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Frontline Report From Afghanistan

Mar 22, 2013|

One of our fans, Jessie, called us from Afghanistan to give a first hand report on the american efforts there. We werel also joined by Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt.

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Yes just see how you go -- Just say how -- allied. How to on how good how -- more importantly each Jesse how's it going for you know. Well up opposite view this open it to you this way -- -- The president. Limo breaking down the other day Israel was very apropos kind of symbolic because that's like -- but like his war policy -- Yeah or how was how was the how was the conflict going in Afghanistan. Well to be off with do. We're doing well. I would say that for the most part we are accomplishing what he's been accomplished. It's just such a shame that. We don't have the money in the time to really do what needs to be done as the enemy has all the time in the world and and we just don't you. You know we don't have the blood and we don't have the time we don't have the money for. But we are accomplishing what we're trying to accomplish so. Is it worth it -- over there. If I'm going to be completely not an episode now at this point because. Nobody tension when in the wore out the politicians are actually went in or out. Now they're just interest that in saving face it's like it's like Vietnam all over again you know. It is that's exactly what it is site and add -- -- the -- people I think you know this is my generation's Vietnam I mean if people were actually interest in winning the war. We could do it but they're not they're not actually. And but it guarantees that winning note if you were if they were interest in winning the war just who would may have to do things like change the rules of engagement I mean. We would in world war two and they never beat you know beat the allied. Command never would put up with the kinds of he and cups that you guys have. You know one year -- on your efforts to that of pacify the population. Right. You've you've you've you've hit the nail right on the head and that -- of the road that we have here is the most restrictive -- I think Q we in the history of modern warfare. We just we just now I can't now have to copy at this before -- go too far on the -- I obviously don't know all the facts and not privy to all the information. But I will say that the commanders here and -- areas are operating and he just passed down in order that we are no longer allowed to make offensive airstrikes. Offensively after the election. So so they have to fire review before he can call an air support. You can see you've got Selig and agree you can see a column of Taliban coming at you but you can't call in the air -- that helicopters of the fighters until. Until they actually attack. That's correct. Did do now they did break it they break it down to different categories they break it down and you know hostile intent and hostile actions so there's. There's different ways. That you can get around that however the kind of the blanket order was pretty much we're not going to. Offensive we stand up to go out with the purpose of an air strike to. We have to be able to prove hostile. First. It's it sounds like it's it's sounds like some kind of criminal proceeding back in the states for a you don't cop who's who charged with using brutality to war. To subdue a suspect doesn't. It doesn't sound like war. And now it's my it's what were we were broken down to police forces now as well we are displeased. Board. I wish I mean. -- I you know the war effort the original intent I mean I think that it was great we need to stop immediately felt like -- said. Almost all the blood and all this money. And now. We're aware that got us. Yeah. What is there anyway the Afghan government could survive if if we left. Think about who's in Frederick I don't know it was great this pork that's in charge out of their -- that kind of thing I can say about cart's safety support -- Yeah he's yeah he's he's only he he's only in power because we put on the right -- -- -- -- and he sees as corrupt as the next guy. -- a wonder she wishes she never left his restaurant in Sacramento. It's good for -- we have a lot of earth in. It's good for his family though there make a big bucks for everything I hear -- colonel David Hahn wants to say hello to you what Jesse alive. Go ahead colonel hunt. Yeah and I guess I missed the beginning accused sandwich every -- and well to be completely honest -- just got out on doing civilian worker. Okay you gotta the problem Ali. Beckett serviced by the -- -- is that for eleven years we've gotten more engagement. Everybody talking about it. It -- that apply to all of provinces. And yet and it's not. Only do -- took a strike threat we. Without actually wars. In Iraq cannot get it -- -- date -- which it probably. Defense of air strikes get a kernel that's why is that like a defense of forward pass. The a and -- -- the and the problem. You know an annoyed about it -- a cold front much -- we each. Orbit by the military. What problem they got to know what -- should it go to registration there was some outlandish. Requirement in Iraq. And any of the arbitration the paper that it didn't but that pursuing military leadership we've got a lot of great. A lot I guess I can tell. -- just a good quick story of yet explored along those lines it is just to illustrate that. Point. I was involved in an operation this is back when I was still in uniform a couple of years ago I was I was involved in operations here in Afghanistan obviously it you know can't give up the -- -- used to say it was it had there was an air strike involved in this operation and. I remember. As clear as day. We. Established a target. We fixed political fix the target we fix the target. Got you got all the information that we needed to justify the air strike. And five minutes goes by ten minutes goes by fifteen minutes goes by and out there. And a week and a blatant -- -- finally spoke up so what the hell are we waited for you know with the rest of us. What but the lawyers haven't gotten back -- what yet. The lawyers. But -- don't know where these where these orders based. What what they do that they have thing to do more pressure on in the world because they have to do a roomful. If we drop upon the nature there's no risk of collateral damage. The order. I handers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The number two at -- they're not quite get it can't. We get overhead. And it was I'd cry it was what I always finds. A little. Too much out there which there's big out. It was that conflict but you know out of your record annual I don't know why. I love you urged protesters. They haven't done that -- talk about it and be there but the excitement. That I spoke on the table and it. -- each orbit that. Almost