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Reporting For Duty

Dec 21, 2012|

John Kerry is reporting for duty at The State Department. President Obama says he has had an exemplary career. Howie wondered whose career he was talking about although he was happy at the prospect of Kerry leaving the state.

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Are you -- glad that John Kerry in leaving Massachusetts. I am extraordinarily. Latin. 64%. Now with your brother Santo. Sick and could need not bring me anything this year because I've had. I've got my gift a little bit early. -- Kerry and I am. Rough morning for duty. OK Joseph send -- your last name might need your last name enough story can just a distant yet. Just I like to put people's last names on -- thing and a world will get up. And I'm just rating here. And I got Paul Paul wants an -- all. OK in the we get back this just a moment. -- target that and argue that. OK let's go back to talking about John Kerry I'm just so again where were all very happy that John Kerry. Is is is leaving in Hampshire is gonna do a really good job he speaks French she. He he knows how to order wine although sometimes he gets. He he he gets. Very you unable to tell which one and he wants the order he. He can make up his mind as we know we -- we can't make up EC says this history of not making up his mind he voted for the 87 billion beef were voted against the 87 billion. I actually did vote parties dollars. Before I voted against it. And endorse a guy in Newton. That in 1991 during the first gulf war when he sent cinema letter saying you know I agree with what I agree with but what you said and I I -- I'm opposed to this war as well. In Minot couple days later the same guy in Newton got a letter saying your yacht you know what -- I do agree with you why am for this war. So. It's. You know it is is Bulger said that year was touch and go at the saint Patrick they breakfast it was touch and go for awhile but. He finally came out on -- finally came out on our side of that war. 1877469432218774694322. Howard will Kerry's nomination be approved by acclamation in the senate they probably can't wait to rid themselves of the sultan of self righteousness. That's promote green. The guy I mean I don't I don't ask me why they like him but I got off they all like him but the McCain likes of McCain's the one that counts in this case -- he's via. He's the he's the other -- the other Vietnam vet -- warned that the other important Vietnam in the senate. 18774694322. Officer mark your next with how we card -- an officer mark. Yes that is by what would you like what would you like brother. Well for Barack Kwanzaa. Is there a more appropriate gifts. Approach today's solstice and John Kerry getting -- up the. If you bring a little plastic -- guided weapons with places. Places and. There you know it doesn't it doesn't really it doesn't this really mark the start of the holiday season I mean. Everywhere I go people have a smile on their face just thinking this guy is no longer going to be representing them in the US senate. I woke up too wet snow this morning with that when I put the new. To brighten my day you know a lot of the we're finally go to be rid of this guy I mean think about it with his knowledge of the world and is languages. So be able to Trace the historic route of the judges com yes and and then I -- we will be able spread the sport of wind surfing throughout -- civilized. World that's right that's right because I don't like sometimes you don't they they'd be you know we have we sit peace corps we tried to -- inculcate the the the natives in our western ways right so maybe -- can teach may -- can teach the natives of Madagascar aren't. Another island nations and -- -- long coastline -- how to win -- Although he'll start I really don't a windsurfing -- Liechtenstein and. Or listen all -- Somali pirates it's a lot more fun to win -- than it is to war to have to board the ships when you never know what you're walking you're in true. As close as they -- you know well my name was conspicuously. Off the list of people expect to get. I did not have the chance to make my personal visit as I do each year due to some to -- monkey business that's going on. But anyway in the true all. Tradition of learning from a master remaining mainly you. After the holidays I hope we give the best thing that I had gotten people UNC. That's that that that's that's all that matters officer Martin did -- some democracy. You did send us a powerball ticket too by the way and I don't think we've forgotten that. But that's OK but I'm I'm I'm and I'm really -- gets some good stuff this year and thank you glad of the route. Thank you I listen I appreciate I appreciate everybody -- semi stopped there I got a lot of great stuff this year and and I appreciate everybody who semi the semi cards and and letters us in the and I both appreciated we we we we -- we have the best audience around. And and I appreciate all the help -- perceive officer mark from you with so many other people in writing my column this year you know. It's you know I I you know it's it's not a war that's that you don't get the Pulitzer -- when I'm probably one of the fastest column writers. In the United States of America thanks to Miami thanks to my listeners. I. I -- it was but I always tell people when I'm gonna steal a line officer mark as you know I always let people know that they may be reading that line in The Herald -- Thank you thanks -- From mark Merry Christmas and a happy Kwanzaa. 