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All hail the Messiah, Obama- Obama

Jan 23, 2013|

The inauguration was the final nail in the coffin on Reagan-ism. Do you agree?

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You know. Yesterday was a very depressing -- very depressing for a lot of reasons number one. I had -- see at my place just outside of Washington DC. -- I don't know word Fitzsimmons got IEE eight me out of house and home. I've never seen a guy would have bigger appetite when he's not going forward is just it's as it was unbelievable. I said cooks make yourself at all. And he's just going into the frigid should've seen -- furthest left their Jeff -- that we must reject. Gently guided me I don't want -- that the regular mail you have was it Salmons never ailment the mail. -- Mike you know -- -- -- a -- is but this is not like a restaurant. And and right so but. We braved the cold we're outside. This city was descended. Descended upon. By Obama bots my Obama zombies. They showed up. Whenever he spoke -- his inaugural address yesterday. Almost every second word there were cheering there were clapping there were waving the flags. But I did notice to many in the crowd including. All one of Obama's daughters were often yawning. I mean even they found the speech. Boring. Predictable. And not much of a stem winder I'll tell you this much. And then this -- -- was one of the most remarkable things. Here you have all of this upon all of this ceremony. Where he is now being inaugurated. His second term is now officially being kicked off. And everybody keeps telling us how historic it is what do landmark it is how this is a new -- a new era in America. Everybody's comparing him now to link him. And how he's now ushering in a new era of big government liberalism. And yet -- I listened to his speech. It was riddled with cliches. He came across -- smug. Sanctimonious. Self absorbed it. It was a flat speech. It was an uninspiring speech. It almost seemed like many times delivered almost by a freshman professor. -- sophomore professor in college. Where it's almost American civics one on one with the liberal west to. It was a very disappointing speech on many levels. But at its fundamental core. It was now Obama. Unchained. It was now Obama we -- second term. Whereby he's telling the American people as he told Medvedev. To relate to Putin in Russia. And I I now have more flexibility. I will be more flexible without an election to deal with. And so being pragmatic Obama. At least rhetorically. Is gone. The post partisan and Obama. Is gone. This so called moderate Obama they try to present during the election campaign is gone. And it was a sweeping call. For a liberal. Transformation. Of the United States. And if you look at his speech. It wasn't even so much an inaugural speeches is what's stunned me normally if you look back in inaugural speeches. They lay out big bold vision. Big bold principles. And they try to always find at least a certain amount of common ground with the other side in other words to try to bring the country together. On some sort of a level. Where Arab people can relate to one another or Utley shares certain values and aspirations. This was a partisan speech it's almost wasn't partisan campaign speech. And it was basically him saying. I am now the liberal Lincoln. I am now in my second term. I am here to transform America. And we have a lot of work to do. And essentially at -- core. It was a not just of liberalism. Not just of progressive -- not just of big government. But fundamentally of collective -- That our goal as Americans. Is to become not an individual -- society. Not a society based on entrepreneurship. Or self reliance. But one based on the collective. And the good of the collective. It was this speech frankly. All the 21 century socialist. And so here is Obama. In his own words. Saying together. Anything is possible. But everything runs through Washington. Through the federal government and ultimately threw him the dear leader. Kevin -- clip one baby. Together we determined that a modern economy requires railroads and highways to speed travel and commerce in schools and colleges to train our workers know. Together we discovered that a free market only drives when -- rules to ensure competition. And fair play it now. Together. We resolved that a great nation must care for the vulnerable you know and protect its people from wife's worst hazards and misfortune. -- -- basically government does nanny state. The government does here to entrench the entitlement staked. Government here he mentioned Social Security move. -- what happened. -- Where are where are we on the air Kevin. OK and so I folks I don't know what just happened here. -- was almost like the Obama administration. Is almost like trying to infiltrate the show. And now they're they're it's almost like they're trying to disrupt us electronically like cyber warfare. But anyway I don't know where that came from -- the stock market in Japan a play it is stock market and Japan as worried. Stock market in Europe is worried stock markets everywhere