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Protest over the name Redskins- and Kuhner agrees with it?!?!

Jan 11, 2013|

A call is going out to the Washington Redskins- change your name, it is offensive. Kuhner agrees. So, what should we call the team?

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Onto it then don't talk radio and now have an exclusive home days you've got it to endure Boston talk station. -- six CD WRJ. Oh are we. Welcome back to the corner record this is. Jeff -- Boston. Bulldozer cleaning up no liberal -- 6172666860. You can also expensive 686. City. Not to turn this into sports Friday. But last week as many of you know. Leave Washington Redskins have a fantastic rookie quarterback by the name of Robert Griffin the third is called RG three. He's a phenomenal talent he's quick he's trial he's an exciting player well he had a bad -- And he basically played on a very bad me. And I think to coach recklessly put them out on the field and he did serious damage to his -- He too warned he tore his ACLU -- -- SL. And now he may be out for the entire next season and he may never be the same player that he was -- event. The Redskins success. Has now again. Brought up a Nash and we and our national walk and a nationwide in national debate forgive me. Debate. On their name. And yeah. On her name and a lot of people including the mayor of Washington DC. Vincent Gray. Are now saying the Redskins must consider a name change. If their team is to move from FedEx Field which is in land over Maryland. They don't play in DC they play outside of DC just outside of DC and land over Maryland. And there's talked about having a stadium inside Washington DC belt. So the Redskins can come back and actually play in Washington. Now the mayor says that the only condition he's gonna impose a one of the key conditions. Is that if they're really serious about the team coming back to Washington. There's no doubt there's going to have to be as he put it -- discussion about their name. He said it's become a lightning rod and I would love to be able to sit down with the team and see if the change should be -- And this is mayor Vincent Gray of DC. Democratic hack if I ever saw one. Now. If I were mayor -- I would be begging for the Washington Redskins to come back into my city because frankly this city needs the rescue it's. They need the investment. They need them the the boost to businesses. To restaurants. The extra income he should. Very name is none of his business. He should be begging for them they come back and build a stadium and really help revitalize the downtown area of Washington for game number one. But now this is the key issue is the main. Now let me be very clear. The last thing Diane is politically correct many of you know that. The Atlanta Braves -- baseball team I don't care. The Florida so Florida State Seminoles and college football I don't care. Using native American names. Or native American tribes. Doesn't bother me in the least bit. I don't find it offensive. Nor do I find it offensive for example led notre Dame's name is that. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish because it was found that essentially. By Irish priests and Irish monks. And the Irish you know the the fighting Irish the Irish fight we fight. There's nothing wrong with that football is a martial sport. And if you wanna have Marshall names that's completely fine. I do agree though with many new American activists. I think they're completely right on the S. That the Redskins. Is not a martial -- The Redskins is not the name of some -- It is a racial slower. It is a disgusting racial slur that was used against native American Indians in the nineteenth century. Mocking the fact that their skin color for many of them happens to be read. Now. To mean it is the equivalent of having a -- and now forgive me because I have to use these examples I don't normally talk like this. But just to show you the shock value the offensive nature of this name. For example the Washington black faces. Fourth the Washington and or that I imagine if you had a team what do to a team let's it was a I think the New England Patriots by who is a great name. The patriots who helped fight the American revolution in 1776. -- I think it's a fantastic thing. But imagine if what if it was called the New England mixed. Or the New England walks. For the New England Hong peace. What what all of you say. They -- he would be in Nashville you know our. Half -- I mean you would say this is disgusting and this is clearly there -- racist clearly big it'd. Clearly profoundly deeply offensive. And it has no business. Being used as a name. And so I've been saying this for many years I used to always say this in Washington. Which got a lot of people are angry because the only people love that name are actually the sports fans in Washington. I don't know why but they love that Redskins name. It's tradition and it's history. It goes back decades how can you change this name and by the way many of them are Democrats and staunch liberals. Who claimed to be defenders of every minority group. And I say well what if there were called the Washington black faces. What if there were called to Washington and it's what if there were called the Washington mix or the Washington walks. Would you would you agree with that. Who'll. All because it's native American Indians and you never met one you never seen one did you throw them all away on reservations. -- not even see them. So you don't care -- -- small proportion of the population. That's why you don't give a damn. So why not just call them the Washington warriors. If you wanna keep the -- and logo or whatever that's fine. It's a symbol of strength of fighting ability that's fine or call whatever name you want. But why have any racial slur as part