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Ann Coulter Peers Over The Edge Of The Cliff

Jan 2, 2013|

TV maven and best selling author Ann Coulter joined us for our weekly round up of politics, news and sarcasm..Both Ann and Howie felt the machinations surrounding the fiscal cliff and budget bills was just as bad as they expected it to be....

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We're joined now by -- by Ann Coulter the well known. Author and a -- a new current -- his mug and -- she's she's also you see your -- fox TV all the time. And you also see her or -- at various college campuses when she's not being banned from -- college campus and write -- and right LA. Well well we've avoided the fiscal cliff thank god don't you feel better today. Oh yeah I feel terrific. I've used I've heard. Snippets of what has happened and it's down. On every bit it's horrible that expecting it to be activists and I think I've said before is. Democrats have been and that they have the presidency something good is coming out of political. So I'm just watching you know a true pro line. TV ads Turner Classic Movies. And let you know what two years over. Yeah well I you know there there are some there are some amusing things like the fact that you know he Agassi he finishes his press conference at -- 1127. Last night and it and as of 1150. He's he's left the White House gone to -- is gone on to Marine One. The helicopter. Which took him to Andrews Air Force Base and he's on the way to Hawaii back to back to visit his spam. If three point six million man for Iran or around trip -- -- flight to Hawaii on Air Force One. Yes well that's good -- that just FedEx cup of the deals. Eddie gave a -- he gave a week to the photographers as if to say. I share screwed all you people who work for a living. Friday night and I understand Hollywood got a big tax breaks for. Yeah they did they did 248 million dollars in tax breaks and you know the nice thing I was try to explain this to a -- last hour ride and I don't we want to hear this. They give all these to these one year tax breaks in to watch it to these industries at the moll. Hollywood. The win the line. Yeah it's an end but there -- only for one year so guess what you that you can't fire your lobbyist. You're lobbyists will have to remain on the payroll delivering. Delivering cash. To the I've missed a chairman's tying him and he. And the spread that. That's a very good and and you know why. I do understand I work for the Senate Judiciary Committee and it used to drive me crazy we have these magnificent hearings that are really important topical issue adaptive path witnesses great statement. And genuine day and then one of my friends would call me and that's why aren't there Republicans saying. And I think we have an entire -- dominated the meeting you refused to cover its you know -- tree falling in the fourth but no one heard. So I understand what Republicans are up again in terms of did you get it and being a one party state. -- kill you would think the one thing Republicans. Even having only one half of one branch of government the one thing they'd be able to pull off you know maybe -- -- now that the the it was on the is. They would have been blamed if we had defaulted on -- And not the Democrats and not Obama but it's one thing it would be able to lock in is. He's tax hikes and improving tax hikes. On both liberals rich I mean Democrats keep claiming that rich -- winds are calm. We've got to raise tax no can't they give to -- -- bit more just a little bit more that they all but. Well paid off Hollywood really super rich the top 1% of 1%. I don't know all reported getting tax cut. But it's only. A quarter of a billion dollars. It's practically as they say now are rounding error. No I want them -- even though -- I want Hollywood accounting investigated. And I want them you know being I have to pay full poll taxes on all their dvd sales sales. I also want to know deduction for state and local taxes. Altitude is actually will be hit nearly as hard as liberal web videos. Massachusetts got back to -- happens about it. As New York California. Even Connecticut at this point. So these are all big Blue States whether conflict -- represented the Washington who wanna raise our taxes fine. But when you raise your taxes. People living in red states shouldn't be used with quote taxes or no taxes shouldn't be -- -- high tax states. I think there are few things like -- the Republicans ought to be able Paul Walker. We have -- I mean you know we have a whole list now called the of all the Obama supporters who who took their two took their own income tax breaks here. Google right you know about Google. Right the they've visited the -- subsidiary they they gave the global employees. Gave -- while Obama over Romney by a ratio of 31. One. All be all all these top people in Google aren't our -- Obama supporters you know all the guys all the Julia yeah. Right and Sergey Bratton. Eric Schmidt David drama and -- sir. Yeah last month global snuggle and subsidiary disclosed and attacks finding that shifted nearly ten billion in revenues toward Bermuda shell company. Yeah I thought liberals are very upset about the outlook. The film sounds subsidiary of State Capitol there. Right it's called capitalism. Said CEO Eric Schmidt an Obama supporter. What when. The Washington Post here's an editorial. Against Mitt Romney for embracing an America in which an ever greater -- the -- result huge wealth rest resides with the nation's wealthy at a time when quality already is growing. But that same company that owns