worried. But the point is. This is him essentially saying -- if you look at the inaugural speech. Saying we need government to -- us through more railroads we need government to sort of -- is down through more rolled. We have to take care you mentioned Social Security Medicare Medicaid. Basically. The government as a nanny state that government as caretaker. The government as the protector. And creator of a modern European style entitlement state. That the essence of America. Is to put down elaborate cradle to grave safety net -- cradle to grave welfare state. It's no longer based upon. Personal responsibility. Self reliance. Individual achievement. A free market free enterprise system. Where everybody can achieve their full potential. In other words. Government. Is not the problem. Government. Is the solution. This is essentially the meaning of these inaugural address. And he laid out exactly this is a very liberal inaugural address may be the most liberal inaugural address this country's ever out. To me it's clearly was the most liberal. And if you look at them the way he itemized it. He was almost like a campaign speech. You radical feminism. The Lilly Ledbetter act supposedly equal pay for equal work which is a complete non non non issue but anyway they can -- they keep. -- They keep I keep running on that issue and they keep exploiting that issue over and over again. But let -- we do have essentially equal pay free board but the point is key. The war on women -- theme all life. Grace. He could he in this speech he talked about. Treating gays -- -- absolute fairness giving them gay rights. It was almost you look at gay rights. You look at gun control. You look at immigration. He reached out to Hispanics. He was again you could see him kicking off -- list. He's electoral list of every major constituency. That he said you're gonna be rewarded in my second term. Now contrast that. With Ronald Reagan's inaugural address. Contrasts and not. We think give first inaugural address. Where he famously said. Government is not the solution to our problems. Government. Is the problem. Kevin rural. And confessed that a little intellectual elite -- -- distant capital can plan -- as far as better than we can plan them ourselves. In this present crisis. Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem. It is time to reawaken this industrial giant. To get government back within it's means. And to lighten our punitive tax burden and these will be our first priorities and Gandhi's principles there will be no compromise. I mean just look at how clear spoke and he was. Look at how he stood for his principles. Look how Reagan embodied. The best of American exceptional wisdom. This sensitive individual achievement of an opportunity society. Of personal responsibility. But the government. I can trust that to Obama said yesterday just the clip that I played for you. The government does not -- a horrible you the government is not there to protect you and shelter you from the evil free market. But -- government's job is to get out of the way. So people like you and me can flourish and achieve. Our highest aspirations and potential. This was the essence of America. This has been the essence of the American dream this has been the essence of the American experience. And this fundamentally. Fundamentally. Is what Obama's inauguration means that his first term and now his second term. Which she has now laid bare laid open for everybody to see. Is Obama is saying I am the anti Reagan. I am the anti capitalist. I am here to say not that the air of big government is over as Bill Clinton and famously said in 1990 for life. I am here to say the era of big government is here to stay. And here is the dear leader. In his own words. Kevin -- clipped to. Where he says. We always have understood that when times change so must we that's fidelity to our founding principles requires your responses go Kevin. We have always understood that when times change. So -- we. The fidelity to our founding principles requires no responses to new challenges. The preserving our individual freedoms and ultimately requires. Collective action. For the American people can no more meet the demands of today's world my acting alone and American soldiers. Good metaphors of fascism or communism. We must -- some malicious. No single person can train all the math and science teachers won't need to quit our children for the future. We're building roads and networks and research labs and bring new jobs and businesses to our -- Now. More than ever. We must do these things together. As one nation and one people. I mean when he went on about one nation and one people honestly I was like on the right I invoke there was almost like. They Hitler but I -- I'm not like want one nation one people one right. You can see the collective -- and he's basically saying everything's got to be done through collective action. And this ridiculous comment about we couldn't have confronted face and confronting fascism and communism with must have some militia. Meaning we need big powerful centralized government to organize