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Aaron Hernandez Fall From Grace And Arrest

Jun 26, 2013|

Aaron Hernandez, who was released by the NE Patriots today, was charged with the murder of a Dorchester semi-pro football player Odin L. Lloyd. Howie said its about time.....

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And analyze if you put enough following this this isn't that this city it's it's not really a very good audio don't. Imagine it's on many radio stations but this it's it's on TV compound following via the the tweeting of this Aaron Hernandez. It arraignment here on number order churches and richest. Mean you start senseless I mean you this is this this is about a -- -- -- can -- -- And what happened the war has apparently again and again like Ali you know the the the the sound was terrible but the according to the tweeting. Apparently the reason he'd. Killed allegedly kill this guy rumor has this guy is the is 23 years old and he just signed a forty million dollar contract with the patriots. Mean he's 23. And he's got a forty million dollar contract that he played with. You play with Tim Tebow but of course Tim Tebow was the one -- are but he effort disturbed about and company and last week at the university of war so. East he's been hanging out with this guy yeah old -- from Dorchester and he's just I don't work I don't know what semi pro. Football player army and to get it means you're just hang on bank he's just that one of those one of those guys you know who just hangs around and happily. And souls so that they went they they want that the club a rumor. Much anymore you know. And I don't get around my I don't know where club rumor is -- they went to club -- on a Friday night and and all Lloyd was. Speaking to people that Aaron Hernandez status. Forty million dollar. Tight end for the New England Patriots didn't like. -- I -- yes. From what I can. Determine. For you know again from the bad sound he decided to kill this guy old Lloyd a couple of days later because. He didn't like who he was talking to. At at at the clock. That was it. I don't know I don't know if he was this I guess he was this I guess olden disrespect that him. By by not. Not not talking these people that that Aaron Hernandez did not like. It -- if this doesn't if this doesn't make any sense that it since -- -- you know don't blame me it doesn't make any sense to me either. And then the key. He gets rid of -- he's got a car he's got to -- that car. Aaron Hernandez. After he kills the guy. With his confederate -- they called confederate -- yes there's other people. And a key turns in the car the next day. But doesn't bother. To clean out the car in they find they find the shell casings in the car. Mean it did this. This is just crazy this is just -- I mean it's just insane. 18 -- Hernandez's innocents as someone. It was Zimmerman. 1877469432218774694322. Of course you know the patriots cut him today and a he says they they'll take a big hit on the salary cap yes and it's it's gonna squirt the team and a you know wrong gronkowski -- -- -- Kong -- -- they say is as Mayor Menino calls and caucus already. Out for the foreseeable future the other tight and so they thought they had two great that tight ends for the next decade and now that now one of -- gone forever and the other one is injured and who knows -- will be back. And you -- it it's just it's just the -- is essential just about essentials a crime is as good as you can imagine I mean this guy this is -- -- shot somebody in the yeah. He is your forties being sued by somebody down in Florida for shooting him in the face. Mean what you didn't kill that guy he -- apparently that guy is claiming he lost sight in one of his ice. And it. And that didn't teach a lesson that he's getting the as -- had a big civil suit pending is the civil suits kind of move now because there's not going to be any money. And and then there are rumors that you know that they're there were other things that this guy Hernandez has been involved them and you know and I know I I know that. The the patriots they they wanted to bet they got the best value on the board. I guess you know they thought that no he dropped down out of the first round I guess because he because he had this -- thug reputation and wasn't so much the tattoos -- people have been holed that twos against you anymore but now he's. Now it turns out the first day he was in camp he was threatening Wes Welker and ever -- I never heard -- -- like -- I don't follow and follow them much but I was threatening -- west while course play a little joke -- one of that they wanted to power some and there are some piece of equipment and Wes Welker was given him a little grief like you know. You know -- -- do this or work do that and he said that probably what may boldly put mayoral -- with you. This guy. The Welker is like you know believed to be in the all pro wide receiver and this guy is in his first day at -- camp and he's threatening at least threatening him. And an NFL level he was -- percent. Here's the question now I mean do