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Max Robins Tuesday April 9, 2013 - Duck Dynasty And The NCAA Tournament

Apr 9, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...today we focused on the NCAA Basketball Tournament and the cable favorite Duck Dynasty.

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Joining us now on the line is Max -- of veteran journalist -- cover the broadcast TV industry for many years he's here to answer your questions. We thought it wasn't going to be here for awhile today but now he is going to be here and now we see is here as a matter of fact so Max welcome to the show. Thank -- given what happened last night that the NCAA finals you know I'm from Michigan law. I gotta say quite frankly it was hard for me to come on the air with it is. -- you know you know I was -- I believe in my wounds I -- alive yet. I've tried to look on the bright side. I'm trying to say you know why I would normally say I had no bargain that fight but Louisville is going to the ACC so maybe I should welcome them -- the conference. -- -- Another another national title for the ACC last night. There you go -- -- I don't know it was -- -- great game. I think it. The whole theory was really excited and you know I'm -- -- -- a date date is extremely well and the. Freshman to. So yeah you know they'll be back. Well I don't know how that ultimately it. Heck I -- -- Michael blow out but you know where my game 23 point four million viewers out. That's not bad is it. Yeah how exactly it's funny a lot of sports seem to be you know to fighting. Torrent another part of -- yeah I mean that it has been thought NCAA it was up twelve percentage. -- because -- you know -- a live sports is one of the few things you can't get anywhere else. Absolutely and and and and and I wonder I wonder how accurate those -- because I mean how many people. You know they really taking into account all those you know people -- watching all of whom are in the room right or -- Our our people in Louisville mortgage you know downstairs. Making up Molotov cocktails to release after the game. -- -- -- Are is anybody thought out of the TV busy other than the the the raiding the high risk high ratings for the final game last night the final championship game. There are you -- -- -- -- -- -- record. Monday night and sorry Sunday night and -- very well. Premieres. Popular and I wasn't quite Walking Dead numbers are. The Bible numbers but it was quite good -- -- brings all the prestige. I'll bet it really well being -- his -- got and doing real well rage BO. -- an advocate for them. And end at popular hot topic today is really interest me -- the CW but little watched CW. Most. Losers in this show quite a number of series there including that the -- Kerry -- which was part of this you know Sex and the City yeah. Those characters when they were college aged which we -- -- of well we'll show if you will buy it looks like he's gonna get news because. It does very well on the streaming services like Ku and that's what my picture yeah I think there -- numbers show like that it's you're gonna did. In a different age you know pretty even different services Weathers who. Wore off. Netflix or Amazon really building nursery. There are observers out. A lot of these -- series wouldn't make it but because there's a bear market or are. It is really given life to a lot of those at a -- votes. JJ from Chelsea says next Sunday on sixty minutes Scott Kelly went on the -- he was pushed. It's what what is sixty minutes just ended Reid declared that there are an entertainment show -- propaganda arm of the Democratic Party act upon what I. I have to serve by the bit they've been -- is serve the the survivors of the Ben -- massacre on for an hour. You -- to push for a what they want done. Come on Macs I know you're a Democrat but that was disgraceful on Sunday night in the -- in the middle of it I you know I know some people. Who are struggling murdered don't think these gun laws will -- when he goodwill we've decided not to put them off. Well I believe in ourselves out and I -- -- -- will play this that. I think you know and I think what we forget about it and I think one of the things although I would say -- will be much more inept direction he's future such. Yeah I mean I don't believe any any surprise that it. They were you know. It's -- it's become a cross between the second hour of Good Morning America. And MSNBC. And. -- -- -- Well you know beer is about the you know like the guy who want -- convicted of murder and get relief -- it still do. What is written stories. About drug wars down in Columbia what. But I I agree what you are doing a lot or entertainment I mean it's not a state. I recruited very but when I was watching the semi final by -- yeah. They were following the heck out of sixty minutes doing something about. Oh well Jeremy Lin an open and I -- it I don't think -- -- coincidence that -- not a legitimate. -- although -- -- moment in the -- -- patent -- No surprise that they can profile. Basketball player when it captive audience that. Is that I don't think that the -- thinking about what most. Or cowboys at vikings though that's -- got a couple people wanna know. All I can -- is doing well that'll get picked up again. Let's see. House Bates motel going. It will help -- pretty strong that -- bottled -- without -- -- -- While Walking -- -- I hit but it it the numbers have been good enough so they've already picked it up for a second. It sounds like Max is calling from a jail cell why do you waste this call on you. Well you know I was sorry about -- probably equality -- That's okay. Let's pay attention to an Internet caller. And I and how can we -- his recruitment of course my first call of the cart race with edu. While medical officer mark from your deductible the. Yeah -- or are the neighbors -- last man standing on ABC gone for good. Unclear. I don't get that I don't -- warn that we'll take some calls I don't get the Walking Dead what's the obsession with zombies I don't get it either Macs. I don't either but boy it's been a massive massive hit for AMC and I think the fact that. They promo that a lot of madman on the season