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Ann Coulter on Immigration And Obamacare

Jul 8, 2013|

TV maven and best selling author Ann Coulter joined us for our weekly round up of politics, news and sarcasm...today Ann and Howie talked about Rick Perry's decision not to run for Governor again, the immigration bill still being a threat and the disaster of Obamacare.

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Mine is in -- the author of many bestselling books including her most recent mugged I'll ask him called took a poll question you saw that you're -- Eliot Spitzer is now tossing his. His jock strap into the ring and running for comptroller of New York City who do you find more awoke from the candidate for mayor of the candidates for the comptroller. And ten by the way I haven't been at UN. Quote you played the beginning. This segment here. That that -- quote about forgiveness that is only that it must be -- although -- could be that there. Democrat might be it was. Engaged -- completely. Non dominant. That's the Menendez hasn't asked for forgiveness he's just said this is all -- And and so what if he was so what if he was opposing new -- data in a photograph with the with his one of his best friend and campaign supporters wives at the time she was separated from them. Don't even ask him about those underage truckers because that's -- right winks but that's -- he's a victim of the vast right wing conspiracy. Laugh all well I don't I'm not I'm not yours not if your that mean you're probably right but it's not a clear to me. That's Spitzer is the winner should mean -- the times. But what it what there it is just and you know maybe it's just that it's more recent but he took him won't wants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No it is flowing into you -- to -- about an -- It -- does wonders as far as we -- and there's no law against sending out pictures of packer is there a malicious sent him to underage person. Whereas we know client number nine violated at least money laundering and but transportation of women across state line. And it might question which one makes you more nausea this. Which is which of them is more low so I think a lot of -- sell a long time. He's simply the fact that against the law did not figure into -- and if so why is it I think you're trying to keep here. The that you are right that is against the -- hard. But again. -- reflect back on the close up photos of -- packer. Am hoping that it's -- -- -- Thirty or at what -- outlaw I. I. Hit like that makes it even worse no one argues pulling it -- on world. And don't forget to reclaim the was hacked into. That is the last that is the note last breath in and out battle. -- he's. He's ahead in the halts. Think that's purely. My whole -- -- New Yorkers I mean mine mine new Yorker friends are evenly political. And they barely have heard of Christine poignant letter you know album -- nobody heard the other candidates. Yes that's that's true why I like the Republican -- and I can't even pronounce his name I motel is that it he's. Think -- I ask you what would he worked for Giuliani is -- -- What you're the only reason the only reason I'm Norman the only reason I like him is because he asked other women who have been sexually harassed by -- to come forward. That -- that was a marvelous. That. I'm like him because they -- Giuliani immediately after nine elevenths. And I've I've forgiven -- -- like and it looked significant didn't pay attention. To local politics I suspect. But you use these are not very quietly bought my friends and -- pay attention. Well we'll see we'll see how what I I thought I would have to say that they I would big ultimately the favorites in their vary in their respective races right now -- -- thanks and Olympic winners gonna win I mean just. And who and what a joke on New York. Oh wow what do you right at this moment doubted. Out of you know New York ride I ought to be aggressively arguing wouldn't you just couldn't help. I said they point out client number nine kept his socks -- That's true he did another remember. Yes. See in the paper today that -- -- madam says that it you know it it's Iran and she's been around so. Don't like him he had. I had him madam of of people want to just get its thinking she compares favorably to late Democrat. At least in the first hour meanwhile all of his great. Wall Street busting a court cases most of them they -- was AG of the state most of them have been thrown out on appeal. You know that they were totally they they were totally unconstitutional. Uncalled for and IE you know way everything about his career -- a -- Well I'll tell you something in -- thing. My friends started PayPal when he was about this they'll let you know they I that they get approval from all attorneys state attorneys general. It's about the go through it you know PayPal was -- -- -- day. I think that would -- avail it didn't go through any other hand but in any event they've just built up the fantastic program for paying online it's all the data. They're gonna sell it. Walk and walk of money. This -- held it up. Along the ground that there are not sufficient protection. To prevent people from using PayPal to pay for -- prostitutes from. I'll -- -- And finally get in you know you know who won it once was