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Max Robins Monday January 14, 2013 - The Good Wife And The Golden Globes

Jan 14, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...in particular this week they discussed The Good Wife, the Golden Globes and Downton Abbey.

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Monday afternoon and this time every Monday afternoon we are joined by Max were province. He is -- veteran broadcast. Journalist. Who -- a covered the broadcast industry for many years and IP TV and now he is the executive vice president of the paley center for media in the New York City. He's here to answer any questions you have about television. -- there. I am indeed. So I are are there is there any any news on on the TV front this this week all Watson is I mean last night's Golden Globes. People are calling this the best produce the -- however that it was actually funny. And ended on top pop up. Did it now. Yes. I think that a lot of good singers will be weirdness thanks to Jody Foster in. In all hall all the things you want in words. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did really good reviews for posts co host in in did anyone tell it to tell in Jodie Foster that -- -- also lonely and single. I think -- -- -- But the Golden -- almost twenty million people. Tuned in last night. Various NFL games. Here between twenty and thirty million viewers and Miss America. Seven point eight. -- wallop that's pretty pathetic isn't it well I think. The days of the beauty pageant. I Miss America was in September. The tickets it changed. Its. Nothing stays the same wealth somewhat what are your neighbors wasn't it was crowned Miss America right from Portland. Absolutely. And Park Slope. Thank you thank you very much a lovely place. And I guess she's on the big issue never run into were the local Starbucks. I haven't -- I have seen. You know I used to see. It's a -- a letter to in the neighborhood including. Michelle Williams and magically and it now and brother -- About it. 413 says we are addicted to American horror story the asylum will be back next year in what was story line but he. Don't know what the storyline will be yet we're gonna check it out for you but it should be back when his -- coming back funniest show on T that he. We'll get a date for you that that's with Julio and we try office on HBO. Get a date for the supplements. Is the show touched coming back on. I'm not sure got a double check what about a arrow and supernatural on the CW. I think those around. All right 18774694322. If you got a question for Max. Fire away Greg you're next with how we car Max Robbins from the paley center for media in New York City -- ahead Greg. Good afternoon folks. He -- Max I do know we've never talked about how we stay rich show on on showtime without the David -- show he would be able porn. What's most. Fit into. This country right Peter tree out of only way to -- With warm mystery 3000 theater with the war and -- with -- -- -- who what to what channel is -- -- -- -- What are. -- showtime showtime also so that is totally porn Greg. I don't know it's it's what he has a comic Connery has one of the adult film stars on the from the from the seventies or eighties. -- IC who's -- who's he had gone but I would now up and Obama and raw. I don't know Rolla you -- I don't know -- got -- our that would give us your thoughts -- like other. I'm talking about like Vanessa Del Rio. -- -- -- I interviewed her once. Once. Relaxed original -- -- the pilgrims the other it was there that. She was there on -- Saturday night and after you know Wilbur Mills you know felt -- into the orchestra pit chasing the Argentine firecracker. -- and most we have. Cordell what's -- we always covered those Saturday nights are performances of the pilgrim. And it's -- and petty touch. No I never reviewed Bettie Page so Greg social Vanessa -- were. I'm gonna guess Vanessa -- Del Rio was not holding number one issue wasn't hold out too well when I interviewed or thirty years ago. Thanks for the call 18774694322. How many of viewers is it is Lance Armstrong gonna get with operatives like. It's gonna be forty million somebody asks. The world. Yeah that's. Anymore. You know. QB QB toys yeah I know you know I know she's got this reputation and all but you know she's been gone for a while one would go with Barbara -- I think he thought he'd get more sympathetic. With -- She's more pro drug. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's it's it's sort of boils down with about it right it's Fries I mean it was -- Roger is so yeah. Yeah Andy your next with how we card Max -- go ahead and Juan. -- Question what I like that chilled the good -- but conventional eventually epic collapse under its obligation. You know have a lot of stop our and they -- and I'm just wondered -- that could be an issue would get that pay too much money to have the show made. Not that's a very profitable show for CBS it's you know one of the most successful dramas. I think it's very well produced show and and I love the people have been added to the cast I think. The Michael J. Fox character and how they use that whole story arc has been to -- What other question if I may you might -- and about the you know that they -- way too many bowl games but they tried to watch the Rose Bowl it's not on regular TV what happened idiot -- by a ball up and just. Not that many show up on regular TV or something. Yeah a lot of these a lot of these sports rights that mean they're going to the highest -- I mean how many people they present the question -- or how many people are watching these medium bowl games I mean other than the you know Notre Dame Alabama game which I which was over but the in the first quarter. You know. I think they're kidding I think it's it's maybe not quite as much as they used to. But you know you got these teams to beat college teams that have national following -- They get pretty good pretty good audience and the other thing they're getting is the quality audience advertisers want. -- you know after selling beer yourself consumer electronics so ours. You want you want young male audience and you know the ball games deliver. Okay mum it's he can you please ask him what people in the US cutesy -- Downton Abbey seasons quicker. That's just the deal that. PBS as. With with the BBC. These episodes on now here to here. I'm now of course we would not never. Never