that same newspaper the -- that. Decided to give -- when he thirteen dividends in 2012 to protect investors from having to pay higher Obama taxes -- air. Apparently. Design to -- -- beat Cristiano quality that the Washington Post has been not talking. Right right right I really think there's some things Republicans -- in that regard. It's Democrats who are the party yet and -- class warfare. But meanwhile I mean we just become more and more a lot of like a Communist country. Whether it's Obama care of the taxes. -- extremely rich and I don't mean the top 1% of current Intel calls. Bird. I mean the ones who will -- like John Kerry or inherited. You. Write or basically won a lottery in arms and another like that having been. Been born with some genetic beauty and he's very small brains -- the Hollywood actress. No I mean that kind of well. They're constantly getting off that they've they are like what Democrats try to demand that the top. 1% 5% of income earners are no taxes -- for the little people -- -- -- And Republicans have got to crack down on the Hollywood rich and and the Google bridge the dot com rich the green energy bridge the front of Obama outraged because they don't think -- on the top one person. Right you know one I I just was the given that they can I saw him on TV this morning as -- stationary bike club Warren Buffett. He's one of the biggest stockholders of the Washington Post you know. That did this sub maneuver that given up the 2013 dividends in 2012 -- how much she personally it's made on this deal. Seventeen million. I don't know doesn't. Costco will you know about that one Costco will borrow they that's a it's just these the co-founder Jim Senegal was a speaker that at the Charlotte convention last August. The Costco board of directors like the Washington Post voted to pay special seven dollar a share a year in dividends to avoid higher taxes Costco will borrow 3.5 billion the finance the payroll the pay. 3.5 billion to. Well we cannot -- one they make a profit stable pay. You know income taxes for their top executives whereas Warren Buffett built his entire -- although what he does for a living is in bad. This same -- I write books you work on radio while Warren Buffett's job is to invest money. And then he -- to be much much lower capital gains taxes not income tax despite. That being hit in the popcorn at the end -- the very -- loophole it was a little loophole. Specifically inserted into the IRS code because questions were -- but he hedge fund managers -- that on what if that's what you do for a living. You're not some little old lady who's worked her whole life but now -- investing my life savings. No she should not be paid in -- tax on. Whatever interests her invested money makes but it's what does for a living that should be taxed as income tax -- a loophole that the I arrest. Wrote a letter saying oh yes that you can brag about it at a much weight lower capital gain that. And then more about what goes around not saying. Not paying close this loophole but I'm taking advantage out Padres in come taxes. No no no no name come back with a -- to Warren Buffett. You're trying to raise might actually you that you come back billionaire. Right and of course that of course today nobody I didn't use and now. Nobody of course no one today mentioned his his seventeen million dollar windfall from the early Washington Post profits. You know by -- by the way that's the Washington Post is such a successful newspaper with its liberal policy that -- it only lost 56 million dollars. In the first three quarters of about 2012. It's. Mean they speculate that these liberal. Newspapers are going the wrong. Isn't it isn't it isn't a great. Pillars but it looks sort of invade but what we don't you still support for Amazon but the bookstores -- might vote he would not have been able to. You purchased them I want police start writing books about it on the Internet was big so I hate to find out that I -- I want writing books. And people actually just such a book. On no you know -- -- campaign everything on something like borders go out of business because we're year I could hear about how -- able to stop my books. On they tried my -- it -- -- bookstore. At -- same thing with the columnist you wanna the most important columnist in the country you know more about John -- in Chappaquiddick but any other living person. Why not -- not writing for the New York Times op Ed page. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Am and I still remember the date the first thing with the -- Republican Convention somehow found myself reading the op Ed page of the New York Times. And that both female columns. Gail Collins and Maureen Dowd. They both seem to be writing exactly the same column which. And I got down to the last paragraph and both of them in the last paragraph on the same day one on the left side of the -- one. Full column on the left side of the op Ed page the other on the one full column on the right side. They both mentioned Shamus the dog. Does that thing I don't your high you and I don't obsess about -- the -- Like taxes and jobs. And a million. With Obama. If -- -- no one believes there. The stupid thing -- -- -- what -- what you did kind of felt real confident going into this vote. The New York Times op Ed page -- female op Ed page writers that I -- anymore cleaned out and Paul -- They're OK here's another or FaceBook. Mark Zuckerberg the founder -- he told Obama that he's cool with paying taxes. But -- the co-founder of FaceBook Eduardo saverin renounced his American citizenship to evade nearly seventy million in