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Chump Line Tuesday January 8, 2013 - Pelosi Congrats Boehner

Jan 8, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was Nancy Pelosi congratulating Speaker Boehner but with a back hand about his weeping.

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Each weekday. Pop out and found the. Didn't. You have you guys wouldn't. Yeah it. I was yeah. I guess she's using ghetto as a synonym for ill -- By the way do you need a Kleenex America -- -- at our crack at a -- Your Kleenex. It was almost sneeze. Why didn't so now I think I'm I think the crisis is past. And sorry but I didn't. Oh. -- -- was were underwear when I go to the doctor. And that's the only time. I'm more underwear when I wore tuxedos to the -- that the at -- all the breakers on your city's. I don't know why. It just seemed appropriate for the occasion. Right now is that this Morgan guy can be deported wouldn't think he is coming from England and expressing an opinion that some people don't like we don't have that kind of crap and America. I'd just like to see him deported because he's a Lee he should be going back to face the music like Alex Jones and I'm totally in agreement with Alex Jones on that. The big guy he is. A criminal. Fighting his own admission he -- phones and now he says no it's in my book I don't really hack phones. So you know what if what I would lie in his autobiography he's probably gonna lie just about any other. Aspect of his life. Old Al Gore here if I didn't expect when I said it's time for me to grow. Think below and let -- -- movement and convenience ruled out. It's amazing isn't. -- somebody wrote the other day that you know people like. People like Steve Jobs. Bill Gates have made it made them billions. Did make billions -- making products people like I mean our war. As use crony capitalism he created a product. But nobody wanted. Nobody. Wanted can you imagine that we have a country of 320. Million people are so. And of those 320 million people. At night 42000 of them watching his TV show his TV station and yet he makes a hundred million dollars selling it. The people who've grown rich rich. Off of fossil fuels. But he's not a hypocrite -- -- It wouldn't take his jacket off in the White House doesn't respect for the opposite critic wasn't he just body up under Obama now this -- didn't get. Get the single up it might get an -- altered those people that are ordinarily -- it down no longer actually. We'll share that story. I don't get it I really don't get it -- I would think that that there's you know there's certain. There's certain events in one's life that. But really not worthy of sharing with people end. I don't I don't understand that we even ten years ago with somebody told story like them on TV I don't think so. Go on and relax take your -- portico who is sent squads of street don't argue far. There's more food for thought -- how we look to watch what you eat. -- if you chicken nuggets are gonna stick around write a column electrical and not stick around -- -- from home. Only to later tonight but if you would like to thank the Calhoun is the premier Asian. Dining experience in -- Boston it's on route one -- in the so -- and they send over flying spread. Every Tuesday night at this time and and where we -- joined here in the studio by seagulls. From from the jock sniffing stations from the Beavis and Butthead station and everybody comes and and now dusty has seen what we get our new Internet scene now she's quite impressed with. This is the way it is in big time media graft. This good this is this is you're likely to -- choose to go into major market media dusty. It's the he. Communities. These. As being. I hope. I did wrong I would -- They should turn around last night and seen proposal Villard she would -- After she screamed. Did you see that quarterbacks go. I'll be executed date has been perhaps. That they -- -- -- little -- happening now as well born gay but she was made up. Dario. Role. You know -- name it's a Crimson Tide former all American quarterback. What is your name -- have to say about about miss miss Alabama. Could Joseph be reached for -- I couldn't care less about the team struggling. Joseph was so loaded last night he thought that the Alabama was notre day because the thought that's what that was his team and they just -- to -- where people call -- black. Oh here comes -- these. Maybe not. -- the candidate that stands out for -- Emmett Till. I'll always -- -- it's it's the -- it's just not we have got to get. I'll probably got called. What do you want me to say 18774. 3326. Well whenever it is the. The -- unions. Like the memorializing. Screw ups -- you know -- about all the millions of times I've come up with that number or nobody -- 62 record that Madonna wanna musings it's. It's 18774. 3326. Well whenever it's literally rent a purely from a legal. 1877. Georgia the bite of food -- -- -- number. Now I'm I'm I'm I'm the that it -- it. That was your last -- blank message thank you for calling out retired U -- All right that's it for the chump like today the complaint is the recorded voicemail message service about how we are sure you call -- leave a message at any hour of the day or night including weekends. The -- number of likely such a message is 617. 779346. -- hear that -- right to have 6177793469. We may or may not play your message. At this time he tweaked a and thank you. -- in he. Judy. It act. As being I hope. I did wrong I would -- You shout.