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Police Blotter Fax Friday May 3rd, 2013 - Meat Grinder Death and Death by Ponytail

May 3, 2013|

The two winners of Police Blotter Fax Friday was a man who fell into a meat grinder at work and another man who died while riding his ponytail down a zip-line.

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Right my name is -- At least a lot of things -- Story is true. -- -- -- -- -- They had -- for police blotter fax Friday all week long we ask descended here. Funny stories. From those local newspaper the daily or weekly that you read. And it had many many places have column they call. The police law scholars call the police blotter or could be a standalone story all we ask is that it be somewhat humorous. And it amuses us. And at this time and lead the number by the way if you wanna send a fax to us with the story. Is 61777934676177793467. Or you can email them to us hey how you don't want old war which he would. Longtime fans good work thank Gail thanks a lot thanks another another -- There's time to write notes now test and getting complicated and it's still one -- one of the call what's been called yet terrorist burn out. That he wants to call flash bang AKA. The Joker burnout. So he'll he'll be over the Hanover -- tonight with -- us but anyway. If you wonder what email look to -- you can email me at how we -- at W war KO dot com Howie Carr can be orchid dot com. In the in the in in the line the message line -- police -- facts right so we don't discard it. At this time each week we read the best ones in our opinion and the two best increased get a nice price we're really get this week's -- They're gonna what a wonderful teacher from our friend Bob berg -- -- sportswear current remain. There's two issues that are specifically for police blotter you camp five and you can only win in the -- by other teacher it's. Right in the -- listening and -- everybody is sending down some -- You won't feel so deprived we're doing you feeling left out book signings together. What you you do have a lot of merchandise travel as a supposed to I -- kernel has his book. Or do they offer that would make him a magnet but he never got -- a picture of himself is an envelope full. Our god value fabulous and full of full regalia yeah. The geopolitical author's -- and one would salt it's coauthored by having a book Brett Carroll read David Hunt. It is it just it just wasn't working out political reasons I guess I just a magnet for the colonel regardless of what the book is because he's and other books. And -- particular Stubbs books on. Man I would -- went too much stuff like you know speed bump is just gonna say speed bump April. In April 19. -- that 2000. You can just say colonel hunt Donovan have tremendous full colonel colonel uniform. I think the runners up they do not win the teacher at the first is from. Vermont's this is just I'm not sure this -- police blotter is from the Bryant repressed. But it it just I found it amusing two days after strapped tropical storm -- range remnants had devastated Vermont. Bodies were still missing. Residents were stranded in their homes. To Vermont fish and wildlife department game wardens were given a special assignment they had to rescue houseplants blowing into secretary of natural resources Deb Markowitz. I mean can you believe that Deb Markowitz still employed by governor -- -- I don't know if one current employee major Dennis Reinhart second in command among the State's game wardens. So if I understand why it doesn't look good really. The series split. Wow. You mention the world Republican governor governor Douglas had I know it per share were one of government but -- his appointees at about. I daresay there would be a a ball forming. Mesa, Arizona. A pair of LDS missionaries. Which is the church of Jesus of latter day saints mormons can now be called crime fighters. The missionaries for talking to are resident in a Mesa, Arizona neighborhood when they spotted a guy carrying stuff out of a trust across the street. The elders decided to take some bold action. My companion was like man he's Robin the place and I was like not to elder Corey brown or brown is missionary campaign went over to talk tournament. Telling him that they know who lives in the house and it -- him. Brown said the guys start to get nervous they filed into a getaway car driven by a woman police identified as Cynthia Elizabeth Espinoza. -- rounds Espinosa hours well yes any word on her migrations that now -- that we were like what are you doing and she's like. Well I was just at this house right here I wanted to use their phone I was like are OK the woman after one of the -- feel their -- But the missionaries were able to keep the woman there and -- the police arrived they moved in six weeks ago but -- neighbor says they're more than welcome around their neighborhood. Absolutely -- -- neighborhood watch there was those guys. Syria we were -- and