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Terrorists in the witness protection program?

May 17, 2013|

I don't understand- how do you put terrorists in protection? Protection from who?

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Welcome to the quarter report this is Jeff Horner cross. Bulldozer 6172666666868. Forgive -- 6172666868. You can also text -- -- 686 Sadie and. Those of you on Twitter you can tweet us at the corner report KUNHNER. My friends and last night. I was on the phone with our. In dear producer. Bill -- -- our executive producer. And we were talking back and forth. And I just said -- said that -- I don't know if I can continue doing the show. I don't know if I can do it. I don't know I really I honestly don't know if I can continue doing -- show why. Because now another stempel. Another scandal has broken out. I'll I am I you keep on top of fire escape on top of AP gate Tom Papa Ben Ghazi gay. Now there is a new rule scandal regarding terrorists and our witness protection program. And I said to my said -- I can't do this anymore. There and there's just too many scandals. I can't keep up with all of these scandals. But -- I can't I can't do what I just I can't. I can't absorb all this information I can't keep up with us. I -- losing track of all of these Stamkos. And so -- of course he talked me down off the cliff off -- off the edge easyJet jab jab at Jack. There you can do this Jeff have come back into the studio tomorrow we can call through all of -- together. Together we won't get through all of these scandals. I mean. My -- -- could tell you I mean I'm laughing it's loud funny but I mean -- as the -- are gonna cry I mean this is. I kid you not there is now on another scandal. And another huge scandal that has just broken it's always telling cooks. This is no longer scandal they just becoming a scandal an hour. We're almost you know the strategy here I swear to you could be to just overwhelm. The American people. We just saw many scandals as the most telling -- we're gonna start. Arguing among ourselves no -- impeach him on -- doesn't my whole get him for higher as gay lol -- for AP gate. We all get him for this terrorism witness protection programs Campbell. And we won't we won't be able does decide what scandal we should go after a month. Maybe that's the strategy now. Just -- just what all of these scandals. But my friends like kid -- not there is off for big scandal over the last two weeks that's -- just erupted. You're gonna think this is this by the -- this is so outrageous. You wanna talk about government competence. -- inept miss the utter incompetence of our government. Do your thing Jeff you've got to be making this up I'm telling you this is from the Washington Post split it's everywhere. -- paper out of The Washington Times this Fox News broke it first. According not I didn't notice the Justice Department. As all of you know has a witness protection program what I didn't know his. They have a witness protection program check this out for terrorists. I swear to you. They have they witness protection program. For either known or suspected. Terrorists. With the government now says well they've been cooperating with us. So because these -- bodies in these terrorists. Many of whom are murderers. Well now they've flipped. And now they're cooperating with us so we've put them in a witness protection program. So number one I had no idea and I follow this stuff every day. I'm following -- for over but each other following terrorism now for at least fifteen years. I never knew we give terrorists a witness protection program but let that -- like jet jet Jan. Let it go let it go. Not only do they have terrorists in a witness protection program but check this helped. -- lost track of some of these terrorists. Apparently they've -- they send them to wherever it is Scottsdale Arizona beautiful cul-de-sac. They set him up and a beautiful home. Nice big white picket fence the whole bit. They give them new identities. -- and banks. And some of them are gone. There's just I swear you durable good. And soldiers in inspector general's report that has just been released which was overlooking these what they call massive significant deficiencies. In -- literate is what the inspector general's report are the Justice Department's inspector general report concluded quote. There were significant. Deficiencies. In -- handling of known or suspected terrorists -- Who were admitted into the witness security program. Their report came out give a summary of the report came out yesterday the regular reason. I'm a college years thank you thank. What are they being harassed me. I mean no they just apparently here's what happened I kid you not let's just say your name is. A blow blow blow up. And I don't know you've killed -- spell that well let's that's tough but anyway this -- that I you know. And. L a -- that's the way I would do it but let that go. You've killed all I don't know all let's say twelve women and eight children six Americans somewhere in Yemen. But now you flipped. And they bring you into the witness protection program so you set this guy up in Scottsdale Arizona beautiful house my scar picket fence the whole bit. And he's now called he's now John Smith. His -- Johnson is no longer able. Scottsdale I was. I feel people. -- -- -- -- -- He gave me home he'd give me back he gave me about it. This is a real preserve occasion in Scottsdale out of drama so what's the checklists are fighting it welfare benefits EDT tired instate