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Hyphenated Americans

May 5, 2013|

Does the term still apply?

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Welcome back this is nothing else and phone number 8774694322. Text message code six -- sixteen million email address and Nelson a WRK -- dot com. Well I -- respect war. Those hanging on let's go back to the telephone lines frank good afternoon your next on the program. Good afternoon great to be here on the great WR jail I want to start off first by saying that I am -- liberal and matured classical. Sensible words are urging freedom I believe that people should have a maximum amount of freedom. Pursued their own objectives to determine their own series. To do what they want with their lives judicial farce they don't hurt other people in the process. Once is plenty to do this and why I'm urging people to -- republic. I want people country. -- equation just let me jump in for a moment because the world as you're used as you are using the net is correct -- it was. In the nineteenth century but I just want you understand that's not the the the common usage of liberal that more contemporary usage. Which means something almost diametrically opposite Richard using the term correctly -- Clarify for everybody else who may not understand the word has changed and its meaning. Very precise I'm glad that you need to RB and -- menu on the -- -- -- -- -- our audience listening to right now. To vote Republican right now they -- at the lesser of two. People in this country I do believe that Republicans. Are some bad shapes in Cuba not. Nearly as bad as if you can carry it into the dark. For -- over him of course and I'm urging Republicans. -- please modify their -- get beyond well. And they can be strong party they do these are things otherwise I think there will all out. And it will -- cannot access all the way of the dinosaurs they do these things legalized we. -- don't want. Gay marriage rights -- it'll burst out anyway. And last but not least abortion rights people are already doing all three of these things. And I believe absolutely unequivocally. That the Republican Party. Well. For -- a strong party again. Once we -- I can say is frank -- -- a tough sell ahead of you but I appreciate the ideas benchmark all. Issue the problem here is where -- obviously articulate guy and he's right about classical liberal assuming a liberal and liberalism -- baron in Latin means free. It originally meant freedom. And that's how it was interpreted now it's become completely distorted liberalism means. Exact opposite of freedom means government controlled government regulation -- intrusion. But the problem with what he just suggested is that goes against what a lot of people. Should hold to be true and in the Republican ranks noticed the difference between conservative and libertarian. What frank was talked about was -- -- that's a libertarian perspective. -- you -- ingests something that should be up to you it's an adult -- laundry and keeping your house you run over people whatever. Abortion can be -- that can be both ways and I we discussed. Gay marriage homosexual marriage earlier in the programmers said this people have a right to do it. Doesn't mean it. That I am I like it but I do in believing in freedom in classical liberalism you record of the people the right to do things that you may not like. But that's going to be a tough sell among a line of -- Republican conservatives. Let me get back to recruit -- a couple times -- mentioned in the -- -- about the hyphenated American. That was a term we don't hear about it much now. But a hundred years ago it was determined frequent use and made it home to have a pejorative meaning. This speech that. I referenced and the caller references while it was but I fear or roast on the Cuban mine he gave this speech. At Carnegie Hall on Columbus staying in 1915. And you were speaking largely to the Knights of Columbus which isn't an Irish Catholic group. World War I was ablaze in Europe we were not in it yet. But there have been questions raised about the loyalty. Of people who had. Com recently from another country and were viewed by some derogatory early as hyphenated Americans. This is what. Has come down and up from that is that speech. Of Theodore Roosevelt on that day in 1915. The former president said. There's no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans. I do not prefer a naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I've ever known were naturalized Americans. Americans born abroad. But hyphenated American is not an American at all. The one optional -- certain way of bringing this nation to ruin a preventing all possibility. Of its continuing to be in nation at all. Would -- permitted to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities. And intricate not of German Americans Irish Americans. English Americans French American Scandinavian -- Americans or Italian Americans each pressuring. It shepherd nationality. Each hard feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality. And with the other citizens of the American republic. There's no such thing as a hyphenated American was a good American. The only man who was a good American as the man who is an American and nothing else. And a quotation. Now. In modern vernacular we talk about Irish American -- -- doing anything mean by except for the short of a cultural heritage. And -- spears. Ultimately did not materialize. The only place where I see that potential problem now. Unfortunately. Is where it forcing Hispanic American with the Hispanic community and that's mainly because of the language. I think you know. Pressure -- I don't speak Spanish press hates to hear it to two for Spanish when you're on the menu somewhere on the telephone that's a problem. Because a nation divided by language is the nation divided culturally. And fundamentally philosophically. And take a look at Quebec in in Canada there's too much for mentioning that the expansion -- But that was what the reference was all about and it's interesting that that fear at that time. Well there was that later got married and immoral war one was joined by the United States there was a lot of concern about German Americans. He then that carried into World War II also in Japanese Americans -- mentioning interment camps. So this by way of closing -- 877. 