18774694322. He can teach the Third World or how to avoid taxes on their yachts yes -- -- and he can't do that. A how we did Kerry get plastic surgery on his -- he's always that I don't think he's that he's the night that are and always refused to answer but if you look at him. In that seven -- hearing with senator frank church from Idaho back in 71 words were in the fatigues and that's when he talks about you know. Were raised in villages in -- far removed as of June Jewish pawn I mean his his. Chances Conner. Is much -- than it is today I I don't think there's too much question that he said plastic surgery. 18774694322. Flank your next with how we cargo ahead frank. It is the same impact plastics -- an answer policy -- about puterbaugh. Well I think that I think they're both you know -- in the if they should both go into the Botox -- Botox off -- Obama's program. Question for you. If the -- used in your town was warm up fast and furious scandal gun down or Obama I have to side. But there's a couple good Mexican children have both the white children. Yeah I've I've thought about that do. That's -- -- you're right I mean but you know on that thing is the mainstream media which you know. I have read I guess Joseph Scarborough went nuts today an idea congressman from a Republican congressman from Kansas who was. Saying that the media was just wallowing in this which of course they are. But you're right I mean think how many more people have been killed in Mexico by eight by America by guns that were paid for by the American government. There were killed a new town I'm let's announcing new town as a horrible horrible situation. Again but again. Right. Eight I mean -- -- beat the mainstream media. -- is for has been pretending from the very beginning that fast and furious doesn't even exist. You know. It's just you're right it's it's it's all right it's a it's an amazing it's an amazing example of of just how lot. How how in the satchel these people are the agency by the way that Jake Tapper has gotten a an anchor jobs at. It's CNN for me easy was a reporter at -- ABC. And he was one of the few very few guys model not certainly not a -- type guy not a conservative but he was just the it was a real reporter. In the -- -- real questions. Indy it Eddie got. He got he got an anchor's job and a mark -- was point this out on Hugh Hewitt show yesterday just saying I mean these these these other people like. That don't like. It don't like blind watchdogs. Admitted that devoted their the but blue dog that didn't bark they just they they can't they can't ever bring themselves to to ask a tough question of Barack Obama. In this I finally the one guy who who asked who acts like. A reporter. You know who acts like a police reporter. For eight. Normal Dayton daily metropolitan newspaper you know -- again he's not he's not terribly. Combative obnoxious he's just he's just asking legitimate questions and he gets a promotion they ought to learn they all learn a lesson from this but they're not going to. 187746943221. What ever happened to the biggest story of the 2012. The Fed's verses Mary -- Just one left in -- more all but guilty. I was down I was in -- lose just last just last weekend on my way down to was. Orleans we we always will almost opted I always whenever I'm anywhere near Mary lose -- stop at least for a cup of coffee just to what justice. Show solidarity plus again as you said the waitresses are definitely not guilty. Paul your next with how we cargo ahead Paul. Yeah let's say I try chair restore or you look back 38 years go ahead. I used to run a men's hockey league up control -- -- -- -- she ran for congress and watched the good thing. Yeah -- to show couples by occupy such merger hockey player he was -- at school at the time right there's a lot score the primary to the sea port by. It and you show up blatantly liberal districts several weeks as the page on your -- box. Police shot right into the sort of forget that think it sure -- differently -- costly so -- -- well. OK I -- idea hey you know what Paul I've heard that story before federal probe was from you know was for you or somebody else who was in the hockey league. I I heard a story just last the last weekend when I was down at the at the at -- -- told us earlier this week by her historic from a guy who works at the New Bedford