taxes. And now now Zuckerberg and a half dozen FaceBook insiders are all skirting the estate and gift taxes. On their -- and we FaceBook shares held in the new -- trust the legal manure is called a grand or retained annuity trust org or not. And the total FaceBook tax avoidance some adds up to at least 200 million dollars. Yeah as the Soviet Union also get medical care what we're standing on line for our obamacare doctor. And then of course George Lucas you remember coming sold a sold out he's sold out in October and his people admitted that they sold to Disney on October. Because he was going he didn't wanna pay the higher taxes Indians in January. All but of course but but -- He's not agreed head he's going to set up in charitable corporation. -- -- -- And -- Dr. Dre young the highest paid musician in the world last year gangsta rapper turned music industry mobile rat. -- and an estimated 200 million. You know where he operates out of now. -- Obama as the County Cork Ireland it's. -- -- the Irish examiner newspaper explained that the elaborate structuring. Allows for money to be channeled between separate companies in the former royalty payments lights and speeds. To artificially but legitimately reduced profits as a means of reducing tax liabilities. And they sure -- we pay our fair share. Republican representative because this is what we want things happen. They want plot class warfare let's get a -- -- I agree I I agree you know and -- -- yeah. And yet but Boehner doesn't seem Boehner rob I guess -- you know we did the best he could but he got here art world and McConnell -- world and they'd bid now why and now Obama's says -- agreed to spending cuts buddy you know you're gonna have to have more tax increases. Right back and and -- for all all you're dependent. There are no II I -- -- I think I'm not a hundred in this equation at all what you are spending is bloody that's. Well it's you know my principal point for the Republicans that they don't -- -- the presidency. They're gonna get role was -- that nothing bold goal but do you ever have a fighting chance when he was somehow hoodwinked. And not a matter of being a link -- out voted they are going to be up motive for the next few years. And the two things I think they can do it as -- Repeatedly. -- separated on this program just now go after the truly rich and the other thing in the don't act like you're getting good deals just keeps saying -- were against this raising taxes to harm the economy. Obamacare it can harm the economy is going to hurt job her unemployment rate. But I'm sorry America you you voted for a democratic about it so if you don't like what you're about to be happening to the economy we need to remember that. In in November 10 years from -- We you don't do well when when the of people whose payroll taxes -- -- arms payroll taxes now Google while. 52%. There they're all gonna they're all gonna be angry at their employers' biggest. What did you duke. Obama told me I wasn't gonna get it wasn't gonna get you a tax increase. And you know and and you know what they're not gonna they're not gonna believe that Obama. But Obama did this to them they're gonna somehow blame -- the the Republicans -- the or the important people employed them. No you're right but though the message as an -- -- that everything Republicans up against we've got to -- -- before I -- remember. When Ronald Reagan was who was running for office and -- president there was no Internet talk radio. -- be extended to different it was nothing like it was now there was no fox -- -- there is no way. I'm getting the word out it's not impossible. I'm another thing is that quirky and recently. And compete. Ultimately -- did everything -- know all you are but it isn't it stunning and impressive back 30%. Of black males. Under the age of thirty voted performed -- well. They are the ones who are being hurt the most by illegal immigration policies they're the ones who are being hurt the most by -- by the Obama economy. 30% are black -- under thirty voted for Romney the message is getting there. And now. Don't know I think another thing you know I just wanted to mention today on this first first day in this first show the new year. The it's it's really good it's enough it's in national review one line it CO Victor energy normally your column. And he's got we we talked about this before but just the no it's not just the fact that these liberals who want everybody to pay their fair sheer except for them and then and then they go to them they go to County Cork Ireland. Despite. That's set up a shell corporation. But you know you know another thing the liberals don't do all these liberals that have so much compassion for the pork. They don't have to check. -- any charitable giving coach. Yeah. Yes I read about that. Is -- at the end of of my -- guilty. They aren't like this that these liberals know their idea Jerry is raising taxes on people who work for a living for the -- hire fewer people. On and then talk about how how incredibly generous and guilty they are they feel guilty this deal saying that's because my opening not to -- Know people who claim to feel guilty are never expect that guilt what they aren't resting is. I want to brag to you about my health wise it's deep feelings toward the poor about picking -- pocket. Right I'll I'll give them the shirt off your back. Here here it is sort of the by the Biden is this is 2008. -- serious this is 2007 the Biden's reported giving 995. Dollars in charitable donations last year three tenths of 1% of their income. And that's the highest amount in the past