west are correct I was born in west -- western Hahnemann hospital for some kinda custom and in. Was -- its unique that the that the commonwealth but what about chipping in front right at continental -- people hawk to themselves as they walk on this the streets downtown yet. It is it's it's peculiar to -- writes it's it's something you know you'll see everybody doing. Do not to not be afraid to go right up and -- and how I wanna go outside I'll point out a few and you can join in on the kind of the way 350 pound bags and that's exactly the person you should go up and talk to -- matter of fact I wonder what he's talking about -- I can only imagine got a good look at it I don't like an librarian laughing too wasting on hand just trade. -- there's almost a police say hey and other like. This officer officer there's a half naked man he weighs 300 please write down arrow pointing down there now I think he knows where I think he knows the guy I don't know being. Really he's OK you're talking -- the guy with a backbone you know why I -- so he's going good he's going he's trying to go out and you heard it. -- always an action and was buried the I'm glad this is the best policing solid -- ever we've got police what good is well thought. -- they believe even 911 calls just got on the radio. -- This is from Wisconsin he may be hardened criminal but it Wisconsin man has proven and he is no match for the sandman. Christopher white CNN the trash man the sandman. -- and you're not in the story Christopher -- was arrested. After he was discovered napping on a bare skin in a Burlington real estate office -- ransacked hours earlier. According to police the hapless suspect broke into the re Max building by. Shattering a conference shattering it should be shattering and it says by shattering spell check is going to be the adapt. The current writers can they have by shattering -- conference room window and Iraq. -- three computers kept them outside -- front and our Volkswagen station wagon district okay I'm gonna pull this abrupt pull the blinds them through. Investigators believe white they went down the basement pull the bare skin off the law and dozed off employees arrived at 830. Noticed signs of a break in and called the police they found him -- downstairs. Was a -- cabinet ransacked. There was no liquor cabinet but he was intrigued catnip cat nap. The public after a cat -- exactly. Sundance the dog has expensive tastes the Montana Golden Retriever munch -- way through 5100 dollar bills on a road trip with owner Wayne. Clinical. And his wife. Christmas. Up a million -- -- into this death. Apparently the dog -- 500 dollar bills and so how did they have -- -- the happened to get a good dog's mouth. What docs will stick your head in your purse I mean are we a -- to do that immediately and I -- -- But we never went to bank is so winning another twenty acres -- -- between a little lesbian Pug was sleeping on my issue today. Well according to. According to the bank. If at least 51% of a bill as is still there and they will reimburse you but they're not gonna take their word for it -- -- you know that the dog -- all of it. Good luck to you guys this is Koichi -- Yakima county. Yakima herald republic. A farmer taking pot shots at rodents prompted a lockdown at an elementary school. Marcus Whitman elementary school part of a highland school district was locked up for about 9:45 AM to 1040. While deputies investigating reports of shots heard in the school's playground apparently. It was a far farmer quarter -- about three quarters of a mile away shoot varmints. You know I think you gotta be a little more hardened it was a Mitt Romney shooting environment -- like to shoot armed remember there is always I think most people like she -- except for me -- just like target shooting. I'm hurled microwave mrs. swat robot. A woman at a midtown apartment complex was arrested after she tried to take out a swat tactical robot with a microwave -- Police -- -- to the -- record in tennis reported hearing gunshots coming from one of the apartments earlier that -- the complex manager had tried to evict demand living in the apartment. After a confrontation he left they heard the shots. Amid a woman refused to leave the apartment a tactical robot equipped with a camera was sentenced to swat members to see what was happening. As a robot approached the door the woman exceeded with a microwave and threw it at the robot. Before she could duck back into the apartment swat robot has since filed -- ability and rightly so don't you think I mean that's gotta hurt. Hartford Connecticut a very disturbing case of sexual abuse in Hartford police say a woman use sex with a teenage girls payment for groceries. The but they get is closed yet not for the reason most would expect police say the owner of the small store. On -- -- on street 545 year old rookie Ana Fernandez sexually assaulted a thirteen year old girl. Apparently. -- nine year old well