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Pistol Packing Mother

Jan 11, 2013|

Police in Walton County, Georgia just released 911 calls from the husband of the woman who shot an intruder 6 times. In the call the husband told the wife " "If the intruder finds her, shoot him like he taught her". Does this story make you pump your fists for gun control?

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But all that some parent complained. That the air was -- violent video game. At a Massachusetts. Rest stop. And now the speed of Massachusetts. Has removed. Filing are key games from its highly service plaza. After any family. That's -- -- Associated Press story to me family. White family and only takes one Elliott is what it's in Italian with it for the children. I'm. Sorry. I niece and nephews. My house don't play violent video games I know that my sister -- doesn't that her son played video games. So if you -- family. With small children. In need don't want them to play violent video games. And don't give them -- are. Chris did it played arcade game is at fifty -- are quiet now that you have to. See don't give in to orders. No response from my family up be double -- I love that ot be heavily have rights. But later -- family. Raised concerns. About violent video games from a highly service Platt says. And that family and teams are Tracy and Andrew ions. Costa -- teams to remove well. And Nate said. They thought residents of Newtown Connecticut might stumble. Across them. Why it's. It. Now these aren't even from Massachusetts you write this any black kids. It's unbelievable. A couple of. Children were driving to Boston from New York on Christmas Eve when they stopped at a rest stop about an hour. Drive from Connecticut. And sorry young man pointing a life size toying machine gun at a video game machine. Was struck by the possibility. That's someone. Driving -- to the Christmas holiday might stumble across this scene they grow in an email message to the Department of Transportation. Now. You weren't you may or may not have heard me talk about the illegal immigrant killed Matthew. By Deval Patrick and -- Massachusetts judicial system a so called court system. I heard me tell you that story. But why families from New York send -- meet me out to the idiots in the DOT. -- Massachusetts. Who by the way can rip you off the three and it mysteriously. I have to return a phone call or email. But they get right. Acted as why -- feeling from new York and take. Us so I going to. Heatley -- every video game that could be deemed smiling -- rest stops in Massachusetts. -- response to the complaint Massachusetts authorities. Asked service plaza operators to run you about violent arcade games. Now I teams were placed on removed. Sorry. Sorry. Are now that this was school a public building. Needy might have a legitimate complaint even if you Lara -- ride from New York in not even a taxpayer Massachusetts maybe. Right thing. Wait you could be entirely responsible. For what night and he goes into the arcade area. -- -- To those pressed not to have to go to the arcade area it's completely separate from the rest of the facility. -- to actually find it. If you want you know. And now we've removed the dean's speech -- complaint by two New York his. Serious. 877469. What 322 at 877469. At 322. Mr. science it's this old man from those resting areas I appreciate. Featured on bath salts. Each other. It is. Why aren't too pilots. At the point. Of the apple little colored creatures on -- -- running around eating each other. And how that's DOT doesn't do anything about the Herbert roaming around at restaurants. So. You are right attitude DOT gets an immediate response to the removal of violent arcade games. But it DOT Brittany up at three grand. I charge in need of all. Amount every time I went through the tollbooth. Even -- I get the president does not forty cents you get no call back no justice get ripped off. But if you are -- writes from New York don't pay taxes in Massachusetts an action Vienna this violence -- islands. Unbelievable an out of control. But just like you won't see you won't say hey I'm not hearing -- -- as -- 911 call. Why isn't this being used at the safety course -- winning. While home alone may be just maybe. Something like this could have prevented. Jamie Kate's from the living with a gigantic star crossed -- -- her throw for the rest of her life. In the psychological stars of watching her mother be -- -- that by savage animals in our rural town in New Hampshire. Horses and to bring a surgical. And if you opened that door and shoot -- and share also welcome -- Autopilot and Joseph Torre. Into the bedroom. Parish which -- -- -- -- -- Yes we're dispassionately as right now. She shot and she sure that. She should she shouldn't you shouldn't focus. Pure and again. Sure and she's screaming her she shot him a lot. She shot him a lot. In guess what her. That woman Melinda and her to a nine year old twins are saying that Kirk is on a ventilator. Is that a happy ending to that story. I would say it's a much happier ending in the one -- family had him on burning in New Hampshire. But that's never gonna be part of the rational reasonable discussion has it it's 77469. Point 322. 