society. In almost every aspect of our life's. I mean frankly some parts of that I thought were just. To me almost chilling. Some parts -- that I thought were it was just ideological drivel. I thought this is a man who is completely disconnected from reality. This is not -- functioning successful societies work. But this could have been given that speech that we heard yesterday. Could've been given by any European socialist. This is something the president of France who recently got elected could have delivered. And so. When I look at the speech at the end of it I said here we have. He socialist president. Being lit big government liberal president. Who now unchained. From electoral constraints. Not having to worry about race and reelection. Is now basically completely coming out of the closet. And saying I am here to transform America. Into a European style social democracy. And that's where his inaugural speech was about. Now if you're able to stay awake and not fall asleep through the long meandering boring parts of -- that's the essential meaning. And so my question to use a simple want. Did you see this speech. Did you like his speech did you agree with the speech. He's this in the Obama's supporters did you do was this what you wanted. And to the others are out there big critics opponents of Obama. Did what did you make of this speech. Was this now. Obama. 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Should talk about the world do you live in Boston's only talk station is right here on CM 680 WRK okay. -- Historically very important not memorable. There's not a -- you will never be repeated. But I think very important historically. It is this was really Obama. And I think what's most dangerous thing is that Obama. Basically is declaring the end of rated news new -- Welcome back in the corner report this is Jeff corner bust them bulldozer. Cleaning up vote liberal bull. 6172666868. Is the number you can also text that -- 68680. That was so Fox News analyst and columnist Charles cross primary yesterday. I completely agree with him. Basically saying the inaugural speech. Was. Obama's coming out party Obama unplugged Obama unleashed. And basically saying the era of big government is here to stay. And reaganism. Is dead. Reagan is dead capitalism is dead traditional America as we know it is dead. 6172666868. Do you agree. What did you make of Obama's speech. Were you inspired by it were like me where you're depressed Tom thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. Welcome. I was depressed. There is one aspect. That I would like to -- as far as financial institutions changed and -- I don't know where he grew and grew up but. We need to put the Glass-Steagall act back in effect. Am I think you're familiar with about. Yes that's what divided -- basically commercial banking from investment banking correct. Yes that -- -- at least that's my unscientific. Theory that what created the housing boom. During. The bush years -- not Bush's policies but it was the repeal of that act. As well the community reinvestment act were basically the banks inflated so that. The price of housing by handing out loans to people mortgages -- people had no business. Getting a mortgage in the first place. And we unit taxpayer ended up bailing the banks out. Because there -- banks and took all these derivatives I don't wanna get too long key here right and then just started investing it everywhere and before you know what you -- amassing housing bubble. And pull off and a girlfriend I'd promised to reinforce your point the Glass-Steagall lack was repealed. Under the Clinton years this was I before bush. 1999. It was repealed vehicles -- absolutely and by the way I got my first forty hour check last week. Minus 31 dollars and 63 cents to -- well I don't make a whole lot of money but let's put it this way. I kept cheering Elizabeth Warren say -- the middle class is getting hammered -- my property taxes went up. -- federal taxes went up in my state taxes are about to go go up. You're on your payroll taxes have gone up. Yes so you have a middle class is getting hammered under a Democrat president. Thank you so much Tom. 6172666868. But don't worry about it because according to the media. We're we got Lincoln and the White House he's back. He didn't just came back black doesn't all of the games into the black Lincoln but basically Lincoln has been resurrected. They shaved the beard. He's African American. That's yet but we've got elected him back we're Godlington so -- that's -- consolation -- 617666868. Bob thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Good morning Jeff -- that it did this president is the quintessential use cops salesman. And it's anybody's ever worked -- -- auto dealership you know what I'm talking about basically you guys -- snake oil salesman. -- promise anybody any praying easily beat it and if he -- taken bully anybody can get what he wants. But would that says I think -- I think he overreached I think he's overreaching I think this is going to be a foul ball. The bet the worst the worst thing is to be all of a call that we saw