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Clinton/Obama Ticket

Mar 13, 2013|

There is a buzz growing for the ultimate woman's presidential ticket in 2016: Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. The media called this the ultimate power ticket. Guest host Michele McPhee called this the ultimate cat fight.

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Astonishing to me other bumper stickers that are starting to pop -- have you seen. They say 2016. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. There is wine word that popped into your mind this energy C one of those bumper stickers 2016 Hillary Clinton Michelle Obama. And it is scary. For me. And that fell one word that pops into your online and when you hear Hillary Clinton Michelle Obama. Something's imposing comes over me like a sense of impending doom that is never. Going to happen. And the men I am going to tell you why now. I would have voted in Hillary Clinton had she been an option. I'm a registered independent and the EU on in the world here in Massachusetts. And I would have voted for Hillary Clinton she's a moderate. She's socially liberal she's definitely more fiscally conserve it. Give than Obama she's like congressman Stephen Lynch and she is on the way to the left like Obama. But Clinton didn't get on the ticket. And Matt you are on the -- cartel with Michelle McPhee Wacom. Show are you real -- It was not the rule -- two years is derived from a mob when it opens picked partly. The balls into the room where they'd he'd get stressed the dollar and the technical government fears is because a lot of side of the ball -- broken down. In tears over the years. So. Don't work well I love that. Very import. I'm so do you share that with us because it's it's a very solid name make it does give you that vote goosebumps sensation when you think that the new -- He found out that he's the one and I really thought they were gonna pick somebody younger. 76 holes and I thought it was gonna say OK don't watch it all so I mean this is how many times Matt have they had to. Have this conclave that's in my lifetime I can only remember two. So four. On the. So they don't want to have to do I pick the -- Experience that we older people do. -- Not to do it anyway derogatory toward toward our friends I just thought that it would be younger hipper. Cool but shallow -- Francis the first might be cool hip guy you think Francis isn't as name now. I don't added any. Day break on insanity. And. -- We certainly well you very much -- that. New guide next. On how -- and -- them. -- -- and I. Are. I went to Catholic school. -- in every yet -- think it's got right okay. And I. I believe there are -- that I would lie and I watched that HBO series the boy cares. Yeah I saw how all of that bad. All of the stopped taking the Pope. And there was some merit bill is that there was. Yeah and that's a drop -- -- that's written by some pretty good writers and Jeremy Irons which is who's a great actor but I I got sick of that because -- over written in terrible. But at the drama I don't I don't know how much of that is rooted in truth. But I know it's not based on you know it's not based on the Bible that's for sure. I know and I used to be a very good Catholic and then I thought back to when I was little outlet not used to tell us. That. If we did this we did that we in the gulf outlet next LS pictures of people want rocks with a -- -- spot. And all that. So I called my mother and I am not confused about apple to let her know what's going on and because she's got dementia. But she's still a little on the ball. And she likes so excited it you know I have to go along was fair when it comes you know the Pope Ahmedabad I laid out. And us while -- do now go celebrate in new pulp. Hey my elbow and cool -- is they say it. -- -- -- I on the on all of its burglar or Malia I don't know but now it's Francis the first so it's a personal lot easier and I'll take it. I'll take it it'd certainly make sense does it Bob I mean that Latin American community is really the ones at a flooding the church and I need to -- these Boston -- special welcome. Yeah well good afternoon Michelle. Yeah I mean that Spanish you know they'd be Spanish language is becoming. More law American in -- It's apparently I. I wanted to make a comment about the -- artillery shell you got a one word. Should always be -- in live loud and Hillary and all that spend out week. While I -- I mean that's too bad because you. Could it had some credibility and then you have to pay the old bottle under. She was she actually. She was you know she was. -- the person at the top. So you know it again that the old the old commercial. You know -- -- you like they have on the end of the red phone at 2 o'clock in the modern death toll isn't going to be our. Yeah -- if you remember correctly I mean I think -- Obama was