413 said Michelle. I've I've given this some thought. I truly believe. That the Massachusetts DOT the Department of Transportation should immediately remove all frog -- games because it might inspire some kid. To dart through traffic on the Massachusetts turnpike. You know what you're actually frightful -- three you're absolutely right mean surge is this going to get Charles and next on how we our show. National. First of all oracle is not less fortunate at least try and start something here -- As far as gun control goes. Don't those people that you just -- on what was that woman shooting that purpose because. Yeah she is going to be scarred for so. And you know already and honestly the sheriff made that very point. The sheriff's said that she he had did chastise her luck you know is right. And is wrong and this was absolutely right. But he's still have to live with this in -- as well on you for the rest of life. That's right and it will -- news effective if people take the time so what. And find out what countries allow firearms. And the rate of crime in those countries. It's in itself. The -- and -- reporter. All of this country for more than two decades. And I can tell you an absolute pressure against that the gun control laws that we have in place to protect us against gang bangers and psychopaths are never. Ever implemented. Not appropriately nine New York where I work for ten years -- Massachusetts board and report the more than Kenya's. They do not work because that very strict laws but to get caught with a -- and you expose it to an automatic one year the partly -- -- Never. Ever. Is implement. I ask you what do you -- of -- -- what about the council lawyer misstatements. What do you know what's happening. You know what I I don't know I don't wanna say trials but I can tell you that's apparently the city of Melrose Massachusetts has a toy gun buy back program now. I not get rid of racing gators because that is defending illegals. They -- Johnson the concept -- acts on -- -- charged with child FEMA and. I think they -- call. Asked me. I I am I to implement it I'm not going carrier myself I'm actually can yield and the enemy. And I sleep with my nine millimeter rate on my night and I don't I don't have any children now. And I have to worry about that but. I had a -- -- who was -- him and I know my husband -- the way. And I great panel we've gotten pushed up against his head on the street or in that -- UConn and -- -- your history. I mean what she what she did that that white with her two children is very commendable and she you know she's going to be destroyed over. She actually destroyed. But you have to admire not only her swift action Stephanie -- get kids up into the Crosby's first list. Her right and you could tell that she was hysterical because her husband. God love them was very calmly reassuring her dragging his tone of voice I don't know by clever -- -- calm knowing that my kids and my wife. Where that close to -- 220 pound animal. Right and any people who -- -- that that support it you'd think he'd broken broken a permanent home. And then when he's not somebody -- retreat he wanted to go and welcome back. People from reporting him and -- and I tell them I don't care what anybody as he was gonna kill them. Exactly Stephanie now what is in it now Stephanie how would you have thought on the New Yorkers who are managed to. In whiny -- I started that they actually got confident in my Department of Transportation Trulli Italy because it's -- Deval Patrick agenda that they actually got to have to respond to them and respond swiftly they did. By getting Burger King McDonald's to remove all these. These video games Stephanie attach it -- sold me. -- my seven European played Super Mario Brothers he put on overalls and tried to smash its head complex on the sooner. You know and why hasn't anybody asked you parent ball where are you need these kids play games. I mean I guess a whole thing Stephanie it's like it is there anything. That suggests that somebody might wanna take some personal responsibility for themselves for their children apparent thing. Why does the government have to impose themselves and to every family dispute these days into what you're eating it plain what you doing -- -- the -- up. And here. No that's -- you know I please all of these games you know fodder and pac man and everything. I