you think well. What. Well is just d.'s do you think that that the patriots were taken back hippies now and. Hole we sort of -- could see a debate I mean they. If it look like anything has steroid defense. The steroid I don't think so he was out of his mind that he's taken steroids as a big dared. No I think he's -- -- he is going to be away for a long time by the time he gets out of out of up prison he'll be in his but he'll be he'll be and is probably late thirties. And you know Leo he's all about and -- this is it for him he's she's finished that's that's set. Very but again it's just it's such such a weird thing you know Communist is it's. You know just. -- closeup zoomed up to the blood tattoo on his left hand yeah. -- -- -- You know you know I mean I. I understand. It is so -- as he's turning his life for around. That legacy is turning he's turning his life for a. I want to say which direction he's going in is is Hernandez now all sole white Hispanic. I don't know peace away you know it when you're in trouble you've become -- white Hispanic just like your words of arm and so I guess you could say he's a white Hispanic now you know legacy is. Can someone say dumb idiots. -- -- I know it but you know. It's like he report Plaxico back Burris the guy that was the great great wide receiver for the giants and he and he bought brought a gun into -- One time and yeah it in New York City and it was an unregistered -- I believe any ended up shooting himself. You know what killing himself but wounding himself many at the prison for a while. It but I mean that that this this is -- point the pointless this makes the Plaxico Burress. Incidents seem seem actually you know. A a rational decision. On somebody's somebody's point of view and in his 187 they took Vick back. -- -- While -- and I know people get mad at me proceed in this predict was killing dogs suspect opened killed a human being. -- victim a few years and a Vick came back after cube box. You don't you don't get out after 34 years after you kill me after you kill somebody because he he dis respect that view. You can't insult he didn't in salt Aaron Hernandez for like NC this guy old boy he didn't he insulted. And this respected. Aaron Hernandez by -- speaking to someone that Aaron Hernandez did not like -- -- potential -- -- and now. -- -- 1877469432218774694322. Yeah this is solely a paper today coming in this is the the Soviets are now the patriots have lost their five pop. Receivers for from last year the five top receivers are drawn. Walkers. Walkers -- on he's he's been. Swept away. Hernandez is on sending a wide receiver for the -- come like being the drummer Spinal Tap. I guess it is I guess is someone put purse on the someone put a curse on the receivers for growth from the patriots. That's for sure 187746. On line 4322187746943. 2297 they could disguise meego be so hugely funny you get away with it. Oh did it it must've been I mean what makes you know we you have this you're 23 at forty million bucks in the bank. Can you say to yourself you know hey you know I think amber at risk everything for killing this guy who's my friend who just hangs around with me it was just -- -- basically again I guess that's what it boils down to. Who just circle for. And I think they'll kill because he he thought somebody -- it. I think a risk everything. For us. Businesses sound doesn't sound -- that by the way they were also buying -- they were buying a rolling papers when they were but this doesn't sound like something you do when your style and neither does it. It but it now. Okay 1877469432218. Sevenths named by patriots now we. The fight patriots that are that are gone there you mean the ones that the the the receivers Danny wood -- these weighed down Wes Welker. Wrong. Hernandez. And -- -- it. Those -- of these that you grateful we are now one hate that follow I follow the team I don't. A live and die with the team but I -- is this is is an amazing. In an amazing case just because it's it's it's so pointless. All right 1877469432218774694322. But that's the appropriate number of -- how we partial you like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon if you would. If you would like to listen to the show. On the Internet go to our website or other website how we car. Ash how we cart dot com how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming also what how we cart dot com take partner you can take partner daily Internet poll question. The daily Internet poll question is brought you by power house mortgage for the best mortgage rate rates with no closing cost. Coal power house mortgage 807620000. Cindy was today's poll question oh what do the results thus far. -- Supreme Court has struck down don't -- do you support gay marriage but no I don't. What do you think -- -- man I don't 70% no. -- very close currently in 71%. 