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Police Blotter Fax Friday June 7, 2013 - Deer On Motorcycle

Jun 7, 2013|

The two winners of police blotter fax Friday were a former postal worker out on disability who was found out after she appeared on The Price Is Right and a deer who was killed after it tried to hop on a motorcycle during morning rush hour in Utah.

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Friday my name is ready for. Police -- thanks Friday. -- we do this every place on our backs frying our consent and local police stories that they give you tectonic it -- could win a prize and this week the prize is going to be. A beautiful fall. Teacher from our friend. Bob berg -- -- exports were it's actually collector's item teacher it's from it's says please fire facts -- her on it cannot find these teacher can only win them. We actually have some that are. He -- external list do you. Jaws movie that was taken down enough teachers and other assorted fleas or affect your distorted facts and used -- own race there in your campaign can act like he's runners up they do not when the T shirts the first one it's from the Salem is they're sort or did you stupid. And -- -- -- advocates -- wondering you know dynasty there's like one line police -- sometimes wonder at the patience of the pleas of people call Jennifer. Various reasons one. Police received a 603 PM report that a woman in intensity and had to run over a child's beats bomb on the Ocean Avenue popping it. You call the police for that seriously we're which sound dumb Salem news -- behind us now. Another one let's -- from the same type of things stone mass. A collar on maple street reported there was a large snapping turtle on their -- and she wasn't sure what to do an officer advised her to drive around it. I'm wondering how does he have to hold his his you know his cheeks and when he get when he did that. Things we want our authorities do know. California. And northern California man is facing vandalism charges after authorities say he painted a crosswalk on a street. Allegedly telling officials it was needed. 52 year old Anthony Cardenas was arrested in value by AM Bob I am I pronouncing BA Al Al EJ now. BA home -- -- I I -- and booked into -- county jail on suspicion of felony vandalism. Workers are spotted him pick committing vandalism at a city intersection. This intersection -- has three cross walks -- also painted lines through that state transportation workers. Painted over the cross were later in the day in a police cadet had been posted and the intersection. Until then to keep pedestrians from using it. While I I seriously you know these people. The graffiti artists get out there and they they they paint bridges sides of buildings people's cars and this is the guy they arrest the guy that came to cross walk in the middle of the street. And then I usually gives -- to good good spirits I'm I don't -- not I would not being adverse event. A New Zealand man has asked to go to jail instead of finishing out his house arrest sentence because he did not have enough video games. The nineteen year old new Zealander cop police on Tuesday and asked to say about the final month of his eleven month sentence in jail. Because if you run out of Xbox games to play senior console -- Nicklaus said the man told police she would breaches Tom detention accused not picked up and taken to jail. It took him to prison. Think he's got video games. I think he's going to be sadly disappointed when he gets there when he sees what the entertainment such a beautiful country he got some very strange people that they do indeed. Silver -- Washington a Bainbridge Island -- is in jail for shoplifting a manic Ken from an adult entertainment store. And then coming back later the same night to still sex toys and a lingerie and you. A store called lover's package claims it and enhance people to people relations plus. C'mon -- can't because of its packaging alliance. He basically just rant and sort of the doors tried to grab the entire manic -- play that well as she grabbed at the bottom half the men -- just fell off. So he just got a top cap up adore them and off he went. Customers couldn't believe -- when they heard about the brazen that that's pretty stupid it's among customer I would just -- man to get the real thing Agassi couldn't get their opening. But sheriff's deputies say the suspect identified as 24 year old Arthur Ray Brown wasn't done yet. He came back later that night after the store closed wearing a -- he had taken from the -- can of course. He smashed in the store's front window and stole some sex toys and lingerie deputies arrived on the scenes moments later and found him writing his bye week not far from the store. He'd left a trail sex toys behind the -- That's a movie an arrest as a -- more -- crazy yeah indeed it is. Speaking of sex stories all yes we wore it where sandy Oregon a thief broke into multiple cars in the bluff neighborhood of sandy. And still some items are rarely seen him police reports sex toys senior police said there at least five victims. But one woman had the most embarrassing police report I can't believe it said. -- -- Kreutz about her Sudan trying being broken into your mind still in shock and beyond the shock of a rare -- -- required street. She couldn't believe she had to tell police what someone stole it was horrible. But they kind of started laughing but they felt so bad he asked -- describe everything in detail on it was just horrible. East she'd been starring cast of items that to -- months and about 500 dollars to collect for a bachelorette party this weekend I've been storing and in my trunk because -- two little ones and didn't want them to seal the dirty things in there. And lots of toys blow up items are kind of goodies it broke my heart. Said the bride to be about the fact Chelsea works so hard for so long and it's just generally good job which is sad to see someone come and take all that away like that. I didn't even I don't even know what they could use it for. I'm I'm preacher that I know what they can use this top five cars -- and to all -- sex -- Now five cars are broken into one and one of them had to had a passion -- -- -- attract just many many electric and open their own leverage pack two parent that. These -- West Coast are there. Yeah and this one's from some Florida. A Seminole County man has been arrested after deputies say he was attempting to propose to his girlfriend while naked but ended up being in the wrong house. Cast of their police said Thomas Edwards showed up at the house he says his girlfriend told him to go on Sunday night proposed -- are taking up as close on the back patio they was totally got you know homeowners at Edwards golfer was not in their house and they never heard of burned and no Edwards was the homeowners call the police and shoppers -- Edwards spit on them when he was asked to put his clothes on he was shocked with a stun gun and arrested -- in -- how -- burglary. Yeah. Perhaps as a woman across the proposed U Beckett. With that bad. Do I think it we did depend on the situation. Opposing. I understand