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Catsup Criminals

Feb 21, 2013|

The FBI is investigating suspicious trades placed ahead of the $23 billion acquisition of H.J. Heinz, the company owned by Secretary of State Kerry's wife. The Securities and Exchange Commission promptly froze a Swiss account linked to possible insider trading in the Heinz takeover. Guest host Michele McPhee asked will the Heinz/Kerry's be investigated or will they be given a pass because they are democrats.

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Or -- I think key is. Feeling a little bit better. But I would definitely want me. To mention this little story about Heinz. To back me up on that -- talk about Lovie. That the FBI is actually investigating the sale of Heinz. The ketchup company. Which of course is what made John Kerry -- the richest men. In the senate before he became our secretary of state. This is the story from the Washington Post. The FBI has launched a probe. Into suspected insider trading activity that took place YAB. Four. Eight. At 28. Kellyanne. -- debate -- catch up. Sold the 28 billion. -- by a private investment consortium. The FBI confirmed a criminal investigation on Tuesday. Days after the security. And exchange commission rose. A Swiss account that the agencies that was used by certain unknown traders to make highly suspicious trades. In advance of the Heinz Field. We are consulting with the at TC to determine if a crime was committed. -- a spokesperson. In the FBI's New York office. In the complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan. SEC alleged its active trader accused Goldman Sachs customer count in Zurich. To -- certain options than 90000 dollars. Those options. Where the very next day worth one point 79. So people could turn. Ninety grand into one point seven -- Them when you went who have secret information. That's part about the story in the Washington Post. -- noted John Kerry's name is not it. In neither is Teresa Heinz. This means are not in this story at all. So SEC froze that traders assets on Friday. Even though it cannot determine their identities. So does this story about this skiing am insider trading deal. But the sale of times that's when he billion dollars sale and yet somehow. There is no mention. Of the former Massachusetts senator John Kerry's involvement in that company up until. Very recently. Argue at John Kerry said that he was going to unload. Any stocks. That could potentially. Potentially. Be considered I don't now. Questionable how many the FBI term highly suspicious. Sort of yapping on -- 877. 4694322. That's 8774694322. Hanging out -- why. HJ Heinz. One guess. Warren Buffett. May not stink I haven't so Warren Buffett. Buddy buddy and Obama. And his company out of Brazil three -- capital. -- -- -- At 23 billion dollars in cash cash I mean I love to know what 23 billion in cash looks like. So -- -- rapids walk around a suitcase full of money. Or I guess I guess you would have to have a lot of trunks. Full of money. And then the next -- somebody. Using a Goldman Sachs accountants Switzerland. Size up these options for ninety grand that are than worth one point seven million. So does raise an eyebrow at this. Reportedly. Suggesting. That anyone. Close. To John Kerry. Had anything to do with this current FBI. Investigation. However. How is it even possible. That his team is not mention in any of these new stories. His connection to the company. Up until very recently. Isn't mentioned in any of these new stories Steve and I my mind and my and might miss reading this whole story welcome. I don't think so but my question if you would bet if John Kerry -- under ever. You know a lot or virtues of doing -- certain that the evidence you'll point toward them. Courtney will be prosecuted the possible today to take getting want to do that Democratic Party it actually bring them to trial. Think there's only one story in the -- Steve I just I just can't throw back tandem. Only -- story mentions the following at this is relevant when you consider what's going on right now. And watch a terror in me -- the traders aren't the only big winners in the deal. Recently confirmed secretary of state John Kerry is expected to net. Thousands of dollars. Through his in his -- investment in the company. While secretary Karrie has pledged to divest himself from many of his holdings Tynes was not one of them. Because it was like well why he dumped the stock was doing to -- and you that is pretty warm up I was about to make even more profitable. Why but I think -- like -- the bottom line and with I mean. Who cabinet government can actually bring these people a couple of -- issues keep getting away with that -- -- to administration -- outside of that. I mean you know what -- Although affect what topic I would -- -- anything that's been going on. There's nobody that's here to bring these people the chance that if if if it's got charted sort of turn -- church in anyway. And that's what I I saw all. Electorate it would appear that can't. It's probably not even talking about this I mean answer concern that the new secretary of state. Is going right huge windfall of money. From the sale of his wife's company Heinz to Warren Buffett's company but who -- cash by the way 23 billion in cash through his Brazilian company. In crowded these allegations that somebody