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Ann Coulter On The Special Senate Race And Immigration

Jun 24, 2013|

TV maven and best selling author Ann Coulter joined us for our weekly round up of politics, news and sarcasm...this week Ann and Howie discussed the local special senate race between Markey and Gomez as well as Chuck Schumer's hope for the immigration amnesty movement.check out Ann's newest best seller Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.

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Joining us now on the line as a in Coulter she is the author of many best sellers including her most recent book of mugged. And in -- this is the big day in the senate looks like it's over in the senate that's going to be up to the house to try to stop this. Monstrosity. That is that is heading our way. Yes yes and the main reason I'm worried is. Is that I think John Boehner absolutely wants amnesty is 88 consultants. Who just wants to please. Big Republican donor has opposed to actual Americans. Or ordinary Americans -- -- say. Have convinced some of this -- the path to you know Republican electoral success bring in thirty million. Of ballot Democrats. To vote. How could anyone how could anyone believe that. I do not know I didn't see different slant like a higher IQ all -- candidates out. That's. I think that's what we're getting through here and there are -- there's -- very easy way for Boehner to pretend to satisfy his constituents. -- and Republicans and keep his speakership by pretending. He's being -- -- out on immigration. While in fact insuring -- gets through and not by allowing a vote on they offense they award. That you and I would love but that it does -- and the decided it comes out of amnesty bill. And it's voted on in the -- with 100% of the Democrats voting for it. And enough of it it will pass the house and the senate so so when you called. When you -- all members of congress. On our members of the house on me and Boehner in particular conservatives want no immigration bill in the house until we -- we have Republicans that. I mean what happened to Paul and by the way I mean I I couldn't. You'll Marco Rubio why I'm I'm going to just assume it and I'm disappointed -- being from Florida like you war. That I'm disappointed that he and his brain kidnapped by truck -- and I. I'll accept that -- -- Ryan who you know who put a gun to his head. I know it's very strange the only thing I can say is we should have known what Bill Kristol wandered -- to run for president. I'd love bill crystal but his choices for president. That's almost like that that they might Dick Morris is with predictions. -- and a little -- with who we should run for president you know I love both of -- but don't listen you know. -- as predictions and we never followed the advice thought of Bill Kristol on whom Republicans should be running for president. You know this is this this is the same problem as as the as obamacare is as -- keeps pointing out. They -- they want to have a vote before anybody has read. The bill. Yet yet the Democrats always buffalo Republicans and Republicans will never learned. Date date -- -- start screaming about some phony crisis. I'm you know arguably a real emergency as they did with gun control and it's not an emergency that are real event. You know laughter -- you Republican got about gun control you're gonna be slaughtered in the -- you know -- continental captain -- -- top gun control. You know we're gonna try to help help Republicans -- scheduled to vote for tomorrow. How of that and needed all public it's in republicans' interest in the interest of the nation to say. Slowed things down. Guess what guess what they did Democrats are the ones weren't -- you were having problems override over the Newtown. Gun legislation. Oh yes probably not immediately after all the -- very and this time it's different. And Republicans you're gonna be slaughter I mean they're still stalking. You are outlined in my arch enemy Kelly they ought to like look your interview with a good job -- You know I'm I'm so disappointed in her and and you you know where where the number one station not only in in in Massachusetts but in New Hampshire. And in -- all were all vary saddened by the by the fact that she sold us all -- I mean she's she's a good. You know you -- I believe this in -- -- you know or personally but she's a good person. No I was just stay on. Far more -- by the way and I was a -- of rubio but both of them are dead -- But yet it's not quite -- -- I think she -- I -- back then and and you'd make the correct me if I'm not I suspect she was scared off by the use these phony web stalking her -- the. I I think it's a you know what I think you're right I think you know she she claimed that she was the ending tall and you know it. And I didn't think that I don't think the -- mattered you know I