I just think it depends on the situation that -- and I mean if you're in bed together that's one thing but. If you come to my house sister to the backyard he knocked on the door I think I think I would call the police office. It might -- -- the image of its it you have looked I would have to think about it examination keeper pipe -- -- proposed me was in Niagara. Actually in -- -- unless I hit the classic cat and he's a good guy but I just I've ever. Would anybody to. He took the optimists and it's it's not exactly romantic without exactly. Now I mean there were a proposal for marriage does but many types -- proposal but -- from marriage is just out -- you that you get we get these. But regular from these facts as they get there they're it's a contest people summoned to -- I'm able to promote. I come up with that the cholera remember that the audience and yeah Jimmy and I picked the best ones well. So now I don't honestly pick all of them god help us. This is LAP. Late last night the opposites of Los Angeles based independent games studio Roberto Cokie. What storm by the Los Angeles deplete police department after curious designer pressed the buildings panic button. Studio founder Robert Bolling told the newspaper the 911 response ended in attention -- down. They life sized statue of call of duty modern warfare -- Simon goes Dreiling. Which the police mistook for a gunman. The studio had been the victim of a swatting prank in which a third party tricks law enforcement setters of swine pranks are not limited to 911 costs now. That and it than those pictures you see the police officers to but I can check police officers with a swat team. Was right false. Coming end. And -- now at all. They must have been very exciting. Avalon police on one saint tripped the -- -- -- scam unfolding in the parking lot of the twins silos miniature golf course. That convinced a Connecticut man and his wife have been in a car accident it was being held against her will. Lieutenant Richard lights of the -- called the Connecticut man on his cellphone and told in your wife has been a car accident with me you on the 600 dollars to fix my car -- -- come up with a money. And wire idea where -- western union you're not gonna get your wife back. People walking out the restaurant their overheard the hysterical victim's side of the conversation with the scammer the man was so distraught. It took -- twenty minutes to convince the man to hang up on the scammer calls wife which demand filing did his -- cancer found safe and sound better job at staples office supplies star. It was really hard to comment down he fell for hook line and sinker is not the first thing you do Asia -- spouse just as soon as missing. There again with this Connecticut. -- -- shoplifters spotted shopping clothes in her bag gets all her hair cut up by shopkeeper who spotted her. When Chinese shopkeeper at loose on -- shoplifters -- close your bag she decided. She teacher lesson in an unusual example of vigilante justice. The retailer historic been hit by spate of deaths over the previous two weeks been shoplifters Lou. Lee -- to the ground to compare scissors and hacked -- long dark care. She so she set out what some people every day I can top these from others easily runners to lament sneaking around in the -- I knew she was up to no good so when she came into my shop I was alert and caught her in the act like issuing an arrest for -- herself I would think. That that's a little -- It is and port and another lesson is to not rob Chinese tour. McCain with this this one's gonna -- -- if you eat fast food Taco Bell workers seen licking at taco shell I'll come on. Employee fired after photo policy company's FaceBook page to a photo of a talk about it play leaking a stack of how else on firearm. The picture was posted to taco -- FaceBook page and later appeared on the consumers to web site. It shows a man and Taco Bell uniform looking a stack of about thirty taco shells he's holding in the kitchen. Talk about post your responses where I'd say it's a website money -- it learned of the photo on Sunday. It was part of a company contest in which employees could submit for approval of photos of themselves enjoying their first bite of the product I'm assuming. I'm assuming that he tossed. Can't be sure canyon. -- let's try the first black bag titles and on the that's kind of not back their -- and he is a dash out Dexia sacked just okay. New York to life coaches who hosted a radio show called the pursuit of happiness. Committed suicide together in their Brookline apartment. Motivational speaker John -- Aiken is common laws psychotherapist wife Linda Rosen. Were found plastic bags of their has a tube attached to a canister of helium. They're found sitting on the sofa holding hands. And with his noted that I can't take it anymore my wife isn't too much pain. I don't I didn't say she was sick or not but I mean. Life cartoons that are -- coach's idea the two winners they would at T shirts. The first one. -- former postal carrier who is receiving workers' compensation payments pleading guilty to fraud in federal court after getting caught. Spinning the big wheel on the price is right. Kathy -- cash while Fayetteville, North Carolina was receiving workers' compensation payments after injuring herself on the job in 2004. She claims she couldn't live mail trays into a track. To do -- 2004 on the job shoulder injury. But she was questioned when she appeared on the price is right and spun a big will twice using -- whole body image of the giant whale. Yes so yes that's that's -- act. Stand up and so they can now. Other winners from cottonwood heights you'd -- how how close is cut my ties to Park City or Mitt Romney was -- do not know. Point that was beautiful country but there's a danger. In cottonwood heights today. I Utah's deer was morally wounded after she mounted -- moving sport bike during rush hour. Cottonwood heights police sergeant Scott peck says the -- dashed into traffic in the morning and leapt onto the motorcycle. The nineteen year old rider was not doctrine slid about a hundred yards on the bike kept going for about 300 yards. The deer was distant by old by the impact and fell from the motorcycle almost instantly. And later succumbed to her injuries -- -- was wearing protective gear and appear to supper. Little more than a road rash. Officers say they see about fifty -- related accidents a year and cottonwood heights and as the animals migrate to a nearby mountains but -- at a -- mounting a bike. This kind of -- first. OK I think the media didn't hurt it parties -- To do some serious shooting. Yeah I got to bring all the -- I think I think he have a point and a check where you -- to feed the year. -- do something about common -- Yes it's it's gotten -- on I mean I -- here hopeful -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- you know and I and I don't necessarily go yeah hi titans' season nominal but this is stabilize a dangerous to people it is accused of multi cycles so those are the winners of. Literally Carlo a week from today for another exciting episode -- police blotter thanks Friday. This case.