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I wonder, why does the government need to stockpile Small Pox vaccines

Mar 14, 2013|

They stockpiled bullets, they purchased thousands of tanks and now the NY Times is saying the government is stockpiling vaccines.

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Welcome back. More than Jeff -- -- is a bulldozer. The Department of Homeland Security as we've discussed on this show before. And which still refuses to give a straight answer the multiple questions. Coming from many journalists. Kind to be fair even some in the liberal media. -- they stockpiling one point six billion bullets. Why are they just purchased over 2700. Like thanks. Why. Well now there's another question that needs to be answer. In this New York kinds of all places even now some of these lefty journalists. Are saying you know son thing is rotten with the federal government something's rotten in the federal government. Here is a -- a top story recently in the Washington. Big United States government. Is now buying. Massive amounts are being new small -- medicine. That would be able to treat two million people in the event of a bioterrorism. Attack. And it took delivery of the first shipment of it last week. So think about this a small company. It's called seagate technologies. Has developed a drug in recent years. And win as many people extremely alarmed. Is that the government paid check this out 200 bucks a shot. 200 bucks are shot. From this seagate technologies. So basically they gave out a massive contract for 463. Million dollars. It's a massive boondoggle. The earlier predictions were that they shot would cost about maybe who. Can -- fifteen dollars a -- The government has paid 200 bucks a shot. The owner. Is a billionaire finance year. Philanthropist. And take over specialist Ronald Perlman. Who I bet if you do more investigative researcher nominal look into his story or the next couple days is most likely a Democrat. And is most likely somebody with very deep political connections to the Obama reelection team because this is a massive boondoggle and giveaway. But that's not the point we -- the corruption issue a site. Why is the government stockpiling smallpox -- this smallpox medicine and vaccine. Small -- in theory. Was eradicated by 1980. There's no more smallpox. And according to this story in the New York Times the only known remaining virus. Aren't using government laboratories. In the United States and Russia that's it. The remaining virus. The only one that's -- is in the laboratories in two countries. Here in America and here and then Russia. Now apparently there have been rumors and I've been hearing this is not just it's in the New York Times piece but also elsewhere. Is that there are that there could be renegade stalks. Of this small pox virus. That could be sprayed in airports or in sports stadiums. And that this virus could even be re engineered into existence in a sophisticated genetic slump so in other words. They government can mean. I think is fearing a bioterrorism attack. My guess since. That -- know some kind of an attack is comment. They have some kind of information or intelligence. The New York Times story basically hinting at this. And but they're not telling us specifically. And so now they have bought up. Huge stockpiles of this small -- medicine. Basically taking it out of the market. Driving the price through the roof. And they're basically keeping it for themselves. In order to treat two million people. And I'm asking myself this question. Why is that government stockpiling. This small pox vaccine. -- Do they know something we don't. Do they -- as my theory is that there could be a terrorist attack coming my theory is this it's only a theory I have no evidence. Just reading this story is nobody knows. And the New York Times says just like with the bullets and just like what the banks. There's no. Compelling persuasive answer coming from the federal government when they say. Why so much why we understand you won a stockpile a little. But why so much. Why two million shots. Every expert they've they've interviewed in his speech says you don't really need more than 20000. Why do you need to do the numbers are what are alarming people why stockpiling. So much of this news smallpox and vaccine medicine. My theory is this. The Russians have been very closely aligned as many of you know how wide with few wrong. I think the Iranians are preparing for war with the United States. Then I'll bet you dollars to donuts and just my theory. Is that they want to how this virus. Yet it's somehow smuggled into the United States would sleeper cells. And then unleash him on the American public. In case -- and our war between the United States and wrong. And I'm not trying to scare people but this is just the fact. God forbid if this smallpox gets out of this virus gets out it will kill a lot of people. You put that in a city you put that in an airport you put that in a stadium -- in the metro. And this thing -- spread. Like the bubonic plague. And I'm so my question