mean god knows you -- I have taken enough. Enough bullets over the years. And yeah showing up an account won't work even pertinent to what the. -- -- -- Eight an -- and and the local newspapers who -- covering the story worth pointing back at how even the Concord Monitor. And down. A very liberal newspaper already out. That all these people who were coming out we're not New Hampshire people are definitely not Kelly -- motors. And yet she still seems to have buckled under. Yeah I think that I and that I mean it's a perfect example of -- and a politician needs to they -- based on itself with a thousand page bill let's slow it down and read the bill and see how this played up in the -- It's conservative. American doubt there'll want help together. To get out of the starting gate on immigration because as you and I have talked about an awful lot of talk radio and and television -- you know our talk radio and television -- Were saying oh don't worry this is never gonna -- pay no attention to this immigration. So nobody was calling congress that Miguel pointed out -- The reason. McCain amnesty bill which isn't it wasn't that bad as a -- amnesty. That would. It's not stopped looking because George Bush with against that he -- for McCain look -- of course 100% of Democrats. The American people were against it and they shut down the contract the congressional switchboard with phone calls. They weren't doing at this time but they were being you know with sweet nothing -- were being whispered -- years by the people we're supposed to be giving them opt. I'm not new and certainly not me well I think last week. Americans. Got the message and found out we've we've been hoodwinked this is gonna go. I thought I -- you last week with with Sean Hannity and I I know Mickey count to want to Sean Hannity and I'm not saying with without justification. But what were you kind of shocked -- when -- show on humanities suddenly. You don't took a big gulp of the cool aid and you know win win Chuck Schumer on you. You know. Merely because it -- isn't a policy thing -- MI a friend exactly likes on this flag I loved them both but they are loyal to their friends sometimes. And with Sean they welcome the policy was agreeing with. He just -- Marco Rubio Marco Rubio of my friend Marco Rubio would watch me and TomTom Marco -- would think -- -- think I think I've mentioned this quote to you before but you know auto one Bismarck right. Germany. -- -- Germany has no permanent friends Germany has no permanent enemies Germany only as permanent interest. Right that's exit that's exactly the situation. You don't take people for for what they are for what they offer you and your constituents in your country. Yes yes yes. But but but. I just I can't be mad at Shaw but on an eight. Day. He disease. You realize this it was a disaster and he has totally flipped despite the fact that it that it puts them. At odds with -- And -- an -- it and they are it's a good characteristic. You ought to be loyal to your friends right right. Do you think do you think we can stop this thing in the house slow. Yes yes as long as we get the message out that we want to know -- -- now. Boehner doesn't want to keep is that is speakership. They have started to get a lot of calls last week the worm finally turned I think last week. And and -- people are calling. And I'm just saying you know you -- I have to make sure the word is not just. We want defense bill we only want you to Europe by bill we don't want rubio still. We want to know bill in the house until we have -- nice safe Republican senate which hopefully will get in 2014. Exactly how but how much Schumer I mean talk about the gall of the guy. He's been talking about all these people being in the shadows they can't come out of the shadows. And now he's talking about how the got to come out and intimidate all Republicans thought she knows. With rush in I wanna pathway to the shadows. I don't pay any more taxes okay. Just let me. Emergency and what we call the emergency room you don't recall the ambulance 911 the next by many to aspirin. Down in Palm Beach and I. And I wanna have to pay for the ambulance. No you're right and we also have a contradiction with you know the horror of living in the -- living in the out of -- so -- have to get it's. With the claim that well at the facto amnesty anyway. Well political -- that I had good -- that the fact only a few -- this some horror -- living in the shadows that Americans can sleep at -- ago. Right -- -- I'm voting for Gabriel Gomez tomorrow here in Massachusetts because he's a he's he's a great improvements the whatever whatever else over Ed Markey. But you know whenever he says the stuff about me we have the fact the way amnesty. I -- want what. De facto amnesty is better than days or am. You know when you that about any crime. Well at the defendant then there about any time any violation of the law because of an apple 100% in -- and so you know there probably. I don't know hundreds maybe maybe a thousand. Murderers who get away with murder every year add that up year after year to one year -- 20000 murderers walking among the ballots that de facto amnesty for murder. We have got to keep in the -- the entire federal state and local government detecting. Those black murder that we haven't been able to put a lot of -- at the facto amnesty. 