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Chump Line Friday February 22, 2013 - Globe Sale

Feb 22, 2013|

Our favorite chump line message today was a reference to the sale of the Boston Globe and the recommendation that it be sold to Al Jazeera, they would not have to change content policy must.

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About Michelle Obama is waging a war on women who played golf because awards everybody knows what part of our own weapons to women and women. -- Cartoon. About these acts. -- -- -- And -- is expecting Clinton do. -- -- -- -- -- It would. And -- experience. Well. Now the world is coming to a head the world does Kevin to -- -- I tell you. I mean get some law welfare the Massachusetts at least the people of Massachusetts have something to celebrate today. It is a bit but this is communicate. That -- mention that it -- on -- but but the worry about this has been blown away if you worry about that can compete and I. -- would do if I'm thinking okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Minding going to be crazy you'd better I don't get out right now when I built. Well -- I'd be grateful I just mentioned it. You think and did they cancel school yet but Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Would be surprised -- they didn't. So the government particularly hard drive it forward or back annoying. And they can't get to -- itself that court and carriages. Unbelievable. Roger Clemens. To congress -- congressional. -- prosecutor and real time on it -- that race in the United States. Kidding me. And now we don't have any chance of ending -- at that year's traditional instant. This is an issue of national importance. It didn't act arrogant American. No it was great seeing it would -- -- karaoke last -- point you're really brought out that -- girls just wanna have fun. And we kept bra on that's -- Yeah then you university. Recommendation. For girls parade prevention. Our girls that at the T shirt that says don't race me bro on them. Just document those muscles. Fantastic don't need roads you'll -- need. Well that might accidentally pop up -- shot at the dog walker. I'd say the dispute go and then he got on board and that is that you. And body piercings interest -- Hawaii. And -- brands. In delivery. Of pizzas and all other assorted food items. This -- didn't play a part time people make beautiful island to themselves. You need about what. Mean not bad do you know -- ice. Many sweet yeah I would hardly think anyone would agree with the assessment that it's this week voice is soothing sounds of machine on the feet. Now that. Even at one of the newspapers thank. Of the tabloids but what why didn't -- thanks. Pocket money to ask this question. Which of the two newspapers has been breaking story after story after story. On the welfare issue. Let's just paper reported Elizabeth -- Was not in fact at Cherokee Indian which like what that that Harold yes. Picnic smoke -- all Al -- was that it -- Not do out there. They aren't that would -- go up. It is there is the best of Al -- selling his network to out here Al-Jazeera. The best part of that story was that he tried to do before the end of the year -- they would have to pay higher taxes. I mean talk about hypocrite speaking which reading to -- the update. On the insider trader investigation into the Heinz Field that financial magazine reporting netted our new secretary of state former Senator John Kerry. Almost a million bucks. -- couldn't give me the secretary of State's credibility here. And I have nothing. I have absolutely no nothing no credibility. He -- I mean I know I said that I was going to get rid of any questionable. Questionable love me. Investments by you know that Heinz I just couldn't do it behind us the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Hey you know Joseph Biden might be right that the economy were not going to be living -- got -- yet. So get a shot get it got there. I double barreled shotgun. In my neck intruder shows up in that wooded area -- live like I told my why chill. Fired two warning shots you want any bullets left after that the fire two warning shots. I'm not -- job money. I'm minding -- all funny. Well -- law. If you go very geeky guys. From my -- -- and if you your hands. I'm he was -- but being do. You know Mickey EDT -- -- that's on -- like us we get them it's. This guy is making money with that song now. This evening as -- -- the -- book in which it doesn't get a win here. My youth pastor. Yeah my opinion wouldn't it -- it. Is like how we kind fingers did not. She -- be uploading all how we are complying singer should be uploading videos to YouTube this guy. Already missing ADT's. He has already received about a half a million hits through this up on I paged you after nine hits of people advertising. On his song make in my -- even -- Who probably. Bad and good food good. -- we haven't change. The. Police -- change the globe Google does the sale. I mean look at the globe reported that John carried his wife had the I had removed from the front of the house I was. -- -- Anyone remember senior member of who broke that story I don't actually I just remember we're a good story lines -- his home of the best. Mean this fire hydrant I mean is just so -- site they could have been moved Liz immediately. Any idea. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling haven't tired you shout.