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Cooksey shares his experience from early this morning.

Jul 11, 2013|

I want my EBT! I love my EBT!

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Good morning my fellow taxpayers. You can that's -- savings to save you. For those of you want where. The court CNN. Was a little bit late today. And he's in the -- now everything is fine but you know we usually do a little -- while. In the mine in the mornings we sort of get together a decent show for a together and decide what we're gonna talk about. As I'm I'm. -- way into work I get a call from the -- team. And he's very upset. I'm Mike Cox wire you so upset. Apparently as he always does the as a regular routine goes to his local 7-Eleven and land. I guess himself for coffee gets himself a few snacks. Once in awhile what -- Red Bull or monster -- monster a zero a monster you know a little energy drink the in my little boost in the morning. But today was a little bit different my France vote today today is a lot different today. Was cooks he was waiting in line and waiting in line and waiting in line and you -- -- -- got my phone Jeffords thirteen minutes thirteen minutes standing behind two girls. Who I would vote were playing supermarket sweep of the 711. They had the entire cart full. Cookie crisp rice a Roni. Deli meats everything. And they weren't satisfied -- the prices of hate the guy had a ring up everything so they could see the prices then decide what they want to put back on the shelf. And you know gets up the cheaper. And I think it cool. They're very very. Wall sat. And I am waiting in him now let's begin now it's getting ridiculous because you know they don't wanna buy the Oscar -- hand for 399. Because it that the supermarket it's only dollar 99. Wolf stupid and it's 4:30 in the morning at 7-Eleven. Of course it's more expensive it's supposed to be eight. Bit so. There's two girls -- from turns around as a stand they were just too big monster energy drink NGOs or let him go because he's only got one thing. And the other girl says this doesn't add to register. -- one person working but let go. So it's thirteen minutes into this whole extravaganza of their -- supermarket sweep deciding what they want they ring at all. 45 bucks 4633. Actually on the net cash right and they got about a Connor who I know we talk all the time. They go to pay. And he looks up that mean do -- be the isolate pay attention paid attention. And what did you know accent I was like why didn't flash some plastic products flashing that EBC -- -- And I said you know I didn't want to I didn't want to think it. Because there is these two girls were in sweat pants and hello kitty -- What looked extremely Stalin. I didn't want typecast them BS and prejudice towards the ball -- that's profiling they're big profile I gave them the benefit of the doubt. And so the -- that Jeff. In their twenties. Either one of them -- over 21 I'd be shocked and I thought how sad you've already given up. You've already given out when we united and -- you aren't even old enough to understand what you lost. I. Am if you don't don't consider I have to go to work so that I can pay taxes so that they can come airport there in the morning by Oscar Mayer deli here. I mean that you got to work to put money in their pockets. You've got to work to pay for their groceries get their drugs. So you're saying is look you wanna get stalled on my money you wanna go to 7-Eleven and get deli meats and cookies and rice -- cronies. That's fine. But just give let me go to the front of the line so -- can get out of here so I can give you warm my -- and keep getting stoned and eating deli meats and cookies. And then only left. I'm driving out of the park -- -- -- take this there's a little alleyway and get out like a shortcut. I go that way and who was stopped in the middle of the street out. Let them in there and thank god it wasn't a BMW -- some really crappy like 1987 Toyota Camry like the holdings falling apart. Now I have to wait another three minutes they don't want to beat because I have. Literate courtesy of the houses that are around us people still sleeping some I have to sit there and wait for them to either roll their marijuana -- stored on the line -- -- Or -- their cookies and do enough. Sick I mean and had 20/20 one years old. I mean it's not just that it's immoral. That they're basically taking our money and stealing it and using it to buy drugs in food. And now they've made legally. Now they've made Bill -- ceiling and that's the problem you know and I want reform now. They can't even let the cooks he manages get on his way to work so we can put more money in