considerate and hypocrisy. -- I'm sure there will be mentioned just like on Good Morning America today they forgot to mention that Spitzer was a Democrat and today show mentioned it four times and only mentioned at the -- The Democrat connection wants that. It's quite scary can it bring out. Would having an affair with Sandra Levy who ended up murdered in Washington State. And I am telling you why I had friends and they are not stupid people who from watching the coverage thought Gary Condit whether Republicans -- I could barely you know compared to Nancy Pelosi was considered -- quote conservative stomach. Right they. Voted for. -- I know they -- they would say they would describe him as as voting for you know this conservative bill that conservative bella it's obvious that they were trying to that the little people -- the thinking that he was a conservative. Anyway that's. Hey I have to tell you here's the here's the story that you will well Paul you Council Bluffs, Iowa. A dead American named Chris on the multi seventeen years old. 31 year old -- -- -- -- square as Ramirez drove the wrong way down veterans memorial highway this is in council blocks Iowa. Skid marks show where the teen driver had try to swerve to avoid head on collision with Ramirez. He still managed to -- swiped the americans' car -- was in the backseat and took the -- force. He is being the Council Bluffs police -- -- from Nashville Tennessee something tells me and they did not say he was from Nashville -- today. -- -- Good citizens and -- all of. Busy busy let's -- Chet Atkins picks on The Beatles in his spare time or zero. Bill that. That is that -- -- on whether Ted gurus can run for president. Did you know mother with an American father was a and legal resident becoming an American -- -- -- of the Cuban citizens about point in his much viewed as he had been imprisoned by Castro. Under the but no other country is ought to could have been a little bit yes they have moved to Canada and that's -- -- commitment to what -- And I've been mulling a don't know wondering if that's going to be a problem and I decided. It if I think you afraid of America. Then it all all qualities. Kids glued -- I'm -- -- America and it. Right and remember who -- noble as square as Ramirez's from Nashville Tennessee now this Nashville cat. Has no license or insurance and they aren't sure why he's in Iowa. Have huge -- what it beyond the anchor baby thing is on the subject. If you know it -- immigration bill. To bring in thirty million new democratic voters. We're serious -- -- the first thing you would get rid I mean that it be that. Comes into the that your country is not supposed to be your child's game and I'll high band gap the border police that gave birth at a -- walked into what county. You know public hospital hot much I want an American. And at any night at the bit about the founding fathers had in mind when they pass -- what you meant it was. Quickly about -- -- And Democrats from the south refusing to treat former slaves that's and that's what they refer to. They resident of the state or something about a -- it didn't know that a hundred years depends. Anyone who manages to the border under rocket may be on American employee old suddenly got -- -- can be called an American them. Well that's an ugly but this gang of hate him agree should -- keeps saying well you know so and so gets the gets a green card visa -- for three years or something -- wall. I'm assuming that about half of these people we're going to be women and what happens if they drop the baby while they're in in America that which all of them are going to that are able to go at rice. Yeah I anything they're gonna need to do that it means that that that was a disaster plan for so many reasons and and one is attitude just reminded me up this that I hit it you know Hispanics account while the Republicans now because they'd support amnesty. Day as we've been over a million times in no poll. Is there any indication that the legal Hispanics. Give two -- that about am going to be you know to the contrary view that people are getting to be competing with them for their job. Let's say they care about -- weeks. What Republicans and setting up -- -- -- let's say they don't you for spending the next decade perhaps the next twenty years. Arguing against the Democrats that the Democrats today. I'm legal and make them citizens. Or legal let's give them obamacare. And legal let's let them bring in all their -- And well you know oh yeah. Now more under half the population you saw the story right under half of the adult population of the United States now has full time jobs less than. So what what we are we trying to get it down to 40% -- 35%. We're trying to do -- letting -- a bunch of people who were also not only cannot work but are going to be on welfare. Yep -- -- someone's bad brilliantly I don't know who it is that Google like quote them. They are not coming here to breathe -- they are coming from -- to live separate. I know gives new meaning to the threat to the model New Hampshire live free or die. It's. Let me finish the -- story about the Nashville man yeah the national Asheville man is hell is under hold by immigration. If he's gonna hold -- immigration this would seem to indicate to me he's not from bill Hennessy. This also