impossible at times to check back. Yeah I wrote a cardigan and a -- that twelve step the steps picnic spot. Well and again I want to get caught -- not. Just you Wear when these lawyers base where they based in Afghanistan early based in -- somewhere back in the beltway somewhere. Bo Bo Bo Bo random check you worked for it just you know there are. But -- operation god -- -- -- employers -- back into it like it is what is the content at a ND state. Good job it is that aren't very good luck all the payroll and. -- -- It doesn't this kind of explain his his stitched the -- story that he just told us doesn't that sort of explain what happened in -- -- And now but I haven't got beat was flat at a presidential order and then they got a deejay Samantha reacted. Pretty quickly. They never got the origin probably gonna CPA caught a party and it the president what it. Connecticut nor are we go in and -- It would -- describing. -- military guys putting restrictions on American. I don't by the -- defense is ready to politics. But the diet but no district should not as. Our. Senior military British but it won't. Really do one of eleven years we -- -- -- -- why you if you if you -- -- opened so bad I mean if you if it's not so impossible to to get anything done why you stand over there Huckabee haven't come home. -- Let's be questioned how he put that aid they got on accuses. That he's not yours because the troops on the ground still need here. You know you might move the market GM. I am not working -- you know. We've got to get out adding that the I got a lot of good way does any chance. But it definitely at its massive frustration. I don't like you -- he -- do this subject yet is bring it up is epicenter of all of a frustration. May. -- -- Just to be a little background that -- my job security situation is basically can make sure that dom. The most sanitary way completed as I make sure that we all have freedom of movement well just put it that way. OK I make sure that the troops on the ground have freedom of movement. Colonel I just think what's so what was that you don't win in Italy during World War II when the Germans got up on that. Back in that monastery this was a monetary dating back to like the fifth century or something one of the all those monasteries in christianity. And you know I mean that in its biggest piece of historical architecture could never be replaced. What they did they just brought in the bombers and just blew the hell out of it right. Which I think what's the name of that place. Current. -- -- -- oh my -- you -- -- that I -- that there. I'm that's arguably got I think that that -- young black but we we I mean remember that no comparison has not diminished McCain even the Korean War. So called conflict Vietnam we're great that's what we got he's got a good output. Since the eleventh with restrictions that and a great. In the first gulf war well. We've gotten we've allowed. Commanders have allowable under the tent and become. What it has got wet of course. So you are bottom of the indiscriminate they probably but we how is very direct. And just -- to do that there's no excuse what's happening over there again ever you know I don't as a. Just you saw how -- if you're gonna be over there. Well -- I will be home in about thirty days. A lot of company and distort. Come out and -- You don't -- is contract. Well not a contact is still active I just have to decide whether or not I'm gonna stay on I have made it yet but this is com. You know this is not my first sport so. I have to decide what a good idea I mean it's drawing down anyway so -- -- on something else that will. Just we just we appreciate your service come to stop by when you come home walk -- and. -- -- Before I go quick and now I gotta go on and you've got to let -- go but I got a question for you go bomb. Do you want to listen up if you want if you're just it. All of that flag and I'll have my team members signed flag I'll take it out on mission with me and I'll bring it back and yes. Yes that would be a bill that would -- I'll bring it all just. I -- on the tape so when I get home -- but after I get -- all the stripe up the station and bring it that's great come on Tuesday night we can have some cal lone. Follow us on Eid Al say no more how it. Let's admit that's it's really great we do what we we do appreciate your service and just let you know things are going normally here in Massachusetts idea. A state rep has been caught here today apparently -- emailing pictures of his genitals to way -- female what the state house so. Nothing changed since you've been away Jesse. But so I -- -- definitely it's now become an open this is. That happens on opening. We're not to -- rap but I guess he's not ever do much fun now that he's been caught you know. But anyway just in order to see you knew when you get back and a -- please bring the flag go -- with you when that's that's great we really appreciate it and thank thank everybody else for what their door and we we know we we we don't know is as much as you do what we. Somewhat understand how bad how bad the hero restrictions are and how tough it is to fight a war. Thank you. My -- is how you got it thanks. Colonel hunt Monte casino. -- Yeah that didn't it's just it's out of it's is that accurate weight that I don't know that has caught up on our regular. Really you probably I'm guessing yeah. I don't satellite brought about -- -- already think they've got to -- without blatantly clear call. Yeah it was it was indoors so much about a time delay either and -- like I've seen another and other times we had had calls from closer closer and then Afghanistan. But goddamn money -- money casino -- -- and that's the classic example I mean they didn't care about anything while protecting the troops that's all they care debate and chair Bob you know whether history was gonna be destroyed or not they have the Nazis weren't there. And they were shooting at Americans they they were gonna bomb that there we're gonna bomb that that cathedrals. And they. -- every group that's what these -- a bit more time construed so bad in here. Then you close mentions and Edmund all right then would it would go up volumes as delegates. Very disturbing because of the politics. A lot of military -- have got that. And they baseless shortly but we got a journal pick up big in big finish. Well that would be good title for a book about Afghanistan -- that were waiting for the warriors. Thanks Kurt thanks colonel thanks for your -- -- the other thing for me okay what are you up and what time with what major book coming out. Thank you. Terror read they can order now on Amazon -- -- right -- and thank you that's right. -- -- And and that your it to that you can order mine on Amazon quite yet but you can order the -- on Amazon a terror -- is the title and you'll be with us not to discuss the -- Thanks colonel. 18774694322. -- -- car.