71%. Now 1877469432218774694322. We'll take some calls on this there's this this this case it's this crazy case. 18774694322. How we please you're not dealing with the brightest bulbs in the White House understand that they understand that but still. You know I mean. If it's self preservation of a couple of judgment and it doesn't for me that's the thing. What did you just say they -- I don't like who your hang around with -- -- I'm gonna get a new goal for. I'm gonna get a new -- pop you know what to do -- that's pleased to call -- James Michael for always up popped does it help people get up when we walked in the room. But a fine I'm gonna find a new coat holder for me. Don't have the issue why do you have to shoot the Mike you're next with how we cargo ahead Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah I got away. He did he did get away but we did did rate was re always just there or did he pull the trigger or alleged. But nobody else and like you look what church what -- have been up and he just mentioned that there might -- other people involved. Right. It sounds to me like they've got they've got this is that this is one of those knew was -- new style surveillance. Cases where everything is everything is on Kia is on camera. It's certainly feel like it's certainly seemed when the to prosecute was reading the statement a -- It seemed like he was reading everything right you know -- that they had seen everything right there maybe that's why it took him. Took -- ten days to arrest they just wanted to get everybody everybody there. And it might -- to you know. Why if you brought the gun back you have the surveillance you have this new surveillance camera in your house and you bring the gun -- you know you have the -- in the house and you bring the gun back in have to use it. Why do you what that point break the surveillance. Mean is a little late. Because it's still so. Obama. Isn't it time to is it at that point Mike I think you -- in the house. That's it that's what you should do that's what they that's what the guys that are that are on trial but the guy that's on trial and in the federal court. That's what he wanted and he would've -- -- house now banks will call 18774694322187746943. 22. Just than your next with how we cargo had just been. I we are seeing it's it's out of that the we don't pay much it was fun being there being there. A lot but hey you know what you know is it's like it's not only Hernandez's spot because he was never disclosed about. Injuries and concussions did it all these elements in -- ball. -- Well not excuses and acting like a hot alert in the sandbox. So he's a victim just in the torture saying that could be it could be his defense right. Good database -- the -- he could be suing the NFL for giving him into the Austria. There's probably what -- he got a year ago on that particular aspect for sure. Understood Tebow that populate totally not been welcomed them up nonsense are -- with the Muslim. Thanks for the call just that 18774694322. That -- kill anybody named up up gangster style model the -- he ever killed anybody like for full. Maybe from -- can be heated heated like people who beat him -- And I didn't and he did like those women for mouthing off to him so I guess you could say he Whitey did that yeah I guess. I guess when you think about a white he did the same thing. But there where there weren't as many surveillance cameras around -- -- was doing it. 18774694322. Was people are now texting and saying that Aaron Hernandez acted stupidly. Exactly acted stupidly. 1877469432218774694322. James your next with how we cargo ahead James. -- -- -- -- Did we look at it any felonies before -- answer anything. What the he shot this guy and in the face and he was being sued by them but I don't know there was any felony and a he had a lot of bop yeah a lot of Bob but I trouble when he was at the University of Florida that's why drop down I think the the fourth round of the draft even though he was a very talented guy -- He's he was probably where you know he and he and Murkowski wouldn't gronkowski had injuries in this guy had this yeah you know this. What they call character problem and that's why they bolt dropped down in the draft. But didn't know he was he. He was a thought he's he's a he's a bug and and that's but I don't I don't know that it ever committed a crime like that's. You have a different -- election ticket -- of -- Africa if you have a belly but keep -- up forty million dollar contract with the but the -- booking. You know what's. -- -- The the the skill sets that he brings that the tight end position is. It is more unique than the skill set that up people bring to to a gas station James right. I -- That -- in a little ridiculous you know if -- if they started tell people that a criminal record you can't play professional sports book cleanup there. What are you kidding me there there are trying to why they're trying to say that they don't -- even use our core they don't want people to or employers to have access to court records because it's racist. Yet you haven't seen but you haven't seen that legislation you're you're that you could never get bathroom now nowadays now -- away. Thanks for the call James 18774694322. Sean your next with how we cargo -- on. I'd probably go out of first time