their pockets to feed their habit. And and and fill up there's comics. I guess we should give them a little bit of credit for not just buying -- the most expensive all I thought I was gonna say they're very kind I'd like that they're conscientious with our money. -- understand. I mean think about it -- like -- that other real cool running low on funds for the and that's what -- while all the money went to drugs. Another down to like forty bucks -- 45 dollars -- -- how do we make the week last on 45 dollars. But rookie Chris Maloney the -- are all either very touchy about the rice are only being 599 and a lead -- -- -- -- -- and I it's so rude about it incident for a guy or combat the -- What can you imagine that pour -- inch mark -- Indian -- in the right -- -- voice from Bangladesh okay Bangladesh's poor Bangladeshi -- comes from Bangladesh. In -- hardworking guy wants to make something of himself causes seventy practically lives there he lives there night and day breaking his back breaking a sweat. And he -- himself and he's 20/20 one year old girls. You know you know he's saying. I come I come to America I come to America tour card and I -- -- I should this cinematic. -- American bombs. -- my tax money in the pit carts. Dogs ever attend. And I come -- our country like Bangladesh and I work hard and I shave and I do everything right and look big dip all the money. And now have to stay behind the cash register. You can imagine what the par Bangladesh she's thinking -- of Bangladesh. Why not just stay in Bangladesh. -- company becoming like Bangladesh. 61720666868. Is the number Steve Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Yeah good morning guys don't want to comment America situation regulation don't you guys realized it. How do you think big buildup Scioscia now 5000 dollar talented they're not let's -- when they go to that level. -- At 4 o'clock. A claim be there are -- every maybe they go coupons when they go to Shaw's. Here are three cents off this point sense of this Joseph Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Yeah I was just watching the media. You know to. That the state of Georgia ran out of that to -- run out there was a delay in the step program. And yeah. All of the irate mothers with their children. Were like screaming at the tropical. Upon what happened. -- the children around the mayor Carolyn how the littlest kids look that looks that they debris and the mothers were going crazy. Like. This is supplemental. Nutrition. Excellent primary. If they were status. Money and then well -- starving. Well Joseph because a lot of that money is is going to drugs. Or alcohol. Where nobody wants to admit that but that's the fact. That's -- coach even said one -- -- girls coming our eyeballs almost Ibaka were skull. I'd get one of the girls credit she just looked tired but there is one -- man her eyes light dinner plates. -- wide open in her pupils were like the size of -- The tough -- -- about pinhead I mean since 4:30 in the morning and she was rock yeah I mean you either party. It is came back from a -- -- -- -- sweat pants and hello kitty slippers and I. I live across the street even when I get it right over it like 2 in the morning Saturday night a lot like a -- focus on the I put on pants and put up my shirt similar self respecting it and I have little self respect. I'm not gonna walk over and slippers in -- like you know Jim -- just these girl. It's off and every morning that there's always a character in their every morning just the scum of the earth. And I just think why do I even bought anxious about the bad thing. So -- -- think about 4:30 in the morning tool young women 20/20 one supposedly healthy the whole world in front of and not incredibly unattractive either. I mean like if they weren't. -- cleaned up a little -- they took care of the -- Julia Roberts in pretty woman they'd be pretty attractive I mean stop injecting yourself with heroin. Stop -- -- stop partying all the time you know I'm sleeping with -- got -- -- -- up you know lying on your back for -- regatta comes along your way. You know what you could actually amount to something in life. Instead I mean think about their creating zombies. -- additional people what is the department of transitional assistance doing honestly. They're transitioning. A normal people. Who have the whole world in front of them could be productive self reliant citizens. It -- essentially zombies. Zombies deadbeats. Who just destroy their lives. Destroyed their character -- destroy their potential. Everything's -- believe it or not these two girls were actually some there somebody's daughters. They actually had dreams and hope for nearly. It's