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Moax Robins Monday April 22, 2013 - Mad Men And Bar Rescue

Apr 22, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...today there were questions on the Marathon Bombing Coverage as well as Mad Men and Bar Rescue.

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All right now we're gonna take a break from this for a little while and that talked to a Max robins for about that TV we just -- break from of this for awhile. Max Robbins is a veteran TV covering or journalist -- he knows he knows all about the broadcast industry and he joins us here every Monday at this time. Max -- on how we car show is brought you by such horse savings bank just better visit SSB. Dot com. Max. As a going. -- -- -- guys but it's been quite a week I don't need to tell you that. Get the daily news is reporting that there -- they were -- they might have been on the way to New York City. Yeah and not only got with somebody just called my people and -- -- -- separated CNN. Refer to them as the beavis and butt head of terrorist. Yeah I -- I thought about that -- but again I beavis and I don't I don't I don't wish to one. You know denigrate them the the greatness of Beavis and Butthead. I could you agreements allowing immunity given us so much pleasure yes it is supposed to. And lovable knuckle so. What -- these were. -- -- and lovable and they were a lot more than knuckle heads I think speed bump is gonna speed bump is definitely the name for number one. Yeah hey these guys anyway I -- I know you have that solid but he's been talking about since Monday last Monday's tragedy. Although it's not a tragedy Macs we we were trying to avoid the word tragedy it's an atrocity. I thought to classical education. I did -- but that's what it's tight and I did -- feel like for oh. But he. No -- but it is interesting I mean. It's been much chronicled the screw ups by a lot of establishment. Sort yes yeah. There. New York Post certainly and it's great I I think he the one -- the interstate. I was -- nobody in my what one of the major networks and so it's really something and were. We're the guy who standout is getting there we're keeping all this praise as Pete Williams purchased poignant chop. Up a in that department console. That sets so loaded if you don't screw up if you show will be good -- straight. Yeah I know you don't you know your your -- -- I don't know what your your friend Jeff Zucker who's just took over at CNN I mean he's got to be reeling today I mean when when when the New York Times is ripping in to CNN you you know you've got a problem. Yeah the higher yet they've yet in this field and hit the best ratings in 2012 election does not election rate -- ten -- on Friday. -- Yeah that's true that the problem though is it is this is. Mean I think it's a bigger problem at all Lewis and I added it is it does have to do with everybody and so many sources further news. And you know fool me once shame on you -- -- Monday. My -- captaincy and I gonna -- my good bogey what's on the cover of the New York Post. It's in the anti I have to say I saw a lot of it. I think local television in Boston did a pretty darn good chip out from what I saw out inaudible -- You -- there's -- went all right to me -- would all -- they had the you know the the shootout in in war in Watertown was that was which carried live -- on -- channel four -- I think other channels as well. Yeah and and and I think it's one of the reasons people are singled out. Obama among. The major networks work we're doing a good job crises. And BC in particular praise and ABC is dispute they relied very heavily on the Boston affiliate. Yeah but it you know again that the did you reward Brokaw said. What you got to hear that you got to hear this when Max the great justice is just so you listen. We have to work or horror as a motivation here what prompts a young man to come to this country. And still feel alienated from -- to go back to -- and do whatever he did. And -- to we've examined I don't know maneuvers were forcibly coverage on television or newspaper -- on. But we've got to look at the rule reachable it's because it exists across the whole subcontinent ugly and the Islamic world around the world. I think we also have to examine the use of drones that the United States is involved -- and there are a lot of civilians who are innocently killed in drone attack in Pakistan. And Afghanistan. And in Iraq. And I can toll at least a lot of time over -- young people come out to me on the street since they've we love America if you harm one here on the on the head of my sister I will fight you for ever -- so -- of sorts the drone it's the wrong problem Max. They've thrown right into it I think -- what -- far fetched. Is is it time is it time to remove -- wallet and then and then take about Suffolk downs as an abandoned them there. Yeah and the sorry. And the civilians being innocently killed. As opposed to hopefully kill. Well I think you can -- act of writing about the details of the interviewing the greatest generation and talking about that an honor for their service to their our country and they keep -- that would. But. Then I thought it was big it was in or which should at least -- -- it like. It's CNN has denounced. That they were out gonna become. They were only going to report all stories -- that you they got it right now we're -- -- wall to wall coverage of the first gulf well are. We you -- today that's great that you brought up the greatest