raises the point that. I'm sure your listeners though are aware it's it's it's to get that. In the in the in rubio amnesty bill which. Swearing up and down may have to be you know law abiding citizens. Speaking less and pay a fine and update they won't be paying on -- -- -- Democrats well they Oakmont don't make them. We have a hardship waivers that's a hardship waiver -- that you can you say 100%. Hardship. An important to hear you all know. You all don't get on its arm get up to. I think it's -- -- misdemeanor. I'm just a number -- do you why is because that's apparently a particular problem with with the illegal immigrants. Inside number of domestic violence. And have -- told about the enzyme case here in Massachusetts. Until you have -- They have a another Nashville man. It was here in the United States illegally and what is it with his anchor baby. Driving around drunk and he ran over an American motorcyclist this is in Milford Massachusetts. We use the column -- -- but that in this case to Nash from it so he runs over him at drags him thunderous under the Ken -- is part of his track. Then -- goes up on the sidewalk the guy is screaming people banging on the banging on the window saying let it slow down stop stop. And that he -- Eagles up on the on the sidewalks stops and then backs over American twice and kills him. Celts just you know it just brought out of his mind. Shovel not be held against them in becoming a citizen under -- out. Let's sort of judge this and this what the judge sentences even by Massachusetts standards this wasn't departure. -- she said that he quit number one he didn't understand English or Spanish eat yet he you know -- understood the. The people I wanna be bringing hand. So they should on -- done in the hospital emergency room that the army or work out well for us. And then she said that they had a psychologist come and pay for vice taxpayer funds of course the psychologist said that. This man was of south American mom Beloit dissent that's his words -- award dissent in other words. And so. Now -- almost half of south American -- going to have an enzyme that prevents them from breaking down alcohol. Like most other ethnic groups. So they are four. He was not really it. Guilty because he he he probably lack the enzyme to break down the alcohol when he was drinking the eighteen but like kings. And and this is the judge wrote this I like it. It happened to our community around. -- I don't I don't know. I'd never ice ice ice suggested that the people of item when you were called but this I suggested that might my blisters and and their readers of Irish descent try not to use the enzyme defense because I don't get I don't think it's gonna work for caucasians. As a matter I don't feel worse for black people yeah I don't I don't want anybody illegal aliens. We know we really haven't quite a pecking order of -- here in America. -- Yeah that's -- this isn't gonna be really bad. Yeah well -- what about Chuck Todd the political director of NBC news said on Meet the Press yesterday that the White House. Have buss has suddenly lost confidence that immigration reform won't pass. I don't believe that I'm glad you said that to me everyone keeps saying to me -- that's happened not gonna happen. I think it would have them coming at them because they don't want -- switched -- to break. And he is on track to parents right now how weak our listeners keep calling congress keep telling them. It will contribute to their opponents I think we want to get out again. Yeah amnesty that was the first I heard about -- -- -- we're looking at navy Allen -- again rubio. That would be great to. I know but joked that did. Not any single issue what I keep saying this is every issued at the end of our country than say -- Jeff Sessions has been magnificent continent. The unemployment. Through the roof and unemployment for Americans and most heat right now who've already been hit hardest because of our immigration policies over the past several decades -- but do not feel molding to a sense of complacency. This is worse than Obama care because people never repeal obamacare is thirty million new Democrat coming up. And oh did the Democrats want this. For obvious reasons why Marco Rubio want a different. Is beyond me. Or or those other Republicans like your pal Kelly a -- But but they keep calling keep calling it makes a huge huge difference to get this stopped and and we want to know immigration bill one and now we want. Boehner to bring up nothing to deal with that it is safely in Republican any. Exactly I couldn't agree with you more secure believe all the Republicans are gonna go watch it I mean that the the the Republicans in the house are gonna are gonna commit suicide this way. You've heard all. Paul Ryan though has gone missing that's one of the things that Chuck Todd site -- on Meet the Press. -- where area where do you stand. You know he's getting nervous about my incessant tweets challenging him to a debate a debate he'd he'd look bad. In the united I have to video of him being interviewed someplace saying. Anyone who says this. Became the rubio senate bill this bill as amnesty. And has no idea what he's talking about -- debate anyone on that issue. So I keep tweeting at the angle at the back for -- because. I knew I could pay one paragraph