didn't go up becoming a cannibal one prayer playing these games fuel I don't kill an innocent animals and three I know logically not to go home plate traffic. It exactly deputy not to know logically that you can protect yourself looking at doing your own all. But that's not part of the conversation you don't get that 91 calls. And she shot and she shot him a lot. I mean not fist pump. That husband and be grateful that his wife and yes we'll be scared she'll be psychologically scarred but she's alive. In so are her kids bill in -- and -- are -- John McPhee. And lord how I. I'd like to walk a lot. The Biden Obama proposals -- to demonstrate. It's these people have no intention of fixing the problem because they want their suggestions that fail. So that they say are at work or get sick and still. -- -- What they're there what do they say these are capacity -- I can eclipse that's probably got rid of Ike capacity clips. OK so get. Also have to do is go in with a couple of states -- -- clips or quit several rounds somebody can walk. And bang bang bang bang bang bang. There. Aren't. There any image which we can go back and forth about clips and rounds and how many it takes him blob. The important things that I think people are missing is that Darren is truly discussion be had about the mental health community about. About the their drugs that are being used to treat psychosis that attack guy crazy. I'm Nora caller I don't think I was so crazy that -- shrink warned the school that he was potentially dangerous in the -- did not think crazy -- Newtown Connecticut. The -- up demonic. But it's sunny with eight years old if you look at them the old pictures that ABC news dug up. He -- in my neck. He was really just served as home feeling -- was setting himself -- beliefs. And Adam and his mother. Who by the way as a bar stool named after her at my place which you raise an eyebrow. But the reason she -- -- bar -- named after her high places because she went there every night complained about -- it was set himself on fire. I don't wanna -- I would be prudent to leave high powered weapons. Out in the open for her crazy. Pyro maniac Beavis and Butthead. Demonic kid to get a -- time. Right there don't let this. -- -- stupidity. I mean it's just crazy bell and then reaction these reactions. Expand not video games from rest stops because a new Yorker. Told us we should. I'd like to see you get back had a quick response from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation I think that's a part of the story Chris that bothered me the most. -- -- you shot an email to the DOT inquiring about the overcharges on a fast lane as he get. A swift response like that. Oh. Do you -- -- about you you think -- used shot up angry email at the Department of Transportation about all of the overcharges you -- playing they'd get right back Tia. I don't know the DOT they made they don't watch the -- this -- and and it pretty bad about parity bonds and the deep expect about blitzkrieg. I can't stop attacks and that that the liberal political correctness is ridiculous especially for Obama. -- you -- that Drudge Report that President Obama signed the bill. It's secret circuit protection arms to arrest -- like he used in -- and -- Yuma office. Sorry there's there's there's this so called friends of ours this hypocrite. Is it inside himself and -- and shell out for a lifetime protection and from the from the Secret Service this is ridiculous. I mean as witnessed so obscene about what he is saying -- -- -- his world this moment in Georgia. Who was powering. Terrify. At this monster is opening it back into what can you just imagine the sounds of that she's trying -- kids quiet so this guy doesn't bind them. She's got a two nine -- -- all crying she's whispering on the phone to her husband. And in this is an actual. -- -- -- -- That moment that's what woman's issue is gonna be our restaurant like you know Sully for Barack Obama and David Gregory and her precious children -- -- school. OK and there's a -- and armed -- Well school so others you know it it's so amazing how liberals. A lot to make rules for the little people look at the beautiful people have -- little senate rules and that's about that. Invite everything. Lot. Of what happened to this going through you know I don't know. The government was set up for reed and city he would have dictators like President Obama. Act like a monarchy in bright bill. That would guarantee that taxpayers have to put armed guards around him for the rest of his life -- I only fifty years old. Billions of dollars it costs the taxpayer million about perfect read. As wife -- and it and not his fault that this whole Barack Obama administration they should be ashamed that -- there. They happen notion that we we we don't have the first warriors