condone I was why would you still waiting on budget put it that way because that's where I don't have it and asked the questions so Gortat is is there a way to -- season three and now I've only heard is secondhand. Yes from some might touching neighbors. Other shady characters shady characters like -- -- support your via the center. That there are these these pirate sites where -- can. Indeed you watch you pretty much. Let's hope we don't condone it Crum is criminal minds is pigeon -- -- off the show for good how we she is definitely not guilty. Double check that I think she's still with the show is Jeff for these Bible challenge back. Don't know about that split that vote shocked now that I. It's to do every time except where -- you'll Norah you're watching it until Sharia and wife team mom and Al -- Jazeera. Let's see major crimes on TNT. Major crimes AT&T that that's the Chicago fire. It's okay we have a decision the second season. Started produced. Dan your next with Howie Carr and Max -- -- then. A Alley is. A match can you tell me what. That they get derail it as the Biggest Loser I mean you at all these horrible -- job well -- people. Opt to what exercise does -- this year saw. And I under -- -- disgusting what what's up well. Well before we get that let people -- -- Bible challenge will be act. Thursday. Saying thank god they. Can somebody shout amen. Brother. -- Biggest Loser I mean. Obviously you're watching -- asking me about it I think it shows where there's I think people it's like extreme takeover Armitage and people like to show with the field like this the support for years there's here. Pleasure and the other thing too it's. You know guys like me reconsider round with a bucket of fried chicken a couple of cold ones too. Well we can drop a few pounds. I'm not at. Max I got a new show for the monkey business channel I read all about it in the paper today this morning did you see this python hunter. The jury that story. No -- -- this -- uptight about -- -- that the pipe fonts have overrun the Everglades are killing off all the local wildlife so yeah a state of Florida just just decided to let people come in. And to shoot as many -- as they want that. Baby Watson to -- -- it's. A you know we're telling you they were they had these classes -- before -- -- -- they said here's how you handle a thirteen foot python. I thought the whole point was to shoot the thirteenth could -- I just don't I don't want to -- that. Q. I don't want any -- -- It's you know. She just returned for its foresees in favor mine. Sources justified. Came out of the gate. From Europe's overseas -- strong and one of the plots you know those. Kind of church -- church yeah. Talking on. Its Newton with the revelers the other travelers army couldn't fiddle around a pipe on you know the pipe that -- that what you eat it only counts you know snake -- -- only counts if it's poisonous are sort. How -- -- -- full partners. Don't know about you rolled -- -- they ran out bought a blog okay. OK but Nashville how's it going it's a great show it's on the bubble I really like it showed two. On the bubble it's it's interesting though it's. All these stories about Nashville is like I used to read about Austin fifty years ago. Seattle. Years ago it's have in place and I hope Mitchell makes it's good show music. It's easy to -- get into law bars without the -- -- -- -- -- that the bush twins right and will make -- return to CBS. Don't have a decision -- Vegas -- I know how you just remembered reminded me of what my favorite New York Post outlines what's that when when one of the -- girls. Though too tired and emotional. It was gin and tonic but but that's pretty good that that that's pretty good you know. Where is Deadliest Catch coming back. To at least get treated date for it looks like. The prospects for Vegas now -- And Sarah Jones welcome for worker wouldn't for a third series in three years something tells me she. We appointed spot for a in the monkey business apps. -- python trainer. -- mark your next with Howie Carr and Max -- score had marked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- Smart people. At all. You -- -- What. An uptick. At just one. What I. Take. I but the guys are so are basically buying their own studio. And Glenn -- trying to get a -- should handle. She has maybe a move to basically back all of it on -- Well. You know that's the South Park guys that meet their politics are all over the map out so. I don't think is about politics I think this is. This this is old -- mean you go back to the regional united artists. I mean I think this is more bad note. Whether it's Glenn -- -- Parker and -- on the South Park Mormon. If you've got the clout to make in the money I mean you want to control your own -- I think that's what it's about I don't pick this political well I mean you know week. It's like they've been around forever -- it you know -- recovering this business long enough I remember when you know Steven Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen started DreamWorks. And it's it's you know -- and Steve Jobs started Pixar I mean. These guys you know they have a vision and they don't wanna give bogged down in one of these mega conglomerate. Studios. I'm so so you know why. I think this mean how you remember that he originally united artists wasn't that like Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin you out a couple other premier Pickford a bunch of big star yeah it. You know we're gonna break the studio system we're gonna do the stuff we wanna do. Doesn't always. Don't always work -- didn't work for you know Humphrey Bogart when he went down in the zone I mean a couple of good movies but nothing like being a worker with Warner Bros. to -- the evident script. From what I understand I mean I don't think -- Glenn Beck has the Ricci had at the height in his popularity on fox by. He sure it certainly is doing exactly what he skated wants to do in I think it's catching pitching there big time yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know they were they were paying for the distribution -- -- I just don't know how long that distributions girl last Max number of serious you know now but they don't have vial or around the you know to say do you know war. And I've got friends in on Capitol Hill you know well the I gotta I gotta hold direct air Max thanks to bear with us and we'll talk again next Monday -- -- how we car.