one or more and is -- -- I probably illegal. And I'll be easy I think yet -- well I don't know I thought it was pretty Smart I thought rubio was Smart vote -- so wide I wanna white. Regularly adding fuel -- hold back -- To the debate he had football independent. Like she was all -- the only reason that the vice presidential debate it was a draw all. Would -- -- Biden made such an event that's what you take away Biden mugging and making faces. I put Ryan just sat there like I won't monologue and and smiled lovingly at five in the whole climate means you've watched on TV with a little bit freaked. Yeah I saw analysts and on the radio driving home from something that I. And you know because I started on the radio and I walked into the debate party and I said. Always talk to me I told you this -- not presidential he's getting slaughtered on the radio with a much more rockets could you couldn't say the heated -- they've -- Biden was -- it. Yeah he gets out -- itself and was Libby was talking down to two -- and -- -- letting Joseph Biden talked down to where I mean not not been. He can't get away with that with many people. He could even go to pre kindergarten class who. Okay what about the you're you're down in Florida what's going on with the George Zimmerman as far as you consider. I believe the only thing I know about alerted and I'd be on TV yeah. Zimmerman. Wow what is this really I -- the movie he's. The more it is obviously a show trial -- -- had evidence to bring this case to trial. Mom and and I. I -- it really would choose an American citizen now and then you make a victim of them just like Duke Lacrosse players. But it's it's it's really pretty disturbing it is it all covered in my book -- about liberal quote victim. Why don't -- you'll only got a society and he'll let me do it. The alleged. You know perpetrators a white male predators. There really some of these days we have a pecking order a victim of forum. Muslim at this place the displaced. Blacks. For a while but now I think illegal aliens are on top of. -- -- know -- you know we have this this former patriots player named Aaron Hernandez has been indicted for. Yeah here. Going out on a little bit. And now he's been now that he suspected of a drive by slaying of 22 other people in the south and Austin. There there's that there's some unsolved shootings in which one guy was paralyzed and another was wounded common. Diamond. Teams well guess when he was at the University of Florida. And so. And so -- I've been wondering this that it is -- Hernandez shot his way into becoming white Hispanic. Like like George government. How many people how many crimes the you have to commit before you before you become just a dark skinned Hispanic. Eligible for affirmative action to become. And white. You -- to only a -- Hispanic if you are the one being Friday. -- it looked like he actually did the crime no you can't fall victim status but more violent crime the better by the way this is an important juncture to mention a couple of for the -- -- -- -- don't need. Don't need to hear this. This is why we have the death penalty. It sounds like from what they're reporting and and if it isn't true here it could be true. That that Hernandez is accused of committing these two other murderers who wanted to murder recently. What they witnessed sort your witness yes some that could bring him. Beckett getting off Hernandez caught for the original who murdered right in that went out of the penalty. The -- But see he doesn't care but she did it did that this is where I can become instant -- beat the liberal. He doesn't -- -- we know that he shot somebody's eye out in Florida. He's a suspect into other shootings in Florida one of one of whom is now paralyzed. So it doesn't matter whether he's in the death penalty state or non death penalty state has got -- still out there his gun for hire. Little -- to make the difference is he's killing off all the witness yeah prevent himself from being caught for the for the first few words you might consider. Well on that. Admit -- hopefully I'll continue to get away with the first few murders is it worth risking. Being -- for it for 83 murder. And then getting the death metal they -- I don't get them in you know I don't understand maybe I don't understand the criminal mind as well it's on my listeners think I do permanent myself but. But why if you're gonna eliminate a witness to two murders. Then why would you call in to more people to help you kill the third witness. Because now if you do that you're gonna have to you're gonna have two more witnesses to another murder before you only had one witness to tumors. It's like you just double. My theory of incentive system you are is. Is somewhat short circuited by the fact that Hernandez appears to be mentally it's hard. And I'm not saying that the way I cult like piers Morgan -- part and no I think it's really hard. What was Tim Tebow -- and hanging out with them in the club I mean that's the other thing I wanted to point -- Tim Tebow was a virgin and you know. Was kneeling down and I am but it turns out he was an after horse club where we're we're are hurt -- killed. Somebody -- teammate in this afternoon's first half that you. Now with people is so disreputable. I have to get it. It but this is in Gainesville this is not