tuition. And if you -- -- a threat and we'll also sends it to the witness protection ever. Quiet. If -- a member of the Tea Party we -- we need your resume. Everything you've ever plus that are on FaceBook gives feelings about the President Obama -- Actually I'm not living in the I don't know how you talk about a does that say I don't think anyone believe that president shouldn't have you guys think they're making this so I swear. -- -- they -- terrorists in the witness protection program and they sent a -- in Florida and Scottsdale Arizona. We -- forgot to update this terrible I was etc. got an update if I swear you show up to a level of below we now John Smith but the problem is they didn't. They didn't update the counter terrorism databases the no fly list. So you know John Smith from Scottsdale Arizona. Should not be boarding any commercial planes in the United States or overseas. Because they're terrorists but they didn't do that they kept him I just Abdul out blah blah -- -- -- So I kid you not they've lost some of the terrorists. -- is my witness the IG reports as. -- gone. Gone but they just boarded a plane with. I think that if they go to different they've disappeared one in particular is they know is out of the United States. So people on Capitol Hill are seeing red -- absolutely livid that this is what congressman Bob good -- says. He's the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. This is quote this is gross mismanagement pure and simple that jeopardizes American lives and cannot be tolerated I mean yeah I do you think. You think. They -- terrorists Eric holder's Justice Department. -- terrorists. In a witness protection program. Sent them to Scottsdale Arizona. On our time. To live in these beautiful houses Goldman Sachs and a nice suburban area. Change their name. And forgot to put their new names on the no fly lists. And now he's known terrorists. -- to battle. These theories this. I know -- fury (%expletive) Edge as to why are you picking on these terrorists -- have Jeff. Now. -- journalism and I imagine a staff man enough for me. Can use that a sentence -- Pitted. Joseph Smith. And now -- practice and court Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. Blowing probably Americans were plotting terrorist attacks I'm sorry I don't mean pull out. I mean is just sold still paid its sole incompetent. Its sole. Outrageous. You're. Our relative of the -- Brothers. Momma. Momma. Look of this ruled in this cinematic alone when this. Week called Medicare. Did give us welfare. Did give us MET accounts. But -- what what do CB PM ET is a conduit cash cash money to buy anything you want William an independent and and -- paying whereby every time we go to strip clubs. We -- addicted to share everything we hosted clubs seal the infidels women oh my god oh my god. It's what's written question paradise but they're virgins in paradise. Spoon. University team -- -- man at the university did this wherever I didn't. This unbelievable. -- every. Free public housing big game was home this particular cemetery. And Dan. And -- Monday brought them up. They send this to Scottsdale Arizona. Give us new nameless. I like Michael Jackson I want Michael Jackson OK they give you Michael Jackson name and then you in Scottsdale Arizona. And we enjoy Scottsdale Arizona let's discuss -- does Amish -- Demi and mama -- -- -- that -- do you don't know nothing about America maybe is -- -- I imagine it was saturated city. Travolta the -- Kenyan meal fun. And then me more important. Because stupid and for those who would put me among most wiley is gonna come back to Chechnya -- And the throw bombs and let me kill more Americans. And the come back to Boston again. Yeah we get more welfare. Yeah I mean India say it is just won't criticize us these -- Is the most public -- it. They're trying got. This is the greatest country in the world buying -- -- stupid but I never knew do and that's stupid. President Shalala. Six point seven through zigzags 6868. Is the number cracked my friends. Were in big trouble. I had no one else telling you this is now remembers -- dear leader. What what -- Obama campaign on your member where he was telling us bomb quality to think about this. And literally I swear you remember this he was gonna prevent. The sea levels from rising. He was gonna end poverty in the world he was gonna and he said racism in the world. He was gonna make this beloved. Yeah moment. It's. The name. Don't -- the it's. Okay. Okay. That's cool and. -- -- -- -- This guy can't run a lemonade stand to. He can -- his own bureaucracy. He cat of Rhonda Johnston is the part that he can't run the State Department he tapped -- on the CI AEA he can't run the IRS. This guy literally couldn't run a candy store. That's -- now it's just there's not -- really. Dear leader dear leader all I want you to do is ignore what's going on in your own government -- about me. Is about you I just want journalists going on your own government that's all I'm asking for an out. That's -- to -- -- this if you do this I'll consider the greatest president we ever please please just know what the right hand is doing with the left and that's all. When I. And. -- Lower right. Six point 72666868. What do you make of terrorists are being put me in the witness protection program. And B that we lost them. Jeff you're up next welcome. I just it -- partly Campbell or not he can't blame these people to urge everybody everybody collecting. TJ guards who have three different identity you can't blame them it's