finale up it really help those numbers may have been opened up I yeah I had I don't get it -- people love bit shell. -- can I tell you. Can your next with how we turn Max -- go ahead Ken. Excitement extra extra extra help they've got some federal law regulation will sit that they cheated increased so all you during the commercials. You know -- there. And questionable -- is not looked at over the years. It is a computer. In. Level of commercial. Can be no wilder. Then out. In the show. Should -- Fires in the field. And. Yeah I was watching one of those that one of the earlier basketball games last week in the commercial came on it hadn't bothered me for awhile but it just came wanted to it was sold them I had to reach for the lead for the Cattrall. It's -- they're two -- what those -- cluttered right now. Even sports a lot of muscles are watching twenty minutes late so we can fast forward to the commercial. They're doing anything they can judgment cluttered they keep your attention. -- the -- I don't like. You know the get they're cutting through the clutter to force me to turn down the sound altogether. You know that's I don't think it's I think it's counterproductive. Right. I. Would Italians and -- and we've we've just opens over the years to -- I think -- that they really killed improves that they overloaded. Programming and commercials. -- Running and it is crazy and I think what that does that patience ever -- should be willing to pay more -- They have that -- you know have a real estate -- error. Thanks for the call -- pat you're next with how we card Max -- quite pat. I how we have a question about the that (%expletive) you know it's going to be. On the bubble. Okay. Okay thanks thanks is falling skies coming back yet. Smash. Doubtful. Will fox to another fought the following. Yeah I think it. Okay Dick you're next with how we car and Max -- -- -- -- -- -- Coke logo for restarting would -- about abolishing notes become true. Go by. 17 it's tough and force a spot in terra nova. Gone gone. Greg your next with how we -- province. I can explain -- such we can't be pleased to. Well look like acts MB. I don't W edge. And you never know you got to admit -- you're gonna collapse Bruno -- the blockage stroke. -- -- Well I you know you're not at a bar and restaurant and it was quite I want what it was -- something we can and I noticed that all the big pop or movies coming -- I mean I don't know that it did you have any particular political -- because I think they wanted to hit you know market. We can make a big popcorn blockbuster movies -- it Republicans and Democrats for the money to go on the it could put. Albeit who beat these big blockbuster movies are all these like post apocalyptic movies like Tom Cruise movie coming out there -- have to open up. And -- I think bit dead people -- -- that opens up and to me about your agent who gloom and we want to work out some of those -- well with those giant wanted to -- also. But Greg what I'm when I'm I'm could very concerned about the future like most people are but I you know when I when I. Think about you know the deep problems the nightmares ahead whenever they can zombies in the air. Thanks for the call Greg and Maria you're next with Howie -- and Max -- go ahead. I -- -- -- I got -- a onshore. Look at our second and continue and what may apply it. The closer. I'm sorry -- -- -- probably will be. The other courses don't probably will be back as well that was the -- that -- -- up you have a. Cougar town okay. People wanna know what's going on with buck dynasty and in the I thought it was just get great ratings. It did -- great great -- going. And other short circuit. Ted your -- with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead Ted. Stay -- there are mentioning. About that question grants since -- getting broken into and that. She district was -- Corporation yeah wow I bet that we knew I'd have to be an outlook and upload that story I hope -- not true I mean we gotta keep the some are going you know a lot of times we speak and Alex were able to is that -- they will bring. Several different scripts. And the actors might -- the can get the last couple pages over on the for want. I mean it appears they're really trying to keep a tight knit but talk shows and and other it and -- what's gonna happen. Okay thanks for the call Ted steam on your next with Howie -- and Max -- -- stand. -- -- Heat forward spoke to turn over their weather channel apparently. And beginning of April but -- capitalist -- for what's going on the -- channel. Yeah heavily and I yeah partnership or you know put on about 1% of yeah yeah -- along with it. And I like Esquire Magazine. Yeah we're still in business. And a little rarely in the gonna -- the TV station. -- You're out and then there will be a business lying if they try to go after me. And the Esquire channel and wondering what it could be about. I don't know John you're next with how we card Max -- -- John. Yeah -- on aspects about Vegas I'd like to see -- -- at 10 o'clock. After the I don't think -- gonna get sick. Internet announcement will promote their shows and Vegas what anomalous well. Pretty much the long -- another. And the -- that the Friday night which is a graveyard these days right. Yeah never a good side. That it's 207 says the buck dynasty guys want more money. -- -- they hold you know off the do you know they're holding out or anything like that. The -- initiate mentally get their extra money. -- Good very good and how many people got that -- -- -- seven locally throughout you know I know I don't know how did how did BBC America do for ratings when they broadcast the six nations rugby tournament. You about it okay what we got its Syria Whitfield played rugby. -- so hooligans sport played by gentlemen -- -- they. Gentleman's sport played by who. How much longer can the Simpsons make it 413 wants -- -- Obviously it -- because going out and not long after you and I caught now. That's amazing Mike your next with how we -- Max -- go ahead Mike. I'm actually called person of interest. And back. OK Max were out of time thanks perched so stop and with a -- pocket next week okay. Look for -- out that -- how we car.