was able to turn ninety grand in one point seven million dollar profit. And they did this out of an account a Swiss account. And Heinz stock price guy rocketed. So we are -- Kerry said he was ignited divest himself from these sorts of investment except a -- -- and you won't see it on the front page of the New York -- they all lead in the nightly news with this story and not also -- -- huge in jobs that. Bucket list to list that's kinda deal may have also produced a windfall the secretary of state John Kerry. Whose wife Teresa Heinz Kerry had as much as three million dollars. In Heinz stock as a twenty tank. The ketchup heiress was previously married to the late John Heinz the third it is worth a reported one point two Billy. Kerry has a party state. That you'll need to recuse himself in matters dealing with the kinds. Because quote. The investment of the trust and HJ Heinz company stock. Is greater -- their investment in other publicly traded stocks so another words translation. How did dump stocks that you guys might think a questionable except for Heinz 'cause it's worth a lot of lot of money. It -- illegal fashion ready to marry Erik -- In -- pretty much. How did -- pass honest. You know let the media it is simply unwilling to do anything about that and -- be accurate that you have an administration that controlling. -- get some -- of state you have this district that's controlling almost every single mom law enforcement Bobbie I mean. -- -- people into the jacket to put them interpreted positions where. You have all these members of congress on their side they -- tore apart from Iraq. If they really wanted to. I mean you really -- like some depreciated to really stand up to do that I just don't think that we have anybody backed government right now that really Willie. So like put themselves on the line in Tibet and they don't -- -- here on the side. They don't try to prosecute somebody -- it's simply not gonna carry. In it it it shoots it at stake or where our government and I mean it's just get in outfits get -- If you're comfortable it's it's it's trap then it's. It's not pocket change to put somebody in opposite it's that we would meant to this point by. Think we've pretty much is -- they feel liberal -- the law or any reproach opted to ignore the country should she beat out. No matter who -- Any US -- I'm just flabbergasted. That he has time carried now this is the same guy who avoided being attacked is on his seven million dollar yeah. By hiding like Rhode Island they would have to gain access -- -- in Massachusetts by the way the cheapest. Move you could consider when you realize. That there is a cap and luxury vehicles like -- So you only have to pay the tax apt to happen now. Artie he's on attacks it's already a pittance of what the yak is work skipped out and he also added as a business expense and with the right -- Now find out. That carry as part of his confirmation. Last month as a secretary of state agreed to divest holdings in dozens of companies. After leaving his Massachusetts senate seat the fact that he had all the things in dozens of companies in need so much money an insider trading before now is appalling not. But already he continue and this is not a left wing publication reading from politika. I carried the white. Teresa Heinz Kerry held at least three no lean in Heinz stock through family trusts which means that the couple. Couldn't. If financial portfolio controlled by hundreds of thousands of dollars in milk and that's an issue. Especially now that they're all these allegations an FBI probe. Right but here you have a group of people are classic people. Deck steel or you know and it's never a -- Gilbert street never have been held by the fire on any day I mean any thing. I mean you know you can just your wallet back Chappaquiddick -- like this but -- bring it up debate. They never been -- -- -- -- help for the same standard that the common guy like your iPad that help you know if you and. Re not as you're going to jail for a lot of that's been that's Steve thank you so much for the Kyle. Financial magazines reported last week they -- made 671000. Dollars. On that trade on that deal. So the carries mean almost a million bucks with that sale and nobody thinks that that's questionable. And nobody is calling him I mean evil rich guy and nobody's questioning his charitable donations and you heard the attacks on Mitt Romney earlier. I mean did you might ask reaching. The -- on -- -- does this seem somewhat question now. It was pretty suspect to meet its maximum. Sentence and smacks of favoritism. Favoritism I mean the secretary of state. He just we almost a million bucks on a deal where his wife's company was sold to Warren Buffett's company optional. And the FBI is investigating a measly one point 79 you know somebody got fatter in richer. Bill what do you think you are next on -- our show. -- -- -- -- She steps mentioned no evidence. What so ever are -- anything and everything about it and earns them our pockets which she's entitled little. It's not even a shred of evidence that you mentioned that that is being involved in insider trading. And yet you're flat forget that no one's talking about immigrants it's hurting you are like and I. I'm not saying I suggest -- -- uphill it's not average teaching that the guy needs 671000. Dollars and -- at separate. Question