not they're all good in bed does something that we let out. These cowards that boat people who -- -- because of some really good joke written. They could and they did it all their -- I can't blame now we'll let you don't let it. I tell me I mean it's pretty obvious. BI and it just don't you think that's where Delaware out of the parties where we're sure that your original holder and certainly live up. Chief Homeland Security -- -- the -- -- about I don't know -- -- and I couldn't do it on fire and -- years ago. It may be put in jail what they were Republicans. I mean it just. Look you're completely right and this we have to say this about holder. You're talking about a man this is what we now know who spying on the press his agency the Justice Department has since caught spying on the press. It won't prosecute black people an avowed racist. Will not even now go after the IRS he's supposed to be investigating about what might have a special counsel on Ben Ghazi. Has been stonewalling. The congress on issue after issue after issue and now. He is a witness protection program for terrorists and they've lost at least a couple terrorists. And this -- not being fired. NY NY US open and fresh asking the president all the botched a contest wide open old Lucas because under what you're you're. Why is your guy doing here and living that's what happened widened somewhat and Brett. I'll tell you why just because Eric Holder is an affirmative action appointee we all know it. If they go after and going to be called a racist. Obama is an affirmative action president and Janet Napolitano. Is an affirmative action appointee. That's what this is all about. Must be time to play is this race that's job your favorite game show. 6172666868. Is the number will take all of your calls and I kid you not. There is our fifth scandal. There is another one greatly here this one coming up next on the corner report. Calling the bulldozer but don't be afraid that if you lost. 17 can still. 66868. And talk did you. -- now this is AMs. Well. Your question what is. How -- down the. -- We just -- I am not. I'm the president's. -- all contrary Mr. President. 6173666868. Is the number and you can that's the set 68680. Itself. Yesterday we. Find out. -- our own Justice Department led by that's fraud Eric Holder. 'cause now we're -- we importing terrorists and to witness protection program. New -- number one number 20 we lost them. We've lost them. And because they didn't check out how incompetent they are they're showing competent or social open. When they gave them their new names and annual identities they can put the new names and identities on the on the -- counterterrorism database is on the no fly lists to they boarded planes they just left. -- -- We don't know where they are. You know what. Maybe their chemical engineers and college students college graduate students. Who took a plane to Boston Logan Airport. And decided to visit the quad and present war. Mean most I would most -- they may have been under the witness protection program but let that go. There's now one mother scandal. This -- I'm telling you silica scandal at any casualties are you are much trained journalist I'm having a hard time keeping up with all list. Do you remember February 27. There was the big debate going on about the sequester. And how now with the sequester. They were gonna have to for lol people on and on and one of the arguments that the administration made. Is that the immigration and customs enforcement ice would have to let go some of the illegals that they detained. Remember that. Jay Carney. In his daily press briefing says well we've had to let go over 2200. Of these illegal immigrants. But trust us. They're all nonviolent. Here's what he said in his own words roll it cooks. This was a decision made by career officials at ice without any input from the White House as a result of fiscal uncertainty. Over the continuing resolution as well as possible sequestration -- -- made clear yesterday. The agency released these low risk. Non criminal detainees under a less expensive form of monitoring. To ensure detention levels stayed within prices overall budget all of these individuals remain in removal proceedings. Priority for detention remains on serious criminal offenders and other individuals who pose a significant threat to public safety this camp. And on and on and on basically look we let some -- and all -- These these illegals are nonviolent they don't pose a threat we apple let him go because of sequester. Now the argument was bogus didn't have to let anybody go but the point is. There is another inspector general's report this time on the Department of Homeland Security under big -- And guess what they found there. Most. Of the illegals that were released. Earlier this year. 2226. Of them. Most of them have worked things like this. Convicted. Of drunk driving. Multiple offenses of driving under the influence. Serious drug offenses. Some of them engaged in burglary breaking and it's. Many of these burglaries with our armed robbery X using guns. They were relating violent criminals out onto the streets. Now remember Matthew Denise. The 23 year old guy. -- guy who like I killed run over by I drunk illegal. Who literally crushed him with his -- truck crushed in my his motorcycle and and and him underneath destruct basically drove right thrown plowed right to -- Those are the kinds of people that they were letting out onto our streets. And when asked about this you guessed it you guessed it what do big -- softness. They are normal. Barton won't -- was in me. All in our normal -- -- didn't authorize these people to be let go I don't -- this is -- -- -- just found out about this or reading the paper I just can't believe it. Armstrong I'm stunt. Now have you noticed this is now with the administration is saying on everything on everything Ben Ghazi -- Obama final nothing. AP gate Eric Holder I know enough -- the -- arrested here earlier I know nothing. And now on are again back to the terrorism of the terrorists being released from the witness protection program we lost I'm Eric Holder Arnold nothing. I don't know -- I don't know -- -- I'm sharp despite not about it is you found out about it. And now big -- all easy illegals -- illegal to ask these criminals being released but I don't think. So we now have the president and now heads of every agency in this government. Doing this -- a dog and pony routine. Every day now saying. I just I'm finding about what's going on in my own agency in my own government when I read the papers. Hey. A campaign -- a -- before friends I mean it's it's only two thinks. Either we have a bunch of incompetence. Running our government or we have a bunch of -- Take your pick. -- Boston see sunny skies today high around 79 June 9 WRKO news will federal prosecutors and James Whitey Bulger case now seek. Report this gap -- Boston bulldozers cleaning up -- liberal ball. 617266. The 868 in the number you can Texas a six game six city. There's an unbelievable story out there. And I want to bring in June ninth tied definite. How are you Jones hit by doing pretty good pretty good so. I heard this a few days ago. But now apparently this free usual cards are never movement is growing. Did I hear you correctly there's a lot of young women out there that want this terrorist free because they think he's sexy. Yup. Yeah there's not a Twitter account my and it's called its cash. And I guess one of his friends. Created this and -- lots of the support. Is coming from teenage girls who say that. Is your heart is too cute to be in jail. I'm doing a threat yet to what true original attractive to be in prison. Yeah yup it EO Jeff in that kind of sexy jihadist way I guess. Plus I mean -- let me ask you this I mean do you find him cute sexy. -- I I have to admit -- there's one picture of him with the hair hanging out in front of the dies and he's kind of hang in bag can. I thought yeah and now he's -- -- not that bad but most. That now would I pick the guy. I don't think so. Well Lynette thanks -- let me ask the the other women in the studio Brit Nina are US are usually Asia are sexy guy. Now. They're doing he said -- -- Lansana may have come and linesmen they have. We'll hear what he's. I'm when he said that my son and I thought it was sexist and Natalie says -- -- -- -- I -- and -- felt well. This is unbelievable we have want to date you -- this. Redheaded girl. We don't have red heads and Russia for a half hour. 640. Iron through 640. Through 64 other. Love is going to leave. -- Six people. So there was this country coming here. United States that record payment. They blow up people they killed people they crippled people and women wanna read because they think he -- I bet the -- Obama voters guarantee guarantee they'll voted for the elderly. 6173666860. NM too sexy for my bombs and a good job and Miramax. Well thanks. Jeff I said the other day when you read what the story the first in the -- we -- to break the -- on the quadrant. Where I want picked up on -- house -- I was. Maybe what charge so much the wet enough that the water was -- -- it was -- signaled. So we are sending out the F anyone. From out -- are key air date he has not instincts. Of the -- just couldn't harm in any way. -- all of it and that was by the way. On Tuesday more -- without those early Wednesday morning. That was the 38 the anniversary. To judge what happened on our streets here on portals and straight in the mayhem. But what do you say what you woods says could be Boston's strong all right this administration. To each truly. I mean complete that I mean they want to conduct undermines. The values and that creates all what America as being a part time big time and time again it's -- skin Dolan and that we -- what's. Our two years ago. Obama -- -- just fight -- those are a treat so they'd know whether or not a -- out into the public put our domain that you did out in Sacramento California. I didn't jets again compound in the light of what's spite fellow American to live by a pop culture. That's -- mean look I think that's the only thing I think keeping this regime afloat right now. -- you have so many low information voters. So many people the United States and entertainment look I mean we're making fun of that -- -- what are we gonna do get upset all the time. You got a terrorist mass murder war. And you got to women -- for regional hard because he's sexy. This is what our cultures descended to. Does remember Obama was sexy remember that Obama was sexy. That I what is it. If I have to lose my political virginity. I wanna lose it to Barry. How wanna lose it to Barack. I mean this is what's not this is what's happening to our culture. So the only hole they have is that we're so addicted entertainment. Were such a TM ZMTV. Generation. Then we won't pay attention that we have a bunch of gangsters running our government. This is from the first campaign this in 2000. Continuing our conversation. In the weeks and months. It's me. And on the he seemed to. One hand -- a Communist I mean