we don't there's no shame coming out about White House and don't just look you'll -- respond with a lot. And -- and coalition. And in for rules that is disgraceful and how -- Eric Holder the part that he's been -- -- technical facts appear out of Mexico issue. About that -- how the idea that those fast and furious guns that remain missing by the way that Barack Obama issued an executive order. They -- in the privilege and not having to cooperate with congress even Eric Holder and now those guns were used not only to kill an American Border Patrol agent. Countless Mexican cops. Those and sprayed a birthday party in Mexico for small children but nobody wants to talk about that shooting. I don't our Mexican sort of -- don't care about that they care about the -- any hope you're -- And -- your -- that I'm hearing get on food stands like Ramon in the taxpayer funded so. Thank god for the call billion acts on how we are -- Michelle McPhee -- And show you where you are told in general the the husband and father listened to unfold. And traps that look what happened after the mayday call something. That's what we should be hearing today. We be hearing recording video of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Had a and the rest of them. Scrambling every resource they -- not. Locked away. -- Yeah I sock I drive and and I see it on the ticket like now guys nearly out of the plastic is that what it's Edmund investigate and got negate. I -- in gave this guy comes up it was a first time I'd seen -- actually take line. A question that every American should be demanding -- it Stew in the bumper sticker said very simply investigate and got seagate. I gave the -- I have a drop off the ground giving him the thumbs up. Yeah particularly if it's just like that bumper sticker all parents think it's it's just disappear in the rearview mirror. It's what I. Nice analogy bill -- nine. But we want to get well I thank you for the columns go to Chris Chris -- next on me how -- -- -- -- actress. -- -- -- I yelled we're tied at eight Maine and I work for our retail our -- One of six of which which will be held up in 2000 well. As an employee air we -- how much I'm -- it would. They you know people with concealed weapons on -- note that the idea really OK it was that. That's what I says that I hope that I had this somebody. I went to see zero dark thirty which I absolutely loved. And believe me I was one of the people who loudly complain that this is going to be biased in Obama's immediate boost from that and it was quite the opposite it was a very good sound was very apolitical and if anything Obama looked weakening. But the good movie but I digress. -- sitting there. At the Boston Loews movie theater. I thought to myself all for the love of god please let someone in here. Feel like and like an off duty cop with a guy and just in case -- the -- -- -- look around you realize is really no way to run. If some -- lunatic came. There's no way to -- here really doc anywhere and that was my first thought. Had upset pretty -- error has apparently it thanks for the call let's go to Jai -- got next on how -- our show with job entry. Yeah Michelle the first time caller. -- that they've -- even thought about -- support smoke that would automatically. Cool off in the theater school we could afford something like that I don't know how could possibly afford all these cops are gonna have to him. We have Ford and I have 500000. 500000 half a million people. I'm EDT -- system but some people are trying to use at the Apple Store -- pads. I -- funny what's the state and that's its 30000 which excuse me the state of Massachusetts can't find. And so we can afford one -- duty or are retired police officer military. Personnel at a school I don't have a problem about one -- on what I do have a problem McDowell. Are Ken writes from New York City -- one angry email to the Department of Transportation about arcade games. At Burger King in the Massachusetts rest stops. And the Massachusetts DOT. TV itself into action and pulls all that video games give a problem with that. -- well no -- but I think. Do we have the money for the cops and do this other thing if the death when obsolescence. Five seconds everybody couldn't see in front of them and they -- would step to overcome the people as far as the laughing gas type of thing. In that would did pretty much eliminate any thing going on after that. And I believe that they shot for the call I just got this image of some punk kid. Sentenced on nine minutes on marijuana pushing a laughing gas Biden by his right and then projector that that's a possibility crest. Roddy next on Natasha with Michelle -- welcome. Hey I don't myself first -- -- -- without a question I'm not a beer got. I'm a pretty equal. Thirteen -- military background. I hate spirit -- got a question. Professor from Florida and university an unidentified. So people would've been a crowd of people have been portrayed as parent. Bought a school that apple and Cingular shooting depending what. Are you don't wait a righty thanks for the call why did I have a feeling that that was not good and well did you press. What I jumping the gun with -- a ticket that call is about to block the deep end. It's apparently was this is not a car show I'm Michelle McPhee 877469. Point three. 