do you really think that this is appropriate that John Kerry said I'm going to divest on my portfolio holdings bill. -- yeah I'm the one that's about to make me a million the retreating by any member of congress here John Kerry. Or. Kelly hey hi it's should be questionable at this problems with it if people didn't question. All of this data incidence tricking you haven't mentioned the signal that -- piece of evidence of insider trading -- has not been crushed or perhaps. Larry investigation bill in 200. Or so it is and -- all and I don't. What might averaging parents don't want -- just making -- Ensure at any moral element now what exactly present you with a act when we got their -- And yeah he. And it. This is the -- that's -- screaming help bill and giving you an opportunity to present you with one factual statement that I mean. That it's not act up with facts you need to know why that -- You're right maybe that's weighing down on why he expect -- obese this and I day July making up about why did I say that you are taking umbrage -- -- that it is stocks because aren't these. -- that that's where -- -- the pictures. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't think it's a conflict of interest that has not bad John Carey was one of the people who was making the most money. On any deals I think you should be able to have. Any investments are you had to negotiate an -- and see. How they thought -- -- okay. To guide how and that driver and -- bumper stickers question authority but when he do you question authority. They huge huge being a republic in -- a -- are a -- there which I'm not. Is okay series -- okay it's a legitimate question. This is our car show. How are now I'm Michelle McPhee and holly -- 87746943. Two to. -- unbelievable community somebody. Somebody. Like bill. Could think that. It's completely appropriate. For people in Washington whether it's a senator the secretary of state to make colossal sums of money. But the sale of the company he's tied to. And did gain after the sale is an FBI investigation. And sound how I am wrong -- managing -- Somehow. It's a problem -- for us to question. Whether or not there is some untoward behavior is involved in the sale what do you think you're on how -- Arturo. I'm Michelle. Hello. Quote I'm actually from Philadelphia and I moved to Maine. I'm -- regard to the fact for that list caller what has brought don't Jon Corzine. Does he have the same opinion with Jon Corzine being able to put it. Exactly I mean Indy he would rip off little old ladies he he could be wiped out Jon Corzine appointed governor of New Jersey. He completely wiped out. Retirement funds. -- hundreds and or if not thousands of people in yet that I somehow escaped any sort of ramifications. And by the way let me just point out. They show this balloon that did what Obama does every day he set -- balls products. In this case -- huge huge saying that -- had committed a crime and that a tree. Let me be very clear you may know such accusation you talked about an investigation. That failure. That any of the news media made to mention carries connection to the company. And now it bothers me that -- could make money here -- tape. I mean that's the home made -- argument he stood behind that false argument. And the radiating people like John Kerry and John Corzine could be part. Of such American economic debacles inaction remain unchallenged is ludicrous to on nine regulatory. That's where this whole problems start there -- we can hold them accountable how regarded changes. It's never gonna change if they're not in jail and about -- set that precedent for other people it's never gonna change they're gonna continue to get away with it. That's all as an example does not just carrying kind it's not just Jon Corzine and his is hedge fund. It's Perry V in his apartments. It's Barack Obama's pal Valerie. What's her name jacket -- Jarrett. Jared and her connections to some slam -- and in her and I have a primary is that you don't. Now the Republican she was saying this -- -- The problem is there's no accountability there's the Justice Department is the bottom line where. Where I think all the blame should fall on because they don't they well represented the American people they don't they don't represent justice by any stretch of the imagination. And it is going to continue and every year that number of this hire people making more money. And it looked like I'd just say well they did again. Exactly -- you the very Department of Justice has disgrace with Eric Holder at the Helm. And it's not just about fast and furious in the black -- they're voting scandal. Have we in Massachusetts. Have completely shouldn't Democrat she was appointed to the job by John Kerry -- Ted Kennedy so I didn't have high hopes for Carmen Ortiz. But can't you island and Massachusetts I think we can both the test of the fact that Carmen Ortiz is taking down a lot of people. Wait wanting anyone else ever has including Diane -- and chuck -- Seldom -- and she has taking down a lot of people -- by. Now the Democratic Party is starting to vilify her because of sound Nike's from MIT killed himself. After he was charged with stealing is stealing textbooks and MIT kid that committed suicide. Hacker out a hacker -- -- -- commit suicide and somehow. That makes common short tees back prosecutor. And -- are attacking