this is so this is disgusting you. I mean this is just so yeah yeah this is disgusting. -- man you know self respect. Senior ruin your -- where you're just just take take your clothes off for this guy doing. -- -- -- -- -- So unbelievable. Communist is and turnpike coming from having such -- list -- winners and I want them honestly what I wanna have sex -- him. Do we -- all night -- unbelievable. And this is this -- -- culture thrives not 6172666868. Is the number Bob you're up next welcome. The water -- she's out shall. It's a new day in America you know you got -- you got -- -- like -- thought cannot draw I come I'm not you have to have not -- wrong let me ask your question. It is in corporate America okay if somebody. Went into a boardroom. And -- all the what is going on here. I don't know. There's a whole -- what are we doing here I don't know mr. Holbrooke let me guess hold on I don't know I don't even have to ask the question how long -- -- left. He'd be fire within five minutes. Absolutely. What is wrong with these would be American. I I I I just I just can't drop a bit like. Bob -- really I'll be very candid with you I'll tell you what the problem is we have now become a dumb down country. I mean. People don't follow the news people don't know what's happening around them they're addicted to entertainment. We are the united states of entertainment. Look everybody knows ask everybody seriously. Angelina Jolie everybody knows had a double double mastectomy everybody knows that. Now I think she wants to get or ovaries removed now everybody knows that should she have gotten her breasts removed should she get her ovaries removed -- of people are assessed with. Everybody knows Kim Kardashian is pregnant. There everybody knows that mentioned in Gaza -- that my is that some kind of a new Starbucks like coffee Norway is -- -- -- Gaza. We're -- won't loan quality are what one Pollock went dark so I was going on -- Are there they forget -- gate forget spying on the -- Forget this witness protection program story letting I'm not following terrorists. So now. I wanna show you what a fraud and Charlotte ten Eric Holder is okay this is gonna blow your mind away. He goes up on Capitol Hill to testify. To testify about AP gate to testify about everything that's swirling around his Justice Department. You always response was nearly forty times. Curious. I don't know I hope this isn't. -- On going matter ongoing matter about which I know nothing I do not know I I don't know what has happened in this matter. I did not know I don't know I don't know so I don't know I don't know I had and he was but I don't know. And I don't know I don't know what you are going to ask I do not know I don't know. I don't know and I don't know what happened that I don't know but I don't know why they didn't have but I simply don't have that's the basis to answer their questions I don't know who questioned much of what the answer is don't remember that no. And a much truth I don't remember when that happened -- -- you try to remember and I'm just not sure much resentment and a half I think we're gonna have to -- into the investigation before look I can answer that question more intelligently and I'm down I'm not sure they just don't know who. Literally of that. This goes on for a minute and thirty seconds. He's I don't know this is good it's for I don't know I don't know. I don't know it solid and I want to think about this Jeff and Jeff. You who. What about the topics on your show why I don't know. What is bill -- I don't know what is written into -- don't know what is Elizabeth do I don't know. The only what -- but the clips that are put I don't know. You mean you don't know anything what's going on -- I don't know. I'm not aware that I'm not sure about it got mean and how long what -- ask on this -- I simply don't know I don't know I'm seeing this is I don't know what's scarier. Is that he's that they're lying or that maybe they really don't know. So -- 6172666868. Is the number. Take your calls right after this break don't touch the dial. Text machine guns blazing and unlike the. -- corner report this is Jeff Carter Boston's bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number Mike you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Hey guess I don't know -- you might. They're relevant and guiding shaggy 2000 came out unharmed and named do what I mean it could really describes Obama's stations. Because he is trying to convince its friends. That links lead to cougar girlfriend caught red handed. Cheating on them into not Marion got to keep the trend -- count them all just denied his decision like me. Well we've played well she called me on account Ernie -- we'll let me. Well Chicago medical -- says -- let me. Bush couldn't shower they let me in that little song that was. The latest from what about this tonight are dying off in interest in -- we didn't go over -- -- and let me wanna go and Caminiti. I'm not asking Andrew let me just last year eliminated those -- low -- about Laguna and from. As Yunel then yeah I mean -- this lie lie lie cover cover covered deny deny deny now noticed. And I don't know what's scarier. That their role -- Or that the role completely incompetent. Because now draw play stupid we know is that everybody's house playing really stupid and I want you does that thing where our president to sank our president is saying this is our president. He doesn't always all State Department is doing. He doesn't know what is on Syria is -- He doesn't know what his own