that. With the patriots the other night. They if you cake and eat you've got you've got Obama thinking you've got everybody on this side you get the guy from CBS. Blogging on that post yesterday about how he got to drive a stake through the hot all the Republicans. Yeah I mean the -- common together and knowledge tied for the people have taken and rail against it. But let me ask you this -- -- because this was my impression. He -- is it me or does he take themselves way too seriously now I look at all of us his demeanor his facial expression. He comes across as smog as self righteous as self absorbed in my the only one Bob. Well I ended and I agree would you eat big if you look at him yesterday. He was the only one that knows what's good luck everybody in the country. Nobody's opinion matters except bridges and you're going to do would I say because IBM now the king. -- Obama. Exactly now you know I -- did Bob look I think you're right. I think it will not speech mark my words it even left many of his supporters cold and it was cold outside but I mean personally emotionally. Cold it left them cold it turned them off. Look notice nobody's raving about the speech. Nobody came out and said they you know I know his propaganda -- are saying the Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln well I'll tell you this about Lincoln. When Lincoln delivered a speech. It was a barn burner. When Lincoln delivered his speech people were just standing up I kid you not. There are reports they were on their chair Ers are under standing on their chairs. I don't wanna stand on my chair. I want to jump out of a window. My journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to know. -- is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving. -- -- immigrants who still -- America the -- the. Welcome back the other corner report this is Jeff Connor Boston's a bulldozer. Well millionaire. Did their leader. He was in -- form last night yesterday well last night was also in full smarmy he would inaugural ball after inaugural ball. They say they drank they had a good time they were bullying until the wee hours of the morning. But in his speech he laid it all out it was a sweet being called the progressive -- Don't touch Medicaid don't touch Medicare. Don't cut Social Security. I mean he hit everything. The climate change Israel. Overwhelming judgment that scientists assigned -- -- apparently were burning up according damn man made client -- climate change. Continue the war on women continue that theme. Gay marriage equality for homosexuals gay marriage. He talked about amnesty for illegal immigrants he opposed the motor IDs. Another stimulus to build infrastructure. I mean this was that this was a progressives. Wishlists this was a fantasy inauguration. That's -- Lansky. Must be dead and celebrating and dancing and Al -- mouth and in his grave I think he's he's also blogging in his grave. 6172666868. What did you make of this speech did you like kids or like me were you depressed by it. 6172666868. Bill you're up next go. Good morning out a belt failed a beautiful day yesterday at sort sect. You're happy operate. Seeing those wonderful American people here that the horse -- out -- -- have all -- just watching that you're great leader. -- saying it would appear organic. Meanwhile was so great about it. He's -- way out loud so no -- it is it is dead and bad we couldn't stop taking GM MR black men people. I mean really I mean you think you think bankrupting -- is taking care of us. George force suited for what year is about eight years but he's done mourn for the bush did an eight. -- I don't think a lot about Matsuzaka did by digging a deeper into the hole I loved it. You ain't got out of -- -- we -- -- what the dad bought a bill let me ask you this what was the national debt when Obama came into office. I wouldn't even want socks and billionaires are correct ten trillion. -- what is it now what is it now. It's extreme truly okay that's all he -- it out so I don't know I got out. I look at you dig deeper you dig deeper by digging us -- -- change the I know what what George Bush you want. How much how much -- judge or -- that got George Bush added about four trillion dollars to the national debt. Portal for the and so you clearly know. And I and and I and I hammered him every step of the way. I thought -- I got hammered on all I hammered him every step of the way this guy in four years my eight years. In four years is given a six trillion to the national debt and he's -- that -- -- Almonte and he's been out at least another four trillion. So let me ask you this by the time he's done this dear leader that you pray it's okay yeah. Is gonna put us ten trillion dollars in the hole. By the time he's done your children are gonna have a 400000. Dollar debt on their head. And you call that progress you're celebrating the let me ask what is bill are you want welfare monsters can you keep calling. Brawl no one product -- we know what what the volume government worker I'm not a talk show you the problem right -- you work for a living value edit the the the bad and thank