4694322. Is the phone number L or good afternoon you are next on the program. To known and hobby and the only good thing and I can you on the weekend. Thank you of that there is found -- I just want to say when they interrupted the questioning on the FBI. Those terrorists. I thought that was scandal. I think that that should be. Question number one -- to who has the authority I don't care what they should have no authority. Stopped the questioning about these terrorists. You mean when they Campbell at the Miranda rights -- I judge every. I didn't understand that neither was his what was obviously. Eric Holder right and and his department in Russia sent the men. Well don't you think the fish rots from the head. Not -- well. I is that head Eric Holder a Barack Obama right. Can I talked that he got himself it could be president I don't know what kind but is this in -- next ST -- been -- hearing on Wednesday. Now I -- again just can't punish all of it really gonna get down and the secret. No I don't think they're gonna put on the show I think this one's gonna be for real there -- a lot of people who are passionate. Prince Harry -- reporting how the day after that happened in the galaxy and they said that they were told by Clinton and and down. Dayton they were when they're told by Clinton what. Are standout. Yes well look you were gonna find out about this because now some of the whistle blowers have been named and they're gonna come and testify. Well that was that's the claim being made that they have been threatened in the coming forward anyway short will be very interesting. Just to see what happens hang in there will be more to say about next week -- -- -- -- -- It look at that brings up a couple of items we haven't talked about her surely haven't talked about it and and we can broom at that to the agenda for those you wanna talk about. Subjects already on the table by all means. But there were a couple things that she mentioned one had to do with the continued aftermath of the marathon bombing. Now of course they're pressuring. Caroline -- -- we know 24 year old Kathryn Russell Sunday was swollen -- Katy Russell. As to what she knew and when teaching know it and we also have the friends who. Appears to they have -- the allegations they covered up for its and I -- after which you didn't want to get into trouble. I thought special interest in in this because we're all very much following what's happening here. Most of question. Let's say the way to -- life at that time knew what was going on. -- have picked up the phone and made a phone call and turned her honest opinion. Not -- -- one step removed now we're talking at least blood relatives -- -- so should she had heard that obligation. Or should she take a pass some recent -- focusing on this is because let's go back to the -- your situation. -- that you and I -- killed three people four people tune with the police -- wounded. Well nearly 300 others Whitey Bulger is killed nineteen. And we now know that his brother. Bill Bulger -- all out war. About Whitey Bulger whereabouts or what was going on than he let on at the time. And -- hurt people who have defended bill Bulger -- watch his brother. Can turn in your -- ain't heavy he's my brother. Well by being every he's my husband. Should she. That it didn't expected. To turn him in or do you get some kind of pinch here in the blood is thicker than water category. I didn't approve of what bill Bulger did I had respect for Bulger before that I was appalled to find out. That he really was. Some respects covering up for his -- But I know some people go the other way. They -- would you want your brother or sister or your father or mother son daughter to turn UN. Would you turning your son or daughter. Well would you let me go. And of course is questioned whether you turn person before after. It before and you were committed the crime give the war low laughter. I do want. Just -- re doing when we go to break here but I want to reform we do want to read this is what. The lawyer said. About rover -- will fill -- he's a nineteen year old of Cambridge. Who faces a detention hearing on Monday. Because they claim authorities claim that he gave them conflicting. Stories real life. You know this is the what the lawyers. Said on his behalf. Quote. This case is about a frightened and confused nineteen year old who was subjected to intense questioning and interrogation. Without the benefit of counts. In in the contradiction on the worst attacks against the nation. The weight of the federal government under such circumstances. Can have a devastatingly. Crushing effect on the ability of an adolescent. To withstand the enormous pressure and respond rationally on -- All grant you the the perhaps slightly sarcastic emphasis is mine I'm reading it notice she's a little Selena. Next time you find -- you about a nineteen year old woman and you referred errors and adolescent she what kind of reaction you get. All of a sudden they turn eighteen even seventeen year old females they're adults now we have a nineteen year old school. There's been accused of lying and participating. After the fact in. Doing things that are question money I just confused nineteen year old boy with he's just an adolescent. Like that you knives themselves good kid. Just ask his mother. This father. Is friends. Make it sound like. Murderers disposed to walk around the big gamble on the forehead -- told apply. Hey guys here's a news flash for you criminals are not obvious when they walked down the street. Otherwise we get him faster than we did. -- on the other side of a break. Somebody else in this is AM six AB WRKO.