Justice Department is doing he doesn't always -- Department of Homeland Security is doing he doesn't know what is on IRS is going. He doesn't know what's going on in his own government. He knows nothing about Ben Ghazi nothing about the talking points the manipulation of the talking points. Nothing about political opponents being targeted by VIR has nothing about the press being spied on know nothing. About everything so the question I have to ask the president is. Let's assume just -- -- of argument. It's. OK you know what. I'll -- you that your work your model iron lack how can I question your integrity dear leader. What the hell are you doing all day. Are you doing. Playing golf. Playing video games. -- vacationing. Putting it anywhere putting your feet up on the desk and remlinger farms where you going to see you don't know what's going on in your own government. Jim -- up next welcome. Good morning -- but I think I just want to thank god blessed few and I -- a god bless you parent. But do such a great job while raising you with integrity and now. Are good that the moral standing and not in our community and I love it when you're great -- -- jumped. I'm also all -- -- you know I think speed bump got himself wanted all the lawsuits are pending it seeded duke got a site to go that way. Mean here we got -- people terrorists and witness protection program. You know getting free houses that it had become a cop then all of -- and what did he get. -- welfare Obama fallen and look how they may be a -- this -- get a double lot Google Earth. Say it's. Do you think about the us. The rebels -- situation we got terror at the open at all opera -- supposed to terrorists blew it right here on site. Com if they do come back getting to poison the water and stuff that we know they get arrested or hopefully. And prosecuted but they're going to get beat all the Miranda rights written so that. There are our state attorney high high end attorney. You know got their health problem keep them out of jail and get them out of trouble but -- be -- liberal whack job environmentalist. Groups. That'll really get -- thing that's about the only bright side I can figure that you know they'll be prosecuted for Iraq killing credit is not kill people who has a -- Massachusetts. Acrimony and -- and that's the only that's the only thing I think the the greens may turn on them for polluting the water. -- that they may throw the book out I'm just for that along that's our only hope right now. 6172666868. Nick Europe next welcome. Bigger -- yeah that would be literally contemptible Erik -- that. And as they. Begin to vet hopefully the mighty meaning the tension if you -- because as well lately is that going to do this. Washington DC becoming the yes. The so called attorney general how about some quick summation of what we all learned ended his tutelage here and then -- his leadership. There was a cut there was take Condit with three guys sentences. They -- released by the Parole Board that he himself. And he has that murdering a cup. There's 20000 plus. -- going overseas as well as separate separate the usage join a national network. Security network for illegal aliens which resulted in many multiple murders and crimes including. The poor kid met -- since you mentioned early yes. Thirty people were killed across the country. In the -- Program of monitoring laboratories in this in the in this state. -- nick -- goes on and on and on and you know why. -- -- he's gonna get appointed to a or succeed Eric Holder wants Eric Holder probably -- -- Because he's the perfect guy to succeed Eric -- they may have found the guy even more competent if that's possible. Bob Europe next welcome. The larger polio. -- you Bob good good I didn't like the sergeant Schultz administration and nobody knows any saying there's no accountability. And I think unfortunately that's. To some degree your reflection of our society were were what I mean and how much you know. A lot of people who you know -- hadn't missed six society I mean people are obsessed with just having their little. Whether they perceive his pleasure and and there's really no critical thinking skills and I and I think we're gonna pay a dear price for that we have stated they have flourished. Because. On the face of it I mean you look back about the whole -- got a thing if you think about it. Who shows up at a demonstration or a rocket propelled grenades. I mean it was so laughed so we ridiculous -- laugh only false. When they even tried to blame it on a flash mob. But I want you think about those that movement now are free usual -- barrel these women out there. These are -- if you middle aged right now you're driving in your car your like rule in your forties I want you to think about this when you retire. During the ones -- to take care of you. -- about our future rests on both people. God help us. -- -- Through 64 other. Loves going to leave me. -- -- -- You can lower your mortgage interest rates right now and pay off your home sooner much I have to call mentor capital funding corporation. At 8078068. This call could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Putting more money in your pocket and giving you more money for your retirement. Right now they are offering the low fixed rate of check this out. Only two point 75%. Within a PR three point 06%. On a fifteen year term. In layman's terms. Interest rates are going up. And they're gonna continue to go up to save yourself and your family now while you can thousands of dollars refinance your.