generation I've forgotten about that. You know what do you think that you think the greatest generation would have been happy -- -- drones. Only you know they Hitler assassination plot might have turned not a lot better in 1944. That a few drones you know -- Whether there are having his retreat in east Russia. I'm I'm with now that look you know there's it's it's unfortunate that we hear news a lot of terrorists like to make their homes and they're training yours civilian populations -- Sure better than you know how many people. How many great American on the beaches on the idea you know might get served in Korea was an ash I mean -- is. -- had to talk to a lot of veterans. We saw a lot of awful -- saw a lot of people are still young you know young brave men and that would outlaw has taken out the enemy with some some drones operated someplace and -- -- Yeah I know it I think that's I think that's what they cut I think that -- sort of the year over the major German equivalent of drone was would be too right I mean that's they were -- drones against -- So this this is not -- no. But anyway 1877469432218774694322. That is via -- number of how we are -- you have any questions for a maxed. You talk about the coverage that these days away I heard does somebody told me that the Bill O'Reilly had five million -- words on on Monday night. Yet you know a lot of viewers but big mistake they haven't the world the world here. And talk about. It's not what those two guys I have to say I know you like they'll open. Based on a little like you -- -- Couple little. I was telling -- he was there I was out with a month Friday night -- you know. -- -- why didn't help me. And I wouldn't let -- -- it's what they can toward. What -- -- and I've told us we're ready to them to the toe blisters but. They they started they cut me off I was just sitting there were wondering you know on -- -- the people there so the people in the big control both -- they were gonna call me back again you know they were still yet happened. And then they finally decided that -- all those set and I and -- agreed with -- vice Versa. But they worked -- -- gonna put this guided to wide to -- death. And I and I just wanted to get back on -- in -- image of blood to get back on I said this to the control room -- I don't think he's gonna get put to death. And the guy said watcher just yell and maybe they'll hear you know what I'm. And so topic yeah. They did didn't you underscoring the Arabs like wicket -- We'll ask the reporter. Who has more knowledge of how. I was -- criminal justice system put out Boston Police force intelligence works. And and or doesn't work however. And and and instead he's not quite what are -- rights -- -- for quite you know a couple of first years. Under -- I don't think all elected too much mentioned that that mrs. mrs. speed bump and he had been arrested for rush up the last year you know. I denied that on the Maryland and he but I rally would have not none of it he tried to deny the president we don't know about that a -- of oh yes we do. Yeah on black. -- you know I had a problem with all the way back when and you know when that when the -- thing was going on it was a freeze frame at least it was on camera this this time I was a freeze frame colony and in the I was talking about about how he would old the FBI in this -- -- him on the show one of the the one the US attorneys from New York who had a who'd gone the BC was going that's just that's just straight talk that's just urban legend. Of course I you know. I think I think you know snow you know. Some people who benefited from this were Al Michaels and Reese Witherspoon. Yes in case you didn't hear Reese Witherspoon boldly do you know why -- In Atlanta an hour respite and a traffic stop by the way I I didn't read the whole story to read the headline you've really got to be acting up to get logged after a traffic stop and. Our partner to -- recent racing is just tired and emotional out guides I assume that was sent something to do the way such it was a blonde. I think I think she's -- the -- communication with -- it -- is -- -- wouldn't -- on KS should play. Good she is good and and an Al Michaels if you didn't hear he was tired and emotional he got a bad ice cube last evening in her two evenings ago and Cinemark. -- he I didn't you know. -- did it how can -- ever told me how old he was I mean it's got brown hair mean Mike Brown here -- been gone for twenty Airgas. 68 years old he has got a gray hair on -- the. Well you know watch -- it all all binge drinking is kept it very relaxed. And students worried. That given the millions like -- and I'll take it I don't ever. Anyway how many support already and that's oil was think to myself how read this guy works about as often as clause you know. Exactly. -- I believe there ought to have -- never would've expected him to get them back for booze and he just didn't seem like that to me but I guess. You know -- as Rudyard Kipling once said there comes a night when the best get tight. So. That's true that's yeah. I I love and now what you what you what you quote. -- I do they do yeah it's uplifting poetry that's the stuff I remember. I don't remember too much of paradise lost but the now but I remember the shot by century. All right 1877. -- not guilty says 617 I couldn't agree with you more -- is up and not feel the 1774694322. Day that your next. Are you getting her passing national and do you know why am. She's got a look at the OC and she didn't even