1 AM. 18774694322. Were talking to weigh in cold there she's the author Bob many great books including. Including mugged in Dutch was on what Sean Hannity last week and so -- -- you weren't angry at -- after the after I was all over did you seem kind of taken aback by in those in the and from what I could say. Look I loved it. Mitt Romney. Who once claimed she was it was pro choice when they flipped -- my guide all is forgiven and asked us up. And although I'm telling you -- a friend exactly like Sean. She's a wonderful woman a great fund raiser for the Republicans. And anyone she is friends with she supports. And I've always just said to have you and you know let's let's just be thankful -- not friends about the -- -- How about Chris Christie you've got to be PO Chris Kristi. I mean he is kind of eat the fat man has kind of flipped flipped party's right. And and all tell you -- a single let's all over the let's cold this hopefully and a senator you know I yeah I don't -- in front of the -- you think he did the right thing. And I'll tell you why. He could -- US government following it he could have appointed the senator they have a are apparently a lot of a lot of laws in New Jersey. If he could appoint the senator so that he could've held office until. -- and you worry but 2015. And instead always gonna be replaced he's gonna replaced him in what and I'm miles per hour job. And a couple of months. He had -- election is October 16 them much I in the airport and pretty quickly for one thing there's apparently some dispute law whether he could've done apple let's assume he could've done that. Did you -- state like Massachusetts -- but there are a million more Democrats than Republicans. If he as a bit freakish we raise our Republican governor of New Jersey. Had appointed a conservative Republican you're on my liking. On he New Jersey voters would have been so angry at him he's very likely would've lost his own reelection this November. And so 222 and on in that week. Gap that threatened me they haven't had a Republican senator since like 1970 -- They do not vote for Republicans for senator and I think the people of New Jersey I'd think even the Democrats -- -- because he's going against. On corruption of public sector unions. They like that about him. You speak up for New Jersey got -- their -- so he will he he's probably going to win reelection fight him in an Obama just won by eighteen points. They would've been so pure guess what camp I think we would end up losing both the senate seats in the governor's seat and that -- was pointing out I mean the only difference is. -- whether we get a Republican senator from these are these first 6 months or 18. Am on to finally the most important point he has. On the left point and see how can -- guy. We get for six months which will cover the single most important vote of our lifetime -- amnesty. I'm let's see how he votes on the immigration bill if you read boat ride on the immigration bill. I'd love -- even. I can't imagine doing that tokinio. I don't know I mean that's kind of get an agent being an appointed six month. Senator you can vote your conscience. Even if you're probably very very liberal -- -- over a guy. If he appointed somebody would have to run again a year from November. I think he would have been more likely to vote in favor of the immigration bill. Just because you know new Jersey's Democrats that you got to get -- and Democrat vote. Did you also know wide net none of the papers in New York you know obviously New York Times but that the star led to the daily news post. Nobody ever mentioned that Frank Lautenberg succeeded. Two different Democrats senators who were -- basically. Thrown out of office for corruption. You know I mean it wasn't as one it was it was -- -- had Harrison Williams the first guy. In and day in the and then Robert the torch -- Sally. Right right no it's a lot like Illinois that likely you'd you'd start to notice patterns and majority Democrats states. From bankruptcy due to eruption. Right at the men and then I and then you -- the other thing I wanna see you know I -- I'm very disappointed that I you know which doesn't look like yeah you know I don't think would be them like a massive turn on for me personally is as a heterosexual male but. I would like to see the naked picture of but senator Hernandez with. With his -- married girlfriend. You know oh yeah I receive -- we are