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Is That A Sock Puppet Or The Mainstream Media?

Jan 25, 2013|

Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings, author of the political book Panic 2012 revealed that journalists who covered President Obama during the 2012 campaign were sometimes so overcome by his presence that they would “lose their minds” and behave in “juvenile” and “amateurish” ways including interviewing the President through a sock puppet. Howie felt that mainstream media outlets have become so slanted they are not worth watching anymore.

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That this couple stories today about about the meeting mayor Ed Lee Ed Lee OK at least very. 1877. Shame on you weigh heavily. All right there's a couple of stories today about the reporters. The talking about the how how bad the reporting has gotten on. Enough. Barack Obama how how he never he never has to answer for any thing. There was a guy a Rolling Stone reporter named Michael he speaks and -- he was on the 2012. Campaign which was just completed. He's got an e-book out and he joined of all people Martin Bashir on Thursday. And he said that the during the campaign that the the reporters who were close to war who closed who would get close -- To war Barack Obama. Would. Would that gets the when they got close to whom they were quote lose their mind it's. And behave in juvenile and amateurish ways among other anecdotes he said the that he once had the opportunity to west the president some hard questions. But he was so moved by his presence that -- he only -- soft questions. Hastings revealed one anecdote in the book in which she described to Bashir in which an unnamed Wall Street Journal reporter attempted to interview the public public through the medium of a sock puppet. It was a pub but the look like Obama. Hastings said though he refused to imitate the squeaky voice that he said this reporter used in the moment. Hastings said the president found that particular episode to be very strange. So the reporter from Wall Street Journal puts on a sock puppet and that puts on a strange accent and tries to interview the president of the United States. That's the presence of Obama even on the press quarry on the people who follow him every day when -- near him they lose their mind sometimes Hastings said they start behaving in ways that are Jupiter -- hammer amateurish and they swoon. Do you think you -- if you watch if you want you -- -- him. I don't think I would -- I I don't. I mean I can't look like him. And I think a lot of people this way we can't that we can't we even listen to the guy on TV or we we can like watch them on TV we have to turn down the sound. Because it's gonna be so offensive to us. Be afraid this is now from bright part be afraid media woman ever hold Obama accountable for anything despite John -- there press guy. Over the past 44 hours have been a number of good columns published that take issue with outgoing secretary of state Hillary Clinton's testimony yesterday some -- congressional and senate Democrats for choosing the fawn all over Hillary. Instead of probing into the unnecessary deaths of four. Americans. Others like PJ media PJ -- Bryan Preston are rightfully angry at the Republicans were completely outgunned and out maneuvered by madame secretary. What really should worry every American though is the media. Over the past forty years I've watched the American Media closely and in doing so become aware patterns in the media's behavior. Well the media have always been biased against the GOP and in favor of -- there were still certain things you could count on it. Four for instance where the -- Republican or Democrat. You would always pay a heavy price for lying to the media. Also once a Democrat was safely elected the media were afraid to give that particular Paul -- should events warrant. And as she worries going with this -- Bill Clinton is a perfect example after it was safely settled into the early part of his first term the media dug in the Whitewater and Hillary's extraordinary. Overnight success and cattle futures. After Clinton was safely reelected him -- strikes let the cat out of the bag the media beat Clinton up over his affair with Monica Lewinsky at least until impeachment became a possibility. My point is the once upon a time the media we're still biased and unwilling to damages democrats' electoral chances but at least. Under certain circumstances we could expect Democrats to be held accountable for wrongdoing. No more. No more. Had this old pattern stayed true after Obama secured Israel election the media would have started to show real interest in the incompetence that caused the deaths of four Americans in Libya. And the administration she. Aim for deceptive events the cover up that up efforts to cover that point incompetence. As we all know for two crucial weeks during the 2012 election the White House repeatedly lied imported manufacturer phony narrative. That said that a successful terrorist attack committed -- al-Qaeda affiliate was instead the result of a spontaneous protest on bad. In other words it was something no one could possibly seen coming. Knowing this would not caring during the election the media circled Obama's Allison. Passionately played whack a mole against anyone who veered to anything that might turn the Libya coverup into real action liability. Most especially Mitt Romney that's why you know that's why Mitt Romney