decade. Below -- a 120. Dollars in 1999. Which was about 110 of 1% of their yearly income. Yes that would definitely get good at both guilty and the other interesting fact is. Democrats are always bragging about five -- hit probably the poorest the United States that it -- in the least -- of any US senator. As this being you know what -- is something to brag about. Yes and filled with both Joseph Biden and his wife. Working or not I think about the government to -- the path we -- to -- decades. They are in the top one or 2% have been calmer. Right they have ice and they have a nice oceanfront or bay front home in Delaware. But there's a -- with a personal. Biden and his wife Jill gave one point 5% of their income away in 2011 with charitable donations totaling 5540. Out of 379000. And yet Mitt Romney gets blasted -- this load of crap. What he's given what he's high leaving and and more than high they aren't sure sure yeah yeah now. Giving up giving millions away and everybody in the you know some I am -- today was saying that they ought to while they let her. They ought to turn Mitt Mitt Romney upside down and shake out as pockets while the money falls out of his pockets. Mean when did anybody ever said about John Kerry who's who's even cheaper than Joseph Biden. Yet the other thing you have to look out with Democrats. Is and the Democrats you know their charitable giving is telling to become known to the public maximum liberal. We don't have to worry about that it -- starfish does not come off their wallets. But the other thing to look at is not just the amount that what is considered charity that would both give away but what charity they're going to their web. With the porous as the red state voter they will be giving to the poor and wounded veterans to their church -- to prison ministries. Went with -- people liberals like Nancy Pelosi their idea of charity. Is giving a large amount of money to the campus and go beltway or to their own children to private school. Or to their own children's up private trust fund so they can make a they can make a -- documentary. How about some Republican candidate for president that did not what she made ally Alexandra Pelosi made one of those. Yes it -- the dump some good ones I understand I don't think I've seen -- Life is too short to go to like a film by anyone named Pelosi yeah. So sore you're telling you gonna stay say sort of out of bed and and not not not pay much attention to although I must say like I didn't -- -- I didn't spend a lot of -- -- one last week thinking about it. I think it will be a need to know basis for May have. When they are talking about picking our -- away my ears perked up. But it's just this nonsense where you know how much am -- -- get screwed by Democrats that'd help Bob Klein and and okay at least we about the represented -- about the only one accountable legislative brilliance. I think ideal start writing about serial killer. You know in what would be good column in the was it was something in the weekly standard about it today. Somebody it was Howard -- you know -- used to work for the that paper Washington. Like right now it only works for the Daily Beast and -- he was that he was talking about how that they they had the crackdown on. Magazine clips or something like that only it were some there was some word that didn't make any sense as some forays. And it's it would be like if you pick up a sports page in the sports columnist was writing about. You know he he batted the football I don't know. Or the rest of the baseball -- for -- him how to get up at a hit none of these people know -- note note the any of the phrases and I must say I'm not -- -- good with the phrases but I you know. These people want to but you know what -- Column of economic column today. That I can't possibly pay attention to that book what negotiations that just. Just -- to death with every step today and -- and there may be many iterations of this column -- the the first version of about inventions. Yes things that annoys me. -- such as. The whole thing -- think any novelty. Is always an improvement know a lot of the a lot of improvements really stop. Among numb he didn't give removal. I don't think you bring her office button on telephone and now that's not an upgrade. I would dishwasher so violent you don't know if they're running. -- -- think well I've got a few other in the in the pipeline not not an invention but other other non political topics while we get through this. Horror of the next two years -- Yeah you're right about the dishwasher sometimes you know you you don't hear the dishwasher running. So you open it thinking that everything is so as -- YouTube and find some you pencil that you couldn't find on the -- usual place. And then you open it and all of a sudden your sprayed with a hot water because thing -- though. The next morning of the Clinton noted I'm taking out all dirty dishes because I want I want to you don't know what to Patel and. Do you Bobbie wouldn't stalling dishwasher in their -- what is the point of that. I I don't know I don't publicity and a 11 last thing you know you know they don't they don't call them assault rifles anymore do you notice that the -- that is now that phrase. That's phrase apparently doesn't test well with a focus groups. That might mean we've ridiculed it enough I guess is deeply family. It -- about it now they've got to know they've got a new phrase you know what it is. Military style rifles. Well I particularly like this because I mean it just shows what other ignore Raymond has these people are about the Second Amendment. But