three or four hours. You know they think -- all the time that Ted Kennedy revenues was good the other part that Kennedy called somebody in the there was somebody coming from rescue work. But of course there was nobody on the rescue work. -- really wonderful he knew -- -- -- I mean I know I know some people will say you know on some kind of a soft spot at Kennedy but I I've always wanted to be in the past nineteen kind of realized he was still man. But what -- -- what if he. Went wrong. And she she had gotten in he would -- -- use three you can use when into the back of the car. And -- yeah and then hit another girl one of the world where the room girls. Just went -- just went they took off in the and they they jumped out of the car when they got over nine or excuse not even knowing that she was back there. And an hour or there's that you know somebody else was suggesting the other day that because -- -- -- -- book signings that this theory was that he -- She's we're we're we're out together. And Ted saw the police cars and he said you drive and I'll I'll I'll look I'll just went back to Edgar. And I'll catch you later and she just kept driving she didn't know where she was. And of course there's no street lights out there are so she just broke off the -- -- did because yeah but he was injured. He didn't inject insulin tactic yet -- the card means. But somehow swim back -- that he did but I'm saying that he but it was injured. And remember your neck brace and all that -- mean I'm not sure about that that race nine. The neck -- think they should be you know -- want to. Why why himself boss that I once thought -- possible government like go to prison. For claiming the other accident and he got to that place. And they got a picture of him standing in line that the thing is this Susan -- -- the items. That he was wearing the necklace seems to be in this half hour worldwide at the at the first thing. First National Bank bought the South -- Neck and neck braces have been used a lot over the years. Yeah and how we cut that in part visual -- don't component count them out you haven't bought anything. -- -- -- That may be true. But I specifically remember the last Rolling -- on. And by the way the beaver state -- -- is listening I stole his he had a good emailed to me yesterday in the united greeted at the last night ago. And edited with weak because it was so funny. And I haven't bought a Rolling Stones at all of the Rolling Stone on the third. And people re tweeting that because that touches that is where it sits apart constituted knobs but funny. When he beat me. And exit well apparently it -- But it drive. And it space it can't. -- we have an update on the cover of the Rolling Stone here and they a few minutes. It's really -- -- that that city doesn't this doesn't this cement my theory that they into homo erotic. It does if I had to say that everybody's Columbia home folk for sitting right diet and what it's but this this the day you know what I'm about to read you assume will confirm this -- -- does. That was your last -- -- -- anything thank you for calling have a car you. All right that's it for the jump like that in the complaint is the recorded voicemail message surface of we are short. -- leave a message to India work that they're night. We may or may not play your message at this time we say the -- like number it likely that two messages 1877. Point 69. -- three to two. Yeah and how we can't let him -- visual voters don't component count that is how you haven't bought anything. 2000 that. You shout.