didn't go after because -- -- who was gonna get. He was going to be commercially mercilessly pounded if the went after him on on bin guys. What's knows that what we learned yesterday from the coverage surrounding Hillary's testimony is that even have to Obama has been safely sworn in for a second term the media are still guarding his -- And whether you're Republican or Democrat this is a very troubling thing. May -- I was doing my -- to expect the media to come around after the election -- after being lied to by Obama for weeks. I actually did expect the palace guarding to ease up a little bit but the quote madam secretary what difference does -- make. From the looks of it we've entered a new media error where the Obama administration will be protected at all costs. The media I think sees Obama as the avenue through which all that's left the left wing dreams might come true. And therefore they intend to do everything in their power to seize the moment. What are might have something to do with this to monitor somewhere around 500 media types and -- one another throughout the day. I think one of the consequences of this -- that real time communication is hardening of the collective group thing. It really is eye opening to watch these people mostly back and forth during the day the clique mentality the overwhelming desire to be loved and the -- to step off the narrative plantation. Is palpable most especially when the news gets it's like high school of all the bubble filled with the ambition -- And insecurity. That's what. Eugene McCarthy used to say about the political press he compared to birds Alia are on the telephone wire. One word flies on the wire in the -- on why. One bird flies off the wire. They all fly off the -- But you know is the of the disguise right job multi that with a tweet it's even it's even more pronounced it's even more instantaneous. I shouldn't make light of it though because the ramifications for our democracy are truly frightening we only have a power we know we have a president -- and need not -- -- media unwilling to report -- uncover anything that might set him back. We also have an entire political party just -- aware that it can now get away with anything. I don't use the word anything lightly when a White House's incompetence can result in the deaths of four Americans the media do not care that's pretty closely everything. When a white -- of what the media in the eye for over two weeks and why about those -- only to have the media circle around wagons on its behalf that picture breath away. This doesn't aiming even include Obama's failed jobless recovery are staggering deficit fast and furious they re emergence of al-Qaeda in the BP oil spill. The media attempting to turn everything into Watergate during the final six years of the last Bush Administration nor admitted to -- -- win. But at least I knew that the White House know what was being watched now we're seeing the exact opposite effect and it's frightening. So much power left unchecked never ends well. I you know I agree I agree I mean there's there is no -- there's a watchdog press anymore a lot of it has to do with just the fact that. That the the that the institution so once covered the the White House in the and the congress and the various state capitals that they don't have the power they -- to have there's a war all -- people been laid off at every level. Newspapers are our shadow of their former selves that the networks -- shadow of their former self. We're talking about a woman or a -- in New Hampshire last year that you know used to be that you go to New Hampshire and you see the network people. Am like they they they would have the best of everything the best equipment even you know the the that correspondence would be really impeccably dressed. You know they -- they they would look like they were a step above the local newscasters. Now -- however but he single ballot now but the heels you know there because -- there's there's few more of them. There -- they have few world listeners the advertising dollars are pouring in. But -- but that's good that's a minor point the caught the economy of the the economies of of the mass media. But the bigger point that this guy's making is that the interest it's totally in the tank. That's why -- you know. Barney Frank. -- was when he was a bitching and moaning about the having to run you know well for for congress for reelection and he said he did like going into these conservative areas and and one of the things he said was that the other countries on Micah -- to track system. That you know all the liberals read their own newspapers watch -- own TV shows. They have all the conservatives watched their own TV shows and read their own newspapers and there's never any they they there's never were in the it is the mixing of the two of the two -- That's why that's why the Fox News Channel so well because it's the only one. You know. It's it's not that the Fox News Channel is is perfect. By any means it's just that it has. It has its market it's 50% of America all to itself. Whereas a CBS NBC ABC MSNBC CNN that New York Times. In PRETC. They split up their 50%. 