yacht club. And our last summer the Isabel in the Isabel pols industry you know is -- -- that he that he tried to beat the stayed out of 500000 sales tax and beat the town out of the excise tax. And the guy it's we pulls it -- right to the first two the first war you know. That -- play a more things but he doesn't wait to find out which -- they want to put him and he just pulls in the first one so they say what a boring. Belongs to somebody else we got plenty of mortgage which left the moved to another one and it'll cost you fifty bucks. Fifty box. You know his wife's worth almost a billion dollars. That he says no I'm not gonna pay and all of his all of his beautiful people friends start arriving. At the because he tells me I guess you told -- was gonna. But -- at the New Bedford yacht club and they all come out for a party so they have to use a little -- to get out there it's always get that for free he refused apparently. Huge -- is it did make some contributions. They're not enormous two kids you know little -- -- And my wife may be independently -- behind. OK -- you got that T shirt there seventy bucks it was 187746943. Sometimes he says he has no money -- the the he offers to why he's in -- and a -- in a restaurant appease on this lately but. He used to he would say well bill I -- -- you know ophthalmologist sign a napkin for a year you know free for your boss. Sign an -- on what they should assign a cocktail napkin runs on 100 like hundred dollar tablets he signs a cocktail napkin wow thanks. Thanks a lot. 18774694322. -- what time is the apocalypse today. Well first I heard it was going to be at 628. Bad bad time came and went that it was going to be at 1111 I think it's definitely over now I think it's I think you know -- Don't hold your breath any longer be its it's not gonna happen. Russ you're next with how we cargo ahead -- -- Merry Christmas to you if family you know all that out Merry Christmas to you to thank you are because you really deserve it. I got a kick out of every time I your parents Morgan give you any M. Bad bad bad mistake when nobody out what you -- but what that British woman mail him. -- Victoria Jones. Yeah what she was another -- what is what these English people and god she she always had this thing she was the most brilliant observation -- government. -- think the Indian American mental slight he. The Goldman. Is authority and certain -- or for the. It's. Well boy -- that's how profound Victoria why didn't why didn't anybody else ever think and act. Yeah exactly. Well how the president was influenced by the endorsements double like you know like in Vietnam -- -- be it cause the. Jane -- sent a telegram supporting my bird. Yes -- what the -- the report by the fact that he was the recipient. Quote oh achievement medal of the -- He was what do what do guy he was -- It was a lieutenant governor maturity he was just such. Oh man -- though while he was what a guy. -- thanks for the call that. Ross give -- T shirt 218774694322. Now let's see four years ago my son was a block away from Ohio line cruises he had to load the good senators luggage in various bags as he was having. Two way to Nantucket. Guess how much of a tip the kid got crickets please. You don't -- we used to go on the the angry waitress web sites that to get John Kerry stories but that -- -- should just be and it John. John Kerry the steps dot com website you know just it just that you also that. So that you know guy you know guys like this kid you know that was on the high lines cruise. The waiters and waitresses of people by. At the fried clams standard the ice cream stand that that he but burst in a burst in -- Boston in line to get to the -- to the front of Dave your next with how we cargo ahead Dave. Are -- happy holidays. Merry Kwanzaa day. And apple do and that's a big -- -- scary but my question Newt ought to condescending people have a compensation. -- -- I well you know I mean do you think -- it couldn't it couldn't be any worse than -- John Kerry and John Edwards discussing strategy in 2004 products. Eight it probably won't be but it's anything gonna get accomplished. -- of course not. The -- the guys they keep talking about how he you know he has all this experience. But -- that you know even. We always he he really doesn't should have a good he's not a good judge of character. And die he he won't he he can he just wants to stay in a room and get get any kind of agreement so they can all come out and it appear before the cameras. He's he's addicted. But what we call a wide shot he's addicted to TV coverage you know. And he wants to go out to -- it it doesn't really matter if the if anything of any substance has been accomplished he just wants to go out there and a and and make it look like he's done some. Well maybe he gets so upset decomposed meddle politically well I. Thanks for the call -- hold on you're getting a T shirt get a T shirt 187746943221877. 