five -- six and now. He didn't he back. EVP. IG NI -- I want my EDT. Obama EDT. I want money. My mind. It's almost like a movie that's like a zombie movie now there's clubs under coming after the 711. Unease surrounding. Here's an elected nobody calls me up I said folks -- on my way among my way but -- she's carrying the he's got a gun legally kill the zombie with a -- it had its tender coming out of the pain exhaust one -- -- another one. Parents of another one -- to keep coming after me. He doesn't know what to do. But they just keep coming. Coming with Deval Patrick T shirts or Obama hope for change -- I will look to the federal government for some help send in the Marines -- and they senator I'll send them more money. You insensitive bastard you. 617. Good kids. It's needed 68. Jeff you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Based -- -- there are couple -- We know exactly what people like Obama the liberal good about technical and Derek. Getting more dependent on government so I have more more people to work the government. And it's a vicious circle and a buying votes so the -- -- and do a pretty good job. And we have stopped him in the -- doing the same thing. -- What -- Thomas Jefferson a bit of Franklin or getting whatever uninvited bid to. You could -- to a building. Get a card it's an antidote to a store to approach the card and get money back. Into a credit wouldn't think. You can take money -- -- shouldn't Hillary. We're doing not saying that he pretended that the country backward. Patient or it was so what about it but it goes out of its apartment and should be uncomfortable. Not painful but uncomfortable you don't wanna be there anymore. Jeff I mean you nailed it and it's not just I'll be honest with you spoke I agree with you completely -- but if they just took the money honestly. And I don't know they Bologna sandwiches all day until the RI. They're not you know they're not there is harming themselves in the end. But now. It's the drugs. It's the boost. It's look at them it's a party and they're up all night partying. On our dying. This is unbelievable. -- to illegals. And it goes to gang bangers and goes to drug addicts that Timmy and then on top of at all. When you mean in the hard working taxpayers of this state. You mean bill -- say this is disgusting. Let me turn around six racist. We need to racist my money is being -- not on on all your being a racist now. It's unbelievable. Gary Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Yes good morning -- I know that 7-Eleven in -- inland. And I'd say a lot cookie -- exports very this morning you'd think that the -- hookers. -- were you think no I think Gary's thinking of the other seven Lebanon by union street and uncle. I'm not that -- -- not man enough to go there yet. I don't have a license to carry. -- Like this inland not know about seven all got 7-Eleven has won with the hookers that what you just get this banks. Not that one is this tanks you wanna pick up somebody or about 7-Eleven for quick. But if you want hookers wanna pay for it and I guess hold on -- Ecstasy if you want Ecstasy in the about the 7-Eleven new gold to. Now if you -- -- and all that's the other seminal. Now you can text -- at 68680. 413. Happily Thursday how many children do these two EB -- out. And where were very very good point 413 several over and over by the Cambridge. 617. Welfare is just another form of slavery just keeps them suppressed. Give them money and they won't complain. Bingo 617. 781 Jeff tell the foray MBA still look in the refrigerator. At a at a I think they got other stuff in the refrigerator you know what I mean seven point one. 603. -- you live inland are probably the only one who isn't scum of the earth in that round. -- 617. Problem will probably left three kids under three alone in the apartment you know there's a very sad story -- about. And a couple of segments but it's. It's starting to happen. Which document took place and when I mean it's just it's just it's heartbreaking. This is all -- seven I'm getting a lot of these 978. Fellow its land. I want my. I want my TV. I want my -- I want my. I want my dvd that I want my. I want my dvd. Hello my week. I love -- BP. Hope the change. And worrying be. -- -- -- -- -- My friends and three. -- cards are and AMP evil Sean. Was arraigned yesterday. In federal court in Boston. -- major columnist has now come out. In the Boston Herald. And actually says that we should have sympathy. Sympathy. Crucial parts -- That we should the baby face terrorists who deserves our sympathy to the evil -- That story next article. Listen to the school record win -- hours now sixth at ten on Boston talk stations AMC.