at a party no one could reach down. They weren't strict orders not to make a mold I'm not defending Hillary because she clearly lied and dropped the ball in the entire State Department lie out. Don't we all at bat the ball game and catapult you. The Democratic Party wants to reshuffle -- day -- sticker with Michelle Obama can imagine two more self centered out the women going to talk about -- -- and. One of these women -- at all winning can't get along that's ridiculous but if you have these two types of women and Michelle Obama being the most narcissistic. Woman I have seen and very long track. Completely. Selfish. When it comes to her trips and her appearances in the in the way that she. Thumbs -- knows that the taxpayers. Those two women would be said it would look like a scene of mob wives. What shall I honestly the other thing you -- you've got to take him -- and play and constantly play that the first time she was -- a product the United States. Worked out -- on the election of our outspent. They need this stuff needs to be granted to these two. Religiously because they can elected at the end of this country as we know. You know me I'm a big Chris Christie and Bob. I'm hoping it goes Chris Christina and taken and good look every and Paul. I'd like the libertarian approach Jerry you are next on -- -- -- show with John McPhee welcomed. They -- -- -- a very nice job thank you are what you wanna to address. That that nice lady who has seen what -- a little bit older who -- was raised Catholic -- and wanted to go. Be -- Stewart devout I forget what relatives. And what we get this straight. McCarron it was her mom is only used a -- Let me get this straight so that the things that the bride price to give their life to teaching the children. Beckett struck out the window -- a bunch died when a low first since that -- story right TV miniseries. They -- the truth of the universe. Wow I -- Eric Patterson's -- I think you know. Trying to cut -- at the Christian thing. Miniseries on HBO. We you know we together we get -- land on the line thank you -- what young had Jerry I think it's showtime to be clear. Boy just is on showtime. Thank you lied acts on the highly Art -- with Michelle -- welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I I try to -- go back to that policy that I mean I hope -- drive without the agent capable. I don't beat up Susan she's aren't. -- are you don't. You know. Read it she you know she's Irish she thought that they you know the pulpit did not -- girls murdered people. It's it's yeah. You know if I was there -- away from Dr. Seuss books but. Hey you never really believed that there was something Nike who made a YouTube video that sparked being the attack that killed president Stevens. If you asked a hundred of my neighbors I've got 99 of them would say oh yeah that YouTube video really sparked the violence over the Arab and the. Sure laid -- the bigger the lie the more people believe it anyway. Exactly so there's a lot of gullible people out there frank. Well you know as far as the pulpit -- -- against I'd rather watch tape -- mean it's really not that interesting anymore I mean I think it's overall my -- in the Vatican about. If he called their parts of the sort of business and everything else you know. -- outsider attitude to. Two appreciated. Well I tell if frank I was very saddened. Yes Johnson detects -- Every parish. Should have to pay for itself and what people forget is that might -- Charlie among count on any ski and so many others had any money. But they also had. I don't know maybe some. And see Avery behavior from the people who are managing the money if you know what I mean like maybe some trips to foxwoods and a little lady friend that no one knew about. You know there was a lot of corruption. That led to the downfall of these churches and there is also the huge price tag of these sex scandals. Someone texted the run of tears is -- the altar boys. And while world chocolate a little bit you know there is some truth yeah. -- -- -- And as far as so wasteful -- is concerned as well. Exactly a -- you for the call. Let's go to Bobby high body on how to guard -- Michelle McPhee. And -- I don't. God. So a couple of points out Hillary. It's gonna come back to our -- of fact that she had been their disabled as -- afford it he allows. -- State Department right everybody and different names. In professional. If it weren't covering -- out. You know I don't know I think disaster really -- Hillary but I RS. In Michelle Obama is no -- you are some of the appalling things that she said about this country. And -- and -- was with the New Yorker Magazine. And she called that's complete sense app at Atlantic. -- really appalling things that Mitchell Obama's side. People completely. And come -- think it. -- most are just radical she's attractive and all of rocks street you know use now the