caller thank you and I have to play. That's open air. Information that full surround and not. Disposition to try people. In the public arena this disturbing. It regardless of of the fact that -- and in -- may or may not have killed this guy we should look back. -- forefathers. In the constitution. And the reasons why. It was so important. To have close document. But -- nobody nobody has said nobody said that he was that he was. Tried that he was going to be charged with murder and to only until the actual prosecutor walked in. And said said the charge against him is murder. I mean I played this everybody played this -- strictly down the line. But as soon as I was anyone in this country. Got -- -- trial if all the information is out this. Are ready and the people like the court you can't tell me that they they don't understand or. Are privy to that information you can't find. Twelve jurors to -- What they found of in the Whitey Bulger case that -- Why do you -- in you'll be on trial by education I think the FBI should be on trial. Well look I run around -- what the government. Well as some of the FBI has been denied it has been on trial on it. -- those bowl system -- That being this Manitoba and in every problem should be -- -- it would should stop. Thanks for the call shot one -- he sees a problem with cops yes or some some things I mean they they played this the you know the the thing is win when you're dealing now with celeb. Celebs of any kind whether their athletes or movie stars or whenever. Mean they they are or gonna make sure that they get all of their rights read them you know they get the it. Fernandez has been handled here with a kid gloves for a -- 18774694322187746943. Two to the NFL loves these bugs Tebow not so much. And now. I it's it's it is amazing isn't it your request it was -- 23 weeks ago. All these people were calling I don't like Tim Tebow I don't like the way he walks around. He when he wears caught on his sleeve. Wolf. Does he ever given to this kind of a genome. There has he ever been in this kind of -- Jim who would you would you rather go out to the club were wet. Aaron Hernandez -- -- Tim Tebow Mike your next with how we cargo ahead Mike. -- -- -- Yeah -- at the patriots released some of somebody got the right Strom like out our after the patriot always. What's called. No -- but that probably aren't keyboard and. Our. Thanks thanks Mike one mates say yeah right the NC national let that go through. 1877. Foresee coming imagined somebody tried to pick him up now where the they would that the -- got that beat port. 18774694322. GM your next with how we cargo ahead -- -- we have got so much it's unbelievable. I'm sitting -- -- -- -- -- for my wife. Reading it yeah yeah that's and I am thinking what Hernandez. -- feel testify against Whitey. Then he could probably only 270 yeah. 129 homers. -- -- they. John model Ronald was a special case Jim as yet from reading the book you know they needed him very badly to have to put the -- to put it. To -- too well but to start the ball rolling this -- was solve all -- those murders and this guy a this is a -- it. This the most point this is about as pointless as you what you'll -- -- as the -- of a crime my -- you know. Part of that talk about I mean and it again I mean maybe there's other pointless crime ship people bombs kill each other over cigarette I'm talking about somebody way as everything live for somebody who's got -- and who's got it all mean what how how you -- somebody thrown away like that's. Thanks for the call John pledge like the -- 187746943221877469. 4322. 41 I don't like Tebow because -- housing quarterback well let's that's buying media so lousy quarterback there's no question about that but the quiet is you know if the people who the people were coming down on they didn't that wasn't. The point. But they like -- this liked him because he was all housing quarterback they dislike him because he he he's he kneeled after rise after throw a touchdown pass. Because he he he C when he walked around saying he he he was saving himself from mayor Jimmy was a virgin they just -- like his attitude. They didn't like the fact that he was against abortion that's -- that's what that's for us. It had nothing to do with with him being -- crappy quarterback which he -- me that they did did you know while. Did anyone ever care about JaMarcus Russell on the on the Oakland Raiders he was a terrible quarterback nobody ever. Nobody ever -- hated him they just thought it was crappy quarterback Victor your next with -- cargo ahead Victor. And how we title of the book it was good seeing you at the -- signing up and wedding. It was that was Whitey Bulger and items and an -- 7UP from her. They -- hourly guys and them in Spanish guys which ought. A black guy killed them. Now we got our -- as -- Spanish guy that shot a black guy it's only going to be a week before it's going to be blamed a white racism. Either that or. Because Hernandez was within a mile of their -- maybe he was often able to watch. And so -- -- fight crime who knows. On now thanks for the call Victor 187746943221877. A wise man once said nothing good happens after midnight that was a wise man said it was two way AM but it's the same thing 1877. 