and this is not a Boston where you know he's able to be well into the theater. So much excitement in game bill you're right why doesn't he Adam Adam Adam aboard small balls. The Christian the Christian science reading my guess is closed out he panicked and Tim Tebow found himself with he and Hernandez had nowhere to go except to this -- bar. Where were aware at the age of seventeen he was getting served multiple drinks. He kept that's open it got out of high school when he was seventeen although what does that matter these days you know. And yet we can't deal with you anymore please believe I. Exactly exactly and a so so why so you still think -- -- I'll give -- one Morton to leave with here this is. This is from Charlotte, North Carolina. Dozens of people gathered for memorial service for 144. Canada geese euthanized by the county. The service Friday night included a 144. Fresh cut daisies and carnations and songs. Several people at the service discussed putting together a rescue group for geese. Think he's lived in the Gaston County park in Dallas County officials said the flock had grown so large that their droppings were -- passer. So they were killed with poison gas in the -- that they held a memorial service. Better than failing being sprayed all over human mother's uterus. I want that fact that legislator. Would never -- -- -- -- -- He does what went wrong -- at a memorial service was held -- -- I want her to throw a party for the death of the -- So I personally. I'm pro choice on the -- and took questions from the. You're -- pro choice on the -- that I was going up. A you'd you don't live near a -- colony of Canada geese. I guarantee that if you have a referendum question in that area where around the wherever they work. Killing yes yes sit there there would've been volunteers. There would've been. At Texas legislature on on little little human babies. I know she's a hero now they wanted to run for governor now that we now Rick Perry. And that and that you what you make your name and look at this point I don't care if you are you know forward in the right if you. -- That's. What you want could be your claim to -- the first sentencing early in your Wikipedia and the first line on your open to that. There's nothing really matter what wearable but. How about how about the Ed Markey the new senator from Massachusetts he was he was pro. He said I've been pro choice for thirty years now the my total last week he's a 127 years old. So -- saw the first 97 years of his life he's he was pro pro life now the -- -- Detroit's. Yes. You do -- made the label for that election. Which I knew nothing about other than it was -- existed and it. It. Is it not Scott Brown I couldn't get into that. And you kick me in endorsing whomever the Republicans laws and I found out later this yeah -- Scott Brown was running. On the on on the model of the -- beat the 51 senator to vote against. Obama camp yeah I Gomez or whatever his name. -- -- -- I. Know. Now. And Ortiz said the right on this radio stations are broadcasting on -- was yeah. But he was still he's still better than -- -- and he's still better than our game. Look at perpetrated upon bringing in the third or threatening to bring in the thirty million male -- forgive anything else. I mean it badly that you and I know in states like new York and Massachusetts. These guys have to claimed to be pro choice as Romney did it Scott Brown the head. And Giuliani did allocate just the thing that was different -- make really because it's all the blighted by the Supreme Court -- supreme leader. But then yes they're a little bit visit visit the position there's no coming back from there is no explanation what. Thirty million new Democrat voters under embassy -- Kabul the capital within ten years. In another 160. Million voters in a country where president elect and are divided by about to be millions vote. Note that depends you'll be stopped but only if you keep calling congress. Howie -- was and the. And oh and one last thing did you see did you see the picture John Kerry on the fourth of July Egypt was it was being. Toppled by a military coup which by the way it was was a good military to a -- concern I would yeah. But but you know he was -- he was on Nantucket on his on his seven million dollar dot. And they denied that they had a CBS news had a picture of him on the yacht and the they still but I did an ABC news ran with the denial. And we have The Herald that the send somebody got to get pictures of him -- directly face on. I loved anything so much since that went up there. And I understand his life you know I was the best isn't such critical condition he took a break from when everything comes off at all. Yes he did he's he knew he opened up the -- he opened up Louis -- where his his mansion where he -- -- winter mansion and a they sit there they have state they have police escorts around there now she's up she's been upgraded to fair condition. So so anyway and thank you very much for being with us and Q will kid everybody will keep calling nobody's given up on this thing I mean everybody is just petrified of this demographic. All that into complacency you know why. -- -- they always lie and they always lie. They are nice but thanks for college and -- elected -- now -- by. 1877. Were 69432. To one point --