opera stepped up. Opposite policy talk are sick and Condi Rice. Our hearts that beat out I. Don't -- -- don't like I like to jail or should it go. You know what I think -- to Mitt Romney laid -- a lot better if he had picked Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. Now -- like Paul -- that's not to disparage him but I think you know is that she offered some real dignity. She up it's unreal experience. And she was the woman that other women could relate to -- -- what about a much better pack. I Romney was not a lot of fact -- -- thousand conservatives -- all the -- -- -- down and dirty fight straight. English in high school is so. Well you know -- Michelle Obama all the other players the Easter does it then I mean come on it's it's so -- presence. Well elect frank sort sick so I doubt. George yeah thank you very much Bobby for the call six -- -- as I thought Hamachi -- of the Sox locker room and hopefully not this year. But mysterious conversation that Democrats I have. In fact some democratic pundits are saying that Hillary and Michelle Obama would be this quote unquote -- do not dream ticket. Now I know just enough about how -- women to know that these two would be scratching and others eyes. And it would be a scene. I have an ugly episode of Desperate Housewives. They would be either real housewives of DC the real ugly real fast. Can use either fights could you know Michelle Obama would want atop that ticket is Noelle today heard namely adds her. Beef from behind Hillary Clinton's name. You know that Michelle Obama. Said well he now that I'm proud of America I should write it Leslie what do you think you are next on the Alec our show. I. Hate you would help I think that -- country without -- well shoot -- Lee allowed Clinton to stay in office after all the accusations. After the article -- and he -- and -- Well I mean that goes way back in a time machine and you know I think Hillary Clinton -- a lot of credibility when she allowed herself to be humiliated by her husband. -- and if you act in 1980 -- In the eighties. The country we're going to be like it is now thirteen now you know -- yeah. To -- we weren't calling on. People lined a ball mark and and -- -- we worry about it trans gender gap and enable people what they getting me it. It's a step in making. While there's a lot of things that we should be worried about right now we're gonna talk about a little bit later about the idea that can't apology I now. -- the government is stockpiling hollow point bullets. And urban warfare attacks. I mean that's you reading and I brow especially with the liberal that the me -- oh. Quiet they are we are still engaged in two wars if not three. 'cause we're about to jumping to Syria you know we can't ignore those horrific atrocities. For very much longer and yes. Well on the war the anti war crowd is silence. This silent this silent about the idea that the GI bill. Has been ripped apart and you can continue to spend your EDT card essentially anywhere you want to. And -- talk about that today too with thank you Leslie for the call -- and you are next. -- -- I didn't show the show -- Hillary. If they want to rewrite the constitution. -- rewrite -- to exempt spouses from running for president. After one minister to term because that just. To an end run around term limits putting Hillary in in place of built on the shell in place. Iraq. Can you imagine the party those two guys that haven't -- -- you know. Brack Obama be right around the country spend tons of money on on high powered golf games in Bill Clinton would be sneak in all tied his girlfriends and. In the White House or an -- That's -- that's a sign an image I wish you hadn't pressed into my mind Brian. -- are you welcome. Thank you very much for the call. 603 said Vince Foster an upset but what do you think clean and you line next on how -- archer with Michelle McPhee welcome. Are you I wouldn't talk about. Hillary Clinton she really has no morals respect or what the man who has -- garner -- his current presidency. And really she's not a good candidate because it shows that she really doesn't care what. -- And also within Garcia. Well there are many women I call them the clocks one. Who despite being completely humiliated by their husbands you know they hold their hand and and you know -- -- devotion and and it's very very I think sickening. There are burning issue should not the only iron. Or if she cheated on her she should go out. And I mean you could say that about life I mean it doesn't completely wipe her off the map you -- -- little -- arms. Big daddy weakened as gaps that can be problematic for Hillary forever what she doesn't her bedroom I could kill us. Am I -- do you bill if you know what I mean and I don't. It's not my business plan and this I think it has more controversial. The idea that these two women could actually get along well and have