22087746. I put three to two. Rick immaculate he would audio again and again several requests -- will play that -- -- call you one more time this atomic arsenal. I was cartel are 78. Sorry Clinton seven point 691322. Our top line 6177793469. I did indeed post that audio app on my FaceBook page -- Shalit now. And see. PH TE. But we promised everyone Chris we play it one last time -- -- -- three times and I still. Become jubilant. Each time. Someone posted on my page. I was at the doctor's office today I start on the news that I -- -- -- -- yeah hell yeah. Everywhere I went on to -- injured. To bring a surgical. And if he -- or should she -- -- here. Shares a lot of guess. -- car pull up and Joseph Torre. Into the bedroom. -- -- -- Number or actual. Or. Yes there -- dispassionately as right now. She shot and should shoot and shoot shoot shoot shoot and shoot open. Pure -- against. Surely. She's -- her she shot him a lot. I love it. I mean if what if this does not such a happy ending we would make fun of it but Chris could you not here like those slight bit of marital impatience in the guy's voice. I'm on the phone. But he was perfect husband. Remember -- and told you should and should and again. She should have got. This. Neat. Ever. More insistent that I too will be getting my guy impairments and it is not about that might this. Type of reaction as not part of this massive. Nationwide conversation on gun control. And I also urge all of you. What do you think what happened now Chris you also thought of pilots of that again. Is can you imagine if that was someone in Massachusetts make that call and the husband said you had begun remember what I taught you. Feet 901 dispatcher masters to be like. She does -- the bit like you're dressed her. -- think that might have been the reaction. In Massachusetts. Probably probably what do you think that night -- -- I would our show. Irish Dario. You got a call from a year people's republic of America. It's alerts and learners it is there that they are well you know down here we've got some what are your state senator. Just proposed a bill. And it's what their goal would do it would restrict our any gun that Albany except well -- ball. Well that should be helpful to the police officers out there in the streets. When Arab world where there at nine. Police the police doctors are out there and military go out by I mean no. 08. I operated flights that are out what you gotta be kidding. I don't look that up pat by you have to think about this -- and enjoy game just turn the riveting I'm on one com. She shot that 220 pound. -- like intruder and god only knows what his intentions where. And we only have to think of -- Kimberly Cates and her daughter and I'm very neat New Hampshire to know with the possibilities where. Sort he shot five times in the face and still. Got to that house got into his car and drove away until it crashed. Or five times in the face of one it probably would not have stopped at 220 pound psychopath. In that woman's house and Georgia. I'm thinking probably not -- -- that credit what was very thanks for thanks for playing out. -- -- Good for her is right Peter you -- next on how -- cartel welcome Peter. Pro is -- Are you familiar with the statement that Wayne Lapierre made. Oh last week that. The 08 not only the best way to stop a bad guy with a parent is with a good guy with a gut. I mean I've heard it -- probably you know 500. Law enforcement officers use that exact same line. And nylon or there's a crime reporter -- with nothing new about that. Yes well I would like to. Change that from your local -- in mathematical terms are you familiar with the blacks Warren. That ballet. You know. Note that the -- logic true. The black looks pretty traveled around the world. Rusty is arguing intern I just have to ask you dusty are we getting a bath salts to the callers. She's not a new agreement that appear to be about ten seconds to make cents. -- I hit. You wouldn't -- and nevermind. OK I mean -- me this that I had no clue what that -- talking about did you press. I don't think anybody did Jackie next on -- our show. Separate questions. Simple why weren't you carrying apathy and it amounted to protect everybody else. Because I live in Boston it's a long and drawn out process to get a gun permit him. Well -- up in Maine these costs to -- -- Article one section sixteen relate to keep and bear arms shall not be questioned. And -- There are we we have to get away from the conversation efficiently -- the conversation with a -- the debate. I -- helping you don't Jacqui just -- That gentlemen I'm gonna look -- alive at the break. A Texas advocate called the Barney fights and bill when they can only have one -- in the guy. Now look that and I hope they do -- -- the Barney -- bill. Because -- aren't dirty Harry Callahan 978 said I've seen thirty it's like SharePoint shields. Where where do we get overly short. Well I mean aren't aren't -- who is just handed a copy of the constitution dressed as a -- -- in. Yes piers Morgan was just handed a copy of the constitution are. We have already had no idea what that thing that you hate stepping. The constitution guarantees. Our rights we do not have constitutional. Right. We have rights guaranteed. Protected by the constitution. The right to keep and bear arms. Is explosive. And not up for debate. That's how we get in trouble we debated and so we have been talking about all this crazy stuff. Was anybody upset when the government can all of those kids in Waco. Now and -- it is look at. Nobody can argue that the needs to be discussion about gun control. In the wake of what happened in -- but I -- long argued that part of that discussion past two. Center around mental health. In people refuse. Refuse. To discuss. Why the mental health community why the drugs that crazy people. Where purse grabbed what kind of role that they play in what happened in those massacres Virginia Tech again I was crazy. Colorado. That I was so crazy that his own shrink contacted his university in one and that he could potentially be dangerous. Newtown Connecticut. Adam -- -- mom was going to her local Barbara. And she was very upset. About how her son she was losing him was a quote. She was losing him he was sinking into madness but that is never -- part of the conversation never part of the conversation at the existing laws partly fox. The existing that disposed to -- one year in prison for anyone caught with an illegal gun in the city of Boston. Never ever implemented Jimmy -- and Alec our show. I myself first I'm collar and pleasure TARP -- and I don't like to talk to probably sometime near the area you're great. But I have I've got a couple questions number one. But -- -- the -- that tape tonight on on MSNBC. They aren't inflated in Atlantic. I'm just kidding yeah yeah yeah I don't. Can they wouldn't think it mentioned the fact it is that simple if majority. But that's my my question is. All the the things that happened these horrible horrific things where people people I like this for. He was over there and anxiety. And I keep them back up to thirteen heroes Batman and at -- taxes three years ago. Why is going on with the families these poor sport it since you never hear anything about them. I mean my -- you can only imagine that the largest you know curled up in the fetal position. In absolute grief it's unimaginable. To try to survive with -- survives. -- Can't I mean I'm devastated I'm I'm 68 year old and I have a wife and three kids. And I would be just politely kept my heart out on my -- to kill distance -- some foolish reason like protect guided down there that terrorists in taxes. -- -- -- -- -- Exactly I mean that guy is getting. The G it's thank Egypt so much for the call Mary you're next on how we are welcome. Hello I thought -- -- -- -- up the bank for me. I want you to I would definitely that -- as if -- under the same movies. For protection I Kerry and nobody in Adelaide from the -- after it. Mary I asked about line that's what I have to say you pass the -- -- I want you to sit right next to me that Pakistan. I tell -- -- so. We can call a one shot. It's the employment opportunities for one. On can be made app will. Steal here. So now could be -- one and I could get right now I'm hearing. And -- in a couple companies weren't into it there's huge. Will ever get away from -- and every single for his appetite I'm not politicians should. I mean because everybody -- and so you know. That. Program that people being. In own battles and their lines in it. -- called. Me do a lot talk radio shall I want to know what actions. People. Don't we take. For our government -- -- that criminal are there. There the ones who are on spending spree vacation. Making. The world and -- out what every day. Already that this act act is that Obama is very much touched they're reality that you live in every day because that's why he just passed a law. He just made an executive order that he will have armed guards on him for the rest of his -- not the ten years. That has been customary. For the rest of his life this is how are challenged the tree.