of your name. Tell me ask you this -- Jeff -- -- Chicago Blackhawks yes several OK that's fine. -- what the Redskins name. Not -- because Blackhawks is the name of a tribe I guess that battling tribal leader until the problem -- so isolated forest state seminoles small problem Atlanta Braves no problem. Because it's it's not insulting he isn't. A -- dressed as a compliment that. You know it's like saying spartans or the fighting Irish but no Redskins. Cooks -- literally Redskins. It was like Udall DN work. Except use -- towards native American Indians wore a mix of what would you rather call for the Irish column warriors call many think. So to look the only thing more embarrassing. Demean and terms of the Redskins organization. Is their prophetic owner Dan Snyder. -- entire upper management team or coach Mike Shanahan -- should be fired frankly. For how we mismanaged the RG three thing. But the any that the only thing more I disgraceful. Then the ownership of the Washington Redskins is their name. I think you're not -- -- it's off to them Hamas saying the government passed a force them to change their name. I'm just saying. Personally. If I was sitting in front of the owner Dan Snyder who say you know -- band. You've run this organization into the ground are horrible owner but if you wanna do at least one decent thing right on -- that racist name. Okay it's racist it's bigoted. And for some reason it's like chief spreading bowl here in Massachusetts. Elizabeth Warren the only people you can legitimately offend. And get away with -- in many ways our native American Indians. And so I he'll call me call me a left Winger call me a liberal but I think the -- should go what do you think. 617. Times -- 66868. Is the number frank thanks for holding welcome to the court. That's why I wanna make everybody happy here will just -- now law didn't column why are warriors. Your organs for. -- -- -- -- And other half I thought. A lot of the content then I love the -- I love that I seriously love it. John you're up next welcome to the -- report Jeff. I don't wanna get a romantic as legitimate big take -- while I write you up well with dual. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They are fighting against affirmative action trying to get a job. Let me be clear. Do you think it's offensive that they call the that big police truck patty wagon. Yeah I know I have to say that that people don't know that but that's the paddy wagon that term is because they kept up. The racial slur was there were hauling off drunken irishman. And so the term for the racial slur for Irish as you know his mic or patty yeah I think paddy wagons disgusting I never use that term. I think it's offensive I wanted to conservative hosts. You know I'm -- -- liberals borrowers or I'm telling you I think is disgusting I think is a lot of history of racism against the Irish. And I don't think if there were called -- Boston parties for the Boston mixed. I'm telling you people would be outraged. But it comes to the Indians you Ballmer redskin and everybody just laughs but that's just me Bob Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Yeah I guess I think they changed the symbol of Mass Pike around here rob -- people let's say around here they would change in name anti tank. I think -- TJ and NATO Russian desires. Actually. And John Europe next. Welcome to the -- report. Before jet fighter today until you John it sound like a true belt ordered it really brought -- -- -- Let's say -- cowboys. Like Robert cowboys better not -- -- in -- to -- -- at every stop on the -- get. But anyway two points. Want secure go back there were shall -- which was pretty. Probably bought SpinRite is 32. This year -- great spiel but the Boston baseball praised the beach in -- breaks. We lost the contract to stay at or it will certainly -- specifics but -- -- -- and we're cheaper so that all. I love it I love but look I personally -- me ask all of you this. If they awarded changed their name what should they change their name to. I love Warren's warriors. I mean I so I I love it I'm telling you I think -- perfect. The Washington watch the Washington -- warriors. We never win. We always lose some. Well they plan because they haven't Indians on the T. I could get fifty points just good this morning unveiled. Affirmative action in the ball. He started off with a three touchdown lead as a form of my compensation. Reparations very thing that happened you're up 410 don't. Let's -- Boston -- 6172666860. You can also exclusive six day six city. The Washington Redskins may be changing their name which I -- think is a good thing. What would you lose what would you call. If you could change the Redskins is -- what would you change it too I love Warren's warriors. There's the Washington -- scalpers. The Washington SARS. There's the Washington Lewinsky's. There's the Washington calorie counters. The Washington jobs. And we can have jobs doing the New York Giants -- don't have the full name written on their helmet we can just go JO BS right they're on their helmet. The non jobs jobs they keep creating -- what would your name number 6172666868. But thanks for holding Europe next on the ground report. -- you have you know I think you know -- make you wait too much about the -- my father of the New York City traffic he used to call at a patty wagon. As far as the Redskins are concerned that kind of -- Being a warrior and when when we used to when I was growing up from 57 and and they were. Ethnic jokes and stuff like that people laugh they didn't have shooting -- like column behind me didn't have to like -- or not it was a much better place. I think to make way too much -- -- -- the most good time I agree with it but not on this what. Just leave it alone let people have some fun. Thank you pat thanks for that you're calling for brand. I think a lot of people are on your -- their patent I think I'm in the minority on this one Mike you're up next welcome to the coroner report. But I agree with caddy write our. -- much ado about nothing but I -- to get that we don't change they have a couple of names of like this suggest to shoot. 