in hand side of -- -- that and then -- excuse me I'm sorry I'm getting oblique views with the Hernandez from Florida excuse me. Or big guy out NFL player she could not under the lights right away yes of Boston and New England. And apple. Yeah but does he says and look at what she was she was before she was having you know she was separated at the time what -- boast the what is he always go to the booed the Dominican Republic you know that they don't have any motel rooms and New Jersey. I don't it he always goes to the Dominican Republic with these people yeah he's not exactly mr. Ross swap as far as like NC. -- to beaver -- Although that's often the case the cheaters are the only ones. -- hit -- so -- you for for president right now. All I'm really care about is that we don't make that mistake I've made in the past. No congressman. No no you know like radios stars I'd love Ben Carson but he can't run for president. We really got a -- here is this time that we can't spend a year heating up our own candidates. Bill I'd I'd just say it how it got there may be a senator. And dot governor are reasonably sized states so -- the way out. I'm -- of course in the running and especially when it re election at all which looks like it will help on because of -- special election which apply prove that. There is Rick Scott in Florida if he wins his reelection Rick Snyder in Michigan. And it. How about a -- -- -- -- -- -- at all has been you -- up and down like a -- pajama on this immigration bill you know but now he's always against that. -- become ridiculously thought he was going to be the normal version of the father and it's starting to look like -- just dumb person's fault. Zealots I just deleted and -- and then I mean every time -- and kind showboat earn a follower. But there was some crazy thing he I guess throw for US they'd say about. The criminal justice system is biased against minorities. White's stick drug is just as much as minorities did even just proves how we eighteen million times. Yeah I mean I you don't rim Paula support patch on the Ted cruises trousers as far as I'm concerned. Yeah I'm just conclude possibly and also might love Ron Johnson. -- fantastic. Senator from Wisconsin -- -- -- successful business man owes no one he's he's reasonable he's tall enough. So I mean not just named about eight. Really theory -- candidates who are either governors and a couple of -- On Johnson those kind of bland but one that we got him on the show last last year from Tampa during the convention I mean. I like the guy but he'd eat doesn't seem to have the the that -- option that that that Ted cruised up I mean I. You know every every time the New York Times compares Ted Ted Ted Cruz. To what Joseph McCarthy I mean it talks about is Giles I mean how can you not want the guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And how it's. I mean -- that huge -- was the -- -- is -- eight this qualifying characteristic for being president of the United States. It's well McCarthy as a 88 student McCarthy. I've read a lot about him in my book to open. McCarthy like the first version. Everything they throw what you want me everything April conservative. What do on first Joseph McCarthy and one of those things he has taken millions photos and find the most repellent one you haven't only been those in your papers but -- -- an enormous number of pictures of Joseph McCarthy. Handsome man. Yet they find when he -- you know it older I had to at at one point gain a little weight he did look a little doubt. -- the pictures he put my hand I'm fighting Russian. Right. Tail -- Joseph I mean how is that a negative thing meaning he was in the he went god he was OK -- -- -- in a bomber I mean that's body hi. -- life expectancy. Role in the -- And he actually was detailed -- claim one that he wasn't but of course that usual liberal line. Right. What would you say would you say the Chuck Schumer if you could talk to I know you can't talk to him because you know he's politically correct -- what is it what is Chuck Schumer. I can't figure out. What we asked viewers felt alone why we are stupid -- rubio alone. That's what you would say I'd I'd feel like I'm defending a kindergarten they're being picked on by a high school student. How -- -- how is Chuck Schumer think this is good for him right. Nobody but that I mean how long term long term I'm pocket like one generate one generation down the road. His is his his ancestor -- his descendants are not. In the scent I mean how does how does having AEA media. -- world country helped Chuck Schumer is -- I always believed that about Democrats they do not care if we becomes Zimbabwe as long as they get to be Robert Mugabe. I don't see that the country. Is no longer the greatest country the freest country the most prosperous. Prosperous country as long as the Democrats will never lose another presidential