1877469432218774694322. It's it's just it's just astounding how why how how biased the media is in and use. And you see it just eat you don't know we'd we'd laugh about it you know when -- she -- happening in the year. It in the afternoon and when we we predict how it's going to be copper on the network newscast is the show. Is is on injury and the network newscast. And they it's it's always it's it's all if it's bad news for Republicans -- slowly that it's bad news for Democrats that it is. It's not believe edit them may not even make the the newscast at all or remember them you know what politics and calls your second body's got one more story one. But but it sticks most of my mind was -- -- we yet we're we have we're talking about gun control. And I forget what they thought what the be the event was booted up propelled gun control to the to the top of the national agenda but. We we have it we have this NBC crew and there are only so much for Lisa Myers beast. And we we took 25 calls when he five calls our. So we game and we appointing yourself that you go anyway they want it. 22 calls were pro god. Two recalls. Were anti -- So they used to calls. Out of out of the 25. On the NBC news that night you would you wanna guess what they work. Two anti god calls that's in the I -- on Conley licensing -- means she -- -- now. Yes and no they didn't death they don't they don't care it's was a big deal which to them I mean there -- you know we were just props. We were props. You callers were perhaps you know they -- it didn't it didn't really matter what we said there were -- they they they knew what. Big north they stayed one about the day and a legitimate -- major market talk show they're ready even if -- only one -- -- -- -- was -- -- for. Soul you know that they were -- they weren't interested in that would interest -- say surprisingly even in liberal Boston. Most people are pro gun now that wasn't the thing says. Across the country people were complaining about. The the terrible welfare areas impact of this Second Amendment in the National Rifle Association. Billiard next with how we cargo ahead bill. -- I -- Opel my check now and feel a little bit thanks to this city that is why spike caught. But to put that -- other people did it get pay a security portable -- starting. I know I don't understand that either bill -- me and he -- you -- -- when you work for the Boston Globe or the New York Times would -- like the economy could be. A little more robust you know maybe maybe he gets on display ads for department stores and media may be the real estate section could have its own. To have its own broad sheet section again instead of something that looks like idea flyer from your local like grade school newspaper you know. I mean don't don't they have but don't -- have a vested interest in and having a as successful economy. But -- -- brought the guy they vote for the guy who's gonna put a lot of business. It apathetic anecdotal. By the -- Talk sub culture succumb to the -- -- attack -- I don't. I know the public culture I mean I'd like to know you know what should congressional districts have must have the highest rate of by god murders in the country. I'll -- his district is in the top twenty. Yes I don't. Think. You. Two troubled by the company they keep look at want to kind of the -- -- it. So since the -- to actually light -- -- looked horrible horrible problem in the country and in people's republic of public. -- I know. It you know why I know I you know -- -- obviously with the people -- by covered in my life and I admit it and you know hung around. Mean I know a lot of people have gone that the -- but I know very few people have gone to the that have been caught packaged in income tax evasion which are right he's surrounded by people with that cut. It's his hit the White -- one man income tax invasion. -- school you know how. -- Want tool would not the goal ops they could. Seek to get there or use our tax -- I'd be let's say to these reports that good of -- -- the page acts of charity a lot of talent. President to -- like I where the people -- reflecting in that state yesterday in this set up -- its typical Republicans -- -- to guide them. And the war and who acted like the -- to Obama spoke with someone to I mean to tell you can. I know I you know bill you can't tell me they don't know that he's an empty suits you know how they always an empty suit but he's part of a club and they they really think this that you -- read this BS about this the world's most exclusive club. They actually believe it. Republican. Republicans by. This in this. Structure are still tore across for the last forty. Only. Thirty close of the thirty it's like 26 years he's been can you imagine that when he back I has been in the or 26 years what. What do you see effort by. That's why -- said -- -- -- -- where they probably get this a 193 million box. What. Didn't I mean if I want if I was -- a tease kids I'd be boldly if she gave if she gave about. A 193 million the can be going to me when she's gone. Did this to this empty suit you know. He's he is the matches that that is so typical but again nobody would ask the tough question. Even evil when he sets -- -- forty starts when he mentions in correctly. The you know be the 1971. Disgraceful appearance before frank churches committee. And talking about the you know the the atrocities in Vietnam he mentions that he brings he brought it up of his own accord and nobody would even. Ask him about it. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Media outlets are losing because few of us want to read watch or listen to stuff we know is boldly. Right -- the Hillary summed it up it's the answer to everything what difference does it make. Hey do you think Donald Trump will -- the New York Times now I don't think so I think this is just you know this is like him running for president he. This is a guy who's really addicted to war policies I mean he's not a bad guy like what he's done you know off the you know he's. He's -- brought some areas back and spent some of his own money and you know sort of save -- very nice building in the Palm Beach -- -- But he's addicted to publicity -- marked by the New York Times you know he would never -- the New York Times does it's a losing proposition. Nobody but the New York Times is area. Is not is is not going to be around for for long term they they -- they had a they have it is a story in the New York Post on a real later. The they have they they be tried to lay off thirty top ranking executives say they want to give home buy outs -- we got to get rid of them because they're still losing so much advertising and circulation. And you know only twelve -- of only twelve of the thirty people he needed to leave of their own volition left so another gonna blow him off why are they leaving. Because they know they're never gonna get another job. Now that they have they couldn't they probably couldn't get a job but you know the did that. -- -- a medium sized. City newspaper. Mean look at any newspaper. With the Providence journal -- Remember when they had Providence journal in the evening bullet in the evening bulletin it was a huge afternoon newspaper. Now there's nothing and now there is -- -- now now there's no war and now the in the journal looks like at Scott journalistic aids it's wasting away. Same thing in western New York Times paper in the Worcester Telegram -- it's a shadow over its former self and there is no evening paper the gazette is gone. These you know. I don't know at first by I -- first I thought they -- just look at for jobs is PR spokesman you know they wanna get a job as you know being the next a spokesman for the yeah. The -- regional. The regional flack for the FAA say or something like that. Now I think it's just they're they're more concerned about ideology than anything else they just become total total ideologues. They don't they're certainly not journalists. 18774694322. -- car. It's. 1877469432218774694322. Yard groped and in areas where they can we -- -- get the that the the New York -- so. -- one -- 2 and I am a lot of might. My fear and we were newspaper reader -- holidays whenever the date -- lived over the record America and The Herald the globe. Some days the mirror New York before one out of business and then you know that I'm going on -- New York for the world's fair. And and we we could we get you know go on the subway the queen's from Manhattan and and my father would buy all the papers and a especially afternoon papers you get to post the journal American. The world pilgrims on all of these papers -- the the they worked pretty hard I don't -- any of warm bacon because -- Beirut earlier they were heavens they won't get them. Bedeviled by strikes and they. They were heaven and just you know everything was changing the demographics were changing people or watch which -- a TV. It was harder to get the papers out of the city because the traffic was getting bad as a as more people weren't cars. But they were still they were still out there and and you know the thing is is they they worked hard the papers worked hard as a you know knowing that there were run that they that there was come this -- -- Coming reduction in the number of newspapers was shaking out of the number of newspapers say they worked really hard. And now although this is the same thing is happening with many fewer newspapers -- a lot of market survive but they don't. -- -- -- and it like getting the story stable rolled over -- -- they think the way they gonna get people back read in the papers is by speaking -- tool bottom. And the Democrats. In -- just that. I don't get it I don't get it you know -- said the used to be this joke about the the New York Post that -- -- Rupert Murdoch went into war big department store try to get some advertising you know as yet play at one time that the post had a million circulation. When they were silent for. Quarter some point that. And that would that the head of the department source you know understand Rupert your readers are are shoplifters. Mean -- the New York Times appealing to do with these stories mean there are appealing to shoplifters. They're purely to people who can't read the new one out they wanna be traded to you don't have to pay limit their product. Two way to an audience that that works for a -- You know rather than an audience that doesn't work for a living there that you can I gonna go to waste money off 3-D T card to -- New York Times Boston Globe. 18774694322. It's amazing it took two weeks for gas to fall four cents. And the media was all over it like it was a major victory gas went up five cents today -- they have wide now. We're those paper you read written on tree bark he. Didn't come going to be made sport of I remember the old I remember the old paper but I you know -- their their their people rubber boom many more papers that I do believe me that are still around. The decline is everywhere even a large city like New Orleans doesn't have the daily newspaper and it anymore that's for me Andrew and Atlanta. Yet they edit the at times Picayune only comes up three days a week. In Detroit the Detroit papers stored at two papers but they are basically yet they only come up three or four days a week the Detroit news in the Detroit Free Press. 