469432. To know apocalypse does that mean I have the start Christmas shopping. Yes it does yes it does 1877469432. To about we are. -- won't be easy with the senate 3% of the -- what. And I think it's fair to say that they're going to be some great challenge. And uncertain world will continue to test our nation. But even -- all the challenges that we face. I have never been more confident. More optimistic. That if we act with wisdom and what purpose. -- guided by our values. And we remind what binds us. Together as Americans. Paul why -- Susan Jong terror on the new secretary of state and I'd like to order. In gross of penis straws for the secretary's point line. What you mean you don't know what a penis straws as go on the web site and Google. And Doug Google John Kerry. Peasant. Jog your next what Howie -- go ahead John. Yeah out of the registrar is probably how they -- -- -- the -- 10%. You know I have mixed signal about -- I'm glad he's gone but I really wouldn't like them not to get it to fuel that's pumped into the fetal position. So you Obama bought the look and act -- but he was priceless. Hold -- to I'm telling you you'd check it out tonight if they show it again video power now and he -- he always I've never seen him look he has a dispute terrific smile on -- space like key like he just like he's just meant more like he won Ohio in 2004. I can't check them because just like Obama and I know you can't do anything about the news of the public service announcement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I'll think about it sometimes I got to use of John you know he's I don't use them. Yeah. Okay a whole lot of get your teacher at 187746. Mine for three to push. 2218774694322. How we as anyone comment and on John Kerry's ought to hear people go gray at the temple's first then gradually hair turn gray or white -- knows that. -- -- -- -- -- ahead of gray haired decidedly weird. Well the new student. It's thought we you know what -- you know what it's all about obviously right. John your next -- cowboy cargo ahead John. Yes it might trigger a lot -- show from -- All the way to comic really appreciated thank you I'm calling because. How much question -- comments on. What cardinal -- Did John Kerry commit to this sort of this administration to be -- that we are in this position. After we know what Susan Rice stated. Obviously issue larger brains out about things got what put this kind of position to be faster being silent dismissive and so law. Why I think Q he wanted to -- he's wanted to solve all of his life like I said it's you know respond their work for the State Department so in a way this is a this is something that -- he's almost thought about and I I I don't you know. Is as easy as it is being in the senate I mean every sixty year he has to pretend these from Massachusetts yesterday go to places like elements third -- bird you know. And now this way he can just spend all of his time in Monaco one which in -- holdings thanks places I I think he. I think he likes and and they and he did all -- yeah a warmup for a bit of a favor for a prepping him. As the what no he actually Obama -- of two things. In the first time Obama got any national attention was in the 2004. Convention which was controlled by Kerry -- he was a nominee and he let him speak and that was that was its introduction to the to a larger stage and he ran for the senate two years of US two years later. In the second thing he did was CP. He he was the Mitt Romney character in the debate prep now you could say heated to a very good job of prepping him for the debate considering what happened in the first debate. But you know while. I am Obama has gone out of his way said spent that bank and first preparations so I think it's just you know they give your what's really going to point. You know. But -- at this point -- don't know ohrnberger. Ever since Hillary developed somatic illness she's got. I took away a lot to be out of the ways as possible. Popular pick to -- since I was just wondering -- that -- -- Saul. Now he's sees bad night what he he knew that Susan Rice was in trouble and I think he was -- he was letting McCain and that Lindsey Graham particularly I carry as water Foreman knock curtain down to size in the -- but it. It behoove him not to say anything you know when the when they hit was going on it's like you know it's like. You know before the saint Valentine's Day massacre Al Capone went the Miami Beach right. Just sort of have an alibi so John Kerry's hands are clean and the in the Susan Rice yet thanks for the call John. 18774694322187746943. 