election and that's exactly what will happen. I just don't see what's in it for Chuck Schumer though you know -- it's not like I don't know they're gonna but the you know what yeah you know what the N and -- we talked about this before too. The people who were coming into this country -- gonna vote for Chuck Schumer they gonna vote for guy who looks like Hugo chip that's. Believe but that we dominate and that pew Hispanic polls they're mostly just very liberal they are not mean it showed great sensitivity. To minorities and people like Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer now. That they keep repeating this nonsense about how Hispanic vote they have conservatives -- and Jeb Bush by the conservative values family values their pro life approach. -- you're confusing him with black people honky. -- -- -- -- They like Republicans and Democrats have persuaded from the Republicans are racist is why expose that I've -- months Hispanics according to all pool. They they are we -- really. Again I mean I can -- and people understand that the Massachusetts a very. Very Catholic state that kept reelecting Teddy Kennedy. I and in fact one of my friend of law school it doesn't hold in Massachusetts he was pro lifer. And he'd go around and and they ask people in other put the knock on doors. And out from their position on abortion on these -- on little cap equities and I would say no scroll like for you voting for Teddy Kennedy. -- -- Because you know in your what they would say they're -- why you doing that. Because they haven't they suffered enough. And also they thought Kennedy would know. -- -- and now if you wouldn't believe this you EU you should see these debates I mean I'm I'm not suggesting you watch the debates because they were extremely painful. But detail between Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez and he -- an end Ed Markey would give up their -- -- they. I have been pro choice for the last thirty years. And you'll look at the guy in any looks like he's a 150 years old and Sanchez felt so you were pro life for the first 120. There are not your pro choice. This wanted to repeal roe V you -- -- how we was gonna do what out of congress but he wanted to do what and now may now is running. Ads for the guy may. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know all nobody's ever given me great listen here's the other thing. Out. Yeah he got that he got wise very quickly. The other thing is he he got were you know we eat finally after all these years you know one Gomez put out is his is tax returns for. The last six or seven years. And Markey said -- to put out your -- next Euro last year but he finally put out his own year end he would -- that his address. He -- have you ever heard of a political candidate. Written acting his address on his tax returns. -- -- What -- how weird because he lives in marrow line. -- I thought I -- RA. He thinks he thinks that he based abroad to have a shot at winning the winning the Stanley Cup tonight even though that led the best I can do is tie it up and read a great. Have a home and not mention. He he he inherited his family -- -- is parents' home in Massachusetts. But he hasn't lived here in in 37 years. And well -- -- back and. Yeah no I saw I saw him once and I am at a at one of the studios you know where they do the -- shots and I said. I said I see Ed Markey it must be an hallucination. Well I thought he did little treatment -- -- -- -- in Massachusetts the main ones. Well I know we lose Chevy Chase that's the same place where we're where rob Chris comrade Chris Matthews -- Now they have a live approximately us 0% black population out anyway today -- lives in a gated community and he's and he's giving Gabriel Gomez all this crap. Yet that's against it Matthews the authority to rank Republicans about their position on black people as well. -- but the blacks more than. That's -- you don't you can always call -- community you only have I I consider I you know he talks about dog whistles all the time you know Chicago it was a dog whistle -- -- blog was a part I -- apartment. I consider Chevy Chase that dog whistle. And it. -- -- -- So listen every eight to tell people to vote for Gabriel Gomez tomorrow people are going down down. Yeah I know I mean he's he's the best we're gonna do he's a CEO he's a four easily Harvard biz grabbed. He's EU we worked in the private sector he's not a bad guy he's he's not. He's not Ed Markey that's what it all boils now. He is not Ed Markey. Exactly. Thanks for being aware of the C and I really gel okay but okay and did you get your -- did you get your route to Europe T shirt. I'm not yet but I've been an LA hopefully I'll get it. OK it's -- yet is it that it senate about a week ago so should have a client -- Department of terrorists the system itself. Well they got thanks in I don't Bob by 18774694322. -- we car.