to run a successful campaign in 2016. Which the Democrats on the dream ticket whose dream it sounds like a real nightmare enemy. Thank you for the call I'm Michelle -- we see how we cars now. Welcome back to holly our show on Michelle McPhee and how we are. It's called the dream ticket. Michelle Obama Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hi today is more like a nightmare what about you wait 774694322. I thought one of the bumper sticker is in Brookline already. Too -- sixteen. Michelle Obama. Hillary Clinton actually said Hillary Clinton Michelle Obama you don't Michelle Obama we ever. Take second -- on the ballot would she. Just remind everyone it's profile of Michelle Obama Everett back in 2000 in -- and her husband was just nearly candidate. And how. I read directly from the story took you out but I am sure -- your current and mountains and but I knew I kept in in my records and just found it all bottom line now. Quote Obama begins with a broad assessment of life in America in 2008. And life is not good in new Yorker writes. Where -- divided. Company. I'm sorry we are a divided country where a country that is just downright teen Michelle Obama said. We are and I quote Michelle Obama. Guided by Pierre. Wearing -- she -- Phoenix slots. In complacent. Six slots incomplete kids. Okay. Now don't mean neck out. -- and I cynical about her husband in the lately in the country absolutely. And my complacent. Clearly not because I screaming about it quite a bit and my -- a lot. I beg to differ because I worked very very very hard so that so many of my neighbors never have to work at all. Including ones -- go to the state house in in screech. To Deval Patrick. The Massachusetts governor say a seat played yes we can. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon. -- get to that later -- show unbelievable. So that don't work now time and what do you think you're on how -- our show with Michelle McPhee -- Right. Gallons. I did that -- OK -- that the -- And just I want it -- -- live via. You know. Fascination with Hillary -- in holding such highly guys. Okay. I used to and I -- at it and I'm. Very high -- You think. OK fine but I'm gonna tell you -- you know about Hillary Clinton. She's just as bad as Barack Obama cake which she was in the White House. Big detested the military detainee corporate mr. witty -- in the White House okay. All right now we can go back -- ever. Which he took the thousand dollar and she turned into 100 involved in the commodity EO. She member out the obvious sit -- -- idea. I say that you wouldn't -- at this Edmund Hillary she. -- a -- out that pilot line let me just got back on because of the why that would especially astonishing alongside. Was when she took sniper fire in Bosnia and fly right at this here a memory of like running right right and somebody. Writes I was stupid. The press was so it was videos that are murdered shortly after I heard it's ridiculous -- that showed this little girl walking that he -- heard the care how are you. Probably in colonel I can speak to that because -- meeting with the right thing. OK so now also mention the fact that -- thought it was a couple of blocks away when 9/11 happened. Okay which which totally untrue. This is about the clicked in okay want to blunt I don't want to convicted -- Our dedicated to her perturbed. I laid -- I'm -- I'm John awaited day you know this is the dream ticket for the Democrats it's not an atomic beating dream ticket how do you think that. The scary thing John is I think that there are enough voters clearly the want to put Deval Patrick back in opposite Massachusetts. And Obama back in the White House parent of voters who think that the rhetoric is. And see say point -- We say she darn good job -- -- she ever done a good job it would issue was this senator from New York or would issue with the secretary of state well. Upper -- make me shell what -- -- you're playing right hander people who don't listen very carefully what I said is back in 2000 and me Hillary Clinton had a lot more credibility. And Barack Obama. Even Chris our producer voted for Hillary in the primary. CD motivate Hillary in the primary. You know it given a choice between Barack Obama would never had a job. In Hillary Clinton who at least had some experience as a New York State senator. And at least you know -- watched he hate the -- wasn't all about up on development and have to admit I don't hear what the guy does with mark -- moment it's not my business. But I do care that we had. Not this trillion. Trillion dollar deficit with a TR trillion. But thanks shop weighing -- as always mark you are next on the comic art show. A lot at most airports are -- I don't I don't think during game is going to be Obama and Clinton. My I actually think that it's going to be Clinton and Clinton egg -- there was little dealer. We're not be unbelievable. That