4694322. On how far. So wants to know if I have a -- playoff tickets for the patriots orally for that right now. By IC I get I get it. 18774694322. Hernandez and Tebow were friends and teammates at the University of Florida. The -- it was also mentioning to -- talk about how quickly things change your -- a month ago what Tebow what was crushed. In the he was all done. He was finished and Hernandez had a bright future he was I guess he was was the youngest guy in the NFL for what when he started yes. 187746943221877469. 4322 again you like to what join us on the up Friday night Friday night we're going to be at the we're going to be at the the -- Best western and -- New Hampshire for our night of crying -- western plots as best western plus. And you can order tickets you can see me see -- can see in the Moret from the from the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum and -- tickets still available to small room with tickets are going fast so get -- now we our show. Dot com how we our show dot com. And that's where you can order them and you can all that's again Friday night at 8 o'clock in Keene, New Hampshire and on Saturday morning albeit the old school book. Shocked the coach to bookshop from eleven to one in Keene, New Hampshire signing books. 1877469432218. -- H Hernandez has a baby and a girlfriend who is his fiancee. Well that goes without saying doesn't of course they -- it goes without saying is saying. 18774694322. That is the -- for number. The the the district attorney -- Bristol county seat of sellers expect about it any moment feel like you'll be giving -- He'll he'll be giving a press conference -- PO one of the lawyers for a four Hernandez just came out and said the agency if you -- that so what's this is circumstantial evidence. I don't know what some -- pretty. Pretty damning committee. Sound like they some more like -- and in opening statement that IE that it just a statement for taxis just. They seemed to have everything everything on on this guy. 18774. X 46943221877469. 4322. Hernandez's accused of orchestrating the XQ should that's where he has exceeded there's three there's two confederate. I guess he was sending text of them saying get you know they abuser Beazer is. His Beriault buddies from from Connecticut and they had a they -- -- and come up. And he needs he needs their help why does he need their help to kill it too cute and assistant. Why does he want more witnesses I don't get it I mean but this -- of this makes any sense. Ward was killed from bullets fired from a semi automatic 45 caliber handgun. Ward was lawyer and in the chest and side he's also charged. With multiple weapons offenses including possession of a large capacity firearm possession of a firearm without an ID card. GO word that we -- -- North Attleboro all right I wonder if he had a permit to carry from the chief of police in North Attleboro what do you what do you think. I'm gonna he's saying now. The fourteen cameras surrounding the players one point three million a mini mansion in North Attleboro at 68 hours of footage messing around the time about Lloyd's. Shooting. See what else. It -- exceeded client what's I'm who watched the footage of Hernandez -- you know he's got a multi million dollar house there right yet. -- have -- on amana garage door opener his eyes up their opening his garage -- by himself. I don't know I. I don't get this 1877469432218774694322. That is the total for. Number of how we car show if if you wanna give us a call will talk about this for a little while longer say it's it's a big story it's certainly taken over everything else today that are around here and it's what we'll get through via the Obama and the Supreme Court decision to throw out the defense of marriage act and we get to that in the next hour -- -- -- pissed at the top of the hour. One -- innocent until proven guilty yes you were innocent until proven guilty but the you know and again we're saying alleged he's he's a wedge to -- and the alleged murder. He is he he is have been charred but he's been charged with a crime I mean we're we're not forbidden. For ma from reporting the details of of the the quart appearance but once more no one's going to no one can stop us going. 187746943221877. Let him out so we can search for the real killers. Like OJ. Yeah when I wonder Phil I want to fill up -- a lot of weight in prison. Oh excuse me and I forgot that he's innocent until proven guilty so we can't that. We can't say anything about it we can't that we we -- that point out that PC. That he is innocent until proven guilty 1877469. 