18774694322. But walker recall election wasn't reported on Boston TV the night the election. Mean how bad is that. Mean they should they should be report I mean I guess that what they figure is if you care about the -- recall election -- we watch and the local -- you're gonna be when you're going to be watching. One of the of the cable newscast so they have to compete by showing you pictures of fires. -- but you know after after you've seen one fire youth scan ball now with -- money if they're not really bigger than not in your neighborhood. You get jaded by fires pretty quickly like rich you're next with how we cargo enrich. How it is frightening because you know the First Amendment was put there freedom of the press. So that it would hold these politicians accountable. People care more about the patriots and everything else and they don't realize what's happening because that low information voter such a great foray. It is it is just a bad that's the best praised -- come up within ten years. It's unbelievable they look at. -- -- gun control and he's got a tiger slam in terms of Mexico City right side. You know who knows how many Mexicans have been jailed for all the guidance it was going to be. Slandering a column by state they don't know -- only good you know all investigate these right. -- you know what that's that's another good point I mean how the the I didn't. Biden had this site gun panel and one of the guys on the gun being police from he's from Boston he was the head of the up police patrol -- association union. And his his son had been planning head down and a suburban high school on the South Shore had been planning a column -- mean gee I mean I shouldn't have -- Remarked upon. In the newspapers other than in the end you know a lot of a lot of the news rich gets posted in the on the message boards you know like yeah. Papers warning but the papers want even credits OBB I'll be the readers have to print that news. They certainly trash that your mother Wright for not locking up her weapons. It's just unbelievable. You know it. They don't and no information and if someone brings it up and you're a leader were. Ancient. Writer -- mean spirited. Or you know why you bringing even you know this -- that the back I was talking about was awake I mean it's you know -- but it's it's mean spirited because you're bringing up -- just trying to embarrass the president that's -- -- -- -- -- what about the real loose. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Howard -- you caught them Mort Zuckerman on fox the other evening clearly disappointed with -- Obama I wonder if that will change their editorial honesty at the daily news. The daily news has been all over this gun stuff you know like the day they're released I can't I -- -- -- -- him -- the daily news lately that I can't take this gun stuff you know I mean EU visa columnist partly these idiots like Mike Lupica you know exit. He's a jocks that for now they've got a writing all these gun -- she's like pure as Morgan who win the BC. Mean I can't that's you know don't don't that don't insult my intelligence with your god crusades. 18774694322187. How with the times doesn't cater to people who work because no one with a job has enough time to waste reading such a rag. I just I don't know I mean again it. You know the New York Times wouldn't wouldn't be on the on the merger by having the sellout -- to Carlos Slim the Mexican magnate. Or rock or -- proper forum imports higher. Book Bloomberg. If if they weren't it if if the economy was a little better -- -- they were the -- and the paper was the one batter and but the paper continues to endorse policies that are going to. Inevitably produce the demise of the New York Times dead -- and they can't they can't seem to figure that. I don't get it myself. Build your next with Howie -- go ahead bill. -- hit the same thing right across the board is but the people that voted for Obama. And I have I have -- I have authority of state. Did being -- on the fifth of Covert activity. I've got a brand in my head and I know damn right well that what happens if you vote for Obama. He takes away the things you voted for. You people would -- -- -- off here pretty soon you're not going to be able to fight to take it case. Or give me or anything else that he has his way to get these are MS should take -- away from an immediate people. Our -- a part of a trip to Europe. School. The school system which is public indoctrination system of course there ideologues. They don't know how to deal with that -- of the Obama speaks and they bought out. But against the bill they're supporting policies. That are that are this I mean I I know there's more to it than that this you know there's there's the Internet and technology in the lap of the increasing illiteracy. But there they are back all of these newspapers are backing economic policies that are that are playing a major role in the destruction. Their livelihoods. Do I can't I. I can't understand why they -- they can't get withdrew their heads you know you you don't you don't vote for somebody who's gonna put a lot of businesses go to what you want discrete. What do you think you gonna -- you think you're gonna get like at the going to be at the heavens that the S soup line because he you used to work for the New York Times and opened itself. Let them fail the sooner the better for all of us yeah that could be that could be. 18774694322. Point guard.