on meals. Nellie -- David. We've spent time of the -- bring into the store and said Fernandez would later pay David money or groceries. If female suspect at this time would bring in -- the store perhaps with the intent of getting her putter babysitting -- taking care for. Basically the child and trust us from before her age she didn't know she was victim of the crime. Want to involving terrorism that's just. Now Barrington New Hampshire a man -- put his base in his GPS on the way to a job interview in Portland. Ended up on top of his partially submerged car calling Lebanon -- rescue for how. The man who was driving at 9 AM on lord wrote a short cut three Sanford or at least showed that on his GPS. In Canada couple spots of standing water covering -- but he made it through them of that difficulty but then came a puddle that was a little deeper. And is 2005. Pontiac Grand Am with stuck and water was pouring in the middle class out of his window and onto the cart group has the water inside rose the bottom of his steering real. To rescue workers Don cold water shooting came to his aid after determining he was not hurt another rescue member backed up his pick up with the tailgate. -- -- -- the tailgate down close enough to the car that the -- could jump into the truck bed. It's not the first such episode on that road by a long shots wow. Marietta Georgia police say they've apprehended a Spalding county man accused of fondling himself near civil war battlefield. And then charging it to women knocking one of them down. Players who think use is that the charge light brigade or something I mean that's just kind of two way. And apprehended by police he gave his name is Marty Walsh the -- that fire the city of Boston. This is going to come warm the -- of your heart is this from Salt Lake City. Police and gun advocates are lauding a concealed weapons permit holder. Who subdued a man who had stabbed two people apparently at random. And the parking lot of the downtown grocery store police -- the suspect a career count criminal named -- town lie. Walked into the Smith -- lie yes. Locked into itself like a Mormon thing it does not watching to -- marketplace the individual for reasons that we don't know when and dismissed spot and I came outside. An attack to people distraught witnesses we don't. Know why he bought the night but he immediately used the knife to stab to people I think -- I think we have someone of a clue why he bought the pipes. Denny I'm -- Salt -- baffled by why you bought. They're not they threatened to harm others with a -- until 47 year old man with a concealed weapons permits pulled a handgun and threaten and ordered the suspect to the ground. When he saw the stabbing you just -- pistol on challenged individual on turned him down on the ground. He was subdued before any offers these protests around. -- the suspect to the grounds are we through the -- drew his pistol and challenge the individual and turned him down on the ground never bring a thanks to god like. So and the police said I think the permit holders showed great restraint and not firing the firearm. This is an imminent and immediate ongoing attack and if you believe the -- I think if you miss this chance. He is perfectly justified in doing. That would be good poll question didn't miss this chance or that he exercised great restrain the X I was like no I say he missed his chances opportunity to win. Salt lake city of a career. -- known. Thomas Ross a 73 year old from now aren't Scotland Scotland reportedly drowned. While trying to retrieve his golf ball from a lake while playing a Dennis did not knock -- golf club. He couldn't swim he found a link up playing the fifth hole was alive after being pulled from the lake -- -- was a doctor but died shortly after careful those water traps. I mean those can be. Didn't somebody did somebody get Philbin Quincy Douby because they he -- a fight with another guy they were both trying to retrieve golf balls from a for for -- yet. Yard drop I think they were okay visited I've got to get to got one minute or less than one minute left okay. These are the two -- as the first one. Worker dies in a large meat blender and clack from a -- again how many are longer a person indicted a clock -- this is Oregon. Meet distribution -- after falling into a large meat blender. They were -- echelons sausage this week at the level deeper look at -- awaited go damn. The other one Indian stunt men sell under god not Roy die days after traveling via pony tail on zip wire. Seriously what -- is a wire on that's one of those you normally have a harness and you writing -- I say kicks it's one of things that I actually did on my honeymoon up different outlets it's amazing. This guy doesn't use the hardest they tied his pony tail on he hangs there. You know on its head and that was a bad idea. Apparently she's dying okay thank you Cindy that -- the police quarterbacks Brady go ahead. I'm Howie -- this hour and how.