432218774694322. Let's see patriots. Resumed slogans sepia. Fernandez is production led to way. Led to -- a big payday he signed a five year forty million dollar contract extension with the patriots last August. The patriots will still recess to Arnold with a cap hit can salary cap hit of around 500002013. And seven point five million. In 2014. The patriots can petition the -- to have that number reduced. With these developments in the impending back surgery for Murkowski the patriots now have a huge void at the position and on their office. I don't -- I know we don't and we do we don't have any patriot so playoff tickets Bob your next with. We cargo and Bob. It's always something this is just typical for this country and amazing stuff I think any football team that would go out and actively recruit. In the demographics of their recruiting from -- would be yet. This guy could probably work in the Obama white house with his moral skills. I just it's just unfathomable. That we allow this kind of stuff anyone who's in NFL and or -- for a -- of any export. You know if their team their favorite team is. Is you know hiring these kind of guys directly recruit concluded quote unquote have some kind of skill. Well you know what let's talk about people a little bit. You will know them by there for is what the good book says at least that's what Koppel and you know what you see the fruits. Of these two guys very widely as for me I'm going with Tebow. They they did go to -- they did go to the same college about Bob together and they did play on the same football team in college. You know some folks get breaks you know. All -- -- but one thing we could stay but it's certainly I mean you look at the moral skills. And you look at the moral skills set of -- so called leadership it's wash you look at the entire spectrum this is just another slight. Of of how. Society has the generating so rapidly and it's just go on like. I I compare it to my lord spoke to my wife. I said it's like a -- but -- out potters wheel and for some reasons somebody's trying to make this beautiful fives except that now the clay. Start to go. Around in the big circle it's about the floral. You know the amazing thing is that -- I guess there was nobody around him may be because he had all the money. That that could say you know when he released when he first artsy I'm not to kill old Lloyd because he could you talk to somebody I don't like. Mean why wouldn't it isn't with isn't there someone -- -- like I don't know maybe his fiancee. Who say. He what are you crazy. Are you crazy. It even if you hate the guy you you don't -- kills kill somebody could get in an argument -- -- Exactly. Exactly this -- but the one thing is. Do we really need someone else and -- life support on the -- worst personal responsibility. But I guess he's gonna get a handsome dole said that the Eiffel. Now it is important these EC he's going away for a long time. Thanks for the thanks for the call 18774694322. H the NFL has already had 29 -- this offseason 29 arrest. But nothing -- not like this I don't think Kress you're next with how we cargo ahead Chris. I now. Current tight end gonna have a whole room. I knew somebody I know somebody was gonna stick that stick that in Chris thanks for the call Benjamin that I got the million tax on that one. Please don't leave any more on the -- like it's just makes it hard for seeing the cleanup the child blind. Benjamin your next with how we cargo I had Benjamin. Idea how what you -- -- -- Hillary and Hillary. That's what started out another example of direct certain with our leadership. It's. No responsibility. Not taking. Partly our action is better right. We need more guidance age you rely on people and we're -- right now I'd be acting out of spite and anger without wise counsel and -- we need more starting from the top. How much of somebody who's not even has to be wise counsel would just note that this guy is Aaron Hernandez's his meal ticket because he's another one of the golfers. And he just knows that people if you BP kills this guy for no reason goes gets arrested this guy's gonna have to get a job I mean don't you try to knock somebody out. Even -- you don't -- enough for moral reasons just for year old girl's wellbeing yourself plus I'm not going on and hit with somebody wants that. You wanna hit him because he Epoch for somebody you don't light. That's quite that's quite a reason to kill somebody. May -- -- next with how we cargo ahead Mimi. I what was about -- thinking when he picked and number one -- influential athlete. In the US Tim Tebow when he brought him on to the patriots. Maybe he was thinking there could be problems. And that Tebow could be here. You diamond in the rough not in the -- at a bar. But I mean he also drafted this guy from the same team Hernandez. Yup but not the same guy. That they got that they admitted I thought Tebow played Denver. And I this kid can't read these offenses and win. He throws the -- somebody acting that somebody doesn't tactics he runs through all the big spenders he wins and wins and. You're so much for the jets last year though Mimi you. And quite a bit jet with it's -- the jets make themselves look like idiots what I am saying is. Give -- a chance he's a good football. Well then again I think is gonna get a chance maybe not a quarterback but he's gonna get a chance at tight end at -- thanks for the call me me. -- now are.