know why and you're gonna find out buddy that's what you did the state trooper. And she said you're about to be on the national -- little little did she know who was really going to be on the national news. Then you're next with powered car and that Max -- go ahead Dana. Tracked me and there shortly to talk judge's order of the day a little -- Connecticut and the biggest on Friday night. And can that I that. Quality. -- know I know but I like it. Our jokes or whatever name is there's another one -- not guilty Dana. My question my question knows what happened commit to that happened -- We somewhere like that happened but it sure connect twelve recruited -- -- -- don't even know. All you have to chose appears. Especially they were first and to be able. Sometimes patients since some people -- a lot of law. And regular. A couple of weeks ago it says that terrific news -- on affects the American. They do something law against states and the wrong information to cable. TRO. Seven minutes -- opt out well. Effort went under and outlined PayPal accounts instead. What's that. Mr. Richie Havens. 72 years so people don't know guys are. And of people mass refusing to death politeness that they had to be the more elderly segments of my audience to even remember well she statements. I'll tell you something I didn't you rich and wants -- and he would -- -- -- -- All I know why I think you I think he was -- I mean you always seemed though like it very amiable sort of just saying he's kind of faded from the picture. He you know if you get what you you know how to utilize the importance especially in the mid late eighties and early nineties. He did a lot of single commercial work that you do well in the city -- that was how it happened you know. I -- what what at what those commercials that -- Your member. Well yeah I I don't know off ethical -- -- -- I remember -- it's -- that there were all of these kind of being hidden David Clayton Thomas -- there -- a couple of others. That they kind of hold out the it was a whole trend for -- -- charge of the accused these guys you know we -- that there are and how you -- we were in the prime demographic. That they were looking. For the board of our -- page you too well. Just by you know. Toilet paper and the launch it -- Apparently Reese Witherspoon interfered with a state trooper in Georgia who was giving her husband -- field test for the UY tool mind there's -- -- and who has enough money to what take the take a cab right. Absolutely and and -- you -- you've got to wonder about her choice of but they come up. You know labels country western singers is down in Georgia with. Stand by your by Israel because I don't know if right. Yeah yeah or errors or is it another country song goes how do you look when I'm sober. Did that at -- a they're not there when that boy -- keep -- -- Don't drink and well directed bubbles go make a party. I used to tell Ted Kennedy -- -- that's long. But only edit it Vegas. Vegas was on Saturday night apparently. In yeah IE won't know and a couple of weeks I don't know I know there's a lot of debate about your experience Ali I don't know their children and. How -- defiant still in its premiere. -- OK okay. I don't know if you heard this too well you know we're not last week I know you've got some greasy hands under your own rules and they got picked up for another two. Oh okay well while OPEC. -- are next with how we cargo -- neck. You know it's and I just there -- no because Serbia monkey business channel separated or how he what do you think about early exit of Bob Dylan and dust. Speed bump. No why don't you all -- -- he really does kind of look like the freewheeling Bob Dylan. Everybody in my its -- so yeah. But I -- again you know a couple of so so -- don't you know don't people -- Does he does bode well your next knicks got a point though he does look like early Bob ill advised me. You know I could see I could see the resemblance yeah I could see the resemblance there. -- when I call him early bought the young bought one. Bob Bob Dylan from fifty years ago thanks for the call -- rod you're next with Howie -- Max -- go ahead -- -- -- quick question for you Max out borrowers to any word on the force isn't at all. But what I'm sorry -- I rescue which is so once completely. Yeah I haven't heard anything and I gotta be honest with your. OK and another question so you a couple of schools have -- -- some isn't it odd that so. It is extremely well. It has much. Thanks for the call right so a couple of callers say that either Al Michaels was point oh way to do -- greatest they say. But that's you know they he's a victim of the new -- of the new more stringent drunk driving laws in the old days they -- but just given him a ride home -- told him to sleep off on the side of around. You know work. He deserves to like you know I don't have too much patience for the trunk and. I'll just say about that Huey is that it that it used to be legal could be point eight point -- -- Yeah mark your next when we cargo ahead mark. Yeah. That guys who have. Question now it's open being over. Apple would start off this like cops stopped but -- -- -- an opposite show was what happened that -- preparers max's garden. Yeah I think -- is also -- I know we got a lot of institutional future well and that's been canceled the upcoming seasons seventh is going to be flat. Okay so what's got to but all the it's already in the -- am so they flats are okay. All right and I -- -- Max thanks for being weapons.