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Celebrate Valentine's Day with Mayor Menino-

Feb 14, 2013|

Our special "Mayor" calls in about all things love!

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We welcome back getting clearly sources. Daughter Boston's Paul -- it's 6172666868. Is the number. It is my distinct honor and privilege. And now being joined by Mayor Menino. Pillow talk with Tommy. Mayor -- how are you -- -- good morning amnesty opponent sheriff to show America from a -- -- not tarnishing abortion tomorrow. We'll try -- towards Jeff and I are veteran cup week you're through watching. Forrester are. The prodded it shapes the way to come together and Lombard are -- -- enough. And now. Postpone can stop the -- been an arbitrary almond bark all week -- What -- you have -- -- here and that's sort of separate dates didn't shave off. Now Mara I hear that you guys can shoot free parking you've declared free parking in the city of Boston and -- -- -- showed we're a commercial out -- not been very -- -- -- mourns the bonds. Talent depth and amnesty you know. Reserve is -- going around they're used to work there -- finishing. The -- jet industry Barack you know -- No accurate we're burying a band broke through Europe through disrespect. Mayor we need some help with romance. And I just curious. What Shearer who love advice to the people of Boston. Well -- -- -- very important. Can thank god first energy Debbie Walsh because you know. You obviously more truck up. You know it's -- number true adage if it doesn't -- -- -- what you can't not funeral. Souls good to show up compared to school and this is a very good and it's institutional. Brokerage. Europe has been no more -- sharp drop. Shot dead at age is brought world do you go to work you know he's got -- people's. They're not cheat heartbreak you're sure to be English language news. To be our interest in corporate mysteriously. Forget your -- zero. Separate truck dormant. If there's critical look under fridge straight -- -- I'm I'm being serious spirit. From tropical. Mary I'm just curious. How did you meet your wife. -- -- really are struck while my personal or you know from march expressed. Surprise you share amount. Format via cripple you have. Married just -- Don't when you're remarkably quick thought applicator then -- -- year like with your wife in that you know in bad in the bedroom. Do you purity -- on the pillow you talk -- -- -- you guys saying nasty things to one another. -- -- Well people shrimp and -- interior are currently don't throw -- chart per. To build up distinguishing. You know work your security and since rewarded for a sure. Much up in that -- Will Ferrell. And android market neutral yeah there's. Gigabyte mayor could you could you give us an example manner. -- -- -- This couple gosh are feeling. Can you nervous. Current tour now if you don't like captain. Good question mark from dipped very Biersch sure going well for Valentine another Russian. He might wanna get that there -- -- nice girl. He was special. Announcement between security here at draft severe arterial. Security solution to -- abortion. You come down to you all that you caution. -- all week. You can get here they're grown up our white. One of them -- home. -- all. Says the Tora -- cause you surf the Europe Europe product integration. We're human -- And you can also this -- on Chia. So she can now you don't guarantee you've got just based. How do you get one of those autograph. Hard -- he personally. You have your significant other if it is bad guys -- We're weren't sure what jail. We're not. Optional off the prelude. Not a mark on and I when I looked down. And we're also going to be auctioneering are. Very -- photo. -- -- security work there. For additional thought the very -- Next time -- people opponent all week funeral is prepared to be cheering him. Sure and in the botched -- we're out of pocket. -- -- And they don't call for. -- I got to tell you. These are incredible gift ideas and suggestions. If you're doing an incredible job running the city of Boston. And we're gonna have you back on again soon mr. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're just continue people. Feel ashamed to be quick break your spirit dropped Mario -- throughout. Certain amount of pollen emotional people. -- and our program very contentious. Primary -- date. -- spiritual -- with a portrait. Before I before I let you go -- and I ask you one final question what did you get your wife for Valentine's Day. Well quite got to be aren't going to kick your -- -- -- you call in via the -- You can -- -- our belief that we need the money shall encourage people come down. Are these tips check your own in the launch your. -- membership -- -- in -- -- -- and I'm spirited Parker house right now to show. I don't really care ballpark in but you know should be should not burn your house gotten -- euphoria carpets parking. Very many know god bless you and thank you for coming on the corner report. -- -- You know that was. Pillow talk. We'll have more right after this break. On the weather report.