000 Washington pale faces. Jay thanks we're holding. Good morning Chad thanks for us if they I get a couple play out about PR. Washington bullets I think that's opened or -- maybe the DC snipers to -- and it wouldn't be more open and so. I would just say the Washington crux. -- it is what the Washington trucks that hot hot spot. How can -- pinstripes I guess -- -- -- -- -- -- prison uniform they're only good to be instrument Oprah like out of prison uniform and -- be perfect. Tom you're up next welcome to the coroner report. HM. I know it's all ball being politically correct but it's been trusting that the air -- not recorders that they missed -- fighting so. And so liberals thought well -- tried to change the name and their -- thing is just such who. We're outraged they want good name back keeping cool little look it up. All right on all of them -- I mean I covered that story. Even the semi finals they love the Florida State some all the some -- tribal loves it. I actually think the F Florida State pays the seminoles for the right to use the name to. I mean even make some money out of yes -- god bless the American way. -- Europe next welcome to the contrary to your father -- your group saying this. I can't trust but that's a. You know what they are maybe in the in honor of the dear leader. While wages call them the Washington Obama's. Got sit. That said the damage is permanent mark in honor of the dear leader Greg you're up next welcome to -- report. Just finally someone it was common sense everybody is right or not it's. I have a they're not the only one -- Daughter -- but I love him even though we had a -- where you. Are so regarding gestational has been there while welcome haven't. They're in doubt how about BL Washington Conyers there would have -- -- Ironic that I love it Greg I think this one can even be better than why Warren's orders. But the Washington Tommy's. Well -- your coach during -- senior business is he going to be the lap dog out of water girl are a couple of. A compact but that's. Expects that. Guys throughout college -- that in all shall have to be the quarterback Joseph have to be the quarterback shares the control everything. -- god help us John you're up next welcome to recruit a report. Inkjet side of the ocean changes either as far as political court fiscal that we have to go. I think they roar from both sides of the beltway police. -- at the Washington bullies I love to -- done. Ron you're up next welcome to the -- report. I hate to break out of crazy would these names which no one questioned them well -- change your name to the wizard. -- -- kind of Weymouth and in the team's doctor and they were very strong when they were known as the board. No problem with the Redskins is his stock. A lot of you don't have your favorite favorite. If we change the name -- -- he may make them better we'll total for the Washington -- there's. This giant stirs up a I saw that call -- Ben -- up next welcome to the -- report. Yeah you. Another I don't know Washington donkey. Tax. Cut I liked it that's not bad it's broad Democrat it's the animal for the Democratic Party. But it also symbolizes this anyone big giant monkey. Won't moan don't go off the cliff lol -- don't spend our money that you don't have come comeback here comeback here. Thanks for that call man does this year up next no. Earlier this year directory problem all golf. It's the same will have known her injuries and they all have a warning either. Because they'll be people -- they wanted to have a place we're watching an executive order. Half -- It does mean is are you are you may have won it. You may have won it cooks can we offer anybody anything -- offering tickets or anything your books. She coach doesn't like to give away anything you could you don't -- money. I coordinator dusty I love that one this one could be the best one or the executive order seriously we disarm you from playing. We -- we don't allow you to enter the field not only that only the exact -- orders can play. I play with our hours. Are going to need the practice. And and well and everybody has to pay all of those -- of the paper the players is salaries it's only fair it's only here. Nancy how are you. Well Nancy you're on the -- Why nor -- the Washington was when. The High Court pop. Acts as a goodwill and. The argument that called Nancy. -- up next no. Like I gotta go we're fired a Washington here are these related warrant dancing. Senate -- this student set up our arms she gets dealt. Well they did sued for that one tanked for no I'm -- now all open up lawsuits and the thanks for thanks for that call and bring the miracle Mets welcomed the coroner report. What did you have good at this stage above that they're they have created as to what it is well I don't know went up. They'll let DP death but that dot. At all so how did that was the dogs. You made in Europe there not in the executive orders I would say 12. Any goal. The area. Meditation because the Washington -- them. The washing -- grifters. Boy -- Euro -- -- -- north the con -- the con artists. Sir I don't can't -- a shakedown artists the Washington shake -- artists like oh thank you so much -- the Dax lost. The Washington gangsters. All I'm not you're the last one no. What are what -- right. -- the Washington reds. All long non. Yeah just cut there Redskins -- reds. -- -- -- You nailed it said. And they can put Karl Marx literally Karl Marx some element it'll be perfect and just going on the corner report right back after his break.