I I first see it happen and -- made -- I mean there's no plot against. Bill Clinton becoming vice president and for some reason everybody loves them. So I don't I don't see why it would grow them up on the ticket. And maybe that's why it's inevitable is the guy even though she -- But not only that but I think that a lot of women in this country that would love seeing Hillary Bob -- about box built around. Two -- president -- vice president. I think that's more than male fantasy and a female fantasy. You know most -- don't want -- Hillary do anything with bill because you just look at two of them and such discussed but thanks mark for the call Karen I'll ask you that question mark and you are on our car show with Michelle McPhee. I'm so thank you protect my -- I personally think that this. Hillary. So Obama to it would be intriguing for Republicans because. There's no way in the world door quietly vote to limit and often -- I don't know what look I would like to back you up on that but I what happened here in Massachusetts at a guy like Charlie Baker. Running and we had Deval Patrick who its tenth and last boy has written us off and we voted for the guy who just drug house. And I honestly it is despicable to me it's like hiring you know contractors to do work in your Condo. And even though they rob you blind you hire the same contractors come back into another job why would you do that I don't understand that mentality but we have it here and very. Dire way in Massachusetts. Obama surrogate opposite -- three or more years. By using shell as the take it and I. Could possibly happen. There could be interesting thank you make Hillary Michelle starring in and nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. Seconds or 97 aid bill you are next on how we are -- welcome. Well thank you very much. It's -- about artillery. Went so slowly around when he was governor. I she told them -- yard governor and I figured it will uncle government. Very she was you -- president and the president and the vice president and in the middle was typical president. Well I kid stuff and ever built Gabriel what -- -- million dollars. Study universal. National that we there are not listen -- they'll spend. Every game like sixty million dollars should go up the space. Don't pay attention to what's in front of their face in front and then knows bill people and pay attention to what's happening right out from under them. You know my property taxes just skyrocketed and -- to everyone in my knee in my building in my neighborhood. Everyone's property taxes which by the way Deval Patrick -- Massachusetts -- On a plaque on that he was the reduced property taxes in what McCain pulled. His friends to double dip in live in new he man and collect 200 grand for not showing up for work. I mean it's absurd but people I'll allow it to happen right under their noses do you think they gonna remember any of this history with the contents. Well the second dumbest person in the world is the American boat. Second only to Massachusetts well. Thank you -- for the call Mike you are next. I night. Shell. All I can enjoy is what you ask what you first work becomes your mind I -- just too busy stifling comatose. Get a word out I wanna get choked up spot. I have to because those two women a way tune outlook he now. There are a lot of women that I know there are high colleague chicks that. Find it impossible to get along with other women can you imagine the shallow mom -- Hillary scratching each other's eyes -- I mean is you know those two could get a line. Not a protected machine a small country at all Hillary large structure or what -- ripped off four. I mean I don't -- -- -- talking about Hillary left that I want cheap it just just just soaring -- so it was because. Where's where they left the White House the clintons short everything's great court ordered mayoral ballot. -- -- -- that the people staged a -- out. I mean that is unconscionable that's exactly what's happening under the golden dome of the Massachusetts Statehouse for decades they steal everything and then you see it and up on -- stars. In Vegas I kid junior high. I don't get into it too deeply that you know it happens all the time it's gross but might the real women that have something to offer to this country to have a great back story. Like me a lot of daughter of immigrant parents that work -- tails off to bring their daughter -- -- love couldn't even when it's T. Army is critical RE LP art. Right rotten Rasheed street Smart around four. It Condoleezza Rice meal and who was governor of Arizona it's it's such a great speech at the Republican Convention. Nikki -- another line I mean we agree women. There could run this country very well that -- team did -- all these history. The history of Vince Foster and cheating husbands. We just -- just all I am Michelle McPhee and this is. How we -- show.