the they really have a Second Amendment is not because it's the founding fathers really like the duck hunting. If you could could completely the entire point of the constitution defend ourselves from tyrannical government liberal -- count on withering editorials from the New York Times. Also -- count on our block -- and because of that history. All of the European. Historians and constitutional but look at the Second Amendment including liberal. On -- that -- Arms referred I referred to win the Second Amendment are young and old arms used by the military. Yes so just say well -- the only armed we think yes I have -- don't know exactly the opposite that. The -- but we don't want the constitution specifically says we should out. But disappointed with the demand and it does bring -- Kramer knew. That's gone -- an excellent crime prevention -- but that wasn't the purpose of the Second Amendment. That they probably did enjoy shooting performance but that was not the purpose of the fact that. The purpose of the Second Amendment if you have a well armed populace so they tyrannical governments could could never Iraq. Hey I got a call I got that of a text -- here please asking him action ever comfortable -- I'm sure you VM has banter about perhaps Middlebury College. I I I particularly like going too well for one thing liberal causes but. Liberal colleges with a high SAT scores are the easiest because they're that Smart and and you -- have. Food items -- that you won't block out your your wife will not be in danger I can be fun to do but it gets a little user Smith College or hire some. But the highest -- -- liberal schools are a lot of fun like Middlebury. All my college speeches or books through you have to know that because Republicans they have to show enough interest. But they have raised some money whether -- -- students on their alumni and then apple subsidize the rest of it but yeah. I would love to go to plays Mike -- I think we got a lot of fun. So coupon pass that along you know to what about someone else wants and which of the attack god tag Romney who's a good guy he's one of Romney's sons. He's one that had she. He was gonna punch in this -- -- and things -- -- -- aerial Malario bottles gonna punch in the face does Larry O'Donnell's atop street kids from six -- in the Harvard you know so he's obviously you know candy -- distressing was that he was and the golden gloves on brattle street and Harvard. Square so but but did tag said that the Mitt didn't even wasn't even that can -- even really wanna run for president why why did he say something that. Really glad you're out -- and I understand entirely I think I think he's. I I think it was an error for him debate up I understand what what point he was making about it. I mean a point dive -- and made its two best president this country has ever -- but the only two who didn't want the job George Washington's Ronald Reagan. But doesn't mean. Ronald Reagan. Certainly not Mitt Romney did not work very hard but I mean that you and I think is blocked out who would wanna be present -- Romney was doing it but if you love this. Content but he ran for six. Yeah and my. Dad didn't want to be president. It really I think it -- trying to contract that what that was like the desperation of Al Gore which Oregon parents I think that's true but I think -- -- a lot better. If you're doubt one of the election. It sounds a lot worse right after just the most devastating blow. Right wing -- -- having an -- and it is long time this country so close so close but it's very hard to beat an incumbent and Barack Obama didn't have Teddy Kennedy primary -- until the convention as Jimmy Carter did and I've you know if you're it was a may or may not. Teddy Kennedy ran against Jimmy Carter in the democratic primary in 1980 -- the F. In in the primaries and the new York New Jersey Pennsylvania California. He was running against an incumbent democratic president this is -- incumbents tend to win they don't have to go to primary it was Jimmy Carter did. He also faced a third party candidate John Anderson about elections. Taking about those -- -- all -- some Carter not from Reagan. If if Rick -- didn't have those circumstances. We would want is probably about the same electorate Ronald Reagan had he would have won but still overall pretty but bloodied and bruised and surprised. I think Obama was surprised he won the election with this economy. But after that won't happen to have Romney's dog day. If you really want to be president I think what he meant it was it was a desperate -- it was quite the feather in his cap like Al Gore. But he wanted to do well by the -- Sure is a long time to spend a run for president six years cassettes along he spent -- Mean I mean he never. McClatchy then polygamy okay. We didn't like the Energizer bunny he would non stop and it would be one thing people always these schools who are like Fred Thompson or even a little bit John McCain's. You can not vanity Mitt Romney did not do everything he could've done to want to hand. The media it was 100% for Obama Obama didn't have a primary and he's been working on -- -- Iowa in the last hundred. Since before he became president with the auto bailout. Right now he's and he's -- increased the food stamp recipients by what 50%. The the BS SDI. Coal port has has doubled you know I mean these -- haven't been well. The Obama filings for. He's been working on reelection for four years and Romney a two month. All right and thanks for being with us we appreciated -- partying next weekend -- the author of the new book -- 18774694322. And now we car.