her. She actually locking people up and look what's happened to her than destroying her career. There was murmuring. That she is Hispanic female she was gonna run for governor and now they are kept fresher killed there. She had the gall to actually prosecute people. So that. Is exactly what John was just talking about you a 100% right and we need you'll have people in the Department of Justice they do it job. They are undermined by their own kind. -- you next on holly -- show with John McPhee. Yeah I was shocked with my report does perishable backpack go -- called the east stroll where there's a free country and you should be able -- -- which wants to. Age too bad but. That point was brought -- why it -- elections when Occupy Wall Street would want a full tilt. And convention every all the former Democrat. Order form for a -- the only people make your money on Wall Street where Republicans in the other -- the bad people and it's a Republican thing being wild. The educated Democrat shall -- -- active transit Wall Street and they weren't buying an Internet there's no -- -- -- on an. But they -- why. Nancy Pelosi got on TV IQ you know she was one of them that Walsh it would sympathize with them so they made it look like it was. Democrats against Republicans -- the only people making money on Wall Street Republicans. And it was Jewish pretty good and there India. -- election. In our federal and -- 100% right what I mean. Every wants to -- question on both sides of the aisle. But they are exempt from scrutiny in if you do try to scrutinize and you are. Vilify that they'll just tried to do to me. -- you have a democratic Hispanic woman the last who has actually locking people up in holding Democrats in the state accountable and what happens to her. -- and they're just trying her with -- unrelenting campaign. You know you have people. -- Margery Eagan -- Ridiculous -- about her and trying to take her down and frankly have a lot of respect for even though she was put in that job. By carrying Kennedy. Yeah it's short you know negotiated on writing those we know that there are there's there's -- -- act against -- it's stacked against. In any sort of investigations and carry whatever ritual was what it was. But it's a legitimate whatever I know it's it's so there's less it was wrong if you made -- at all that the an investigation. At that that's. Would you be investigation more importantly in -- and the fight I tried to make. When I became a little outraged by this. Is that there is not a single mention him most of the new stories about the 670. Million dollars that our new secretary of state. Former Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and his wife made. With this. Now questionable sale that is part of an FBI investigation because somebody. And I'm nineteen insider trader. Set up -- -- pound in Switzerland. And need. One point seven million on in 90000 dollar investment. Of all the church -- around enough for them. Democrats were a lot of money shall I know that you know they just into the same thing everybody else does. Bet that this is what America so I mean in -- right that's why -- actually like there's fires. Marriage it's a free country but will occupy wall streeters on TV and Democrats deciding what dumb and making it look like it's only Republicans -- Actually the application. -- aren't -- right here was. It would be senator Elizabeth warrant. Provided the intellectual. Foundation for Occupy Wall Street meanwhile she's flipping houses. That working class people couldn't afford the mortgage payments on any more back in our need to. Caught about people that have nobody interest look at Wal-Mart audition where obviously we're bigger than money for they don't understand that it was just -- it would just this Justine to get voted on this side in -- they want all of the etiquette of credit at work but it -- with edged down and dirty politics. Yes thank you very much for the call it's just like the Kennedy clan had so disgusting. Bobby Kennedy had left behind all these papers from his attorney general days. And those papers but given to Ethel Kennedy. -- F Kennedy refused to let me scholars look at them they would collecting dust it was a big controversy the globe even took on McCain's why. Why can't scholars look at this documentation. And that reason the globe discovered. Was that she was looking to see what they will work so she could use him as a tax write off. Write off. I'm documents that belong to the United States taxpayer part of our history. -- I want how much money Amy on the sale of JFK's bomber jacket that went for about 700 grand over the weekend didn't. But that was and Stanley selling that was that was unity given the the jacket I don't think that they might ask for cataract sales. No I don't well they definitely ask for a tax break on Bobby Kennedy's people work. So by the way somebody said Corzine stole. One billion from people not lost but still. I stand corrected 617. That started -- although I'm gonna show on the fetus is Alec our show. Good things -- rain investigative reporter red flags with the story. Why they have to know who opened the Goldman Sachs accounts in Switzerland to. No mention of John Kerry how much money they -- in 38. John Kerry. Didn't report his earnings before he was nominated high he refused to release his signs on the -- fetus is we our show.