god or overall guys that's right guys you. You try getting up at 3 in the morning and prepping for a show I don't think so I know look I. Don't the people that were there were obvious. They were people on welfare. Government workers but there. They federal bureaucracy shut down yesterday and they all came out -- celebrate the dear leader who's given them pay raise after pay raise. Pension rays after pension raised that we pay for. It was a freak show. I'm telling you what you rugby union hacks. You had the environmentalists. Are radical environmentalists. You read the anti war people you -- the welfare deadbeats. And then the kids I couldn't believe other busing and the kids. And you CDC is like a Hitler youth rally I swear to you or are a -- youth rally with their with the red flag they have the 67 year old kids. Raving the American flag and I'm thinking these kids don't even know what they're cheering. They don't even know what they're what they're pumping about so it's like doing indoctrinate the kids did dear leader did their leader. And then what morning again in America. Yes more debt yes. Keeping these entitlements that are gonna bankrupt us yes keep up the fiction of man made global warming yes amnesty to people who break our borders. Yes yes. -- I'm looking at this I'm thinking my god. Does anybody here have half a brain really -- for brain. Now. And by the way. While I and I saw a lot of those people the crowds right I know I'm an that we get -- miracle bowl weekend. I know where they were reading. There -- heading off literally to the Chinese restaurant. They're going off to Burger King they're going off to McDonald's normal fancy meals for them. Right after that inaugural you know -- good cheerleader went. Nice private lunch and we Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton dropped Francois -- you should've seen employer Hillary Clinton. You know what they're reading. Very I kid you not I kid you not there eating. -- steam blow up stir drew is sold with New England clam chowder SARS. They're having -- exotic sweet potatoes. Fillet mignon cooked just striped. Apple why I never knew it was possible. Apple pie with sour cream ice cream sour cream I scream. These people -- gorging like pigs. -- gorging at the trough. While they are all those supporters is -- a freezing. Freezing it's like the Politburo under the old Soviet Union the Communist leaders are are gorging at these all you can need banquets. Andy did the steps the suppose it what contrasts. The -- award goes of the Soviet Union. Are out there. Hungary getting out looking for a couple of prompts them. And notice he didn't talk about the economy. You would think. It's morning again in America. Nothing on jobs nothing on generating economic growth. Nothing like cutting our deficits nothing I'm cutting our debt -- it was more more more spend spend spend. 6172666868. Rich thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. Say good morning Joseph Torre good I'm -- you rich. Are right -- a couple of called leopard but I just wanted it created I didn't. We're going to Obama's speech because. Basically you could predict job. There -- company lying. There actually is going to I'm still out there. You're not government. If there are three hit side checks and balances you know only one man he -- see all. So I know how they accepted call Andrei. Who control -- -- purse strings and what we'd have to do they're finished then Hughes. Right I -- look Massachusetts congressional delegation. Be regarded as usual as Ray Emery got a bowl you know that is lower IQ. But I I will be writing letters. To all the key congress people you know -- in Maine. Sure and being -- -- and we had it citizens have to do this change. And caught without -- stand up against this brand and shut them out and fired him. Because of lack of confidence in his leadership basically that's all I have the search. Thanks so much -- look I think you're gonna see on being gauzy Moore is gonna come out on fast and furious Moore is gonna come out. -- this thing in Algeria. I want all of you to notice this this that you wanna talk about -- we talk about the you know he wants to reverse reaganism. Think of this as you want you you'll see the difference in the two men in this example. When Ronald Reagan was inaugurated literally. -- David he was inaugurated on January 20 1981. The Iranians released our hostages -- -- they had been holding for over 400 -- What happened when Obama was inaugurated. The Algerian terrorists. Linked to al-Qaeda. Killed even more hostages. They were they were seizing more American hostages and they were killing more American hostages. On the day that Obama was inaugurated. So when Reagan comes and Boston edges are released because the most feared him. Did you -- feared him. When did dear leader is inaugurated. They take a couple more and they kill. Now that tells you everything you should not. If I am a jihadist. I would say Obama. President paid for life elder president eight. Jeff -- are on the corner report I'll take all of your calls right after this break. We'll keep you talking at all.