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Chump Line Tuesday July 9, 2013 - Canada Geese

Jul 9, 2013|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was an irate self-righteous caller berating Howie for saying Canada Geese instead of Canadian Geese.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- I think I am that caller pointed out the I should be calling that the vehicle takes weight back and forth from the courthouse -- of these. Plymouth County correctional facility I should be calling it the rap mobile I think they'll be doing -- tomorrow morning's Carol. Or perhaps smoke but should get him that should that should that release. -- is noses -- Menino would say. Just like two weeks. Really makes Kevin weeks ago the -- but. Fortunately doesn't know where I live now he'd never can apparently that never knew where I lived in the beginning. State lab what develops and healthy attacked. An idiot in this case it. I hope it doesn't grow into it over again. That was not me that Patrice. Her her fudge who arrived today she said it was fantastic and she wanted the notice and the thank you note to. Send it -- was a mystery a bear HE PE RT. At stage stop. Candies rights and the what you mean by it was not you what was night you know. Well it was not at that that she said did you send us the mayor that somebody else and yet I -- -- and I said it I said that there her it was given to me. To send cents a until it went prozac and ice and ice and since day you know I -- I just because he asked me so I mean this was not mean. Well I mean I'm saying I didn't like allotments. What -- -- -- I think them to get a pound of -- for GA and for Patrice I I don't want anybody to get the wrong impression there. You know. But -- I'm glad Patricio like that and I'm sure -- likes -- so -- well when he -- -- he probably got it today. Holes it easier. -- you know. You know good lord and ruler. He's -- And rules. Warned terrorists who -- Mark. The fact that. She was on Nantucket doesn't. Take away from the poetic brilliance of using Marshall Islands that -- -- of course -- the word largest of that chain of violence I think the column the it was a -- Elizabethan islands -- it was a book violent I don't. Something like that but its third largest one and it's. Owns it by John Kerry's name. Nobody else can go on the what you're invited by a member of the Forbes. -- -- -- Marshal on Long Island -- trauma. -- when the economy as -- Kevin week school week where they obligated if you retribution for the nickname. Can it be good equipment Mississippi you have to play. Yup that was my nickname I gave him the nickname Maine colleague. -- actually did mention a tool thanks for the thanks for pointing that knowledge definitely the chorus that's my nickname two weeks -- smile on their two way it's letting it. Letting it linger in the year. You know went in you know what Kevin Weekes came up with for his defense of -- out white. He said you can't wrap you can't rat out a rat. I wanna know about Johnny model now is gonna get -- royalties for the act. Say singing because that's his line you can't -- around. Hollywood love to see more of that colleagues who. Event here it's war but the last few months fail on his diet today now with the Eagles can make a big war. It was a big day for Siegel's -- -- coming in alone. Special we we thank the Wong family and we thank the everybody count him. It's on one more and it's August and it is. Austin's premiere the Greater Boston area's premier Asian mining experience. Some great placed ago when every have a hankering for good Chinese news. How long we won north and so -- I took my cable down demand them. I told that I had to my. Shoot. Just that Crawford stayed. Is the birthday he -- alone and who are old -- and number now. That's good very good. Very go to got a great story about client number nine -- got to read the Spitzer quickly hits establishment and win this is from the New York Times they are very angry about it about him running. But it's it's another rough -- The the New York Post headline yesterday I should read it yesterday. Here a week hole. Again. Get -- poll. Hole. Actually like Alan you know a deadline was in the post today -- Democrat field bulging. -- -- contest in the newsroom for the headlines. There early they will be women the female politicians in new Yorker really starting to get discussed that here they said the issue of they should've stopped -- dead in his tracks. But -- know that but they they have they lingered too long and now he's at legitimate candidate but they're not commit. Do the same with -- serving on Marc Spitzer out as soon as they count. A recent story it's pretty funny. Captain didn't he went that the reader critical view of guilt. On the fourth of July. Yeah it might do -- that did. You know to go one. God. Okay. All loggers. Wonder if on -- pseudo body. To our film. All pull it off all or a couple of they've played golf. And that she's doing okay we're gonna talk about this whole thing what people with coming back to. The Nantucket well Egypt was. Egyptians Egypt's government was being overthrow which -- as I salute the Egyptian military going. And and it's it's also about the fact that the State Department one. They they have pictures. Even before her pictures were CBS news pictures. I CBS news producer autumn on the boat and a and they were denying it even though the pictures on the -- I mean the this -- people have -- stones -- a meaning they can get away with anything you -- -- can't. Yeah Obama. I got to try to double fault that military could develop and it was. It would be surprise wouldn't be surprised -- -- your caller who. I guess apparently if you have a cool. In the country. The US. -- law says that you can't provide him with -- more ornate. But why the -- the security more about the law that he cares about it the other laws like all Obama here for instance where the DREAM Act. You -- just ignore it. I would it was typical of critics who they are the guys in a row and they -- again. That. Little moon -- a broad. Yeah -- This Texas still have that web site where they talk about the last meals I don't think they do I look for Michael's welcome fort recently and I didn't see it. Maybe they maybe -- the ACLU was very down on it. Did you see the ACLU was now complaining that the Joker gets AS gutsy single single bad. A single bed cell. I mean isn't that isn't that which would want me would you rather sleep with four guys than one guy at apple -- was the one time I'd rather have be in my own room. Candidate again. And they didn't indeed it could lower. And pedicure -- the reality. Don't tell me that the real name is an addictive game that -- one candidate -- the knowledge that urban -- Well. -- -- -- -- they are indeed it's on an urban men. There are after -- it -- its people and what's to say something dumb like that when -- when it's wrong. As a serious question that which he which he was he was yanking my chain. -- we -- have to yank the chains I don't know. Goes practice but then I got. Macho thing. Now on. You know. -- -- 617 did you ever see Howard Stern's Lackey allowed were you fully erect -- Weiner resignation press conference. Late yesterday there was a guy. Spitzer only has a couple of days left to get the signatures to get on the ballot for comptroller on the democratic cut. Primary ballot in New York City. Who's on union square -- you know try to get signatures of course she was mobbed by idea by a sea of lights cameras and reporters. And there was a guy that was heckling him for about the first fifteen minutes he was out there is going. Going. You'll hate we went -- hot air. Did your socks this time just really rude stuff. Just who wasn't out there by the way union park in unions where. Union park. His wife Silva. They may not have separated but she's not there anymore for the campaign events. Is the opposite Mac where my side. Mr. I knew that would be complaints from some of the other regular listeners. Our show that they were. When he showed favoritism. I'd -- it should stand I didn't show favoritism the -- The boxes came. One box that Patrice -- name on it Oneboxes j.'s name on it. One box that chris' name one box and how -- name on and by the waist and it was a box with your name. I think it was I think they actually sent you some other candies with trade over the weekend that's what I told him take blocks. I think he's in there with -- -- -- -- she took my candidacy gave me that budget's pretty good but you know I mean I that I need to prevent -- false. I don't know I don't think so I I forget what they -- but at the -- -- the chocolate trains from my wedding when it right the talk of trains that -- -- they give her chocolate they give me a chocolate. -- radio recently when I was bound for the Boy Scouts. Award that. I was Baluchistan. In this little chains and and white not chocolate dark chocolate and I turned around and be be have like. Will talk a train stopped in his jacket pocket. I remember that. A guy but anyways in that when you take that fight with it is you know I need a power -- and -- Like anybody and -- eye candy that you rate that's like somebody lining me up for head shots from 99 Parker wrote. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired U.