is what's your theory. Why do you think there are stockpiling. Such high amounts of this of smallpox medicine 6172666868. Julie Europe's first thanks for holding welcome. While in other thing -- here that obviously is an agenda there and then that I can't tell you exactly what it is because you have a president of the dictator and he doesn't realize. That America is a democracy and that he needs Kamal what the American people know what's going aren't. But insight BA do it his way we could kill -- about how they were actually American people feel about anything. And actually had a the president. And what's gonna end up happening in the the American people -- -- gonna get hurt because the ideology in this country went down the drain when Obama became president. Thank you for that call Julie. Look you know expression something rotten in Denmark. Something's rotten in Washington. What do you think it is -- they stockpiling all of the smallpox. Medicine 6172666868. Hank Europe next welcome my friend. I know what the story isn't over these guys -- -- Arab army think I'm cool cool. The you don't think I wasn't and team owners of -- -- I -- I know you are now he would but I ever talk about the social event that -- -- -- -- -- yes and they -- vulnerable population. There's a book it was written by John Holdren. I'm which is Obama's science -- he wrote it in 1977. It's part of -- population control. Another thing I'm quietly building. Massive grave sites infectious in Arizona and another question is. -- Sports let's say I'm. -- I'm -- I just kind of back to your first point. You think this could be a way to do it to basically rolled backward many liberals see as overpopulation. Several serious purchased gorge. A little interest -- not a very interesting theory thanks thanks for that call my friend. -- Europe next welcome to the -- and a report. Ali today I'm good how you gusts. Not bad -- so -- sort of my chin -- info out there doing -- -- until it is. You know you connect the dots here you've got the ammunition you get the tanks and you've got the vaccine that they do appear -- -- they also feel the simple routes that connect. Take place when people are trying to get these vaccines and current. And that they need to. Could be in place -- -- -- to keep being -- and you know maybe they do think seriously that's gonna happen and they're not going to be able control would go down. Policy you're saying that he -- this is a way to control the population if things get very ugly in the United States. Yeah we're still looked small back -- smallpox attack. That people are going to go ballistic trying to get the vaccine they're gonna need to control ordered -- -- pro -- that you really want to. Yeah like you to keep people on line. Polluted if -- really go down if you look at 1919. With Fiat and -- fluke it should be -- eighteen I think with the blue they'll civilization virtually. This we can -- little brother. The matter is gonna be now in these major metropolitan. That is such a brilliant point I used to teach about this all the time I wanna get sidetracked here but the influenza. Pandemic. Killed millions and millions and millions of people right after World War I. I mean it it it devastated. Large parts of Europe the United States. It's something today we would find almost unimaginable. But people don't realize is that this is exactly what happened after World War I. And that's why there was such a push to have people immunized. Because so many people can be killed from these viruses. 6172666868. Charlie Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good afternoon. I mean it's still morning I'm sorry about that's a teacher but loose -- and it's. Back in 2000 warm BM detective went to a -- frequency. Normally people living had a problem is people call I'm not this is 1911 happened. Eighteen people from -- -- calls -- -- Saudi Arabia from -- -- didn't even know we had -- and is. -- pop mantra that year and real world driving cabs would you think to Logan Airport. Logan Airport can you believe it. Happy for these people that. But coming here right now can do what we have without borders opened up the probably itself Hezbollah. You name it. How much they've probably already and they know what the government loaded. And so you think that they know that may be they have. The smallpox virus with them and some kind of yeah. When you've policy nobody's patrolling the border is. I don't bodied you really hit the nail on the head jet fuel they had you know there's no one ahead. Thank you so much Charlie that's a look I mean I'm I don't know I'm just gave you but that's my sense. I mean I. I mean I look at this story -- or Russia you wrong terrorist connection that's -- Linda in Europe next gulp. Could be that the government knows there are weapons of mass destruction code -- and they stockpiling. It -- recent find. With them by your. You -- respond to virus how Linda. All I get -- we drop small pox on someone that's that's very interest think wow that's. With with war looming in Korea and any wrong -- that's a fascinating theory.