22. Let's see here okay. I'm gonna give out one more teacher to -- via text or could he said it was he he was the advice they give me he got race is name is Scott that you gotta give me your last name's Scott the eighties in. OK -- the he's the last guy who's gonna get a team he's the last text or who's gonna get a yet T shirt today at 18774694322. He's from Gardiner -- C. Com. How we good luck to his security crew member of the anonymous stories about how he had fat -- Fuzzy was he were -- Boris took will be and -- were -- who were assigned to protect them yes yeah I guess report were pretty nasty to him. They didn't like a writing on the same elevator with -- I don't believe bright when that the way it worked. Okay 18774694322. Frank your next with how we cargo ahead frank. AL -- I -- Merry Christmas to eulogize. Christmas to you when you're still very happy myriad players there. Wouldn't has pages militias I would -- to see this -- voters tomorrow and and and not care right out of it is the area. And the end and then. And they go into relied on since -- and I can be impasse sort of a changing gears. -- Pop pop up. There's been -- -- against -- didn't get you guys apparently painted gadget -- sure. -- -- on a backlit have a you have an -- 000. Yeah. From the -- crowded area to note too bill yet to bills won first sales tax from the department of revenue commonwealth of -- and excise tax bill. From the town of Nantucket. The villagers -- missing in action. I just thought of another great moment in John Terry's career remember a few years ago he got to see what the saint Paul's before it went the jail. Had it obviously brought him back is the commencement speaker at saint Paul's and so. So he -- he delivers the commencement address and at the end of the commencement address the entire graduating classes so thirsty that they immediately had heard about fifteen miles away. To all get loaded at somebody's house and like. About half a graduating class got taken into protective custody that evening I always thought that you know they display. You don't if you owe it to yourself to have a drink after you have to listen to what John Kerry for more than ten minutes you know. Well I'd rather -- -- kids tool and I don't go to. You gotta have a real high tolerance tribute Elizabeth Laura. But you know that it closing the final -- -- -- -- that'll happen like -- Is it will be able -- summit is not going out period. But I'll never get waterfront property -- While you know yeah you're right I mean how to get. Being secretary of state I mean you know you're a troubleshooter. Theoretically anyway right. I mean this I cut it that this may cut into his man talk at that time. Are not appreciate Vietnam -- oil -- right I'm not a big impact. -- Jane Fonda -- all froze -- all the greatness. The swift boat doesn't have the amenities of the Isabella offering the mob. Thanks for the call go about -- getting a T shirt 18774694322. We can now call him mad I am. Secretary he has -- -- He is a ham isn't -- 774 isn't John Kerry Jewish public policy point is he going to be allowed to go to the -- countries while he's. His grandfather was Jewish she's he's cap and his mother was. His mother result is -- Forbes you know one of the oldest -- families terrorist side. Here -- Jewish blood but he's not he's not -- Jewish has no he's not Jewish you Danica has now. 18774694322. How we can I get pressure since I'm listening to your show and Albuquerque, New Mexico was liable for okay I'll give you one more okay that you'll be the last guy you'll be the last guy give me your name and number in Albuquerque. And -- Jewish art. One eight's Bonnie you're next with how we cargo that body. I don't know how -- Mary Mary Mary Mary to YouTube bodies. Then you could go in the seventies. I believe in the north and you -- that work at the European remember that. Course it was right on the Hanover street why I. Had good pizza remember that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or why Julia the war. Oh wonderful wonderful woman very sweet very oh. Really. Yeah. There aren't -- -- however I waited on him. We know. You we're doing -- you folks do you know do you notice a recurring Lee beard and my wife may be independently wealthy I'm. Go ahead yeah. My awaited aren't you know I opened my eyes and I thought I am. Yeah I'm sure -- -- might. All of the guys that. It would England and then. She slept 820 01. -- oh you want but are you the last like you can make sure. That you're given the actual -- thank you very much. Oh yeah but he did that all the time you come into the European look for free being he seek out people there. He got more. At -- not. Yeah yeah I I know let's -- How many how many time as I'm sure you've heard the story from people waited autumn and other restaurants through bought our right. -- -- Thank god might trip. Over. My daughter is the waitress and I told her if he ever occurred able. Went our way. -- Know you're. At your leg you're allergic to him anything because you leave you not saying. Right exactly bought -- hold on you're getting a T shirt 1877469432218774694322. OK I need your I need her name might need Albuquerque -- -- okay I got an -- I got his name here OK I get your name. All right 187746. Not what Cindy. Okay break on how we car.